Wednesday 24 April 2019

Truth will prevail, one way or another

This is an interesting development of the Adib inquest,

Pakar forensik saksi inkues Adib buat 

laporan polis dakwa diugut saksi lain


Dalam satu laporan polis yang dilihat MalaysiaGazette, salah seorang pakar forensik mendakwa seorang lagi saksi pakar telah cuba meyakinkannya serta seorang lagi saksi lain untuk menandatangani surat persetujuan bahawa kecederaan di dada kanan dan di lengan atas, sebelah kanan Adib, berpunca daripada pintu kiri kenderaan EMRS.
“Saya membuat laporan ini kerana beliau telah cuba pujuk dan yakinkan saya dan Dr XX, di luar prosiding mahkamah, untuk bersetuju mengesahkan kecederaan di dada kanan dan lengan atas kanan berpunca dari pintu kiri kenderaan EMRS.
“Selain itu saya merasa tidak berpuas hati dengan kata-kata beliau “jika tidak bersetuju either you going down or i’m going down…,” menurut laporan terbabit.
Since this had been confirmed by police, I think it's really bad.

The three forensic experts called up at the inquest are Dr Ahmad Hafizam Hasmi, Datuk Dr Md Shah Mahmood and Prof Shahrom Wahid.

What did they say at the inquest?

Prof Shahrom -

Fireman semi-conscious when pulled from EMRS van

Dr Md Shah -

 Adib’s injuries highly unusual

Dr Ahmad Hafizam -

Adib was not pulled out of van

Based on what they said at the inquest, I think I know who are the two who made the police reports and who is the one allegedly had threatened those two.

This reminds me of this story;

Nurse apologises for FB post

Siti Syafika Amira had in her FB account under the name “Cik Miera” posted her opinion that the fireman's death was not caused by an accident but was due to assault. However the comment was subsequently deleted.

The nurse, who was the 25th witness to testify, also apologised to the doctor who she had referred to in the comment.

I wonder whether she was pressured to retract her posting and apologise, just like those two experts who lodged their police reports. I tend to believe that she was pressured, This is the story before the nurse did so,

Injuries not from assault, reiterates forensics expert

I have actually given up on the inquest to deliver justice for Adib and his loved ones after those earlier nonsense.

I still don't expect anything from it even after the police reports by the experts. For me, that was just a way by Allah to show us what truly happened despite all the lies and manipulations to make us believe otherwise.

As I posted previously, now I just pray that

Allah will give justice to Adib and his loved ones

Really, nowadays I just hope for Allah's justice.

I feel no anger anymore over what happened to Adib as I have accepted it as being fated.

Now the most that I feel over the whole thing is contempt for those who caused his death and people who tried to cook up excuses for what they did to Adib.


  1. who killed altantuya + who killed adib both no justice sigh

  2. Tu pasai beribu2 signed petition even Najib requested for his trial to be telecast "LIVE" depa tak setuju.

    Siap nak charge siPolan who uploaded closed circuit television (CCTV) footage of proceedings of the Najib’s graft trial to his Facebook page.

    Haiyaaa. Rakyat dan Dunia nak witness dgn mata telinga sendili talak kasi.. payah nak spin2 ke?

    Malaysia as d world's worst stock market performer pun nak spin2 juga.. Haiyaa semua mau spin2. Kes ni dah mau threaten2 plak dah??

    Slowly slowly.. better like this la. Dok meghapu tak abis2, biaq mrk show their own true colors...

    Hello. Nak bodohkan rakyat tapi hati2 ya.. the world is watching too. He eee geli geleman la hari2.

    Professor Nasi Lemak

  3. dumbo bossku spent so much monies on bAwang nasional trolls but still lost GE14, in hindsight he shud spend all on RBA to stop them whacking BN then perhaps BN can win GE14 :)

    1. Anon 22:26

      Kan lebih elok lagi send all your RBAs merisik bab TELOWONG and keep rakyat and the world updated?? Agak pelik plak kes ni kan?

      Jangam main main. Satni alam marah pasai dok solok2 kes TELOWONG, puting beliung lebih dasyat dr 1st April 2019 pukoi Tanjung kan naya semua?

      Professor Nasi Lemak

  4. Annie, think you got it the other way around?