Saturday 3 August 2019

In support of Dong Zong and Jiao Zong (updated)

UPDATES at 22:36 Aug 3 has apparently been decided.

Just saw this,

Khat in BM curriculum can go ahead - PM


Referring to protests by certain quarters over the matter, the prime minister said those objecting voices were from only a small segment of society.

He said the government was steadfast in its policy of shared prosperity and had never stopped the use of other languages’ writings.

“We have never objected to other writings (including) in Chinese as this is something special in our country.

“Chinese language writings are not allowed in other countries such as Indonesia, for instance, (and in) the Philippines and Thailand, they use their own (language) writings,” he said when answering a question on the khat objections posed by a participant of the Semarak Merdeka Town Hall session with the Prime Minister here.

Well, I guess Pakatan can win some extra Malay votes for this one.

Whatever lah.


I'm actually supporting this,

Chinese educationists oppose 

move to introduce 'khat' writing 

for BM syllabus


They claim that the khat, as part of the Bahasa Melayu syllabus, is “not suitable”, saying the art of calligraphy writing has nothing to do with learning the national language which follows a romanised script.
“As such, the learning of khat does not contribute to helping students master the Malay language,” said Dong Zong and Jiao Zong, collectively known as DZJ.
The groups were quick to add, however, that their resistance to introducing khat to students should not be seen as a refusal to celebrate the country’s various cultures and languages.
“But we disagree if the learning of cultures is made compulsory for students,” said DZJ.
Yup,  we should not force people in these sort of things.

We are in Malaysia, not China, okay.

We cannot do things like this;

China’s capital orders Arabic, 

Muslim symbols taken down


The campaign against Arabic script and Islamic images marks a new phase of a drive that has gained momentum since 2016, aimed at ensuring religions conform with mainstream Chinese culture.
The campaign has included the removal of Middle Eastern-style domes on many mosques around the country in favour of Chinese-style pagodas.
China, home to 20 million Muslims, officially guarantees freedom of religion, but the government has campaigned to bring the faithful into line with Communist Party ideology.
Whomever at the Education Ministry that came up with this idea of introducing "khat" in the BM school subject and forcing students at Chinese schools to learn it are quite dense.

They can't even do it at sekolah kebangsaan, okay.

Seriously, how many of you all from sekolah kebangsaan who can write in Jawi, let alone do the khat?

Not many, right?

By the way, I can write Jawi, but not the khat.

I don't really understand why the NUTP supported the idea.

It only creates trouble.

Why must they disturb the Chinese schools again in this era of Malaysia Baru?

We allowed the Chinese schools to exist in this country because the Chinese community wanted their own school system.

That's to preserve their racial identity and culture.

Why then that we now want to force them to be otherwise?

It's stupid, okay.

Anyway, where are the DAP leaders?

Are they going to join the Chinese educationists' protest on Monday?

I think the MCA people will be there.

I'm alright with that.

At least they are honest about being Chinese.

At least they are not hypocrites.

Well, I believe I have been consistent when it comes to Chinese school issues.

Here's a previous post of mine ;


  1. Aisay Annie...on this issue I must say you have balls, and made of steel. The MOE minister is a nut case. Pls read Fa Abdul's article in malaysiakini...previously introduced abacus and then abandoned. If khat is about the beauty of its writing, introduce it in art classes, where you can also teach chinese calligraphy. Learning khat does not give any value to those learning it. Tak masuk akal!

    1. Talking about khat…exactly 60 years ago (1959), the legendary TS P Ramlee made a big everlasting comedy movie, ‘Pandekar Bujang Lapok’.

      In that movie, hebleft an unforgettable permanent punch line….

      “Alif Mim Nun tendang Wau” sekali bunyi Sarkis dahhhh..!!

      Ramlee: Err Sudin, ini bacanya apa macam…bacanya..?
      Sudin : Alif Mim Nun Wau…Alif tendang Wau…Sarkis daaa…
      Ajis : Eii apa daa sarkis.
      Ramlee: Tulisnya begitu panjang, bacanya sikit sarkas?
      Sudin : Yang panjang tu bunga saje, yang pendek itu la…sarkas. Tak gheti?
      Ramlee : Tulis pakai bunga?
      Sudin : Habis, takkan hutang saje pakai bunga.

      Ramlee : Apa daa engkau bilang, diorang makan sini tidur sini, mana diorang nak pergi ni?
      Sudin : Ini sarkis sudah jinak, sudah berapa lama diorang traning…

      Ha ha ha
      Setepek kena muka umnongok…!!
      Hi hi hi


      KUALA LUMPUR: Newly installed Yang di-Pertuan Agong Al-Sultan Abdullah Ri’ayatuddin Al-Mustafa Billah Shah has praised Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad, describing him as a timeless statesman who works for the benefit of the people.

