Tuesday 29 September 2015

Beijing diary - What I told a Chinese about Malaysian Chinese

I was in Beijing for some work in late 2013.

Stayed at the Swissotel Hotel for five days.

It was early winter and there was a bit of snow falling at some parts of the city every other nights.

I didn't really like the place.

It was cold and I was bored and missing home. It was the last leg of my trip to China at that time.

The only really pleasant memory I have of that hotel was when I was smoking with my Indonesian and Filipino colleagues at a corner near the main entrance of the building.

It was our routine to hang out there several times a day for smoking sessions.

The no smoking regulation was strictly enforced at the hotel.

The corner where we smoked was also a bit sheltered from the strong cold winter wind.

The three of us enjoyed our little chit chats, especially when it involved bad mouthing our communist Chinese hosts.

They were our little bitching sessions.

Sometimes, another colleague from Vietnam who didn't smoke join us just to express his displeasure.

He claimed that the Vietnamese communists were nicer than the Chinese communists, which for me was a very hilarious thing to say.

The guy was the oldest and funniest in our gang.

Our complaints were nothing really serious though.

Difficult Internet access,  overzealous government officials, not very friendly hotel staff etc.

Actually, I didn't mind the whole thing so much.

And our Chinese hosts actually tried their best to make us comfortable.

It's just that our standard of comfort was a little bit higher than theirs, I guess.

And maybe it was partly because things were starting to get a little bit tense at South China Sea at that time where the Chinese navy was flexing its muscle over the disputed territorial claims there.

Then there was this very tall and handsome young Chinese official who tried to be friendly with me.

Whenever he saw me alone at the hotel lobby or restaurant, he would sit with me and asked me questions about Malaysia.

He was particularly interested about the Chinese community in Malaysia.

I told him the truth, of course.

Despite several policies which seemed to favour the Malays and bumiputera ethnic groups, the Chinese community is the most prosperous and advance in almost everything.

And I told him that Malaysia is the only country other than China which have a proper Chinese school system.

In his context, China includes the mainland, Taiwan, and Hong Kong.

He was impressed.

These are his exact words which I remember very well,

"That's very tolerant of your government. Do the Chinese in your country appreciate it?"

I hesitated for a few seconds before saying "Yes".

I hesitated because it was just several months after the Chinese tsunami of 2013 general election.

Despite my inclination at that moment to say "No",  I didn't, because it's not right to give the impression to a foreigner that we, Malaysians were so racially divided.

For better or worse, we are all Malaysians and we need to settle the problems among ourselves without letting outsiders' interference.

We simply have to do it that way or otherwise we would likely perish and Malaysia as we knew it may cease to exist.


  1. just tell him the truth....if you are a lowlife money worshiping babi than malaysia is where you should be if you are a chinese for the opposition will look after you while the faggot gov will even suck your dick

    1. Now, what the hell is this bugger talking? Using rude words and unclear who he is aiming his unjustified tirade at.

      Let's shout at this fellow until he learns decorum and decency when commenting.

    2. FUCK YOU!!! Anon 3:14.
      You and your fucking DAP "Pening" CM LGE should should just take the tongkang and float back to your "homeland".

    3. i read the fellas comments again and again but im still not sure whether he is a chinese or malay racist or whether he is against or for the government. what i know for sure is that he seems very angry at something or someone.

  2. A subject of my interest – Chinese, racial harmony and the long-term unity of Malaysians. I must caution of a bias. Because of bloody DAP, known as anti-Malay, anti-Islam and caused the race riots of 1969. I will try not to say too much though I can’t guarantee not doing so because of my passion on the subject.

    Good of you to try and project the unity of Malaysians when abroad. But I have had Britishers asking why Malaysian Chinese students and those in the China town in London identifying themselves as Chinese instead of as Malaysians. Despite the chauvinist and racist Lim Guan Eng propaganda-isng being Malaysian first and Chinese second. Those students must be the DAP type or DAP influenced.

    My endless walloping of DAP is not divisive in intent. It’s trying to knock sense and reason into their heads in the hope – however faint it may be – that they will change their attitude, mentality and thinking into being real and loyal Malaysians, respecting and living by the Constitution of the country fully.

