Saturday 6 April 2019

Racists' tactic

I think they are now getting quite desperate to defeat Mat Hasan in Rantau.

I'm quite sure they are the ones who put up all those racist banners in the hope of making the Indian voters angry and vote against BN.

It's quite obvious that they wanted to paint Mat Hasan as a racist.

This is their usual tactic, calling others racists while in actual fact, they are the ones who are racists of the highest order.

This is Mat Hasan's response,

Yes, they do it all the time.

I got it even here at this blog. You all can read it here;


  1. what do you expect Annie? They (DAP) had been harping on this since 1969 non stop.It is already in their DNA and when they are in power they do it unconsciously without any iota of guilt.I give you some examples .Request for Kampung Baru leasehold land converted to Freehold, roadsign to include Chinese characters, UEC Approval.. Nothing else except Chinese, Chinese, Chinese

    1. I think you need to look at the big picture here . It’s a war of proxies to a certain extent . If you were in either one of the parties . You have to do what you have to do . Both parties are equally as guilty of playing the race / religion card when it suits them . I’m a non Muslim but I don’t pay much attention to politics like everyday news . I have a neutral look on things . It’s how you frame the situation/ story . If you’re gonna keep harping on what DAP did then ure just repeating urself like a broken record . And no I’m not defending DAP . I just look at the big picture . The country itself . How it can be a better place for us all . Remarks like urs sure ain’t gonna help . Seriously ..... does Chinese characters on a signboard really bother you ? Think about it .......

      Unless ure a cybertrooper just trolling every posting everywhere .which every blog comment section is reeking of you fellas....

    2. I dont bother. My disturb me a party tgat always point finger at that party as racist but unconsciously when in power they did the same thing.Dont you think this is political hypocrisy.In front of other rakyat they were preaching equality but in their action , heart and mind it always Chinese, Chinese, Chinese.Look at their selection of commitee members.Were they any Malays were selected.Zilch. If these party are serious in their preaching, they should be the first to show. To be frank, I am skeptical.

    3. Anon 7apr19 @17:54,

      Yes, chinese character on signboards bothers me. This is Malaysia not China.

  2. for one that label others as pendatang, i believe its a high possibility he did the same trick again.

  3. All you fucking monkeys are racist. What's new?

  4. Rantau won't won't change national politics. Only UMNO scum are trying to hype the BE.

  5. Its the work of barisan najis thru and thru!

  6. siapa pukul adib aslo racist tactic, all manufactured by Barua Nasional

  7. Mat Flip Table better win, if not bossku, komedi + telorman knives will come to cut him and btw taliban KJ will be jubilantly dancing wakakaka

  8. Hey Annie,

    Some say UMNO is racist. Some say MCA Racist. Some say DAP racist. Some say Pakatan racist.

    Some say UMNO use MCA. Some say MCA use UMNO. Some say DAP use PKR. Some say DAP use Amanah.

    What is truth? Everyone so confuse.

    What is the definition of Racism.

    The definition of Racism is

    prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism directed against someone of a different race based on the belief that one's own race is superior

    Another definition is

    the belief that all members of each race possess characteristics, abilities, or qualities specific to that race, especially so as to distinguish it as inferior or superior to another race or races.

    That is the definition of Racism.

    So which one is Racist.?

    We have to follow to definition first and only then we say who is racist.

    If possible if scientist can invent one gadget to measure Racism. Something like a metal detector but can measure how racist some is.

    Nowadays, nothing is impossible. 5G technology is coming and some say will change the world. Internet speed can go up to 10Gbps to smartphone.

  9. Will there be A BANK RUN at Tabung Haji.....??????
    Sorry Annie I OT. Tak minat nak borak issu racis. When u talk about this every day, it becomes topik basi. Melayu, Cina, India....ulang-ulang, ulang.
    Let's talk about BANK RUN AT TH. The machais semua bersorak nak keluarkan duit masing-masing. Masuklah blog-blog pro umno like cucu tok selampit. Semua mengamuk, kata kerajaan Harapan songlap duit TH. I am clapping my hands. Keluarkan!Keluarkan!!.... hahaha. Kan bagus kalau macai and
    walaon semua keluarkan duit masing-masing. Dapatlah orang yg benar-benar nak menunaikan Haji on the waiting list pergi. Keluarkahlah duit kamu semua sebab dividen cuma 1.25. Simpan kat bank Islam or derma to TIN MILO. Hehehe

    1. On this I agree with u cik minah. Tbg haji dah menyimpang dari tujuan asal. Its primary mission is NOT investment. There is something wrong when ppl keep hundreds of thousand or millions in tbg haji. Tbg haji should put a cap on max amount that can be deposited in one acct.

    2. Hi Cik Minah sayang, Orang kalau dah simpan juta juta dalam TH , mereka ni adalah investor. Kalau invest tapi dapat hasil ciput, eloklah keluarkan cari instrumen pelaburan yang boleh bagi ROI yang lebih tinggi.Pasal waiting list, orang kaya macam ni tak kesah pun, Beli pakej Haji 200K, dia orang boleh jump q.

      Tok Rimau

    3. Duit money loundering kalau simpan berjuta. Jenis ni tak kisah walupun dividen 0%.

    4. yang simpan banyak duit dalam TH tu berjaga jaga la, jangan jangan dijemput SPRM minum teh sambil jelaskan mana datang nya duit yang banyak tu. dari sumber halal ke, dah bayar cukai ke?

    5. tabong haji is saving for pilmirage to mecca at least once in a lifetime if capable. sad to say. some almost every year go mecca. keep until millions in TH like rafizi to get up to 7% more than bank FD. i thought earning interest is not way of

  10. Anwar desperado...this is his trade...later sure tak mengaku yang dia suruh...come it...bullshit if DAP IS NOT RACIST...DAMNNN!!!


    2. Ya cakpong..Ya cakpong...cakpong

      Salam 1.25% Salam 1.25%

      Darilah mana datang nya cinta,
      Dari mata turun ke hati,
      Darilah mana datang hibah 1.25%
      Dari defisit 10.9B jadi untung 1.0B

      cak pong cak pong cak pong...

  11. Cik Annie,

    Pada pandangan saya, orang melayu taklah rasis kepada bangsa lain, tetapi kadang-kadang orang melayu rasis pada orang melayu sendiri.

    Sebagai contohnya, kalau orang melayu cipta kereta canggih boleh terbang, ramai yang menyindir, mengejek dan kata macam-macam.

    Cubalah kalau orang putih atau mat salleh buat kereta canggih boleh terbang. Orang melayu punyalah puji meninggi dan kata hebat.

    Natijahnya, kadang-kadang orang melayu rasis kepada orang melayu sendiri.

    Sepatutnya, satu kajian dijalankan oleh Professor yang muktabar dalam hal ini...yakni professor yang betul betul, bukan professor sayur-sayuran atau sarapan pagi.

  12. RM10 million laundered money to buy london property, just tip of the iceberg mat flip table shud have more than RM10 million and voters get only RM50 each to vote mat flip table or other dumbos who stole or songlap people money sigh