Sunday 25 August 2019

Syed Mokhtar to end MAHB's near monopoly?

I read with great interest this latest posting by Datuk Kadir Jasin, who is the Prime Minister's media adviser

Holding MAHB Responsible for KLIA System Failure 

I totally agree with him.

MAHB must answer for that terrible mess at KLIA.

It's after all not the first time and KLIA was not the first airport under its care to suffer system failure.

Just recently I complained about this matter.

These are previous posts of mine,

Interestingly, Datuk Kadir in his post mentioned about MAHB's near monopoly of Malaysian airports.


Speaking of rocks, this incident could put MAHB’s monopoly of the country’s airport industry on a rocky road. There are bound to be challenges to its hegemony.

With 39 airports in the country under its belt, MAHB could have been fed (or bitten) more that it could chew.

I don't know about you all but I think these paragraphs could well scare the MAHB people a bit.

And Datuk Kadir also wrote about his pleasant experience at the Johor's Senai Airport, which is the only major airport in Malaysia not managed by MAHB.


I was rather apprehensive when the government privatised Senai International Airport in Johor to MMC Corporation Berhad back in 2009.

I had not used the airport since then but last Saturday I flew in and out of it for a brief visit to Johor Bahru. I must say that my impression of the privatised Senai is positive.

The airport looks more like a shopping mall than a drab brick and mortar airport. Last year it was listed as the fifth busiest after KLIA, Kota Kinabalu, Penang and Kuching. It handled 3.5 million passengers.

For those who don't know yet, Senai airport is managed by Senai Airport Terminal Services Sdn Bhd, which is a subsidiary of MMC Corporation Bhd.

MMC is one of those many huge corporations under the control of Tan Sri Syed Mokhtar AlBukhary.

So, I believe you know where this is going, right?

Will Syed Mokhtar be enrolled to provide a competition for MAHB, which keeps experiencing "system failures" or even to take over the whole thing?

Possible, I think.

After all, Datuk Kadir who hinted this with his posting is very close to Dr Mahathir. 

Syed Mokhtar is also very close to the handsome old man.

So, there should be something going on.

If you ask me, I think if the guy can provide competition to improve things or even do a better job, then why not, right?


  1. Errr then we can see another turn of events like the IPP saga...all the big tycoon going to get one airport ... Cerita sama mcm tnb dgn power outage Masa I kecik2 dahulu

    1. Yes agree. Was thinking the same thing. The massive nationwide blackout in the early 1990s happened just before the IPP privatisation leading to a number of companies making billions. The KLIA massive disruption may similarly act as a "catalyst" to bring in other companies in the airport management industry. Big question - will the rakyat really benefit?

  2. If TS Syed is capable of running it why not.??? It's the nation reputation everyone of us must uphold.

    1. technically a bankrupt : liabilities more than assests by - rm 20,000,000,000

    2. Ya tsm a bit of insolvent, that why his buukding project in kl is hasn't move for a few year. I guess why also utusan staff dont get paid. I thought he substantial holder of utusan.

  3. Toddler dies after mirror falls on her at Jewel Changi.

    Does it mean by your logic, that Changi must also change its management? Has anyone died in klia due to its “substandard” facilities?

    Cakap memang lah senang. Selalu sangat ke sistem down ni? Fix the problem and move on la. Complain saja tau.


    1. Hilup mesti mau manyak complain maa aa, balu atak nampak pandei maa aa.

    2. @14:47,kalau hang punya teksi sistem down, boleh la. Ni kapal terbang bro. Silap2 terhempas sebab lama sgt berlegar nak tunggu landing, pas tu atok nenek hang pulak ada dlm flight tu. then, aku tak rasa hang berani complain kt sini.

    3. Dey Guna thambi, bole saje mendarat di airport lain. Ada ke yang terhempas? Jangan jadi bodo macam lembu. Kita bukan bro atau bra atau bru. Lu sapa? Atok nenek lu mai dari mana? Lu kasta level apa? Tau complain saja,

    4. Day 4 coming to day 5 pun x solved lg. How to move on?

    5. wow what a comment, suddenly liking a person to an animal. must be an educated person..

    6. Its so easy to pick sides and show bias. One who first rant 'atuk nenek' is passed off..but 'bodo macam lembu' is much for being educated.

    7. what's wrong with 'atuk nenek'? Explain please!

    8. Whats wrong with “bodo macam lembu”? Lembu memang bodo. Yang sembah lembu lagi la bodo.

    9. Beef steak memang best! Dah cuba Wagyu? Kalau mampu la :-)

    10. ni bebudak sekulah ni. toksah duk layan sangat kak annie...nyemak je

  4. many SIA pilots from malaysia. even the security guys at changi many from malaysia surely you guys know from which .
    any way fellow seem like some of your race is sick beyond redememption.

  5. Blog Cucu Tok Selampit has dissapeared. Do you know what happend to its blogger Khairul Rizal Annie?

    1. Yes been off for 1 week now..I believe sudah kena much about freedom of media by blardy PH govt...
      Cucu is always first in coming out with things that whacks PH in a very nice and subtle way...guess even Bayya Gobind also kenot tahan censored it once and for all

      All this they do but just look at the shit coming out in Malaysiakini esp in comment section...the people there lambasting like no tomorrow talking about race religion( esp on Islam) and royalty so scandalously ruining the social fabric and no action taken..
      Such hypocricy

  6. Giving management of an airport to a different company does not result in competition, since the old and the new company will have a monopoly over the particular airport.

    It's like those who say that having different operators of the different LRT and monorail lines, like back in the 1990s and early 2000s is good for competition.

    I live in Petaling Jaya, which is served by what was Putra LRT and if I wanted a choice to be seved by Star LRT, I would have to move house to an area served by Star LRT.

