Tuesday 6 August 2019

Dr Mahathir's unbeaten opponents (updated)

UPDATES at 11:34 Aug 7

Someone pointed this story to me just now

Chinese educationist groups 

okay with khat implementation

and said, "Hey, Dr Mahathir wins la."

Then I told him to read the whole story till the end and pay particular attention to these paragraphs,


At a meeting yesterday, the groups had signed a statement calling for the deferment of the decision to introduce khat in the Year 4 Bahasa Melayu syllabus in vernacular schools next year.
They had said it did not help Chinese and Tamil primary school students to increase their standard of Malay and that changes to the existing school syllabus should only be done by meeting the needs of each school stream.
It's as good as saying no to the whole thing, or at the very least, a strategic retreat.

They will continue to call for the deferment until the government gives up or until Dr Mahathir is no longer around.

There is no way the Chinese educationists will ever back down. That has been their stance for half a century.

If Dr Mahathir really forces them, they will campaign against Pakatan in the next general election. Pakatan can't survive if the Chinese votes are split even for a bit.

As for the FMT headline, it was just to accommodate the DAP and in a way to give face to Dr Mahathir.

It's too embarrassing if they were seen as failing to subdue the Chinese educationists AGAIN.


I'm really against forcing anyone doing things which were not really necessary.

That's why I'm against forcing students learning "khat" in school.

I really meant it when I said I'm

In support of Dong Zong and Jiao Zong 

over the matter.

I think it's a stupid and an unnecessary move by the Education Ministry.

Why can't they use the resources for the "khat" classes to actually really improve students' knowledge of the national language?

Maybe it's for Pakatan to win over the Malays, but that's political and why do they have to burden the students for it like that?

Anyway, I think it's going to backfire on them.

If we look back at the history of Dr Mahathir's career, the only group of opponents that he failed to subdue were the Chinese educationists.

He always came out worse after a fight with them.

Operation Lalang

for instance is a black mark of Dr Mahathir's first administration.

Its main trigger was this,

excerpts :

The immediate cause, however, was the Ministry of Education's decision to appoint some 100 senior assistants and supervisors to Chinese-medium primary schools.[8] Concerns were raised by Chinese politicians and organizations that those appointed were Chinese who were not Chinese-educated, implying that students and parents might be forced to use English or Malay to communicate with the school personnel. Chinese educationalist groups contended that the move would limit the usage of Chinese in these schools.
On 11 October 1987, a 2,000-strong gathering was held by the United Chinese School Committees Association of Malaysia (UCSCAM, the association of Chinese school teachers and trustees, also known as Dong Jiao Zong) at the Hainanese Association Building beside the Thean Hou Temple in Kuala Lumpur. It was joined by prominent politicians from Chinese-based parties such as MCA's Deputy President and Labour Minister Lee Kim Sai, the leader of Democratic Action Party (DAP) Lim Kit Siang, as well as representatives from GERAKAN and other parties. The meeting resolved to call a three-day boycott in Chinese schools if the government did not settle the appointments issue.[8] The boycott was called off at the eleventh hour to allow time for the government to resolve the issue, nevertheless 57 schools went ahead with the strike on 15 October, either because they did not receive the notice of postponement, or they disagreed with the decision.[9]

After that, Dr Mahathir attempted to introduce the Sekolah Wawasan concept which was to integrate Chinese schools into the mainstream. It was also thwarted by the Chinese educationists.

Then there's also the Suqiu memorandum controversy in 1999. At that time it was said that Dr Mahathir accepted the pledge of support from Chinese community leaders - many of whom were Chinese educationists - for the general election that year. In return, he was to fulfil their wishes should BN wins. BN did not even manage to win 40 per cent of Malay votes due to the Anwar's Reformasi movement at that time but was saved by the Chinese votes. Dr Mahathir however denied having promised anything to the Suqiu leaders. Just days before the
Lunas by-election
in November 2000, Dr Mahathir made a remark during a press conference in Alor Star likening the Suqiu leaders to communists and extremists. As a result, BN lost the by-election that it should have won after the Chinese voters switched to support the opposition because of the remark he made.

Now Dr Mahathir is having another round of confrontation with the Chinese educationists and I suspect that he may not come out of this one looking any good either.

After all, Pakatan still needs the full support of the Chinese community for the next general election.

No matter how much they hate BN and it's allies, the Chinese community may still prefer them than those who threaten their institutions - the Chinese schools being one of its most cherished.

