Monday 19 August 2019

Sad case of anti-Lynas versus zumba

A friend asked me what I think of the anti-Lynas rally in Kuantan yesterday.

Well, this video sent by another friend who was at the rally tells it all,

Yep, there were probably as many people doing zumba just on the other side of the venue  of the rally.

Quiet sad, actually.

That's how much people don't care about the anti-Lynas movement anymore.

Heck, even the Pakatan leaders who vowed to champion the cause were not interested anymore.

Here's the report from yesterday,

Dejected anti-Lynas protesters 

turn against Pakatan


Unlike the mammoth rallies in the past, today’s event only attracted less than 500 people and without the presence and endorsement of the politicians who had promised to fight for the movement’s cause.
The only prominent anti-Lynas voice who turned up, albeit late, was Bentong MP Wong Tack of the DAP, who was immediately heckled and jeered by a handful of the protesters, demanding him to resign.
“His (Wong) political career began because of the anti-Lynas movement. Wong is a part of the PH government and he has failed to keep his promise. It is only right for him to vacate his parliamentary seat,” said Sharan Raj.
Sharan, along with other protesters, cheered as the organiser of the protest, Save Malaysia; Stop Lynas staged a gimmick in which the cut-outs face of Pakatan’s top four leaders were tossed into the air from a cardboard prop bus.
Not even that rabidly anti-Lynas Kuantan MP Fuziah Salleh, who is now a deputy minister was there.

Compare that with this Himpunan Hijau rally in Kuantan in 2012 which started the anti-Lynas movement and launched the career of Pakatan leaders such as Wong and Fuziah.

Just look at the faces of the Pakatan leaders who lied to the people that day.

Labeling Lynas as dangerous was not the only lie they told Malaysians, okay.

There were many more, some of which we know already, others to be discovered soon.

They may get the people's votes through the lies but they would never be able to keep them because a lie would be found out sooner or later.

I know that it's not easy when you discovered that you have been lied to, but that's part of life.

It makes you wiser.

Listen to Dr Mahathir, okay.


  1. annine nowadays more aware the "rare earths" need. even the people around no more protest - get "high pay" jobs.
    need more better smart fone - with "holo-graphics" features. augmented reality, virutal reality, can transform into "iron-man", more electric generatrs. more elctric vehicles.

  2. "Since your experts and Mahathir's experts say it is safe, why not we find the waste deposit location to be in a land mass in this Minister's constituency in Melaka? See whether his people there will listen to his experts. Also put some barrels of the waste in Mahathir's Mine Resort home garden, see whether he will stand by his acceptance of the experts advising him that the waste are safe? As I have said there must be some hidden reasons for these two people to be so committed to have a toxic industry to continue in this country despite the protest of the people ...and many of his Ministers. Could it be a promised and obligation done during UMNO's Najib era, money have changed hands, that Lynas , an Australian Company, will not be so careful not to disclose the truth if commitments and promises are not kept? There must be something or someone that Bersatu Ministers are protecting at the expense of the people."

    1. yes, lets start. by using the "lynas waste, lychess".
      as soil conditioners at gardens of mof, pm etc
      can save money from fertilsers

    2. I wonder why u & your dap cohorts don't object to bauxite mining in the same area? It pollutes the water, soil & air & the land will be barren for years to come.

      Oh wait! The bauxite miners, exporters & lorry owners are mostly dap supporters and in years to come, they will probably buy the land cheaply to built houses since the land is now useless for agriculture. It's win-win kan?

    3. anon 07:59
      In the first place... Anda faham ke apa yang anda tulis?
      Please compare ORANGE with ORANGE.... do not compare ORANGE with LEMANG

    4. Care to explain what's orange & what's lemang? Is bauxite industry not toxic? Does it not create waste, dust & water pollution? Is it not near residential areas albeit hidden in kampungs?

      And u rather trust these bauxite miners, exporters & lorry drivers to follow the rules than an international company?

      Are u blind or a hypocrite?

