Monday 14 September 2015

Don't let the bigots and political opportunists win

What I was worried will happen because of the planned Maruah Melayu rally is beginning to happen.

The rumour mongering is going at full swing now.

My mother just now forwarded to me a message she received from her friend.

She asked me to put it in this blog and tell people not to believe it,

This is the message;

Forward from Trekker: I was in FRIM just now and they were having a parade practice for sept 16. There were a lot of fiery speech's. A big part of it contains were very seditious contents calling for violence against Chinese and to kill Chinese. I would believe other groups would be as bad or even worst. So the threat of violence on the day is very real. It is best to advoid going out on 16/9. You may even want to stock some necessities
"Fren just came back fr a talk by tony pua. Tony pua said pls stay at home on sept 16. Certain party try to create unrest n declare emergency n arrest the opposition for creating unrest. Stay home so not give chances for "them" to achieve their mischief. Pls spread among ur frens.
Above from an ex colleague in KL
All Indian and Chinese Friends,
Pls pass the word around to all your friends, brothers and relatives.
There are groups in every state trying to agitate and pick fights with Indian and Chinese  youths. This will help to start a racially motivated riot and spread through the country.
They just need a small issue of even a motorcycle accident to start a fight.
Pls ask all Indians and Chinese  to stay calm and avoid any misunderstanding no matter how small.
For the time being be humble, helpful, even apologize.
Let's let this red shirt issue pass. So that they cannot divert the attention on racial issues and concentrate on our PM's cheating, lying and other cases.
Pls stay calm. Forward this to all Indian and Chinese youths ad they have been targeted for the racial conflict to start.

I'm against the rally from the start.

For me, it's just some politicians playing the racial card to be popular.

Now there are people, such as those who spread the message above, who use the rally to paint the picture of Malays as being an intolerant and arrogant race.

Malays are also being depicted as being prone to violence.

I felt very bad that the police and KL City Hall had given the organisers their approval to hold the rally.

Nonetheless, I knew that the authorities may have no choice as the political pressure on them to let the rally happen may be very intense after the Bersih 4.0 rally.

Whatever it is, I hope the rally is going to be really confined to the Padang Merbok where it had been designated and there will be no marching around.

Maybe if the participants can really be disciplined and abide by the laws, they can negate the bad image being painted about them by people such as the ones spreading the above message.

I did ask my mother how she responded to her friend upon receiving the message.

She said she is not in a habit of sharing any unverified information via social media.

"I told my friend that we will be helping the red shirt gang by painting the Malays, who are our Malaysian brothers and sisters as racists and instigating fear among our own Chinese community," she said.

I'm proud of my mother.


  1. Which is better? To organize rally without authority approval or with approval?

    Whatever the theme is, let the participants decide so long that they don't break the existing laws.

    Remember, there's law to deal with sedition.

    After all, the illegal Bersih rally wasn't so bersih at all, the past 3 was even worse with public amenities destruction. How can you turn a blind eye against that?

    But people forget easily.

  2. Annie,

    Which rally are we talking about?

    The rally by Ali Rustam or the rally by Jamal Yunos which will be held at exactly the same time at the same place.

    I suspect Ali Rustam is trying to diffuse the anger and hatred by channeling it all into a display of silat.

    I note his call for all weapons to be left at home despite the fact that the keris is an integral part of most silat displays I have attended.

    I also suspect that Ali Rustam is mindful of the fact that prayers are offered before and after all silat displays. This tends to leave very little room for racist behaviour or blind wanton violence during the silat display.

    Now, Ali Rustam is a man of stature while Jamal Yunos is really a nobody with a failed business.

    It makes sense for Jamal Yunos to want to try and legitimise himself and his movement thru association with Ali Rustam's offically recognised silat movement.

    It will be difficult for Jamal Yunos to hijack Ali Rustam's rally while the rally is ongoing. His butt will get kicked.

    The problem will most likely arise AFTER the silat rally when Jamal Yunos could claim that it legitimises his own red-shirt rally.

    Adrenaline would be running high and sentiments would be raw.

    That is the point when the weapons could come out and the violence could start.

    Too far-fetched? Perhaps but Jamal Yunos needs to draw attention to himself and show that he is a loyal Najibist - (is there such a word? Najibist?).