    What's needed is tighter regulation by MAVCOM and the Civil Aviation Authority of Malaysia or better still the government set up a wholly-owned government company similar to Prasarana to run all airports and not a listed government-linked company.

  7. Cik Annie

    System failure? Hai macam ada yg tak kena aje ni?

    Haiyaa tak perlu pukul gendang kuat2 sgt ya. Kasi merisik dulu PUNCA failure tu. Nanti jadi macam kes RM2.6b derma Arab.. mana mau solok kemaluan masing2?

    Professor Nasi Lemak

    1. Professori . Cerita RM2.6b derma Arab tu kejap lagi je nak mula. Sabar2 sikit ye. Yang lepas ni baru disebut2 dalam kes SRC tapi tak releven pun.Tunggu mula hari Rabu nanti kite boleh dengar semua cerita luar dalam tentang RM 2.6B tu.Takkan itu pun tak paham.

    2. 19:12....Lahhh ingatkan dah terang lagi suluh, kena explain lagi kah dari awai..ok Mai Aku bagitau

      Mula pompuan hindu Ambank bagitau...duit Tu duit derma

      Habihtu pompuan cina Jeane You pun kompirm duit derma..DIA pun ambank

      Tak cukup dua, lepaih tu Macc melayu roslikah nama dia ..pun bagitau hangpa ni ketegak kah..memang duit derma....

      Muhibbah bro, Hindu, cina , melayu kompirm duit derma, Yang hang ni nak tunggu sapa lagi...jakun nak confirm kali keempat!

      Udah udahlah Tu...Hari ni Aku belajak satu perkataan baru...

      Penipu macam Ah Beng MOf...ITU kata Abang Johari dari Sarawak

    3. 20:08

      Tu pasai raykat termasuk tertuduh MERAYU supaya pembicaraan disiar LIVE depa takmau.

      Takut kemaluan mereka terdedah satu negara dan dunia bole saksi??

      Haiyaaa 19:12.
      Klo kamu dh ade semua bukti2 nape tak volunteer jadi saksi? Kami dan satu dunia pun nak tengok juga tau.

      Nak sorok2 apa ke hal?

      Professor Nasi Lemak

    4. 36. After the 1MDB scandal broke in early July 2015, the accused with his mirror image Jho Low took steps to cover his tracks. Sham documents were produced to pretend a donation from an Arab Prince. Among there were letters and four cheques each for a sum of USD25 million purportedly written out by a person said to be the Arab donor. But these cheques were never meant to be encashed and were never encashed.

      37. The prosecution will also produce evidence to show that the accused took active steps to evade justice. He interfered with the course of investigation of this case which has come to be known as the 1MDB scandal. He took active steps to effect a cover up of his criminal acts. The prosecution will rely on all this evidence to show that the accused had the requisite mens rea when the offences with which he is charged were committed... Except from text of opening statement presented by Chief Procecutor Gopal Sri Ram ...not reports from journalists..nor comments from blogs , nor from kopitiam chats.

  8. Pemandu Gojek mengancam untuk mengadakan demontrasi di Kedutaan Besar Malaysia di Jakarta, bagi membantah terhadap satu dakwaan penghinaan terhadap profesion itu oleh pengasas dan penasihat sebuah syarikat teksi Malaysia.

    kepada semua "perjuang negara" cam ahli PAS, pi pertahan duta di indon dari ancam. jangan jadi hero kat tanah melayu, buli

    1. Anon 22:34

      Gojek Menteri PH yang cadangkan apahal sabitkan PAS pula ni?

      Lu sewel ke?

      Professor Nasi Lemak

    2. BAS kan perjuang negare, bangsa dan agame. Pi lah pertaha duta dari demo indon. tak pun kata BAS gan gojek. cuma bila negare berisiko ancaman demo pak indon gojek pi lah berjuang.
      jadi pandai buli tetamu lama pendatang.
      jangan manyak hutang pencetak bumiputra sampai muflis.

    3. Prof. Nasi Lemak.

      Mungkin... sejarah mengajar kita... bagaimana penyokong PAS boleh dipergunakan untuk meramaikan peserta.
      Contohnya, Demo Bershit & Anti-Lynas dulu. Tanpa penyokong PAS, jangan mimpi mahu 1 juta peserta.
      Maklumlah... julang bendera DAP & baring atas jalan pun mereka sanggup.

      Namun... trend hari ini... selepas Haji Hadi tidak lagi berpelok dengan Kit Siang/Guan Eng... jangan harap nak buat demo yang mendapat sambutan yang meriah seperti dulu.

      Sebab itu... hari ini, jika UMNO & PAS nak buat demo, depa 'terpaksa' pilih hari Jumaat... lepas waktu Solat Jumaat... untuk ambil kesempatan atas Umat-Islam yang
      kebetulan berkumpul beramai-ramai di 'Rumah Ibadat'.

      Yang sedihnya, Agama Islam akan dipandang-serong oleh orang Kapir, lebih-lebih lagi, majikan yang mengaji ramai Melayu-Islam.
      Dalam fikiran mereka...

      'Aiit... orang-Melayu, lepas diberi kelepasan-panjang rehat-tengahari untuk Solat Jumaat... terus pergi demo dan tak balik ketempat kerja'???

  9. Yes, dear Annie, Senai Airport is so much better than it was last time and I dare say better than Pg and Subang airport. So refreshing when I landed there and pickup by Grab was so orderly, you do not see cars double-parked waiting for passengers.

    MAHB is run by a bunch of cronies, even the last CEO, Datuk Badlisham was Najib's cousin, he resigned when PH took over..takut apa?

    Hopefully TS Syed Mokhtar, another Tun's crony will do a better job as he has better qualified people under him and not abang adik sekampung like most GLCs.