    5. The hidden reasons now everybody know. Lynas invested RM 5 Billion.
      1000+ people around Gambang got employed by LYNAS.
      Yes LYNAS came here during the last BN govt. So what. Tun and the PH govt have said early on taking over the govt. Any policies and projects from the previuos govt which are good for the people will be continued. On the anti LYNAS people? Well, they can take up other enviro causes like bauxite mining or Pasir Gudang industries or even the haze. Much more bigger issue affecting millions of people over the whole Nusantara..BUT also related to millions of poor palm oil workers. So how?

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    8. Sorry Herman, no seditious comments please.

    9. Yup. No sweat. Its ok.This is yours. Saya hanya ingin nak ceritakan pada orang yang duduk dalam Gua sahaja.
      2. Moral of the story:
      Please compare something which suit to been compared of.

      Thanks Annie

    10. anon 09:38

      Orange is Lynas lah... from luar negara....
      Lemang of course bauksit... tanah tanah orang Felda di Bukit Goh, Bukit Kuantan dan Neram (kampung saya) ditarah semahu mahu nya. Kalau bukan sebab moratarium tempoh hari... memang laluan LPT sebelum keluar susur tol Jabor jahanam dibuatnya...


    11. anon 09:51
      Lynas adalah from other region....invested not even 10 trilion...
      2. Not fair lah You nak compare ngan Locally Input e.g Palm oil, Pasir Gudang industrial estate and Bauksit kat Gebeng neighbourhood tu...
      BE FAIR PLEASE... Letakkan sesuatu pada tempat nya

    12. Herman Adnan, sila kaji secara dgn menggunakan otak, bukan ikut perasaan.

      Bandingkan kesan kedua2 industri tersebut. Menafaat tuan tanah bauksit hanya sekejap. Dapat duit 1 juta akan habis paling lama 10 thn. Tanah tersebut akan jadi pdg jarak pdg terkukur 50 thn. Lombong2 bauksit membahayakan kanak2 kpg. Ini belum lagi pencemaran air/ laut/ tanah/ habuk kpd penduduk sekitar. Diorang ni x perlu dibela ke? Kesihatan & nyawa diorg ni x de harga ke?

      I thot ph believes in the rule of law? Rupa nya ph's rule of law pilih bulu, diffent laws for different groups of ppl. Morotarium on bauxite was introduced by wan junaidi, the best environ minister we had after a long time, but your ph environ minister has lifted the morotarium.

      Adil le sgt.

    13. anon 16:52

      Bauksit memang locally made... susah senang memang bahagian kita 100 peratus

      Lynas tu dari luar negara...bahan mentah tu dari luar negara...


    14. Herman Adnan, ye aku paham. U have double standards to define toxicity. U ni tuan tanah bauxite ke?

    15. Jika 'bisness' yang ada keterlibatan Baju-Kuning... akan timbul banyak kerenah atau sebarang keputusan menjadi serba-salah.

    16. anon 19:09

      Pandangan peribadi kami jelas:
      1. Jika ia dari perut bumi Tanah Melayu mahupun Borneo, bahaya macam mana pun kita akan handle the most wise way sebab itu DARAH DAGING kita, we have no choice!

      Ini bumi MALAYSIA

  3. Wong n Fuziah should be malued...They should resign with immediate effect.

  4. Wow.. hebat betoi Himpunan Hijau 2.0. Semua tokoh2 PH turun padang.. Atok janggut putih baca sajak lagi?

    Ambiga's speech was d best "KITA TOLAK SAPA YG MENYOKONG LYNAS..RASUAH BLA2".

    Cld this be one reason why tetiba mulai viral kisah 1000 hectares of land given to a young 30yr old boy's company??? MACC diam aje ni?

    Professor Nasi Lemak.

  5. If I'm not mistaken, PAS was also involved during those anti-Lynas rally... through their so-called bahalol-siyasi with DAP.

    Haji Hadi even joined the Bershit demo.

    That was the reason why I've never believed all the lies about Lynas, in those days.