    1. The hard-headed kepala keras mcm batu present generation DAP and such fellows will not change. Just whack and whack them on nation building issues so that the younger generation will learn a bit.

      History was made compulsory in schools in 2013. No pass in History, no SPM certificate, like for BM. Got chance for new attitude in younger and future generations.


    2. Cakap pasat Cina Malaysia ,Wa betut manyak malu lea aa , tapi apa pasat semua olang mau kasi salah sama itu Unce Lim maa aa , lia tatak salah maa aa . Cina memang itu macam lor rr ,mesti semua mau Cina dulu maa aa.

      Cina tatak salah maa aa , Kelajaan mau manyak keras baru bolih kawal sama Cina maa aa ,lembik punya kelajaan apa macam , itu Cina punya duta pon tatak lespect maa aa , local Cina lagi tatak lespect maa aa .

      Lu tengok itu Cina ,manyak keras punya kelajaan ,Sihgapore jugak maa aa ,balu bolih kawal. Lenbik-lembik punya apa bolh buat maa aa .

    3. 06.11 and 09.01

      Agree with both of you.

      But, may I add, there is one vital element missing from our education system: Sistem Sekolah Satu Aliran.

      That means doing away with all the vernacular and independent schools. Just maintain one type of school system, where BM is the language of instruction, English is the second language, Mandarin, Tamil and other languages are electives. Every school-going child must go through this system, even if the father is the prime minister or a billionnaire. There should be no exceptions.

      Until and unless we implement this, unity and harmony are just empty talk. We must have the political will and strength.

      It is now 58 years since independence, and yet we still have "Wa tak tau ciakap Malayu".
      Are we going to let another 58 years go by before we finally agree to do something about this situation?

    4. 1118,

      Agree with you.

      Implementing the Single Stream education no need even to close the vernacular schools.

      Just instruct them to use BM as medium of instruction, use the SK curriculum and syllabus, re-train the teaching and other staff, no one has to lose jobs etc.

      Then negotiate on the assets of the schools - land, buildings, labs etc. Sale, hire purchase, whatever.

    5. I was just in Sumatra last week and I can tell you how pleasant it was to speak with and hear fluent Bahasa Indonesia from the Chinese and Indian Indonesians - besides the indigenous Malay inhabitants of course.

    6. "respecting and living by the Constitution of the country fully" -

      If you watch the TV coverage of the US Presidential candidates campaigning in the preliminary rounds, especially those of the Republican Party, every so often there is mention of the US Constitution as the reference point.

      Nothing else matters as far as the basis for determining the correctness of any citizen's utterances and actions, folks. The Constitution.

  3. Aaaah, you smoke, Annie. Some of your admirers would be happy to know that. As it may indicate you are the “modern” (liberal thinking?) girl who is willing to share the risk of cancer or some other lung disease. On top of the haze now playing havoc in the Klang Valley etc.

    Yet your other admirers may see sexy-ness in the smoking act and movements associated with it. Tobacco adverts showing those have long been banned. But movies can still show girls with effective make up and sultry lips coolly puffing out cigarette smoke, with Angelina Jolie legs and looks.

    Watch out, Annie. You might get cat calls after exposing the fact that you smoke, hehe.

    1. Betul ke Angelina Jolie tu cantik atau sexy? "Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder, tapi kekadang pelik nampak persepsi manusia nih.

  4. Yes, dreary Beijing and the always tense, sombre looking Guan Eng.

    Lim Guan Eng officiated the opening of a building in Penang named Sun Yat Sen who had nothing to do with this country except tumpang duduk, when cabut lari from the turmoil of the revolution in China long ago. It implied that he wanted the Penang and Malaysian Chinese to look to China or Taiwan. Or, worse, wanting them to be inspired by the idea of a revolution that ended the monarchy – the Manchu dynasty in China.

    If so, he is subversive and despicable. The ISA must be brought back and he be detained for a period until he realized the folly of his actions such as that. Make him repeat his statements of Malaysian First, Chinese Second over and over again. Not Sun Yat Sen First, China or Taiwan Second and Malaysia not sure where.

    The cakap tak serupa bikin bloke.

