Saturday 13 April 2019

D-Day in Rantau - BN wins



BN wins convincingly in Rantau

Yes, BN won at 13 of the 14 PDMs (voting centers).

The only place where PH won was at Bandar Ekar.

This is BN's third consecutive victory after Cameron Highlands and Semenyih. A clear sign that the tide is really turning.

Congratulations to BN and Mat Hasan in particular.

I'm quite sure there will be more all the way to the next general election.



I arrived in Rantau a bit late today.

Traffic jam everywhere.

The GPS told me to go through an alternative route exiting the Elite Highway at KLIA and I have to go through a winding trunk road to Lukut. From there it was another 20 minutes to Rantau.

When I arrived at the outskirts of Rantau town just before noon, the road was choked with vehicles.

Stopped at a warung for lunch before taking a walk around Rantau town.

Everything was fine and the polling process seemed smooth as I observed at Sek Keb Datuk Akhir Zaman.

I rested for a while at the MCA operation centre as it was very hot at that time. This time I have a bottle of 100 Plus. I even bought some very sweet "Indian candy" at a nearby stall just in case I need some extra sugar intake.

The MCA people were nice to me.

I talked to one of the party workers and asked about BN's chances and she said it's 50-50.

She said she would be happy if BN can get even just 10 per cent of the Chinese votes.

"But we have to continue to tell them that there must be a check and balance for the government," she added.

I'm now taking a rest at a hotel in Seremban.

Will go back to Rantau before the counting of votes begins.

I will update this post once the result of the by-election has been announced.


  1. Terima kasih
    terima kasih
    Undi tokmat

    Terima kasih
    Terima kasih
    Undi BN

    Terima kasih
    Terima kasih
    PAS turut serta

    Terima kasih
    Terima kasih
    BN dah menang

    Meriah amat sangat suasana dRantau - terus eratkan lagi hubungan UMNO MCA MIC PAS dan lain2... Alhamdulillah

    Professor Nasi Lemak

  2. Where are the DAP posters now? Even the non Malays voted for tok mad. Go fly kite lah.

  3. win or lose let's wine and dine at royal raja chulan. its on me

  4. its (sic) on me should read sit on me

  5. Yahooo..! Tok mat monang bosar!!! Can membawang terus about politics laie. Tok mat really bukan calang-calang orang one. Not like the 'on bercuti presiden UMNO'. Den can't imagine how the bercuti president lubang hidung kembang kempis look like... So kesian, Zahid Hamidi...Udah ler poie bercuti...namo pun dah makin hari tak disobut orang Umno laie. Siap la mat hasan..lopeh nie ekao kono la pakai banyak tangkal!!!

  6. This was expected. BN having got 63.22% of the votes in Rantau is consisten with past performance in 2008 and 2013.

  7. Syukur Alhamdullillah
    ..What surprise me that BN won all PDM except Bandar Ekar.All last minute PH strategies failed miserably.

    For 2 weeks, Anwar was embedded in Rantau, he danced and spin many things but yet failed.Had Anwar lost his touch on young Malay voters, used to be his biggest supporter that can create havoc at any demonstrations.

    Whatever, I can sleep well tonite.Tahniah Tok Mat and all that make today a wonderful day.

  8. anie this place is "no HARAPAN" liao. tourists come lesser and lessr, investors lari, netflix give a miss, impoters like US, EU go to vitnam, myammar, cambodia, philipines. soon laos even better than here. even indonesia can give higher pay tahn us, while cost of living chaeper. i migrated.
    keep up the good work anie. let sink more.

    1. You are right.

      Too many just want to marginalize themselves from the real world. Yet demand to be fed for free. One day soon enough there will be no more funds. There is still no shame and reflection that taxpayers money is being used to save Felcra and Tabung Haji from going under. Nor how our hawker food reputation has been neglected because it is not halal enough to get state support for international marketing. Nor how a backdoor has just been created for syariah law to override the secular state judicial system of a country which professes Islam as the official religion yet can look away from all dual-crimes like money laundering of corruptly gained money by cronies against law-abiding rakyat and the country that ends in creating hypocrisy as the standard of national governance.

      So long as it is Malay and Muslim and Umno-Pas, semuanya ok izzit? What a joke of a country.

    2. Anon 02:53, 08:25,

      If u think indon, laos, vietnam are better, feel free to migrate. No love lost here.

    3. U follow anon 2:53 , migrate

    4. Please migrate and bring together your family and renounce your citizenship.The lesser these ingrates, Malaysia will becoming better.

    5. anon 10:12,

      you support corruption and money laundering?

      just answer this simple question.

  9. Awal2 dah habaq.. keputusan akan mengejutkan!!! Turun padang la. Dok golek2 joget2 nari atas pentas apahal???

    Yg mai dari Kayel dengaq aje kalah pakat nak tumbuk orang Rantau???.. Dr bius keputusan blum umum kelibat pun xnampak atas pentas.. what sore losers.

    11 months.. rakyat had enuf dongeng, janji palsu, bohong2 tipu putar belit flip flop u-turn sana sini.

    11 bulan performance camni org bodoh2 pun bole nilai apatah lagi foreign investors..pakat cabut le..

    Nak hantaq Guan Eng "FINANCE MINISTER" mulut celopar obersea to represent Malaysia pun orang segheyau nak nego dengan dia tau? Teresa Kok? omputih pun tak teghuih? Dok antaq toktua Daim who is not even an elected rep apasal???

    Apa pun jangan terlalu ego, bongkak dan sombong.. humble2 dan ikhlas sikit cara hidup bole tak?

    Remember "GAJI" dok makan tiap bulan duit hasil titik peluh keringat rakyat tau. Kerja elok2.

    Professor Nasi Lemak