    1. RD
      Apahal ni viral gambaq bendera2 pasang terbalik2 ni?

      Tolong cerita sikit awat macam ni?

      Professor Nasi Lemak

    2. Gambar lama, kitar semula kot?
      Maklumlah yang pegang bendera terbalik ketika itu... semuanya anak muda-Cina, di Taiwan kot?
      Ketika gambar itu tular dulu, Haji Hadi sedang berpelok dengan Kit Siang & anaknya, Guan Eng. Malah, Haji Hadi dan Guan Eng pernah dirakam berpegangan-tangan dengan Guan Eng, turun berkempen PRU13 untuk menjahanamkan UMNO/BN.
      Ketika itu, Negara kita dalam distress atau 'kecemasan' akibat hutang keliling-pingang 1MDB-Jho Low.

      Walaubagaimanapun, jika ianya berlaku sekali lagi hari ini... Bendera dipasang terbalik... pelakunya mungkin mahu mengatakan bahawa Negara dalam distress atau 'kecemasan',
      sama seperti yang Kickdefella pernah lakukan dizaman Pak Lah Tido dulu... ketika itu 'teraju' pemerintahan Negara seolah-olah berada dibawah 'Tingkat-4', seliaan menantu PM ketika itu.

    3. Bendera dipasang terbalik... untuk mengambarkan 'A Nation in Distress'.

      Mungkin keadaan ketegangan-kaum akibat 'mulut' seorang pendatang-asing yang diberi PR, walaupun tidak boleh cakap-Melayu dan dibawanya permusuhan Hindu-Islam di Negara-asalnya ke Malaysia.

      Ataupun... untuk menunjukkan keadaan 'cemas' kerana ramai Melayu akan hilang pekerjaan atau punca pendapatan mereka terancam... terutamanya di Syarikat Utusan dan PWTC.
      Di Utusan, ada lebih-kurang 800 pekerja, manakala PWTC 300 orang. Jumlah 1100.
      Party UMNO dan ahli-ahli UMNO yang kayaraya, khabarnya kurang menunjukkan minat untuk membantu kemelut 'kurang-bisness' di Utusan & PWTC.
      Dato Zaharin Yasin kata... Dr.M telah beri lampu-hijau kepada persatuan atau pihak yang condong kepada PH untuk mengadakan seminar/aktiviti di PWTC. Walaubagaimana pun, pegawai pemasaran yang dikatakan PH-friendly demi kelangsungan PWTC, diberhentikan oleh Ku Nan dan Bekas Ahli Parlimen Kuala Selangor yang menjadi Big-Boss PWTC.

      Harap Maklum.

  6. Funny, they will always say the waste are not safe; for the sake of the people.. bla bla ...

    I recalled there were proposals to install incinerators to burnt all the rubbish within the vicinity of some urban areas so that the rubbish will not be sent to far away rubbish dumps which normally found in rural areas.

    The projects stalled because the urban residents disagreed but its ok if the rubbish are dumped in some nearby villages.

    Typical hypocrites.

  7. Tak habis-habis pasal Lynas.

    1. Sebab ada org x boleh move on. Takut hilang kuasa & glamer.

  8. Aduyaii Lynas lagi..tak selesai lagi ke??..nak muntah dah...uwekkkk.....

  9. Mohon geng2 Himpunan Hijau 2.0 esok turun buat demo bantahan kat Pasir Gudang pulak.. boleh tak?

    Haiyaaa ama apa tok janggut2 sekalian, dah ada kematian dn RAMAI mangsa toxic tapi awat dok diam macam tikus aje??

    Klo Jepun Menteri klo tak harakiri, S Korea gantung diri atau RESIGN sabit kemaluan besaq, sini dok pelahap bulan2 makan gaji buta lagi ke?

    Kemaluan masing2 terang2 semua kasi nampak masih talak malu lagi ke??