    All this grandstanding by Jamal Yunos could get out of hand very quickly and only the innocent and the good men and women of PDRM will suffer.


    1. I hope Tun Dr.M would not 'hijack' Baju Merah Rally, just like he hijacked Bershit 4, to oust Najib but wants UMNO/BN to remain as government.

    2. Forget this old man . Don't waste your time.

  3. stop being bias...
    let the malays have their own rally and defend themselves.
    and stop trying to insinuate that Malays are violent people.
    Shame on you!


    1. Satu olang bolih buat ,lain olang pon bolih buat maa aa .

    2. defend us malay, or defend najib ?

      malay != najib;

      u fall right into najib perception game. to stay relevant he need our support now tht he is no longer ah jib gor to the chinese community.

    3. Najib is as Malay as Mao Tse Tung is Chinese: they both suckered their own race and people for the sake of their SuperEgo!

  4. WTF! When anything else failed, we incited racial issues and when it is becoming too hot to handle, we used religion. When nobody listened, again we use race to gain support and sympathy from our peers. We are doom, those politicians are grinning ear to ear playing puppetmasters. At the end we and our family still starving trying to make ends meet.

  5. Menteri Umno sokong himpunan baju merah sebab marah kat cina Bersih tapi Menteri yang sama benarkan pengecualian visa untuk pelancung China yang merupakan salah satu cara strategi pemulihan ekonomi. Betapa celarunya pemikiran para Menteri dan betapa dangkalnya pemikiran orang yang akan berbaju merah

    1. Saudara/Saudari Anon 02:12.

      Menjalin hubungan dengan Negara China adalah baik untuk Negara dari segi strategik (sebagai Negara Berkecuali atau Non-Align) dan ekonomi. Saya pasti Kerajaan China di Beijing (majority pemimpin adalah Buddha-Toaist) TIDAK Sokong Bershit atau cuba 'menjatuhkan Kerajaan yang dipimpin oleh Melayu. Yang menyokong Bershit adalah puak Evangelist atau 'born-again' di Taiwan, Singapura dan Hong Kong. Sudah tentu Negara Kristian di Barat, terutamanya Amerika menyokong Bershit.

      Kita tahu Beijing dan Taiwan berada dalam suasana tidak mesra, kerana Taiwan mahu berpisah untuk buat Negara sendiri. Beijing masih anggap, Taiwan-R.O.C. Sudah tentu Amerika, menyebelahi Taiwan, sambil menjadi pembekal peralatan-perang dan ramai mubaligh Evangelist Christian.
      Sebab itu Negara China 'mencari pasal' dengan Negara2 yang menjadi sekutu kuat Amerika, di keliling Luatan China Selatan, Korea dan Jepun. Kebanyakan negara ini, ada Pengkalan Tentera di Negara mereka. Dengan Malaysia, Negara China seolah-olah, tidak 'kacau' walaupun TLDM menduduki Terubu Layang-Layang, 300km dari Labuan, sejak 1982. (Terima Kasih atas keberanian Dr.M, mengarah PASKAL, 'to set-up-camp', 2 bulan setelah jadi PM).
      Bermakna, Negara China membesarkan Pulau sebagai Pengkalan Tentera di Kepulaaun Spratly adalah untuk mengekang pengaruh Washington di Timur-Jauh (Far-East) dan usaha in sudah tentu di sokong Russia.

      Beberapa hari lagi, TLDM akan adalah latihan bersama dengan Tentera China, di lautan China Selatan. Saya rasa Negara Asean, yang bersengketa dengan China, terutamanya Filipina dan Vietnam, akan berasa tidak senang. Amerika juga akan 'tersentak' secara diam-diam.

      Negara China amat tegas dalam membendong penyebaran Agama 'asing' di kalangan masyarakat majority Buddha. Mereka tidak benarkan salib dipasang dan banyak Gereja di robohkan.

