Saturday 6 December 2014

In the mood for light and easy

I have decided not to write serious political stuff anymore.

It's because whenever I did that of late, I sounded very anti-establishment.

I don't like myself sounded like that.

By the way, I think I had said whatever I want to say about those serious political stuff.

From now on I am going to take it light and easy in this blog.

Anyway, that was what this blog supposed to be in the first place:

An insignificant anonymous blog where I can write anything that crosses my mind.

It was not meant to save the world, this country or turn me into a famous sopo blogger.

I need to remind myself of that. Keep the ego in check.

No need for me to get all stressed up too.

Well, that aside, I just spend the whole of today watching old Chinese movies.

One of it is In the Mood for Love

It's a really moody movie by Wong Kar Wai.

But I love it. It's the third or fourth time I watched it.

Maggie Cheung is so super elegant in cheogsam.

I don't think I can ever wear a cheongsam because I don't have the figure.

I am as flat as a plywood.

But in case Pakatan takes over and DAP rules this country by proxy, I will force myself to wear one.

Blend in, so to speak.

Okay here is a song from the movie,


  1. Dear Annie,

    Do stay-the-course & fight the good fight..! I understand it can be a daunting or dispiriting exercise. Your throwing in the towel however, only defeats you and permits all these ungrateful idiot(s) to remain unchecked. No matter how little (or insignificant) you may deem your blogging-contributions are.

    I don't agree with your reasons but do agree/concur with M.Cheung being uber-elegant in cheongsam..! :-)

    Try still to have a nice weekend now.



  3. I always thought and sensed you are a big chested woman. It is quite rare to find a flat-chested Chinese woman of your age. Hope that your nipples are not flat too.

    Any way, teat is teat, as long as your mammary gland could produce milk when the time comes, sudah okay lah tu!


    At the National Seminar on Entertainment and Islam organised by the Malaysian Muslim Consumer Group (PPIM) and the Human Development and Investigation Bureau, Abdul Raof Nurin says:

    A majority of ulama forbid the use of musical instruments, such as piano, drum and saxophone, as they were deemed part of Western culture.

    Instead, Only musical instruments like kompang or gong were encouraged.

    Listening to songs or music which has nothing to do with religion, coupled with the use of musical instruments that are prohibited in Islam, and with concerts that allow people to mix freely, distract from praying and are effective in distracting teenagers.

    So what are these young musicians of Permata Seni Muzik to do?

    But until their fates are finally decided, watch them play Vivaldi Concerto for 4 Violins Op.3 No.10 in B minor at

    Personally, I'm for these young musicians, anytime!

    1. If PKR ever rules this country, cultural marxist DAP will be pulling the strings, and Mao Tse Tung will be laughing his head off in his mausoleum! We'll be a sorry Malaysia then ...

      Here's to good sense and and a sound heart, Annie:

      Make Love Stay

    2. These ulama should try and get jobs in the real know, by the sweat on their brows and the work of their hands!

      But that would be too difficult for these worthies, for that's not the Will of The Almighty.

      But why should they worry because most of them are in paid sinecures anyway.

      It's the rest of us poor unenlightened Malaysians who have to scrimp, save and "cari makan" in order to support ourselves and our families.

      Of course, the ulama and the likes of the PPIM aren't bothered with such mundane stuff...

  5. Flat up front? but slim and shapy otherwise kah? hehehe . . . wear sarong kebaya lah nyonya! Bukan main elegant nanti.

  6. I've found all the slim/thin intelligent women I've met attractive in their own way. Sometimes, they just need some nudging to discover their confidence.

    One flat chested lady remains one of my most memorable girl friends, ever.

    I may sound flippant, but I have great respect for all of them, and I do not talk in anyway that could have them identified. What's past shall remain in the past. These days I've lots of platonic lady friends. They know I'm always at their corner when it comes to their position in society.

  7. A Spiritually Uplifting Song by Yusuf Islam (Cat Stevens)

    Morning has broken, like the first morning
    Blackbird has spoken, like the first bird
    Praise for the singing, praise for the morning
    Praise for the springing fresh from the word

    Sweet the rain’s new fall, sunlit from heaven
    Like the first dewfall, on the first grass
    Praise for the sweetness of the wet garden
    Sprung in completeness where his feet pass

    Mine is the sunlight, mine is the morning
    Born of the one light, Eden saw play
    Praise with elation, praise every morning
    God’s recreation of the new day

  8. I see where you are coming from, Annie.

    The serious questions about Johor remain unanswered.

    What has the state achieved since 1957?

    Has Johor Bahru changed for better since Merdeka?

    Have the schools and institutions of higher learning in Johor produced students and graduates with the relevant skills to be able to work effectively in a modern high-tech economy?

    A drive around Johor Bahru is a dispiriting experience.

    Johor had/still has so much potential.

    It's sad that it got sidelined by the politics of race and religion.

    Having Singapore as an immediate neighbour didn't help either, as comparisons between the two could be easily made.

    1. Well said, T T!

      Remember the stench of the Sungai Segget in JB?

      Now, whose bright idea was it to cover it up with a layer of concrete in downtown JB?

      Out of sight, no more stench, out of mind?

      Of course, cleaning up the Sungai Segget and stopping people from polluting it would be too much like hard work!

