Friday 4 September 2015

How to do good

Someone asked me how to be a good blogger.

I told him that my blogging guideline consists being sincere, fair, diligent and simple.

- Be truthful to yourself about wanting to do good. Don't expect anything in return. Also very important is to have a clear conscience. Who you are doesn't matter. Getting your message across is what's important.

- Don't be jugemental. Everyone has their good and bad sides. When it's good, say that it's good. When it's bad, say it's bad. All opinions deserved to be heard.

- Work hard and be disciplined. Also, be consistent.

- Don't try too hard to be clever as it put off people after a while. Also, make the message be easily understood.

Well, that's all.

Need to sleep now.

Another long day ahead.


  1. "Nothing kills the 'soul that inclines to evil' (nafs al-ammara) better than seeing the beauty of the heart."
    - Shams al-Tabrizi, Rumi's dear teacher.

    Not everything is as it seems ... dive deeper into things

  2. Annie,
    You tido banyak sangat. Nanti tak bangun terus. Tidor kejap2, jangan bagi kutu gigit.

  3. ANNIE
    Try hard to act bodo bodo
    Always smile
    Talk less

  4. how to be stupid...? read all the that insult annie.

    >james bond

  5. Sometimes people do act and say stupid things under influence. But most chose to stay stupid as long as they have enough to eat...