      Sultan Abdullah said Dr Mahathir had also led the government when his late father Paduka Ayahanda Sultan Ahmad Shah Al-Musta’in Billah was installed as the seventh Yang di-Pertuan Agong.

      “So the saying is true, that a renowned statesman is everlasting, and will not be out of date over time or in terms of age.

      “I hope that the close relations and understanding that existed between Al-Marhum Paduka Ayahanda with the Prime Minister can be continued during my reign for the benefit of our beloved country and rakyat,” said Sultan Abdullah at his installation as the 16th Yang di-Pertuan Agong at Istana Negara.

      Al-Marhum Sultan Ahmad Shah served as the seventh Yang di-Pertuan Agong from April 26, 1979 until April 25, 1984 when Dr Mahathir was helming the government as the country’s fourth prime minister.

      Sultan Abdullah also expressed confidence that the Pakatan Harapan government, led by Dr Mahathir, would be able to overcome any obstacle and continue to move forward to achieve success.

      His Majesty also welcomed the government’s efforts in restructuring the country’s development plans and strengthening the country’s finances, besides enhancing governance and integrity as well as combating corruption and defending the rule of law.

      “I would like to congratulate my government for its foresight in coming up with a new economic model known as the Shared Prosperity Vision 2030.


  2. Chinese always think the are far superior. Any problems they blamed other races .They never blamed chinese that gives corruption to get cheap land in kl. They never blame the mastermind of 1mdb. Cheap ipp and road lic.
    Lucky TDM is not TRUMP famous to say" Go back to where you came from.". We the silent majority seek fairness in what was agreed in the contitution and any social contract otherwise we will be like DT version 2. So be moderate with the newfound freedom. Be logical as silent majority are trying hard to be accomodating. Once we get hurt we will fight back with vengence.

    1. Sokong 100%.
      Spot On.Be moderate & logical .Jangan cari pasal untuk gaduh .Silent Majority pun ada perasaan.Hari2 kena kutuk yang tak elok ,lama2 tak bolih tahan .

  3. Dap belum dpt kuasa jadi tpm... tapi dah kiasu giler. Nak suppress tulisan jawi. Tulisan jawi adalah sebahagian dari sejarah bahasa melayu. Dulu2 org melayu guna tulisan jawi. Its part of heritage.

    Dap ni, kalau dpt jadi tpm... confirm akan bertindak mcm negara china... suppress ethnic uighur

    1. Belajar tulis jawi berbeza dgn belajar tulisan khat. Kalau nak jugak ajar khat, jadikan sbgai syllybus kelas lukisan.

      Dizaman mak ayah T20 berlumba hantar anak kelas coding, anak2 b40 dibebankan dgn kelas tulisan khat, lepastu komplen siswazah susah nak dapat kerja.

  4. meanwhile our neighbours are introducing coding & comp language in their school system.

  5. Don’t simply spin lah .. where got Dong Zong say they going to hold a rally or protest against it? It’s just an internal meeting but mahacais of Pasumgok like you are trying to spin it into a racial issue ..Pathetic

    1. Typical reply from Dapigs Cinapeks.
      "Baling Batu Sembunyi Tangan " .Biasa lah ,Grand Apeks LKS biasa buat.

    2. TDM brought DAP into power to satisfy his need to be PM. He betrayed the Malays in his actions. Now that the Malays have realised his lies, he turns his drama against DAP to get back Malay support. He even sold his soul to Soros when NED actively helped to bring BN down. This is after he blamed Soros for our currency crisis years earlier. Tun has mastered the game of divide and rule. He has no real principles except end justifies the means. The khat issue is nothing compared to the wholesale of Malay assets by DAP. Yet Tun seems to oblivious towards this. Tun and pakatuns praised DAP before pru 14 to get Malays to vote for it. What do you think now?

    3. Mr J. Make up your mind will you.It was Tun M and all PH Malays are DAP's running dogs. (Tungangan DAP). Now suddenly Tun M is using DAP.Which is which la brader..
      But its okla . We can understand your confusion or hysteria. After 1 yr plus of butthurt..'sakit hati'.. 'bengkek'.. you can remain sane is good enough la Mr J. Take it easy ok..

  6. ... "Chinese community wanted their own school system." "That's to preserve their racial identity and culture"...

    Best place to enjoy and have all these is to JUST GO BACK AND LIVE IN CHINA. Nape susah sangat nih? Balik la aa kan will solve all problems. Mengada2 lebih.