I think DAP will be hard pressed on this one. We will just have to wait for it to announce its leadership's "collective stand" on the khat issue in the next few days.

DAP is after all not a great defender of Chinese schools, the same as their big brother PAP of Singapore which destroyed the Chinese school system in that republic to quash its opposition within the community.

Whatever it is, this is going to be a headache for them.

As for the BN supporters who have been whacking the Chinese community over this issue.....honestly, I don't understand them.

By right, they should be standing with the Chinese educationists on this one.

The enemy of our enemy is our friend.....something like that.

Well, maybe they were being too wrapped up with the idea of Perpaduan Ummah that they felt the need to whack anything that appears to be against it.

Actually, they should realise that Perpaduan Ummah is not about whacking other races who defended their rights.

It's about getting ourselves united and not about going after others, okay.

By the way, I also don't understand why we need to make everyone become like ourselves.

I never believe in forcing anyone to assimilate, or even integrate for that matter.

Why can't we be our unique selves and still be Malaysians?

Bangsa Malaysia?

Click on this link to my previous post in February 2014 to know what I think of the Bangsa Malaysia concept;


  1. When it comes to education, the Chinese insist they are Chinese and the Indians insist they are Indians. When it comes to the NEP, the Chinese and Indians insist they are Malaysians and not Chinese or Indians. They really need to make up their mind.

    1. Spot on Unknown 01:58.When Mazlee announced 'khat' the whole Malaysian education community erupted like Krakatoa volcano.. When Tun Daim recently announced need based policies againts race based..all quietly 'hangguk2 and senyum senyap2'..so elegant silence. Not even a word commending his statement..
      If that is not chinese chauvinism , I dont know what is.

    2. Khat

  2. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    1. Sorry. No more ultra racist comments allowed in this blog. Thanks.

  3. wow! Dapigs playing BN games rules!!!!
    how to win PRU 15 with "religions!!!! religions!!!
    later at budget 2020 more "gula-gula" from tkong, habis the Najik-Hadee persatuan

    A DAP leader says party secretary-general Lim Guan Eng has warned members against “acting like the opposition”
    “He reminded us that (since) we are now in government, we have to behave like the government and adjust ourselves from years of being in the opposition.

  4. Senyap pulak Mr J, Prof Nasi Lemak., Ronimza..mana semua ya...

    1. Apa la lu ni...low class provocation la. Let annie vet all comments. The prof will be back, just wait for it. You dont need low class provocation. Show some maturity la.

    2. Anon 09:32

      Hai kan Raya Korban dekat ni. Kita org kampung bela lembu, sibuk dgn pesanan2 lembu, kerbau dan kambing ternakan, bzzz....

      Alahai Apek2.. famili kami pun ramai dr SJKC. Kena tenyeh tiap hari, homework siang malam, tak kira cuti pedo hafal dn tulis chinese characters, 1000-2500 characters sampai nanggis2 klo tak siap kena LOTAN!!

      Doksah dok kelentong la Mandarin bukan bahasa ibunda mereka. Bebudak cina masuk sklah cina pun ramai BLUR taktau sebenda. Kat umah pun lamai makayah toknek taktau Mandarin.

      Majoriti bahasa ibunda ciakap cantonese, Hokien, Khek dn lain2 loghat kampung aje.

      Mandarin itu bahasa Kebangsaan PRC. Toknek apak amak Apek2 yg naik tongkang mai sini dulu mana dapat peluang belajaq Mandarin. Mandarin baru aje PRC standadise kat negara mereka sendiri.

      Nah baca and educate yourself jgn asyik dok kena kelentong memanjang;


      Apala sangat huruf2 jawi.. habis banyak pun 37 huruf. Awat la koman kepoh semacam la Apek2 ni semua.

      Professor Nasi Lemak

    3. Cina BANANA pun ramai prof....

    4. Kenapa Anon, rindu aku ke? Aku ni bekerja. Tiada masa nak melangau kat semua blog jawab komen. Lagipun dari pengalaman, ramai manusia ni taksub ikut pemimpin pujaan mereka. Tak kira baik atau buruk pemimpin tu. Macam biri biri ikut gembala walau ke tempat sembelihan. InsyaAllah aku akan terus komen bila ada masa. Soalan: apa sebenarnya Anon lihat dari Malaysia Baru ini? Kata ekonomi bagus tak pula. Makin ranap. Kata Institusi Keadilan makin baik tak pula. Dari putar belit kes Adib ke lapuran forensik kes rogol yg hilang atau tak sampai sampai. Kata harmoni rakyat makin baik tak juga. Lihatlah pergolakan agama dan bangsa. Politik tak payah cerita - makin kusut tiap hari. Ke mana arah Nagara ini agaknya.....selamat berfikir.