      No fun, lah!

      Now, it seems that some bright spark has come up with a proposal to uncover the stretch of the Sungai Segget that has been covered up, clean it up (a la the Singapore River) and make it the centre piece of a rejuvenated JB downtown.

      Another "directed project" or another "boondoggle"?

  9. Anon 01:19 7/12. How do you think Saudi Arabia or Pakistan or Sudan able to produce their national anthems without using the 'haram western instruments'? And they enjoy modern nasyid groups with fine harmony not even realising that the concept of musical harmony is part and parcel of western music development and widely used in church choir. They also allow gambus an instrument in the family of guitar and mandolin but banned the later two because they think that gambus is an Arab instrument by origin

  10. Hooray!!! That's what I have been telling you to do repeatedly before. We need you more as a buddy to share our joy and sadness of our lives. You are also good in lighting up our lives, making our days, giving us a few smiles here and there. So why waste it on those hypocrite politicians. Don't go competing with the political blogs. You are not cut out to do that instead you are damn good at bringing smiles and joy to your followers over trivial things. And I notice when you write such trivialities the response was overwhelming. Selamat berjaya!!!

  11. Speaking about cheongsam, I remember an incident when an American tourist was so impressed with a girl wearing cheongsam that she inquired as to where she could make one. This led her to Petaling St. where there was a tailor shop run by a very old Chinese man who could speak not a single word of English. After agreeing on the price using hand signs the tailor began to take the measurement. However she was not agreeable to the length of the hemline and asked the tailor to measure it shorter. She said, "I want the hemline higher, higher", while pointing towards her thigh. But the old tailor could not understand and looked blank. So she said, " Higher, more high, more high." pointing towards roughly her pelvic region. To the tailor who spoke only Cantonese (or Hokkian, I'm not very sure, probably Annie knows), "more high" sounds more like asking you to grab her private thing. The old Chinaman was stunned by the request, with him being old and in non functional state and all. However due to the insistence of the sweet young tourist for the tailor to "more high" and pointing towards "that" area, he took a grab and ended up in Jalan Bandar police lockup instead of heaven. Hehehehe

    1. Moral of the story: Vernacular Chinese schools must be integrated with National Mainstream curriculum so that our Chinese kids don't grow up to buat bodoh unilingual adults? Do you also have a Tamil story bro?

    2. Yup, yup...and American tourists are expected to be conversant in Malay (oops, sorry - Bahasa Malaysia)?

      It would have been better if that old Chinese tailor was comfortable understanding and speaking English.

      Moral of the story: it's multilingualism that counts - in the tourism industry and elsewhere.

      No one expects Apple, Facebook, Google or Microsoft to conduct business in Malaysia using Bahasa Malaysia!

    3. Anon 13:53. You want Indian story/jokes go for RUSSEL PETERS (Canadian Indian) on youtube. The funny thing is that when this guy makes so many racially degrading jokes against Indians and Chinese nobody complains. The one about the Chinese' habit of stealing copyright product (designer handbag} and why Hindus do not eat cow's meat and how Indians treat their children were particularly offensive but instead of objections, everyone was happily laughing over them. Just imagine if any a Malay standup comedian were to perform similar jokes here, PR would probably demand that the govt establishes RCI to inquire into this transgression. Aren't Malaysian evolving to be the greatest hypocrites in the world

    4. I would agree. Any propose National mainstream Chinese-integrated school should pay serious attention also to the English language proficiency of our students. English language just happens to be universal across boundaries east and west.

    5. Guy, please note that you are in a lady's blog.

  12. Annie, what say you give your blog a new look, perhaps with a motif akin to the Smokehouse on Cameron Highlands?

    Then call it Annie's Cafe. It would be best if you could hang up lots of pictures that are meaningful to you...

    And the world can drop in, look you up, and shoot the breeze...

  13. I am trying to surmise the Chinese movie you watched in relation to you being a flat- chested yourself.

    "In the mood for love", I guess has tranced you of being moody, to be in love in against the ideal beauty of love.

    Maggie Cheung looks lustrous in her Cheongsam. She has more meats on her chest while as mentioned "as flat as plywood". A desirable posture, a charismatic layout of Maggie's is deemed ready to be seduced.

    But, I think, the enchanting cheongsam has led it into a sexual fantasy of platonic love. A desire and lust within the two closed doors neighbors are ready for accommodation, I think.

    It is a situation where we like to be in the character. The set back of being flat chested, a component, maybe do not fit the repertoires of the platonic love versus extramarital engagement.

  14. Mixed Marriages in Vancouver, British Columbia - how time has changed

    Some 20 years ago: Chinese mainly from Hong Kong and Malaysia began settling in Vancouver, Canada. Mixed couples comprised mainly of white Canadian men and Chinese women.

    Present day: Mixed Couples comprising Chinese men and white Canadian women are now pretty much as common as those comprising white Canadian men and Chinese women.

  15. Amal Alamuddin's (Mrs George Clooney) Wedding Dress - wonder what our ulamas said about it?

    1. Ms Amal/Mrs Clooney isn't going to be visiting Malaysia any time soon.

      She has better things to do with her time.

      Our ulamas will have to get their jollies