      Malangnya, oleh kerana korupsi dan salah-tadbir, Kerajaan menjadi 'lemah', dari era Pak Lah dan lebih 'lesu' lagi sekarang, dibawa Najib yang di selubungi berbagai kemelut. Sebab itu kerajaan 'tidak-ada-telur' menyekat minority Kristian (9%, secara keseluruhan) tapi kuat-buat-bising ini. Hanya di Sabah dan Sarawak, jumlah mereka agak besar dan situasi ini menjadi 'kelebihan' kepada DAP yang ditunjangi Evangelist Kristian. Kerana itu Najib 'terpaksa' beri lebih banyak insentif untuk menjadi lebih popular. Saya harap, kali ini Najib tidak kecewa di PRU Sarawak, sama seperti beliau kecewa, 'tsunami Cina', PRU 13.

    2. Who is right and who is wrong matters. Whatever they do they do to themselves.

  6. Annie penipu, go to hell u annie, bersih 4.0 kurang ajar x komen, red shirt keluar sebab bersih 4.0 yg sngt kurang ajar, x respect pemimpin negara & Islam.

  7. Bersih 4.0 kurang ajar, biaDAP x mau komen ke, annie u go to hell!!!!

    1. Saya setuju dengan semut merah.

      Agak biadap Bersih berani mempersoalkan RM2.6 Billion.

      Saya heran ada juga orang melayu berserongkol dengan Bersih,

      Sepatutnya, orang melayu mesti ada semangat jati diri yang kuat. Walaupun salah sampai bergunung sekali pun , kita kena sokong dan mempertahankan pemimpin kita. Kita perlu akur kepada pemimpin.

      Bersih biadap kerana mepersoalkan ekonomi dan pemimpin orang melayu.

      Soal ekonomi sengaja diperbesarkan walhal ekonomi negara berkembang pesat, Penurunan ringgit sebenarnya adalah strategi baik untuk menambahkan pelaburan.

      Harga barang yang tinggi sebenarnya dapat diselesaikan dengan mudah. Nasihat yang bernas dari menteri Ismail Sabri untuk menanam sayur di belakang rumah dapat menjimat duit dan selain itu sayur serai, dan ulam-ulam dapat adalah makanan yang sihat, Kerajaan juga dapat mengurangkan kos belanjawan hospital rakyat yang tidak berfaedah,

      Orang melayu sepatutnya berkorban untuk pemimpin sesuai dengan semangat hari raya haji.

      Saya berharap ramai orang tidakl belah bagi dan dengan jati diri yang kuat menyokong pemimpin kita yang bijaksana.

      Contohnya, ketua bahagian Jamal sapa namanya yang bergambar dengan Lamborjini. Kita perlu lebih ramai orang melayu sepertinya yang mempunyai jati diri kuat dan menyokong kuat pemimpin.

    2. Anon 21:44.

      Tidak tahu pula, siapa yang dapat Lamborghini tu. Dah lebih 3 tahun dah.

      Huh. Najib "bijaksana"?
      Bershit ada alasan kukuh untuk demo. Baju Merah????. Betul ke ramai yang sokong Najib?
      Siapa Razak Baginda dan Jho Low? Pegawai Kerajaan ke? Siapa beri mereka 'kuasa' untuk berurusan bagi pihak Kerajaan? Bukan kah mereka ini 'orang-tengah' dan Najib membazir WANG Rakyat membayar mereka berbillion dollar sebaga 'upah'?
      Kalau Najib, sebagai Menteri Pertahanan, tidak 'guna' Razak Baginda, berurusan bagi pihak Kerajaan, beli Kapalselam Perancis, sudah tentu Altantuya tidak ada kesempatan peras-ugut untuk dapatkan sebahagian durian-runtuh itu.

      Oleh kerana Najib TIDAK-Bersih' dalam mentadbir WANG Rakyat, Bershit 4 ada alasan konkrit untuk berdema. Tanpa Najib, hilang lah alasan mereka (Orang Cina) untuk berdemo.

      Saya harap Tun Dr.M akan 'hijack' Rally Baju Merah untuk desak Najib turun. Sama seperti Tun 'hijack' Bershit 4 dan desak Najib turut, tapi UMNO/BN kekal sebagai Kerajaan.

    3. Cuma alasan. Tun bukan Melayu dan dia tak berani datamg.

  8. Hi Annie,

    Isu perkauman lagi !