  5. Don’t ever smoke when on your bike, Annie. I tried as a student long ago. Banyak teruk worr. The cigarette makan saya punya baju, man. Nasib tak jatuh masuk longkang.

  6. The Chinese in China have a long history. The Han Chinese originated in the North, centred in Peking a long time ago.

    As with other civilizations, they fought among themselves so much and so frequently that foreigners could invade, conquer and rule them for 80 years in the 13th century (Mongols under Ganghis Khan) and for a few hundred years from the 17th century (the Manchurians that established the Manchu Dynasty).

    The Northerners gradually moved south which was originally inhabited by non-Chinese - the Tai's, the Meows and the hill tribes. Northern Chinese occupied the south and over a period of 1-2,000 years, Professor C.P Fitzgerald wrote that now all those in southern China have the hill tribes in their blood. Hence, Lim Kit Siang and Guan Eng were called - quite rightly - Cina Bukit since the days they lived in Malacca.

    Such name-calling, like the word pendatang, came about as a reaction to their ultra kiasu-ness and extremism in their politics, divisive and damaging to the interest of long-term unity. Exactly how may be explained in due course, but suffice for now to say that Lim Kit Siang got ISA-ed and Guan Eng got imprisoned when they were in Malacca.

    1. Maha Chauvinist and racist Lim Kit Siang is in his autumn years. He will still cause division among the races until he kicks the bucket.

      Once gone, son Guan Eng no longer has anyone he'd listen to. He'd become more ultra kiasu and extreme.

      ISA no more, only SOSMA that allows detention for 28 days without trial meant for internal security issues including public order, acts of terrorism, sabotage and espionage.. But used against anti-Najib ex-UMNO fler Khairuddin the other day.

      No chance to get nasty people to realize their mistakes and repent within 28 days. Bring back ISA.

  7. Whoever says Beijing is a likeable place, Annie. Dull and dreary especially in winter.

    Yes, even the Europeans and the Yanks appear sombre and sombong when out in the freezing cold.

    One Jewish associate of mine told me it’s always difficult to start a conversation on a winter morning. But he is one who is good to have at parties as he will break the ice by going on a V line, put his hand out and say, “My name is Lissner but I talk most of the time” and starts a conversation.

    That’s really his name – Lissner. May be pronounced Listener though he talked most of the time.

  8. Dah berkali kali di katakan dan perlu di ulang bertalu talu. Sebab ramai yang tak berterima kasih kaum Melayu telah persetujukan hak kerakyatan utk bukan Melayu di masa Merdeka.

    Tengku A Rahman longgarkan peraturan mengeluarkan sijil kerakyatan salepas Merdeka. Di ketepikan ujian Bahasa Malaysia dsb nya. Hingga sekarang, 60 tahun salepas Merdeka, ramai ahsoh dan apek yang kata "Wa tatak tau ciakap Melayu". Gila, 60 tahun salepas Merdeka.

    Sekurang kurang nya, hormatkan lah Perlembagaan negara. Perkara 152 kata bahasa ibunda boleh di gunakan "ha nya selain dari untuk urusan resmi". Pulak nakkan sekolah Cina, Mandarin sebagai bahasa pengantar. Kan sekolah tu urusan resmi di mana mana pun.

  9. Annie,

    If you're post reffering to what Mr China Embassador has done lately, I'm giving my full support for his action! The way i look at it, the interference was nothing but to pass a clear message that China (infact the whole world) is not comfortable to any racism actions.

    I'm a proud Malaysian Malay (Bugis + Java) and am blaming Najib, also his cabinet 110% of what our beloved country experiencing now which indirectly has attracted the outsiders interest & interference, ie. the racism issue.

    1. Here is a good comment picked up from somewhere -

      A fella called Scott Ng wrote: “all this fuss and hubbub over China somehow “stepping in to save the Malaysian Chinese” has to stop. It’s delusional to entertain the notion. It amounts to ignoring the conventions put in place long ago to stop one country from interfering with another’s business.” Well said.

      “there are precedents of China not acting to save Chinese communities overseas, like when racial violence erupted against the Chinese in Indonesia. The Chinese government of the time was one of the most bullish ever known, but even then, China did not enact economic sanctions or any other punitive action against Indonesia.” Well said also.

