Sunday 18 August 2019

Prayers for Hong Kong

May you be safe.

May you be free.



    Haiyaaa.. laju bawa lari sorok harta.

    Lamai golongan "Malaysians" yg pi mengebat dok sana enjoy harta kekayaan mereka. Cuba teka?

    1. Dalam keadaan huru hara, will these "Malaysians" stay and help?


    2. Cha alif ba wau ta

    Professor Nasi Lemak

    1. Di Malaysia pun sama.

      Jika terjadi macam kat Hong Kong, bukan saja Cina, Melayu kayaraya yang punyai harta atau rumah kedua di Negara Kapir-MatSalleh, lebih-lebih lagi yang mengumpul kekayaan melalui kabel-politik Kerajaan Kleptocracy, akan cabut.

      Masa itu jugalah, kita akan lihat dimana letaknya 'kesetiaan' mereka yang pernah berjanji akan membela-nasib Rakyat, tanpa mengira Bangsa & Agama.

      Lihat saja la... cara bekas-bekas pemimpin Melayu yang dulu diketahui pernah bershopping-sakan di Kotaraya tersohor Negara Kapir.
      Langsung mereka tak teringin bershopping... misalnya di Arked MARA atau Bukit Bintang... demi bantu perniagaan Bangsa sendiri.

    2. Jgn dilupa 12 mei slps kalah pru..ada nak cuba berehat ke indon. Nasib baik rakyat marhain beramai ramai berkumpul di subang airport. Rupanye equanimity dh tggu di indonesia. Nasib baik indon rampas. Hajat nak lari pecut tak kesampaian.

      Jika tak kerna prihatin rkyat berkumpul di subang, maka tak merasa lah rakyat nak tahu cerita saksi2 dimahkamah. Hahaha

  2. Dear Annie,

    I don't know what side of the conflict in Hong Kong which you are on.

    I am on the side of the Hong Kong SAR government and of China.

    The anti-government protestors and rioters in Hong Kong are being supported and financed by foreign imperialist interests, especially US and British to creat problems for China, especially with the ongoing US trade war on China.

    Hong Kong was forcibly ceded to Britain in 1898 on a 99 year lease following the defeat of China's forces in the Opium Wars, where Britain as a big time drug trafficker bombarded China because the Chinese authorities tried to stop the sale of opium to Chinese.

    The lease expired in 1997 and Hong Kong reverted to China and rightfull is part of China.

    Here are two of my recent blog posts on the issue:-



    CGTN reveals:-

    "'Gang of 4': Who is misleading the young in HK? 揭秘禍港四人幫"

    "Protest leader leaves Hong Kong to pursue master's degree in U.S."

    The silent majority of Hong Kong people are now coming out to protest in support of the Hong Kong SAR government and the police

    "People rally to voice support for police in Hong Kong"

    "Pro-police rally in Hong Kong: 'Oppose Violence, Save Hong Kong'

    "Say no to violence and separatist forces in Hong Kong"

    Remember this video from shortly after GE14?

    "IRI chief admits helping M'sian opposition since 2002"

    "PKR leaders react to Republican-linked group's alleged role in election win"

    Pro-Pakatan NGOs get uncomfortable when I ask them whether US imperialism won GE14.

    1. I support those who fight for their freedom and democracy.

    2. Hongkongers trying to move a mountain.
      Hope the mountain would not fall on them!

    3. maybe they feel uncomfortable bec they found it unbelievable a not so old chap still talk abt imperialism in the 21 century, like how old mahathir love talking colonialism whenever he visit the west. i learn whats imperialism when i read mao zedong collected work, most of his writing done before 1950.

    4. Annie, You must be very ignorant to have made such a comment. These violent rioters are flying British and the US flags and you think they want to have their democracy. These Anglopiles just want to be ruled by the White Anglo-Saxons. The whole lot of them are suffering from Stockholm Syndrome collectively, passed on to them by their parents and their teachers ! The thousands of foreign NGOs and the disproportional number of "diplomats" from certain Western consulates are also helping to fan the current unrest in Hong Kong !

    5. They said the same thing about the thousands of massacred students and civilians at Tiananmen square three decades ago.

    6. "I support those who fight for their freedom and democracy."

      I too support people's demands for freedom and democracy but not blindly. Instead, I look at who is behind them and whose interests those demanding "freedom and democracy" knowingly or unknowingly serve.

      Did Hong Kong have any democracy under British rule?

      Did Hong Kong even have a Legislative Council (Leg Co) under British rule?

      What would the police during the time of British rule have done to the rioters who occupied the airport, which was Kai Tak at the time?

      It's illegal in the US - the "land of freedom and democracy" to protest inside and airport. What do you think would happen to rioters who invaded a US airport, block passengers from leaving and assault passengers?

      Look at how the US police dealt with the peaceful Occupy Wall Street protestors and their supporters?

      And, the US imperialists back "freedom and democracy" in other countries.

      There is enough evidence to show that foreign powers are backing and even financing these riots in Hong Kong and these foreign powers are the same ones which have invaded Iraq, Afghanistan, bombed countries in the Middle East, support Israel which denies the Palestinians their freedom and democracy and so forth.

      Take a look at organisations in Hong Kong which have received NED grants in recent years.

      Now look at which organisations in Malaysia have received NED grants in recent years.

    7. I don't want to live under the rule of an authoritarian communist regime and I don't wish others to endure the same. Allegations such as those were the same as during the Tiananmen massacre three decades ago. 

  3. I'm with Jackie Chan... and of-course, Shuzheng.

    This was what Jackie Chan said after protesters were seen throwing the Chinese flag into the sea.

