Friday 23 August 2019

Guys, we may not have much money for next year (updated)

UPDATES at 22:25 Aug 23 2019

They have this today

Hundreds gather at Brickfields 

for rally over khat

These are a bunch of really stupid people.

The type of racists who call others racists.

And they are planning more


Tomorrow's rally is expected to be larger and will address issues such as the unilateral conversion of non-Muslim minors to Islam, the ongoing presence in Malaysia of controversial preacher Zakir Naik, the distribution and alleged misappropriation of funds allocated to the Malaysian Indian Transformation Unit (Mitra), the issue of statelessness and citizenship in the Indian community  as well to continue the khat lessons protest.

What to do....

As if we don't have enough trouble in this era of Malaysia Baru.


Well, guys, while most of us are currently so concerned about all those nonsense such as politicians implicated with rape, gay sex, khat lesson in schools, inverted Jalur gemilang etc, I received this message yesterday from a foreigner friend with business interests in this country,

I'm not sharing my answer to my friend here because I don't want to be accused of spinning.

You all be the judge of this yourselves.

It's scary okay.

My friend asked those questions based on this story by The Edge in October last year which I'm publishing here in full,

Govt to cut development expenditure by 15% to RM220b under 11MP

KUALA LUMPUR (Oct 18): The development expenditure ceiling will be cut by RM40 billion or 15% to RM220 billion from the original allocation of RM260 billion under the 11th Malaysia Plan (2016-2020), as part of plans to consolidate the country's fiscal position.
This is necessary, taking into account lower government revenue, no thanks to volatile global crude oil prices during the review period and the abolishment of the goods and services tax in September this year.
"Public investment will focus on strengthening public infrastructure and developing economic enablers," said the Mid-Term Review of the 11th Malaysia Plan (2016-2020) released today.
The review said the focus will be given priority to the people-centric projects. With that, over 4,000 ongoing projects will still be continued across the nation including the building of affordable houses, schools, hospitals and roads.
During the review period, only RM92 billion was allocated for development expenditure, lower than the original target in both nominal and real terms.
Moreover, the disbursement recorded a shortfall, where 94.4% of total allocation or RM86.9 billion was expended. This shortfall was mainly due to delays in securing land and finalisation of project design despite initiatives to further improve the project management process.
These initiatives include the introduction of a cost-benefit index for project selection and the continuation of compulsory value management process for projects valued above RM50 million.  
According to the review, development expenditure continued to be financed mainly through debt as current account balance was insufficient.
Although the level of federal government debt rose with the continuous fiscal deficit, debt as a percentage to nominal gross domestic product reduced from 54.5% in 2015 to 50.8% in 2017.
However, this level of debt excluded contingent liabilities as well as future commitment of payments for projects carried out through public-private partnerships. 


  1. annie you shud work feverishly like RPK to spin to topple PH govt hidupkan Barua Nasional kakakaka

    1. Harapan goverment becomes no hope anymore. You want to see how bad the economy is? Whoever using company petronas fuel card now can no longer collect mesra points anymore. Even a penny reward also they want to cut! No hope.

  2. Lucky that Kleptocracy had been chucked into the longkang, GE14. If not, things would certainly be worst. Although damage had been done, at least we could recover some monies stolen from the Rakyat, from abroad.

    1. Still living in the Matrix created by PH spinning? Please take the red pill. Seriously the country is going down fast. Last check total debt came up by 120 billion. On top of the 80 billion Petronas reserves taken and wholesale auction of Khazanah assets. Plus cut in public benefits. Ringgit and stock market dived. This is better that BN??
      Politics and economy in a huge mess and country has no direction.
      Take the red pill and welcome to the real world.

    2. Ayama apa RD

      Same old story la kamu. Kelaptokerasi dah basi. Sekarang dah Ineptocracy.

      1.5yrs probation too long ayoyo, elok you tolong Guan Eng la. Katakaloo silap kira2 terbulu-bulu bentang budget bukan sja raykat tapi satu dunia worang tergelak payah tau..

      Professor Nasi Lemak

    3. Please note that the 'Ringgit and stock market dived' began during Kleptocracy's rule. At that time, Thai Baht was doing better at 100Baht = RM7.
      Please note that corruption perception index plays a huge factor in weighing down the Ringgit and its takes a looong time to regain the trust of worlds' business community... especially when you bragged yourself as 'Islamic' Nation... being branded a kleptocracy or rule by thieves, 1.5 years ago.