      “China will not save us Malaysian Chinese even if we need a saviour, and we should disabuse ourselves of any notion that any country will interfere in our affairs .. After all, our racial problem is strictly a Malaysian problem, and we need to find a way to solve it ourselves.” This one deserves the most praise.

      But the way is not DAP anti-Malay, anti-Islam and causing the race riots of 1969, ok? The way is to respect and live by the Constitution of the country fully so that mutual respect can come out.

    2. Agree with you Najib responsible for the messy situation Malaysia is in now. Worse than during Pak Lah's time.

      Let's keep shouting against him so that more and more people will follow and Najib will berundur.

    3. This is problem of Najib, he wants Malaysia to be like Syria, Somalia, Bosnia.....he got problem...or he is the problem....bring Muhyiddin in, consult all the top sifu how to bring Malaysia together again. There must be clear check and balance and some laws to govern the institutions so the rakyat is comfortable....even if you are PM, you can goto jail if you play hanky panky....

    4. 1056,

      Mybe Najib will berundur if promised a package that includes no prosecution if evidence of criminal acts by him is found. What do you think?

    5. Don't blame it on Najib. In my humble opinion, racial sentiment is always in the people's mind no matter where you are. Even in America they are not completely free of racism. However, other factors such as economic disparity between races can trigger the race riot. Najib is ni more racist as compared to Tun Mahathir.He always says that he is a Bugis Warrior and if that stament can be viewed as racist, that means he is also against the Malays from other clans such as Javanese, Mandaliang etc.

      Prof kangkung

    6. kangkung,

      I respect all professors but not prof. kangkung. Especially after the Red Bean DAP bastards had denigrated those eating kangkung - under those circumstances the Red Beans eat shit.
      If you had chosen another name, I'd respect you.

      Racism is defined as being antagonistic to other races. It's not racist when defending the rights and promoting the interests of one's race. It's racist when one offends others in doing so. It's definitely racist when trying to deny the rights of others.

      So, DAP is surely racist when trying to subvert the Special Position of the Malays and the Bumiputeras of Sabah and Sarawak. It's racist promoting the concept "Malaysian Malaysia" without, in the same breath, acknowledging the Special Position of the Malays and the Bumiputeras.

      Yes, the Constitution has all the general statements of freedom, equality and all. But when there is a special provision, like in Article 153 on the Special Position of the Malays and the Bumiputeras, non-Malays have to accept the special provision on the Special Position. Accusation of bias, unfairness and 2nd Class citizens become nonsense under that situation.

    7. kangkung,

      Najib is not racist when he tries to promote the interest of the Chinese to catch votes, despite being given the Chinese tsunami.

      But he is racist when taking away from the limited pool of resources meant for the less fortunate to give to members of the most fortunate group, the richest in the country for decades - giving scholarships to the Chinese.

      The Budget for scholarships etc is not unlimited. The Chinese also have the less fortunate among them. But all along since Merdeka, the Chinese have been the richest in the country, have all sorts of clans and sub-clans associations, business and trade guilds of all sorts that are exclusive only to them and to which the rich Chinese donate cash to help the less fortunate among them. So much donations received that UTAR refuse RM30 million donation from a Chinese engineer millionaire a few years ago.

      So when Najib takes away millions from the scholarship pool, the amount is reduced for those less fortunate of other races who have nowhere else to go but the Government. Najib is therefore racist when he does that.

    8. 15.00

      Very well said!

    9. Kelajaan (Bulayu) manyak lembik maa aa , itu pasat Cina punya diplomat belani mau ajar lea aa .

  10. Annie, ape brand rokok yg ko hisap?..

  11. Hello Annie,
    As Malaysia Chinese, whether grateful or not grateful, thank you I luv you whatever, Najib problem 2.6 Billion still there. I read article, Najib love of Moody graded him as junk status. Now who want to invest in Malaysia if Malaysia become junk status? This is all the problem of bad leadership currently in Najib administration. The leader tainted and half past six advisors. Plus all the lowly scum racists worms come out to destroy our harmony to challenge their dignity. Who are these jokers thinking....it is your half past six leaders that make people laugh at you irregardless of race. All Malaysians want is simple, good, strong, honest, reputable leader...it is that simple. Not those masuk poket sendiri while the rakyat suffer. Please do something about the Indonesia haze and our currency. Bring more foreign investmenst in, so everyone can have a job. Straighten up our law enforcerment to be come world class, catch the crook irregardless how high they are even if they are PM. Then everyone will be happy, harmony, grateful, luv you...wo ai ni, saya saying you.....now everyone not happy.