    "Over the years, I’ve been to many countries and [seeing how] our country is developing really fast makes me feel very proud to be Chinese. The Chinese flag is respected around the world and it makes me feel safe, stable and peaceful. It’s like air, once it’s gone, you know how precious it is."

    The way I see it, those protesters have gone too far and their motives questionable, when they defaced the official emblem of Hong Kong, then raised an old British colonial flag. Worst still, when they threw their own Nation's flag into the sea.
    What's more annoying, during the protest, they even dared haul-up US flag, an indication they're disloyal to their own country.

    Me... if the Malays were to do that in Peninsular Malaysian, I don't mind the Royal Malay Regiment crushed them with tanks... just like Tiananmen Square.

    By the way, I've never supported separatism anywhere in the world... with the help of foreign power (UK & US, in particular)... except for people who're denied citizenship or whose land were annexed/occupied by powerful forces.

    Therefore, I don't think those Anglophiles in Hong Kong would achieve anything, since Beijing would never tolerate the rise of another 'Taiwan' which will surely become a staunch ally of imperialist Uncle Sam too.

    1. I will never want or support the killing of people like what they did in Tiananmen square.

    2. a bastard that disown his daughter talk abt precious?

    3. Comes the year 2047, your 'support and prayers' for the Hongkongers doesn't really matter. They will need to swap their IDs and Passports under Mainland China.

    4. If those traitors in tiananmen were not neutralized, China today will like the USSR, berkecai.

      Those who were killed had been badly influenced by western imperialist to destroy china.

  4. Tamak haloba...

  5. Adakah bacaan politik kalian still amateur?
    2. Kalian rasa Beijing akan BUNGKAM jika apa yang berlaku di Hong Kong sekarang adalah BENAR-BENAR Berlaku?
    Para pemerhati sekalian, YAKIN dan PERCAYALAH apa yang sedang berleluasa di Hong Kong hari ini adalah "Strategic Marketing" dari Beijing
    P/s: Lapangan terbang pun boleh di jarah.... KAU RASA????

  6. One country two systems
    Protest is quite common even under British rule
    Mainly because of rising costs of living
    Now even made worst with rich mainland Chinese flaunting their new found wealth there
    Initiation of the extradition bill between China and Hong Kong for dissents ignited more sparks
    China has seen back down
    This one country two systems arrangement has a cooling period of 50 yrs
    After which is unknown
    The younger generation even proposed an independant state
    Hong Kong university conducted a survey
    11% which to be identified as Chinese
    71% as Hong Kongers
    Hong Kong stills commomerate Tiananmen day
    It is about their future


  7. Whats happening in Hong Kong is a good wake up call to DAP Penang.

    Bole tumpang shout and jump as much as your heart's desire.. tapi tanah itu walaupun kena bayaq sekupang setahun ... tetap milik Kedah.

    Professor Nasi Lemak

    1. Hakikatnya...

      Pulau Pinang & Seberang Prai (dulu dikenali sebagai Province Wellesly) dipajak selagi ada bulan & bintang oleh Raja Kedah kepada Penjajah British, RM10,000 setahun.
      Hari ini... walaupun diperintah oleh Cina-DAP tetapi Negara secara kesuluruhan masih bernasib-baik kerana Pulau itu masih berada dalam Persekutuan Malaysia.

      Pulau Tumasek pula, dijual oleh Temenggong kepada Penjajah British, juga secara 'selagi ada bulan & bintang'.
      Manakala Hong Kong dipajak oleh Pemerintah China selama 100 tahun.
      Setelah Penjajah Kapir-British berjaya menjadikan kedua-duanya sebagai Pusat Perdagangan & Komersial tersohor dunia, Hong Kong dikembalikan kepada China Komunis.
      Malangnya, Pulau Tumasek terlepas ketangan Cina-PAP, 'abang' Cina-DAP.

      Professor Nasi Lemak nampak tak, bagaimana bijaknya pemimpin-Melayu dulu-dulu?

  8. RD
    Hang tak baca ke macam mana depa "paksa" gunapakai cara baik nak dapat pajakan tuh??

    Macam dok jadi kat hang sekarang la.. bokbaik tau, silap2 rumah, kereta, kebun, anak bini ayam itik hang pun abis kena lelong selagi ade bumi dan langit.

    Last2 tinggal spender aje. Mujuq Penang depa takleh boh dalam poket bawa lari kan?

    Owh. Ada sekok tetiba dok sebak cerita kisah2 sedih pilu masa silam jaman2 jepang hmmm dah rasa tak selesa dok Hongkong ke?

    Professor Nasi Lemak

  9. Ko rase these Hong Kies bila tentera Cina dah masuk Hong Kong, rasa rasa mereka akan melawan atau mereka yang pertama akan cabut lari.Ko rase negara mana mereka akan cabut lari?

  10. Sebenarnya Singapore harus dipulangkan besama-sama Pulau Christmas pada tahun 1957 apabila Tanah Malayu mencapai kemerdekaannya. Malangnya, Tunku tertipu Kuasa Penjajah Britis dan Tanah Melayu mencapai kemerdekaannya tanpa Singapura. Pada tahun 1958, Penjajah Britis pindahkan Pulau Christmas pada Austrlia. Pada tahun 1963, Singapura di satukan dengan Semenanjung melalui Rancangan Konsep Malaysia. Tapi, sekali lagi, Tunku izinkan Singapura keluar dari Malaysia dua tahun kemudian pada tahun 1965. Siapakah mereka yang dengan sengaja hilangkan tanah nenek moyang kita ?

  11. Salam dear Annie..

    Semoga dua blog di atas dapat Bantu Kita semua memahami apa yg sebenarnya terjadi..

    Sebelum baca, lapangkan dada dan tenangkan fikiran terlebih dahulu..