Thursday 22 August 2019

Lonesome midnight

Fell asleep early.

Was very tired when I reached home from work.

Woke up just after midnight.

Dreamt of my beloved again.

Happy dream.

Hate it when I woke up and realised it's just a dream.

Never mind.

Can't go back to sleep till now.

Been watching Liziqi's videos again.

I like this one very much,

Another favourite is the one where she harvested bamboo shoots and cooked them.

Next time maybe I'll put it here too.

Sorry, no politics.

I just feel like writing these at the moment.

Okay, I'll say my prayers for my beloved in a short while.

Also my

Prayers for Hong Kong

May they be alright.

Then I'll try to sleep again.



  1. Take care Sis...stay healthy be happy.

  2. Have some sangobion daily, Anne. No cure for the broken heart but at least some sustenance for the rest.

    On the other hand, half a day with me and you will be cured completely and permanently.

    1. Y only half a day? Y not 24/7 & 365 days plus whole life...🤔

    2. Wanted to say that....but publicly shy. Thanks for saying on behalf.

  3. Why would you pray for your beloved when he broke your heart. Not worth it. I know it took me years to get over it myself. Time heals all wounds. Take care.

  4. hv a nice day...

  5. Aisay Annie...not praying for your beloved country? Watla u!

  6. Cik Ani ni baik la orang nya. Bangun tengah malam solat dan do'a memang amalan orang yang soleh..Ameen..

  7. Cik Annie

    Dont be sad... move on.

    7+ billion dlm dunia, masih ramai yg lebih baik. Yg penting u stay healthy happy dan ceria sll, in sha Allah jodoh tak akan kmana2.

    Professor Nasi Lemak

    1. if my boyfriend left me… i literally had to browbeat n guilt him for conning me. n prayed for his worth as he who brought tat out. to me….i deserved no tear after showing luv n affection to him. tat bastard had t ve it.