    1. "Malaysia Chinese" at 10:52,

      You said, "the lowly scum racists worms come out to destroy our harmony to challenge their dignity" -

      Read the comment about racism breeds racism at 16.14 below.

      You DAP? Read the other one addressed to DAP and the likes of them.

      You write so many things in one long paragraph, all jumbled up. You a confused and always confusing bugger arr?

      Anarchistic kind arr? Don't want to follow the norms of writing by using paragraphs, issit? You feel great being different from others? Got a complex? Inferior or superior one?

  12. Hi Racist Supremacy Fighters,
    Adolf Hitler sudah mati, read report, Moody give Malaysia Junk Status.....with Junk Administration, therefore you deserve Junk Status......go boycott Moody, your dignity is being challenged....Goldman Sach need get 10% commission from you....

    1. You are referring to DAP and their lot? Takut to spell out who you mean? Where do you place your balls? In between your ears?

  13. Hahaha, Malaysia Chronic News puts out this heading


    regarding an article written by the ex-UMNO ADUN, Arif Sabri, who was dumped as rubbish and he joined DAP.

    That deserves no further comment.

  14. The news heading says: Kit Siang paints bleak picture on NEP’s failure

    The writer says: Malaysia is more and more like a banana republic with Umno refusing to commit harakiri

    I say: After 45 years, Kit Siang is far from Putrajaya, he should commit katak puru - dive into Anwar's juburu.

  15. Annie,

    Cold in Beijing winter, eh? Did you visit the Great Wall of China? If you did in winter when the extremely cold winds from Siberia blow, you might feel as if your ears are being blown away.

    Then you get ghastly thoughts for the poorly clothed Chinese peasants and labourers forced to work in the building of the Great Wall a long time ago, many of whom perished in winter. Cruel world.

    I tried to imagine Lim Kit Siang/ Guan Eng's ancestors were among them. But they were not there when the Great Wall was built. Still among the hill tribes of south China. Me being racist saying those? No. Just stating the facts of history.

    1. Standing on the Great Wall of China is like standing on the shores of Lake Michigan, behind you Chicago, in front of you the extremely biting cold blowing into your face – very strong winds, too, as the long stretch of open waters provide no resistance to the winds. Satu kali pigi tempat itu, tak mau pigi lagi dah.

      Jenis DAP nih kalau duduk di situ bagus agak nya. Depa mesti minta Tuhan depa tukaqkan keadaan. Nak mintak gomen kominis di China tukaqkan, no way. Minta Tuhan depa lah. Tak tau camna Tuhan depa tuh, Evangelical ka, Confucian ka, Buddhism ka.

  16. nobody can predict what will happen to Malaysia down the road.
    it is a nation without a true national identity. I reckon it will remain this way for many generations to come.

    it all started when we were too eager to gain independence and agreed to the demands /conditions set by the colonial masters.
    we had an opportunity to remedy the situation after the 13th may racial riots but we failed to built a strong foundation for unity to prevail. we were too pre occupied in implementing strategies that would uplift the economic standing of the malays/ bumis.

    of course the creation of a large proportion of middle class citizen is good for democracy and stability but without instilling the common feeling of pride and belonging , we can never build a strong nation. what more a common feeling of deep and undivided love for the country.

    goog luck Malaysia - Tanah air ku.

    1. Sdr rahman,

      Agree with you, too eager to gain independence, nak cepat rasa merintah negara sendiri.

      Also ada sedikit penyakit over-generosity, like Tengku A Rahman. But good Tun Tan Siew Sin (also Tun Sambanthan I think) said in Parliament in 1968 that the Malays have been generous "twice" - once when agreeing to citizenship at Merdeka, another when relaxing the rules for citizenship certificates after Merdeka.

