Friday, 2 August 2019

The law that should be proposed by the PKR senator

Two days ago, a PKR senator proposed a law to punish women for seducing men into raping them.


Of course there was a hue and cry about it, forcing the stupid guy to retract his proposal and apologise.

Even Anwar, who of late is trying to portray himself as being saintly made a statement.

I think you all know about all that by now.

Well, what baffles me was how could that Mohd Imran Abd Hamid guy be that stupid.

Didn't the PKR people, and that must include Anwar, who made him senator know that the guy is a nut case?

They must have not checked on him properly.

In fact, they fielded him for the Lumut parliamentary seat in GE13 and he won.

Maybe they were desperate for talents that when they saw that he was a retired admiral they decided to give him a job.

Lucky that our navy had not been to war when he was in charge.

Anyway, I think the retired admiral should have proposed a different but similar law instead - a law to punish men who seduced men.

Yup, I would support such a proposal.

After all, PKR could greatly benefit from such a law.

That would prevent all the handsome young men in the party from trying to seduce their married male leaders....anf the other way around.

Too many such cases in the party already, okay.

I just can't imagine the trauma that the wives and children of the seduced married male leaders have to endure....and that of the parents of the seduced handsome young men.

I think by now the leaders of PKR allies in Pakatan Harapan must be feeling a bit squeamish when ever they have meeting with Anwar and gang.

Therefore, really, a law against men seducing men is necessary.

Seriously, all those PKR gay stories are gross, okay.

What is more gross than a married man in his late 60s saying "Can I fuck you today?" to a man in his 20s?


Okay lah, I think if the PKR senator is too shy to propose such a law, then maybe someone from Pribumi Bersatu can do it.

Come on guys, help your PKR friends a bit, can or not?

I really pity Dr Mahathir for having to mix around with that bunch of people.

And he even had to promise to hand over this country to Anwar by as early as next year.



  1. That's why till now I personally not convinced brader Anwar to be the 8th PM. On many occasions, he is unable to control his people. I can imagine the country will be in hell loose out of c8ntrol if brader Anwar is to kead the nation. He is merely another 'Lip Service' material....!!

    Remember, before this shameful episode,

    - Rafizi & gang rebelled without just cause demanding Tun M to step down and hand over the premiership to brader Anwar, which led to that outspoken Kapar Rep terkapar-kapar made public apology to The Grand Old Statesman.

    - Then Haziq & Azmin with the most embarassing lewd 'kunyit' exposure,

    Mind you, PKR Senator Mohd Imran Abd Hamid is a retired Admiral. But..but..are we forgetting Bang Non is still the REAR Admiral of PKR......??

    1. Well... what could we expect from a Party whose Rear Admiral is also the gaylord.
      Not to mention an ex-misused of power cum sodomy convict, politically expedient being pardoned by YDP Agong upon PH winning GE14.

  2. Dalam keadaan negara sekarang, mana tempat yang selamat untuk Tun..

    Di sini semburit, di sana penyamun tarbus.

    Nak duduk bawah terowong pun tak selamat, ada skandal.

    1. Tun sendiri terpalit dengan berbagai skandal samun dari forex ke pkfz. Pendek kata PH penuh dengan berbagai skandal. Dah lah ekonomi merudum.Rakyat pun makin muak. Baca link dibawah. PH bakal hilang kurang kurang 29 kerusi. Rakyat dah mula tolak Tun, PH dan segala masaalah yg dibawa mereka. Mari bersama Ummah.

      Pakatan bakal hilang 29 kerusi kerana gabungan BN-PAS - - Kemas Kini: 8 jam yang lalu - The Malaysian Insight

  3. Yup annie, agreed with you.
    There should be law for men seducing men.
    Why all the blame on women.

  4. Aisay Annie...I will pick out one statement you made and try to provide the answer...How could this Md Imran be so stupid?
    1. Comes from SK...blame the education system
    2. Became Admiral...kulit-fication
    3. Mixes with his own what do you expect.
    Annie...go to most gomen depts and you will see this type of guys...sports a goatee / skull cap...despises women who tak tutup aurat, but will watch porn on hand fon and think of bonking anything with a skirt on!

  5. There is a lot of weird people in PKR.. Kena buat overhaul.Cant imagine a leader can do such weird things during Ramadan.

  6. Aren’t you all feel proud? We’re on the brink of another milestone. A huge one. After electing the OLDEST prime minister in the world, Malaysia is going to make another history. The first in world’s history. The first prime minister coming from LGBT community. The FIRST country in the world!

    Even the liberal Western countries have yet to elect a leader from such group. They had had the first black president, the first woman prime minister, the first OKU president (President Roosevelt) but have yet to have an LGBT dude as head of government. We’re the first one. What even more remarkable is that it is coming Muslims majority country!

    1. AnonyMouse 13:32...

      What the bloidy hell are you blabbering about, "After electing the OLDEST prime minister in the world, Malaysia is going to make another history. The first in world’s history. The first prime minister coming from LGBT community. The FIRST country in the world!"

      We ain't fools to be bluffed by you, idiot....!!

      This is the real fact of nation leaders who are gays:

      Xavier Bettel
      PM of Luxembourg

      Leo Varadkar
      Taoiseach or PM of Ireland

      Ana Brbabic
      PM of Serbia

      Rodrigo Duterte
      Present President of Philippines who admitted he used to be a gay.

    2. At least the first gay PM for a muslim country. Atuk has beaten Mugabe record as the oldest PM. The country can now happily go down the chute.....

    3. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    4. Sorry En. Othman, again pls refrain from things which may be deemed seditious. Thanks.

  7. Dont understand how this PH elect their leaders and reps. Peghabih duit raykat aje dok bayaq elaun bulan2 MP kat dia nih!

    Ingatkn as exAdmiral dpt mmberi sumbangan yg sgt2 berfaedah kpd Negara.. esp dlm arena industri2 perkapalan whatnot.. ceh!

    Buang masa dewan sja dia bawa usul2 bersangkutan sodomy, semburit dan rogol pulak dah.

    Kasi malu sama toknek moyang2 keturunan bangsa Melayu aje la dia ni;

    Professor Nasi Lemak.

  8. Letih la Tun. Semua nak letak atas kepala dia. Menteri dia pi hentam belakang pun dia kena cover. Depa yang sedap dia yang penin. Haram jadah betui...Hope he don't die standing. Stupid bunch of lawmakers from current govt. Depa ingat semua orang bodo macam depa semua. Please do your research dulu bagi nampak pandai bila berhujah. Haram jadahhh

  9. Another shockingly brutal news from the land of pees and poops. A state of lawlessness seems enveloping the country where brutal and sadistic crimes reign supreme.