    5. Lol!! lLow class...tak matured lagi...hihihihi...sorry la Pakcik. Saya ni baru 18 tahun . Baru nak belajar2 bagi komen politik. Low class pun low class la..yang penting hak mengundi saya sama je dengan Pakcik2 semua...hihihihi..
      Rasa teruja pulak ..soalan 1 ayat dapat jawapan berjela2....terima..kssssehhhh

  5. Dah rahmatan lil aalamiin utk semua tanpa mengira bangsa agama creed race, then according to that guy agaknya probably kena belajo khat n arabic alphabets.

  6. Aisay Annie...you said that the only group that Tun M failed to tame are the Chinese educationists - wrong! He also failed to change the mindset of the Malays ...still depending on hand-outs etc. Now about Perpaduan Ummah...u mentioned that it is not about going after other races...really! Aiyo what then about the opposition to ICERD - they don't mind saying YES to RACISM because they cannot share the same stage with the other races...mana boleh, mereka tu pendatang, kafir, murtad!

    GOOD LET ALL VOTE BN election.

  8. "By the way, I also don't understand why we need to make everyone become like ourselves.

    I never believe in forcing anyone to assimilate, or even integrate for that matter.

    Why can't we be our unique selves and still be Malaysians?"

    After a long while I finally agree with what you say. How I wish we can go back to the 60's & 70's. Didn't know a thing about racism. Didn't know a thing about NEP. Teachers were just teaching. The rot started somewhere in the late 70's when teachers started being political.

  9. I disagree the need to introduce khat as part of BM syllabus.

    Give more study hours to English classes instead.

  10. The thought just crossed my mind as to whether this Khat issue is to divert attention away from the Azmin-Haziq sex issue.

    Both mainstream and alternative news media are full of articles about khat, whilst the Azmin-Haziq sex issue has receded into the background.

    1. Always have hated this rubbish politicking. Too much of it break us all apart. Futher and further everytime. Rafidah is right. If at all we have to make the young learn this Khat, make it elective subject and not as part of Bahasa Malaysia subject in schools.

      Dr.Mahathir too has to be sensible.

      Yes, Khat may not have many practitioner today as it was. But Khat remains a part of the Malay art and culture. So the dissenting group must not be blind and say something so ignorant. This is not in any way helping the situation.

  11. Try to go a live in uk or usa or any western countires without assimilation. Try to talk your own mother languages.
    You dont have to go far. Try go to thailand, indonesia phlippine or Burma. To integrate you have to assimilate. If i have to to live in Isreal, i will learn hebrew.

  12. Anonymous 7 August 2019 at 15:45
    "I never believe in forcing anyone to assimilate or integrate for that matter."

    Definitely agreed with you on this one. I have never agree that in 1957 they forced immigrants to become citizens of Federation of Malaya, then forcing them to comply with the constitution of the Federation. Which means forcing them to be conversant with the Malay language, etc etc ..

    1. No one "forced immigrants to become citizens of Fed of Malaya" in 1957 la. They were free to return to wherever they came from, just like during amnesty periods for the illegal immigrants today. But your forefathers didn't.

      I wonder why...(not)

  13. Anonymous 7 August 2019 at 17:56
    You were probably not even born then. So don't be rude. Have the balls to say what you mean to say. Biadap, takde sopan langsung! There I do speak Malay, because its our National Language. I for one believe, one has to know the language of our own country. No matter how much you wish we non get out of this country, its not going to happen. This is the land we were born in and here is where we are going to stay. So live with it.

    1. Bagus cina ni. Dia sedar diri. Bahasa Malaysia is the National language. Dont call yourselves Malaysian if you dont speak it.

    2. Sorry, I was already born then. How do you know that I am a Malay. Being biadap now is a new culture in this new Malaysia. Kenapa dah mula terasa ke?

      I only disagree if they forced immigrants or illegal immigrants to become citizens of this country irrespective of which country they are from including Bangladesh. Did I mention Chinese or Indian immigrants?

      I have met many Indians and Chinese who are loyal to this country and blended well with the local community. They are not forced to be citizens of this country, and that means complying with the laws of this country without any hesitation.

      Welcome to the New Malaysia where people like me from the older generation who were brought up being polite are no longer hesitate to show their new found arrogance.