    Masuk kandang kambing nak oink oink, masuk kandang kerbau pun nak oink oink juga??

    Professor Nasi Lemak

    1. Susah.China PRC pun taknak terima mereka.Tahun2 50an Chou Ern Lai ,Pemimpin China PRC pun dah tolak permintaan British.Jadi tinggal kah mereka di Nanyang (Asia Tenggara).

    2. Kan PRC built many huge new towns, unoccupied named as ghost towns. Ha aaa tempat pun dah sedia tunggu ape lagi, chow la. BALIK PI DOK SANA kan lagi best be among your own people??

      Dok membebel melalak2 terhegeh2 hidup among the Bumipitras here yang BODOH, MALAS, KAKI RASUAH, PEROMPAK, PENYAMUM, RACIST apeke hal?

      PRC is now the top world power, hebat, progressive dan kaya. Heran nape taknak sangat pi balik dok sana?

      Lain la dulu toknek Apek Akow Aso Amoy semua terpaksa merantau mai sini due to poverty and oppression..

      So yang not happy in Malaysia, dipersilakan beramai2 balik kNegara asal masing2. PI BALIK..

      Professor Nasi Lemak

    3. China pun tak hingin ambil mereka ni balik. Pengkhianat! Takde langsung semangat patriotik. Susah je cabut lari. Pikir tengkok sendiri. Bangsa yg malu dengan identiti sendiri. Malu nama tak sedap seperti Mak Long Kang. Tukar je agama jadi kristian bole tukar nama jadi William ke, John ke, bole dikenali sebagai William Mak atau John Mak. Kan sedap sikit bunyi dari dipanggil Long Kang, kan? Tu belum yang masuk Islam semata mata nak tukar nama melayu, supaya dapat jadi Bumiputera.
      Nanti pada pru14, bila kita menang dan menjadi Kerajaan semula, tiadalah lagi sekolah jenis cina dan jenis keling. Semua mesti tau dan fasih bahasa kebangsaan, iaitu Bahasa Malaysia!!!! Kalau tak setuju sila berambus.

  7. I think Mahathir must realise by now that whatever he want to do he MUST get approval from DAP. DAP is the defacto PM.So Annie you are right with your comment.

    1. Using your argument, that means Mahathir must have already got the approval from DAP since a decision on introducing "Khat" has already been made. I believed you must be an MCA supporter. This is all about politics right?

    2. anon 1314
      yea…its a logical reasoning. but people do set their own default on it. n sometime it can be looked very ugly. like of pas n umno…they faulted tun of being a puppet of dap n yet they support him for a full term serve….lol?

      about tat khat being d new teaching in school…did tun sign to d daps objection? Kahkahkah…another bad logic if u still mystifying who led whom.

      actually, a straight thinking, about tat artistic khat in bm….is d know how n d skill acquired ve anything to do with new ways of learning, solve current dilemmas n invent new solutions of educate? isit a power tool to escape old stagnant ways of teaching? i dun see any.

      but if it still necessary, then make it proper n done…d art lesson. justdun go converting teachers for tat. remember how we did tat bfore. bm teacher teaches eng,,,it sulk!

      want to know how they taught eng. in my time? they did it colloquially in bahasa kelate. mu bengongke..akuroyak dohke kalu past tense tu…buh ed belake tu…. Kihkihkih…when my friend added all ed to d past tense verbs, she got another knock on d head.

      so tats d issue they ve to think of…not d political dramas n bullshit meant to stir public sensitivities for political reasons known too well by all…..

  8. Sorry, off topic: news excerpt:

    "An argument broke out between two groups over the assembling of tents.

    "It escalated into a fight, and machetes were used.

    “On-duty policemen tried to maintain order but were attacked."



  9. Congrats Annie, your post about MoE's act of introducing khat have stirred up anti-Chinese sentiments from your blog readers. What have the DAP got to do with this MoE act anyway?

  10. again i reiterate, while our thai neighbours are introducing coding / com language into their curriculum, we are stuck with eng vs bm debate, khat, black shoes.

    education minister needs to go.

    1. Adapun yang mempertikaikan tentang pembelajaran coding di sekolah juga merupakan satu kebodohan.

      Telah KPM masukkan sukatan mengenai coding seawal peringkat sekolah rendah dan mempunyai perancangan untuk memperdalamkan lagi sukatan tersebut bermula 2020. Jadi buat apa KPM nak tambahkan coding sedangkan ia sudah pun berada di dalam silibus dan dirancangkan untuk ditambahbaik? Keputusan sudah dibuat, orang kata dah EXECUTED pun. So, nak banding dengan sekolah Thailand buat apa? Duduk dalam gua lama sangat ke sampai ketinggalan begitu teruk?