      But I marah bebenor kat TAR kasi Singapore to LKY FOC in 1965. Patut arrest dia, declare Emergency, rule by NOC. And we did that when Kelantan politicians tried to be funny years later. Kot keadaan camtu le yang buat depa DAP melanda landa.

    2. anon 18:05
      my take is that even the formation of Malaysia was an act of honourable abdication on the part of the british govt at that time. the good tunku with every sincere intention were convinced to implement it.

      if I am not mistaken , with Singapore in Malaysia then, the Chinese population outnumbered the malays and bumis. the ever scheming lky knew this and propagated the idea of Malaysian Malaysia which is still being bandied around by their erstwhile partner - the dap. that could be one of the reasons why Singapore was asked to leave Malaysia. lky had never forgotten nor forgiven this decision which only made him a head of govt of a tiny metropolitan instead of Malaysia raya.

      they/he had done everything that they possibly can to destabilize Malaysia. we were lucky to have an equally capable leadership in tun m to neutralize almost every one of his attempts.

      I personally feel that Singapore has not given up hope to one day rule Malaysia by proxy. let us pray that our national leadership is always mindful of this. insya'allah.

  17. Racism breeds racism. Things were lovey lovey race-wise in this country since ancient Malacca times. Even during the modern history of Malaya, the Chinese have been here for 150 years as stateless people sinc the dys of Capt Francis Light in Penang, no racial flare ups There were clan clashes between the Hokkiens and the Hakkas in Penang but not Malay-Chinese ones.

    The British brought in the Chinese "coolies" from south China to work the tin mines, the rubber estates etc, the Malays did not protest. Whereas the Americans sent home the Chinese coolies by the shiploads back to China upon completion of the Trans-America railway tracks construction, the British didn't, the Malays did not make noise. The Americans enacted the Chinese Exclusion Act banning Chinese from staying in US permanently, the British didn't do so, still the Malays didn't clamour for such.

    The British tried to put up the idea of a Malayan Union whereby the role, functions and responsibilities of the Malay Rulers would have been muted, the Malays fought and the British proposal was thrown asunder.

    When idea of independence based on a more acceptable basis was being discussed, the British, in trying to get the Malay Sultans and others agree to the idea of letting the non-Malays stay here and be given citizenship right, twisted and spinned the argument that the Chinese would mostly leave the country not long after independence anyway. The Malays at first grinned. The British then twisted their arms, and the Malays, wanting independence fast, agreed to citizenship right for the non-Malays at Merdeka.

    Now, for goodness sake, that surely meant something for you buggers in DAP? That you should thank the Malays like MCA and MIC did. That you should not, instead, try to question the quid pro quo - enshrining of the Special Position of the Malays in the Constitution. That contributed to the race riots of 1969 that you people caused. Because the racism you started bred racism in return.

  18. Those in DAP and those like-minded must always remember that questioning the Special Position of the Malays and the Bumiputeras of Sabah and Sarawak would invite the counter-questioning of their citizenship right and it's not good for anybody.

    So, discard your so-called Malaysian Malaysia slogan that was concocted by the Maha Chauvinist and Racist Lee Kuan Yew when Singapore was in Malaysia 1963-65. You must have seen the extent of the protest against that slogan as no Malays joined DAP for decades since then.

    When you started to talk of Middle Malaysia as a slogan, some Malays did join DAP. But, by and large, the rakyat of this country showed their Middle Finger to your Middle Malaysia thingy. Because it was still seen as not free from the highly objectionable and subversive Malaysian Malaysia concoction.

  19. DAP and the likes of you,

    If you are not thankful for your citizenship right, the least you could do is to respect and live by the Constitution fully. That's the least you must do as loyal Malaysian citizens that you claim to be.

    That also means accepting all the sensitive Articles of the Constitution that are protected by the Sedition Act anyway - the roles, functions and responsibilities of the YDP Agong, the Malay Rulers, the Rulers Council etc, Islam as the religion fo the country. the Special Position of the Malays and the Bumiputeras of Sabah and Sarawak.