    Jikalau tidak dikecam sebegitu rupa melayu tidak akan bertindak sama sekali. Ini semua disebabkan melayu terasa semakin terancam, terancam ketuanan melayunya yang mungkin akan tergugat dari angkara DAP aka PAP yang punya cita-cita tinggi, apakah cita-cita tinggi tersebut yang diidami oleh Lim Kit Siang dan anaknya Lim Guan Eng? Sudah terang lagi bersuluh, tidak perlu saya jelaskan disini karena jawabannya senang dan mudah untuk dijawab.

    Seperkara lagi, sejak dua menjak ini mengapa kaum cina sengaja mencabar kesabaran melayu sehingga adat resamnya dipersendakan dan agamanya juga dinodai oleh perbuatan kurangajar dan "obnoxious"?, seperti contoh sang anjing didalam trolley, apakah perlakuan senget itu perlu bagi membangkitkan kemarahan secara percuma?

    Apa kata jerebu boleh menyelamatkan Malay-sia dari perhimpunan "printemps melayu/melayu spring dari tidak terjadi.. !

    1. Saya amat setuju dengan saudara Bintang Jauh kerana pandangan yang begitu jauh maju ke hadapan,.

      Sekarang ini sudah menjadi-jadi parti pembangkang DAP sehinggakan mencabar pemimpin melayu kita.

      Kita sepatutnya bersatu dan menyokong pemimpin kita dalam isu derma RM2.6 billion, walaupun masuk kedalam akaun peribadi. Ini satu perkara kecil.

      Isu RM2.6 billion adalah isu kecil kerana masuk akaun orang melayu kita juga, Biar 100 juta orang melayu kelaparan asalkan 10 orang melayu senang lenang kerana orang kita juga,

      Yang menjadi masalah adalah isu talipon tak ori yang berharga RM800 lebih, Ini sudah tahap melampau batas dan kita tak boleh berdiam diri,

    2. aku melayu xda terasa terancam pun....yang terancam bukannya melayu tapi bugis yang satu tu ja....

    3. Anon 19:56,
      Kamu petik hukum dari kanun Melayu mana yang mengistiharkan RM2.6 billion masuk ke akaun peribadi seorang perdana menteri bawah sistem demokrasi itu tidak ada masalah?
      Awak yakin bahwa rasuah sejenis ini sebagai isu kecil?!
      Maka mana ada duit untuk membela rakyat kalau PM berlagak begitu?

    4. Duit derma politik taada masaalah.


  9. With the massage above , who are actually instigating fear ?.
    Many Malays knows that, the really is just about giving support to Najib and nothing got to do with 'Maruah Melayu' but the ways Chinese and Indian respond to it's, is actually giving them more heat .

    Thanks to 'bersih' for paving them the ways .

  10. Najib is not a Malay. Bangsatwan ini adalah pengkhianat pada kemuliaan bangsa Melayu. Bini nya pula merupakan kesongsangan perempuan Melayu.

  11. I read the article by Malaysian Insider today on the dog in KLIA trolley incident. When I scrolled down to the comment section, I can pretty much see why the Malays are so unhappy with the other side.

    Most of the comments ridicule the sensitivity of local Muslim culture with regard to this issue.

    I can attribute this to the lack of understanding between each side of the society.

    Almost all non-Muslims don't know that Malay Muslims are heavily influenced by Shafie school of thought.

    Non-Muslims strongly feel that Muslims shouldn't impose their values on the former.

    Muslims feel that Islamic laws applies to an Islamic country.

    In the age of globalization within local context, clash of culture is unavoidable. It is a battle everyday and one side doesn't win every time.

    In the case of this trolley, the rule says you can't bring animal into the airport area, except with permission. So, in the end, you fall back to the common law.

    Looking back at the comments, I don't think cross-culture coalition as in between DAP-PAS will work out, even if they are able to form a government. There's just so much misunderstanding. And their leaders aren't doing enough to sow the seed of tolerance. The only thing that keeps them together is common hatred towards UMNO.

  12. Life is better without a single politician.

  13. Kumpulan merah tu nak jadi ISIS bagi UMNO. Najib pula mmg sanjung ISIS. Mana dia konsep wasatiah yg dilaungkan selama ini oleh oleh Najib.