  14. Tun M is steadfast in teaching maths and science in English. Ask yourself why would Tun M wants to bulldoze teaching of'khat' writing in primary schools so abruptly when teaching of maths n science in English have now become secondary? I reckon the answer will emerge when Umno/Pas release to the public documents pertaining to education reforms in their union manifesto.

    1. Umno/Pas reunion sesama pakat2 communicate in Jawi, hmm dengaq2 Utusan pun may print jawi versions.. chat2 in Arabic... tu yg PH tetiba kalut nak introduce khat kut?? Kekekeke

      As a parent agak kesian juga esp yg Mandarin educated. Depa nak hafal 2500-4000 chinese characters bukan senang ooooi tidoq tak lena (homework bertimbun2 365days). Tambah BM and BI now khat.. bole melelong otak last2 dpt quality macam Guan Eng, Teresa Kok, AG, bela anak2manusia anak2 bulu as our future leaders.. hancur negara!

      Those fm 1970s SJKC skrg dok garu kepala. Suratkabar skrg guna shortcut2 characters, generation tu skrg kena belek lama juga nak faham baca today's suratkabar Cina.

      Apapun nasib kau olang la. Malay Muslims byk doing business dgn dunia Arab n our kids is earning a very good income workg there so jawi/bahasa Arab is an huge advantage..

      Professor Nasi Lemak

    2. "Malay Muslims byk doing business dgn dunia Arab n our kids is earning a very good income workg there so jawi/bahasa Arab is an huge advantage.. "

      Apa benda yang... 'our kids byk doing bisness dgn dunia Arab'?
      Jual kurma, air zam-zam & kencing unta ka?

      Saya rasa... lebih baik kita berwaspada apabila 'doing business' dengan Pak Arab ni. Takut jadi macam Najib...pernah kena tipu. Hang dah lupa ka... US$5.8 Billion, 1MDB buat dengan IPIC?


      Selain itu... sejak 2015, Arab Saudi, dengan bantuan Kapir-Amerika telah menyerang Negara Arab paling miskin didunia, Yemen.
      Menyebar fahaman Wahhabi... tak payah cakap la.

      Yang peliknya, Najib boleh pula sertai 'Pakatan Negara-Negara Islam menentang kegaganasan' yang ditubuhkan Arab Saudi.
      Takkan Najib dan Zahid tidak sedar... bahawa 'kegaganasan'bagi Kingdom Saud adalah Puak Syiah.
      Maka jelas... apabila Malaysia menyertai 'Pakatan Ketenteraan' ini, secara tidak langsung, kita telah membantu menyemarakkan lagi permusuhan sesama-Islam.

      Memburukkan lagi keadaan, Najib beri atau hadiah sekeping tanah untuk Arab Saudi bina 'Pusat Keamanan Antarabangsa King Salman' di Putrajaya.

      Professor Nasi Lemak tak tahu ka... bahawa Kingdom Arab Saudi, demi kelangsungan tahta mereka telah berbaik-baik dengan Zionist Israel. Mereka juga dalam proses jadi Negara liberal... ada kelab-joget dan pusat berjudi.
      Yang paling pelik... Amerika telah lama mempunyai Pengkalan Tentera di Arab Saudi & Qatar. Dari situ lah, Amerika mennyerang Iraq & Libya, untuk membunuh Saddam & Gadaffi dan bermulanya permusuhan Sunni-Syiah secara besar-besaran, selepas insiden 911. (Sept. 11, 2001)

      Yang paling untung adalah Negara-Negara Pengeluar Senjata, semuanya Negara-Kapir. Kedua-dua puak... Sunni & Syiah berlumba-lumba beli senjata dari Negara Kapir demi berbunuhan sesama-sendiri. Inilah strategi Zionist untuk melemahkan lagi Umat-Islam.

      Oh... lupa pulak, Professor.

      Bila bercakap mengenai businees dengan orang Arab ni... apa yang mereka boleh cipta untuk membantu & memudahkan kehidupan manusia?

      Cuba hang lihat di sekeliling... didalam dan diluar rumah kita... dari iPhone, komputer, game Dota yang menjadi kegilaan anak-anak Melayu, kereta-mewah, motosikal yang banyak menyebabkan remaja-Melayu mati atau cacat seumur-hidup, mesin-basuh, sterika, hair-dryer... sehinggalah microphone & loud-speaker yang kita gunakan untuk laung Azan lima kali sehari... semuanya bukan ciptaan & buatan Pak Arab.