    No reason at all for you not to accept and respect those. They draft of the Constitution was presented to Parliament at Merdeka, debated and approved by the majority of the MPs who represented practically all of the communities in this country.

    If after all these years you still cannot accept and respect them, you should migrate. That's the only fair thing for you to do. Fair to you and to those remaining behind. Been said so by well-known personalities in this country, too.

    1. DAP tatak salah maa aa ,lembik punya kelajaan ,tatak upaya punya kawal maa aa .

  20. I'm appear to be so pro Malay in the eyes of some of my Chinese friends that one recently asked was I planning to convert.

    No, of course. But because I have so many Malay friends, across the political spectrum, that I feel Malays deserve better, much better.

    In that they should all be able to stand on their own, achieve success in the manner their hearts want - and the world knows it!


    When Malaysia kicked Singapore out.
    1SgD = 0.9RM

    But now, 1SgD = 3.1RM

    And Singapore is so much richer and internationally respected, when Malaysia is now a joke.

    Don't you feel unhappy about it?

    I'm not, and I truly hope Malays can rise, but in a manner productive, constructive, and universally praised.

    The future of this country depends on the Malays. If things just go on as it is, even with a change of PM, which I don't think is a good idea, Malaysia will definitely become even worse than now. Like a long term down trend.

    Some might be happy to hear that many Chinese are again packing their bags to leave.

    Malays must be able to run large factories and enterprises successfully.

    Otherwise, when the Chinese population, now at 20% (in 1990 it was 26%), becomes 10 or even 5%, what are Malays going to do?

    1. 18:01,

      Good that you have many Malay friends. But I think you need to understand the Malays more than you do now. I will try and help you understand as we go along.

      Meanwhile, I want to say that those who want to leave, let them. Never mind if only 5% Chinese left. Indonesia has only 5% I think and they seem to be all right.

      Those who want to leave, even if they have been respecting and living by the Constitution fully, it's ok. They have the freedom to do so.

      We are particularly concerned that those who do not and cannot accept the Constitution and live by it - they must be told to leave. So that it'd be fair to those who do respect and live by the Constitution.

      They can try to find a country whose Constitution they can respect. Canada has a lot of space and is in need of people who want to migrate there.

      When the Chinese migrate in big numbers including those in business, manufacturers etc, adjustments would be made. Malays have reached 24% corporate equity ownership at one point in the past from just 1%, showing that, despite not having a culture of doing business like the Chinese have, they can learn and progress, though not as fast compared to those with a business culture.

    2. 18:01,

      If you genuinely feel "Malays deserve better, much better", we are proud to have Chinese like you who appear to accept and are realistic about the situation in the country.

      But you are joke yourself when comparing Singapore and Malaysia, the dollar, the Ringgit etc. Others may even call you stupid for not realizing that Singapore is just a small island, a small population easier to manage and control. The Singapore Government is also said to be ruling with an iron hand, the people much less "freer" than Malaysians. And when buillding roads, their longest is 25 miles whereas in Peninsular Malaysia alone, its several hundred miles.

      You should know that Singapore has been laughed at internationally also. Lee Kuan Yew used the Police to spy on the people, said to have "big brother" (spying system) on the wall everywhere, trying to control and rule just a small population.

    3. 18:01,

      I agree with you that "The future of this country depends on the Malays." Things just cannot "go on as it is", but change may take some time. Look at Mao Zedong wanting change in China which has such a huge manpower resources - he could not even see China progress economically during his lifetime. 50 years of communist rule, it was a total mess. China progressed economically under the Chinese Communist Party only about 20 years ago.

      But why you don't like a "change of PM" in Malaysia? .."don't think is a good idea"? If you think a change of PM results in "Malaysia will definitely become even worse than now ..a long term down trend", then you think Malaysia should just give up? Cannot. No such thing.

      Change of party to rule? Aiyoyo, mati lah - the Pakatun are much worse. They can't even agree who to be PM, man, then got Hudud problem sommore, now saying have new Pakatan but Selangor PKR wants PAS, DAP doon't want PAS and all that crazy stuff, how to rule the Federal Government like those?