      Just imagine what the situation would be like if Kleptocracy is still in power with a worsening global economic slowdown, mostly due to uncertainty over US' trade war with China, Brexit, tension in the Straits of Hormuz and most recently, the revived US-Russia arms race.

      And... unfortunately, that Zakir Naik fella was also a 'legacy' of Kleptocracy.
      Just like BR1M, its cast in stone... no way to revoke or undo what's been decided without provoking and infuriating the Malays who hold sway on politics in the Peninsular.

    4. RD, apalah you meracau ni bro? Post May 9 2018 everything going downhill. It is not difficult to figure out. PH never had any economic policies. Just bunch of impossible 'promises' based on popular issues. PH never had any political unity. Just a marriage of convinience to beat BN. Is it a surprise that PH has no economic and political direction now? Is it a surprise that investors are fleeing? PH is just about political factions trying to make the best of it for themselves. Nothing really for rakyat.
      Seriously man are you still in denial? What will it take for you to wake up??

    5. "Post May 9 2018 everything going downhill."

      You're correct. Almost all country... such as Turkey, Venezuela, Greece, Italy, Spain are facing economic hardship and depreciating currencies.

      "PH never had any economic policies."
      What kind of 'economic policies' are talking about?
      From rubber and Oil palm... switch to ketum and medical marijuana cultivation?

      "PH never had any political unity. Just a marriage of convinience to beat BN."

      You're correct again.
      Beating Kleptocracy to pulps was all that matters... to safe Bangsa, Agama & Negara from humiliation of becoming the most corrupt Islamic country in the world.

      "What will it take for you to wake up??"

      I already woke-up when Najib solicited dubious middlemen in government dealings... Razak Baginda, Deepak Carpet and the last straw that broke my back, was Jho Low.

  3. 99% of development expenditure is for the benefit of the master race.

    So cut it. I don't care.

    1. PH is full of Sh*t.. thats why.. minister & supporter both garbage.. TIN KOSONG.. actually no need to listen to PH anymore, they just talk, talk.. talk.. then secretly rompak raykat money..

  4. ".
    This is necessary, taking into account lower government revenue, no thanks to volatile global crude oil prices during the review period and the abolishment of the goods and services tax in September this year."

    It was due to abolition of GST.Stupid.

  5. no money no undi pakatan, it will be that simple


  6. PH telok kita undi Balisan maa aa !, apa atak susah , senang lea aa.

  7. Bloody LGE...dumb arse...dia ingat dia malaikat ka.....haramm jadahhhh....mulut bau taikkkk

  8. By the time GE15 comes around, our economy could well be deep in the dumps, whoever wins.

  9. These crows are getting on my last nerves.

    1. if the "crows" were not brought in by the britishs
      prorbably you will be labelled "siamang, moyet, berok" by your more unnerving big brothers neighbours the indons

    2. The Colonialist British brought-in the hard-working immigrant 'crows' on temporarily basis to work in tin mines and rubber plantation. Hence vernacular schools were set-up, in preparation for their apt return to their motherland when the time comes.

      However, many refused to return after discovering that living as immigrant was better than returning to their famine stricken motherland.

      Even before independence 1957, there were hard-line Malay groups who preferred Malaysia be part of 'Indonesia Raya'. These are people who support Indonesia during Malaysia-Indonesia confrontation, 1963 ~ 1965.

      Therefore, all of us... including descendants of immigrants... would be "siamang, moyet, berok" with Indonesian's name, without the help of British, Australia and New Zealand, fighting off invading Indonesian forces during the confrontation.

      Of-course... as part of Republic Indonesia, there will be no Chinese or Indian schools.

      As a matter of fact, it was the 'fear of being annexed' by either Philippine or Indonesia, that people of Sabah & Sarawak agreed in the referendum in 1963, to join the Federation of Malaysia and under British 'protection'.

  10. so when non-malays gather for their rights it racists, when malay do it for "mepertahakan muaruah bangsa dan agama".

  11. We need a trillion dollar trigger generating economy..

  12. Tau tk pada tahun 2009 bila senai airport diswastakan kwn saya di spura berkata mantan perdana menteri lee kuan yew telah menyelar kjaan semasa spura supaya tidak terlepas pandang pengswastaan ini spt mereka terlepas pandang pembinaan pelabuhan tanjung pelepas