    Professor Nasi Lemak

    1. Yang harakiri, gantung diri atau terjun dari bangunan-tinggi tu... semuanya di Negara Kapir. Kita orang Melayu ni...lain sikit. Mungkin kulit-muka kita agak tebal, Lagi pun kita ada 'Agama' yang boleh dijadikan 'modal' untuk dijadikan perisai-penyelamat.


      1. Terpalit dengan kes salah-guna kuasa dan liwat... siapa yang nak percaya? Maklumlah, hambaAllah tu... membawa watak alim & warak. Pernah dirakam-gambar sedang bersolat berdoa selepas solat sebelah Hadi Hadi... dari Party Agama PAS yang membela beliau ketika video-balun-China-doll sedang viral. 'Bukti besi' kata Haji Hadi... mana boleh digunakan di Mahkamah Syariah. Kena ada 4 saksi.

      2. Demi mengaburi dan menenangkan keadaan... lebih-lebih lagi dikalangan Melayu-Islam... ketika scandal 1MDB sedang kecoh, didalam & luar Negara, ditajanya beribu-ribu Pak-Pak Imam tunai Haji.
      Diberinya PR kepada Zakir Naik... malah ada Kerajaan Negeri yang dikatakan beri 3 buah Pulau di Tasik Kenyir untuk dibina Pusat-Islam ka apa?
      Apa lagi... Zakir Naik pun 'seru' orang Islam beri undi pada Klepet pada PRU14.

    2. Pendokong tegar himpunan hijau lebih ramai nons. Yg isle sorang tu dah back down sikit. Akur keputusan x de le malu sgt.

    3. Anon 08:01.

      Ketika PAS sedang berpelok dengan DAP dulu... sebagai menjustifikasikannya, diArabkan hubungan itu sebagai bahalol siyasi, ka apa?

      Ketika itu, Brigade Amal PAS memainkan peranan utama dalam setiap Demo Bershit dan Anti-Lynas... sampai ada Pak Lebai, berbaring atau tidur atas jalanraya untuk menghalang kenderaan Polis.
      Malah ketika itulah Demo Bersih paling besar-raksasa yang juga ganas sehingga Kereta Polis diterbalikkan. Crew TV3 dikasari dan dihembur kata-kata yang menyakitkan-hati. Sebaliknya, mereka lebih berbangga dengan liputan media-asing yang tersebar seluruh dunia.

      Ketika itu, anak-anak muda Cina siap bantu tuang air-botol mineral untuk memudahkan orang-Melayu ambil air-sembahyang dijalanraya. Malah terdapat gambar yang memperlihatkan anak-Cina & India sedang memayung orang Melayu sedang bersolat dalam hujan. Kononnya, Rakyat berbilang Bangsa & Agama sedang bersatu-padu untuk menjatuhkan Kerajaan Ketuanan Melayu UMNO/BN yang didakwa PAS sebagai 'abasiyah'. Kristian nak guna nama Allah di Gereja pun, Haji Hadi setuju.
      Bayangkan reaksi masyarakat Melayu jika sebaliknya... anak-anak Melayu pula, yang sedang memayung orang kapir sedang menyembah berhala.

      Malangnya, selepas 'bercerai' dengan DAP, PAS berpecah kepada PAN/Amanah. Demo Bersih atau Anti-Lynas menjadi hambar dan lesu, tanpa penglibatan penyokong PAS.

      Harap Maklum.

    4. RD
      Alamak. Tak payah cerita pasai PAS dan Hadi.. pi belek pertalian silatulrahim antara TunM dgn Lim Kit Siang, TunM dan Anwar, Anw dengan MatSabu cukup la...

      Ini masaalah sekarang.. tolong minta Himpunan Hijau 2.0 pi melalak kat Pasir Gudang pula bole tak???

      Professor Nasi Lemak

    5. La... kan saya dah cakap... tanpa penyokong PAS, Demo Bershit atau Anti-Lynas akan jadi hambar & lesu.

      Cuba Prof. Nasi Lemak kangkong baca apa yang hwlooi tulis panjang dibawah.
      Katanya, hanya 200 orang yang hadir pada Himpunan Hijau 18.08.19. Itu pun termasuk "members of the press and curious onlookers."