  21. 18:01,

    You said, ".. (Malays) should all be able to stand on their own, achieve success in the manner their hearts want - and the world knows it!"

    You statement sounds like that of the standard ungrateful ingrate, often using the word tongkat. It's possible you concoct this story of sympathising with Malays until accused by your Chinese friends, when you had intended to demean the Malays. But I will not dwell on that for now, instead just try to explain things to you.

    Many Chinese, especially the DAP kind, refuse to admit that the Chinese were given the tongkat by the British during the 80 years of colonial rule. Tongkat in the form of mining land lease, mining license, lottery license (easy to accumulate money as capital for business), gaming licenses of all sorts, license to trade in tin and rubber, etc. All those 80 years the British didn't do one bit to help the Malays (who have no culture of doing business) to do business, not even to teach, train or encourage them to do business, but helped only the Chinese.

    The Chinese with those tongkat had accumulated wealth but after Merdeka, the Chinese still got the tongkat from the Malay-led Government. Robert Kuok got the sugar monopoly tongkat, became a multi-millionaire and now a billionaire with "one foot in China, one in Malaysia" by his own admission.

    Vincent Tan got the lottery license tongkat from Daim Zainuddin, easy money and became multi-millionaire, now also a billionaire.

    The Malays had no culture of doing business, only a culture of "berdagang" i.e exchange of goods called "berdagang", with no weights and measures, no prices, no making of profit and no wealth accumulation.

    But after the race riots of 1969, NEP came out in 1970, the Malays had their turn of getting tongkat, although the Chinese still continued getting tongkat. From 1% corporate wealth in 1970, got 24% at one time, some wiped off during Asian Financial Crisis, not sure what % now. But it's substantial for a people not having a culture of doing business.

    But DAP Chinese must also realize that, even Chinese people, despite having the culture of doing business with knowledge and experience of thousands of years, were suffering and miserable so much in China that communism came in. More suffering such that China was regarded as a pariah by the Western countries until only 1-2 decades ago.

    How come China, with so much of business culture, with a huge country and the largest population in the world, did not become a super economic power all these thousand of years until 20 or so years ago?

    So, you think that question of mine responds well to your statement above? If not, tell me, ok?

    1. Hi,
      What I read is that, China at one time is biggest economy in the world before the steam revolution where the west begin takeover. That's also where exploration and western nations become more advance. China political then still not mature and they are stuck with the Emperor and its cronies. Political it is now split into multiple type of rule but the core still communism. (see Taiwan, Hong Kong, Shang Hai). How to transition China into a form of liberal democracy, is it even possible? that's one of the puzzle of this century as well. Meanwhile other countries also facing some upheaval, middle east especially, it will take some time before things stabilize there with new form of rule.

  22. Annie,
    What happen to 2.6 Billions??? When is AG Apandi want to take action regarding 42 million from SRC into Najib account? Can you ask your friend to find out. Thanks.

  23. I love this Shuzheng.

    "Now that all has happened, and you feel vindicated of your actions, here’s a suggestion: go to Xinjiang and tell Muslims there to hold a Maruah Rally as a way of getting even with Mr Huang and China’s interference. And before that compare notes with your Muslim ‘brothers’: Malays in Malaysia versus Uighurs in Xinjiang. After which, come home and tell us, honestly, what did you find?

    Jamal, do you not see the implication of your remarks. In the hierarchy of your allegiance as well as Umno’s, the Chinese were never, never, never your compatriots or countrymen much less brothers and sisters to Malays. Uighurs 10,000 km away are worth more to pig brains like Ahi Attan and Scott Ng than the Chinese next door. Tell us then why should we, the Chinese, regard Malaysia as a homeland, which it is but not motherland. You talk of ‘if anything were to happen to them (the Chinese)‘, what is that ‘anything’? Who then is being threatened, and who is threatening?

    You as well as we know the answers.

    You see, Jamal, you do what you must, and so let’s get this straight: We, whether China or the Chinese in Malaysia, will no more, no more, no more ‘stand idly by’ while you again issue threats and expect us to deliver our women and Chinese heads to you. Tell your chief, this is our, Chinese reply to him: Fuck off."