      Jadi... bila Prof. kata "Malay Muslims byk doing business dgn dunia Arab"... saya jadi pelik, kemudiannya cemas.
      Takut jika... 'business' yang Prof katakan itu berunsur 'Agama'. Contohnya, Arab Saudi derma RM2.6 Billion untuk bina Masjid atau Pusat Tahfiz ka apa?
      Lama-lama nanti, kita pun jadi macam Pak Arab... berpecah-belah dan asyik berbunuhan sesama-sendiri.

      Namun... jika dengan mempelajari jawi/bahasa Arab dapat membantu Melayu mencipta gadget atau peralatan bantu atau mudahkan kehidupan manusia, (seperti saya senaraikan diatas) saya akan sokong 1001% cadangan belajar jawi/khat ini.

    3. Hello RD

      Hang dok cakap sorang depan cermin ke? Kesian pula kat hang. Hello anak2 kita kerja gaji in USD tau. Dah plak sikalang 1USD=RGT4.20 .. nah tiap bulan macam duit jatuh dari langit.

      Macam ni. Klo hang sekadar ade setipiket macam Mat Sabu mungkin pi sana setakat bole dapat kejo sbgai buruh cuci2 "air kencing unta" la.

      Kamu ni macam jeles aje dgn PakArab?


      Professor Nasi Lemak

  15. anon 2146
    chill out sir…. dun feel bad about anon stranger in d net. there r more killing remarks in d land. n someone at d helm just smirking them good. then more people start patronising their own superiority…d human trait of exclusion d others. promote it more... our allelic gene ‘ll not shy for d action. wat if we spotted it as good reaction? hahahaa...i dun like d feeling!

  16. hmmm actually where do the "mecca-an" get theirs alphabets???
    heard before know writting is all based on memorization.
    the chinese radicals not their own!!

    1. Hmmmm 20:58


      Bole melelong otak just to learn how to read and write. Tu pasai bebudak SJKC kalut semacam. Parents macam driver taxi dok antaq tuisyen lepaih sklh 7days a week!! 4 olang anak kena belanja satu bulan belibu2 linggit. Lepaih tu komplain negala mayak miskin tatak wang!!

      Klo kat KL penuh pusat2 tiusyen!!!!!!!!! Haiyaaa

      Professor Nasi Lemak

    2. Good for you to be inquisitive. I suggests you read the Koran with tranlations of your choice. Maybe you will get all the answers in due time.

      Please do not make any judgements based on hearsays.

      Good luck.

  17. hiya! poop nasik lembik, with today eletronics devices, a cina only need to know "zero" chararters to undertsand mandarin.with simpified system only need know "40 basics radicals" to know write read 75% of daily mandarin.
    free check out is malay or bahasa indo included


    1. Anon 03:36

      Good good.. moga anak2 u dan parents SJKC lain tak lagi kena kalut mengelabah 24/7, 365days dok kena tenyeh abiskn homework, pi mai pi mai tiusyen memanjang.

      Early education is very2 important. Kalo dok paksa anak2 menghafal memanjang besaq nanti jadi parrot aje tau. Payah..

      Nanti dengaq boss kata kleptokerasi, RM2.6b, hutang Trillion, pelompak, penyamun, hali2 asyik mimmic aje apa boss ciakap. Otak dh takleh guna utk fikir sendiri.

      Professor Nasi Lemak

  18. Prof....

    Hampir kesemua cerdik-pandai Islam zaman-silam seperti Al-Tusi & Al-Khwarizmi... berasal dari Persia, hari ini dikenali sebagai Iran. Malah Imam Bukhari pun berasal dari Persia.

    Ketika itu, belum lagi muncul fahaman Sunni atau Syiah.

    Apa yang pasti, 'ilmu' cerdik-pandai Islam ketika itu, semuanya dituduh bidaah (pada zaman ini liberal la kot?) oleh para 'Orang Agama' yang 'rapat' dengan pemerintah/Khalifah/Istana.
    Buku mereka dibakar... dipulau, kemudian dihalau, menyebabkan mereka lari ke Negara Kapir.

    Akibatnya hari ini, Umat Islam jadi masyarakat-pengguna dan hanya boleh berbangga bahawa Sains & Mathematic dipelopori oleh 'Islam' Persia... baca Syiah Iran.

    Oleh itu.... dalam peperangan Arab Saudi/US/Barat, menentang pengaruh Iran di Asia Barat... orang-Melayu sepatutnya menyokong Iran/China/Russia.

    Harap Maklum.