  10. Dump the waste on one of those islands in South China sea

  11. Dear Annie,

    ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ I fully agree with you that THE ANTI-LYNAS POLITICAL CHARADE IS SLOWING BUT SURELY RUNNING OUT OF STEAM though some diehard internet trolls in their death throes are making a lot of noise!
    The Anti-Lynas movement is fast losing popular support as more and more people start to realise that some of their leaders do not have much of an opinion about their
    It suddenly dawn upon them that they have been made use of as cannon fodder to mas-sage the inflated egos of these political leaders!
    In the 2012 anti-Lynas demonstration it was estimated at least 20,000 people turn up.
    The latest demonstration in Kuantan on 18.08.19 was estimated by Sinar Harian to be only a pathetic 200.
    In fact, a significant proportion of the crowd consisted of members of the press and curious onlookers.

  12. Dr.M: “a small group of people can make use of the alternate media to promote their ideas to the extent that anybody who goes against them gets hammered”. Dr.M was, of course, referring to the anti-Lynas gang - even he is aware of that!

    Environmental issue is indeed nothing but a just BIG bullshit to win votes.

    Why are all the big guns now hiding quietly if Lynas is really that dangerous as what they used to claim?

    Desperate to save face, they now turn to dispatching a group of cheap guys to wayang out there all over the place to mask their embarrassing lies.

    Talking of their so-called “818 anti-Lynas rally”, don’t be taken by the all “assorted” acts of the protesters – like heckling and jeering, demanding someone to resign or something.

    They were actually all part of a preplanned staged show - designed to make it appear like the leaders were being pressured to deliver their election promises or whatever. Everyone present there in fact belonged to just a single friendly group, only that each clown would play out an own different act.

    You just feel that of their believers in those years, 99% have since woken up to the fact that they were actually cheated by these anti-Lynas promoters.

    Cheated not because they fail to shut down Lynas, but cheated by their LIES about its ENVIRONMENTAL issue.

    And all this is coming from someone who was once a staunch supporter who even played an active part in the campaign!

    ♥ One of the rather odd and apparently ridiculous condition imposed on Lynas is that that Lynas will have to end all research and development activities related to the use of the radioactive WLP residue as Condisoil in the field of agriculture.
    You may ask why such a ridiculous condition is imposed. It gives the impression that Malaysia is a country where scientific research is not just discouraged but is a taboo.
    Only Voodoo research and research on 3 headed chickens are allowed, like those seen in a famous anti-Lynas video.
    If condisoil is successful, sooner or later even the brainwashed zombies may grow a couple of brain cells that question the SMSL claim that the WLP is dangerous and going to turn all their descendants into 3 headed chickens.
    Once the population finds out that the WLP superphosphate is not just totally harmless but increase their food yield by more than 30%,
    THEY ARE GOING TO GROW 2 LONG EARS LIKE the cute little animal called the Equus asinus aka the donkey or the ass!
    And it would be an existential political suicidal risk to all those who has benefitted from this Lynas political charade.
    So the next best to sending overseas the incriminating evidence that the WLP residue is nothing more than just a superphosphate fertiliser, is to bury it in a Permanent Disposal Facility and this will still hide the incriminating evidence !
    Condisoil which is made from the WLP has been in August 2017 confirmed by SIRIM as
    NON-CARCINOGENIC, NON-RADIOACTIVE, NON-HAZARDOUS AND NON-TOXIC and does not show significant health impact on people or risk to the environment.
    Although it is non-toxic, non-radioactive, non-hazardous and environmentally friendly,
    IT IS UNFORTUNATELY POLITICALLY HIGHLY TOXIC AND IS HAZARDOUS TO THE POLITICAL HALF-LIFE of SOME PEOPLE and as such must be banished from Malaysia or at least buried for good in a lonely PDF.