      Rujukan :

      Terdapat pihak-pihak yang dengan sengaja mahu mencari salah Menteri Pendidikan. Tujuan mereka ialah mahu memburukkan imej Dr. Maszlee dengan harapan Tun Dr. Mahathir memecat Dr. Maszlee sebagai Menteri Pendidikan.

      Read more:

  11. They must have balls to rally against the use of Jawi script in all Chinese made products used to deceit Islam Malay majority consumers into believing as muslim-friendly. You know ‘Pau Ahmad’ for example? Protes la until Pau Ahmad remove the Jawi script in the logo. Ada berani?

  12. Annie, very irresponsible of you top let in those racist comments, after you posting stirred up those sentiments.

    On second thought, was that your intention all along? If so, I am beginning to feel that the unmentionable blogger (whom you call 'sister') was right about you after all.

  13. Out there UMNOPAS instigating PH Malays to castrate the anti khat protestors but here in Annie's cyberspace she shows support for them. Good job Annie. You are a a 1st class 'batu api'. In the same league with the elite bloggers or even better. hihihihi..

  14. Pihak-pihak ini bukannya kumpulan liberal. Kerana orang liberal tidak akan menyekat kebebasan bersuara. Mereka ialah liberal murtad. Liberal yang lari dari landasan sebenar liberal. Mereka ialah libertad. Bodoh dan rasis. Liberal tidak rasis. Tetapi libertad ialah rasis.

    Mereka tidak sukakan pendekatan Dr. Maszlee yang mahu menyatukan anak bangsa dengan usaha-usaha berterusan dari pihak Kementerian Pendidikan Malaysia.

    Mereka tidak suka cina, melayu, india duduk ketawa bersama-sama di satu sekolah.

    Mereka tidak suka cina dan india menghormati ajaran Islam.

    Mereka tidak suka melayu menghormati perbezaan agama dan kepercayaan dengan matang.

    Mereka mahu menghancurkan itu. Bagi mereka selagimana wujudnya kaum cina, india, melayu yang tidak rasis, selagi itulah agenda mereka akan diganggugugat. Dan janganlah anda sesekali menjadi catur mereka. Sesungguhnya orang yang rasis adalah libertad. - 5 Ogos 2019.

    Read more:

  15. KUALA SELANGOR: Two people, including a policeman, were injured in a riot which broke out during a religious ceremony at a Hindu temple in Sungai Darah, here, on Sunday night.

    The commotion was triggered by a disagreement between two parang-wielding rival gangs during a chariot procession at Kuil Kaliamma Bestari Jaya, at 9.15pm.

    The 34-year-old policeman, who was trying to calm the angry mob, was attacked and injured on his back and left hand; while a member of the public had his left palm severed by a rioter.

    1. What do you expect when it comes to Kap Lam Ya Nga. What matters is that malays unite against these racists. Thats the only way to put them in place. No more vernacular schools! They talk about Bangsa Malaysia? But when it comes to education they want to separate the kids. Hipocrites all of them!

    2. Klo depa migrate to d West or even Australia.. hmmm cakap bahasa Negara host baru, mulut senget2 slang terkulum2 lidah air lioq mercik2 semacam to impress the world dey are Americans whatnot. Kekekeke

      Dok sini ngada2 Bahasa kebangsaan ada yg nak jadi wakil rakyat sembang pasai anak2 manusia dan anak2 bulu dia. Sewel ke? Own National language oso donno??

      Teringin pulak nak dengaq AG Malaysia bg speech in Bahasa Kebangsaan. Payah juga klo tak fasih/faham. Dapat interpreter yg kuat kelentong macam bankers2 dalam kes SRC Najib, abis la.

      Anyway klo rasa payah sangat dok Malaysia, pi la balik dok sesama bangsa dan kaum sendiri. Kan solve all problems? Go back la, jgn tunggu lama2~~~~~

      No need having to sebut racist tak kesudahan.. kasi menyemak aje la.

      Professor Nasi Lemak

  16. Haiyaaa ama apa yanadey?

    Semua tgh ghairah bab khat, Zakir Naik, Semburit, Rogol.. ewah ewah jgn lepas pandang situasi ekonomi negara nuuuu.. USD1 = RM4.20 ayoyo!

    Ayuh yg ade masa nuntun kdrama Designated Survivor latest ep11. At 33:00 ada nak godek2 main pingpong dgn stock market... eh ade pula buaya yg dok nunggu nak cekop?hmmmm mention juga "private pension funds and student loan funds, retirement savings".

    Plot drama macam sama dok jadi sini kan kan???

    Professor Nasi Lemak