Thursday 29 August 2019

Extra patriotism of Malaysia Baru

It's that time of the year again when people are supposed to be extra patriotic.

It's Merdeka celebration time.

Are you all feeling extra patriotic now or not?

Me, honestly, not so.

Just feeling normal only.

I don't feel the urge to put little Jalur Gemilang on my car.


Don't bluff okay.

I don't see cars with little Jalur Gemilang on the streets here in KL.

I know, I know, you all going to say being patriotic doesn't mean one has to put up little Jalur Gemilang on the car.

Well, if like that, I also can say I'm feeling patriotic.

Just that, I'm not good at lying.

After all, I'm talking about that extra patriotic feeling, not the normal one.

I just don't feel it even at this Merdeka celebration time.

What's there to feel extra patriotic after all?

Seriously, I can't see any.

Just normal only.

So, normal patriotism only lah.

Like if there's a football match and the national team is playing, I will of course support it.

But not to the point of going through the trouble of going to the stadium.

I don't like crowded places after all, okay.

Maybe just watch the match on TV and cheer when the Malaysia team wins.

Lose also never mind. So used to it anyway.

That's patriotic enough, I guess.

Yup, that's as patriotic as I get at the moment.

Seriously, you all tell me lah what's happening with Malaysia that I should feel extra patriotic for this Merdeka celebrations.

Malaysia's economy better? I don't think so.

Malaysia's politics better? I don't think so.

Malaysia's race relations better? I don't think so.


Football also, I think many of you all support Man U and Liverpool more fanatically than the Malaysian team. Correct?

Don't lie, okay. Be honest.


  1. Tellme anything better under PH..Saya pun dah hilang mood nak celebrate Hari Lahirnya Malaysia sebab Malaysia nampak pusing blakang semenjak PH ambil alih. Tak sabar menunggu to kick PH back to become opposition

  2. Aisay Annie...regarding this post _ I agree with you 100%. The country is in bad shape. The racial & religious talk is terrifying and I forsee a Taliban-type country in the very near future. Sadly the guardians of religion in every state are keeping a deadly & deafening silence.

  3. "I forsee a Taliban-type country in the very near future."

    Likewise, I foresee a communist-type country coming in should D4P dominated government in power.

    Remember what Tan Sri Rahim Noor said in a TV3 program recently should PKM won during the emergency days!

  4. The older the country celebrate its birthday I observed rakyat semakin in sorry state...habis kan duit rakyat saja. Takraw pun boleh kalah dengan Korea...hahahaha. Badminton??? Harap Pakcik Chong Wei sorang mati la dia...
    Industrialisation....Vietnam is catching up with us.
    Worst of all our current Cabinet members... seem lost. Semua syok policy direction..rakyat dah lama bersabar... pity Old Man Tun M...

  5. Malaysia economy always loosing since last year....

  6. Cik Annie

    "Mim ra dal ya kaf alif"

    You risik mana datang asalnya perkataan ini dan symbol bagi tiap2 huruf ini.

    Dari situ semangat patriotisma Cik Annie tak akan hilang untuk selama2nya.

    Haiyaaa 31 Ogos 1957 berapa sangat raykat Persekutuan Tanah Melayu berjuang demi wang dan ringgit?

    Professor Nasi Lemak

  7. Hujan emas di negeri orang...
    Hujan batu di Tanah Melayu..
    Baik lagi di Tanah Melayu!

    Tanah tumpah Nya darah Ku
    di kereta saya, Jalur Gemilang berkibar megah 24/7 365 days...

    Sayangi Malaysiaku!

  8. Old man should hand over to young man laa

  9. Tun M should rest , just hand over to Anwar , try him , perhaps more energy .


  10. Itu "patriotic" apa macam maa aa ?.

  11. 1USD = RM4.20 ++ and increasing .... alamak!