    1. Kumpulan merah tu hulubalang Melayu. Jangan tak tahu.

  14. the rally is for najib to gain malay supports. theres no ground for worries since most malays hate najib. u might insist it is his men's doing. well i dont see him stopping the rally too. the motive is quite clear here.

    ur beloved pm would even risk racial dispute just to make himself relevant. if things go wrong theres gonna be kambing hitam but it sure as hell isnt him.

    so hows my theory tht mr pm is actually an outside gambit's to ruin the country goes so far?

    1. Martabat maruah Melayu bukan Najib.

  15. Dear Annie.

    That message you received, then post it above might be the work of RBA, to smear and bring disrepute to the Red Shirt.
    ".....from FRIM.....fiery speech's....A big part of it contains were very seditious contents calling for violence against Chinese and to kill Chinese."
    Sound like SRJKC's English, though.

    How dumb can someone be, making those seditious call, in a "parade practice for Sept.16".
    The Special Branch should be the first to know anyway.
    Maybe this RBA thought the Malays is too stupid that they need a "parade practice".
    You think there be a salute pass-by or a march-band from the RED Shirt on Sept 16?

    A few day ago there were also lies being spread about large groups of Malays, riding motorcycle wearing Red, shouting obscenities towards the Chinese, along Jln. Bukit Bintang and Petaling street.

    Why dragged the Indians into this 'Yellow Vs Red' shirt contest?

    Remember that DAP-Chinese masquerading as Vinnan, try to pit Indians against the Malays? Yes the DAP-Chinese can be very sleazy and cruel. Some of them. That is why people like Helen Ang, Huan Cheng Guan, Ti Lian Ker , etc are adamantly against DAP Chinese Evangelistas.

    I don't quite agree with the Red shirt too, after that sting of 'Win a Lamborghini' contest, staged by that Sekinchan seafood restaurant owner.

    The Bershit 4 was also to blame because the Chinese-DAP had positively exposed their angst against Malay's (PAS and UMNO) unity by stomping on an edited photo of Haji Hadi and Najib, embracing each-other.


    1. Ini melah punya himpun , Wa ingat tak jadi apa-apa maa aa ,mesti tatak besar punya maa aa ,selupa itu belisih lea aa ,pasat Bulayu semua atak tatak sokong , ada adak sokong ,manyak pechah-pechah.

      Masa belisih punya jam eaa aa ,semua Cina manyak sokong , Bulayu pon atak sokong.

      Wa ingat semua olang tatak perlu manayak lisau maa aa .


  16. What violence in Malaysia? OK one almost 50 years ago which was more political than racial or religious.

    We are relatively peaceful compared to other countries of multi-religious and multi-racial composition and we will continue in-sya-Allah to better know each other.
    ( al-Quran, 49: 13 )

    Other than Islamic teachings that cross racial differences the main factor is alhamduli'Llah the tolerant nature of Malays in general.

    Haji M Zin
    Alor Gajah DPH

    1. “O, you men of faith! stand out firmly for justice, as witnesses to Allah, even if against yourselves, or your parents, or your relatives, and whether it be (against) rich or poor: for Allah best protects both.

      Follow not the cravings (of your hearts), lest you deviate; and if you distort (the truth) or refuse to be just, verily Allah knows fully all that you do.” [Quran 4:135]


    2. TQ for this ayat 135 reminder Sdr ANON 17: 15
      and the following ayat is another reminder for Muslims
      in-sya-Allah not to stray from the pillars of Iman.
      ( al-Quran, 4: 136 )

      Haji M Zin
      Alor Gajah DPH

  17. Hai annie,
    I dont think its true as what you have written , but what can you aspects from people who are desperate ,of cause they will create anythig they can to survive, this happen went they corrupt absolutely.But whatever its is please be positive.

  18. The Chinese should arm themselves. Let them not think that they can get away with violence without any casualties of their own.

  19. Cara tulisan itu dibuat sama seperti cara Yahudi. Menampakkan mereka sebagai victim dan orang Melayu sebagai kejam. Belum apa2 lagi dah mohon simpati dan menanam sifat supaya rakyat benci dengan orang Melayu. Jarum halus mereka memainkan peranan. Siapa yang tidak tahu modus operandi dap ni.

    1. Tai Gor Jib memang berperangai macam yahudi burok - tamak, takabur, dan takut berdepan dengan kebenaran.