Thursday 4 April 2019

Things look good for BN in Rantau...for now

Previously, before the campaign started, I spent

and yesterday, I was there again.

Just a day trip to see how's the campaigning so far.

I even managed to be at a function in Sendayan attended by Pakatan candidate Dr S.Streram.

It was the opening of a pasar malam, supposedly by the Negeri Sembilan MB.

However, the guy, who is from PKR didn't turn up and he instead just sent a representative. Quite weird I think because it was part of the Pakatan campaign. He should give more importance to it.

Anyway, I honestly think that this Streram is no match for Mat Hasan at all.

If I'm a Pakatan supporter, I believe I would be very depressed watching him. He can't even speak Bahasa Malaysia properly and is almost as bad as the Pakatan candidate in Cameron Highlands.

But then again, this is Malaysia Baru and maybe the Pakatan leadership, in particular Anwar still believed that they can win even if they put a banana tree as their candidate.

Yes, that despite what happened in Cameron Highlands and Semenyih.

Well, maybe they still believed that they can get all the non-Malay votes and at least 20 per cent of the Malays. Malays made up just 53 per cent of the voters in Rantau.

Okay, maybe Pakatan can get all the Chinese votes which made up about 17 per cent of the total votes.

I was informed that KJ who won the Rembau parliamentary constituency, which Rantau is a part of, hardly received any vote from among the Chinese during GE14 last year.

But still, I don't think Pakatan can get all the Indian votes as KJ did get some of them back then.

Then I was also told by the locals that Mat Hasan has always been very popular among many of the Indians in Rantau.

I believe this is true because on my first visit there, I stopped at his service centre and the majority of people seeking assistance from him that day were Indians.

He is after all known to be a very good wakil rakyat who cares for all his constituents.

Whatever it is, I found that Mat Hasan and his people appeared to be very careful about not being over-confident.

They were campaigning diligently and so far have not done any mistake.

The BN machinery appeared to be working very well too. Special mention should be for the Wanita Umno team as I think they were the most hardworking and efficient among the lot.

Another notable thing about the BN campaign is that it being spearheaded by locals, which I think is the best way to do it.

This is not so with Pakatan as their campaign workers appeared to be made up of mostly outsiders. For one thing, I don't think those ladies in red Pakatan t-shirt I saw at a mamak restaurant yesterday were Rantau folks. Some of them have their hair dyed a bit blonde.

Still, we can never say for certain how it's going to be on polling day.

But at this stage, I think Mat Hasan will win the Rantau seat for BN....unless of course if there is something very wrong with the people there.

I will go there again next week to see how things are before the final push to polling day.

This is a Mat Hasan's ceramah;


  1. Posting yang menaikkan semangat.Thanks Annie.

  2. ....Pisang emas dbawa belayar
    Masak sebiji di atas peti
    Hutang emas boleh dbayar
    Hutang budi dibawa mati....

    Thts d feel we get when we see happy smiling dan penuh kesyukuran "FACES" in all TokMat's or Najib's bossku videos when they meet and mingle with the rakyat. Payah nak dapat aura begitu..

    Kita dapat rasa macam mana orang2 tua dulu berganding bahu UMNO, MCA, MIC berjuang utk mendapat kemerdekaan.

    Bossku menjelajah memang best sekali. Video posted within 2hrs pun dah bole dapat 300K likes... rakyat is FOLLOWING.. I LIKE...

    Professor Nasi Lemak

  3. Oh yeh!...Orang kampong memang senang dikelentong.
    Cakap je Kerajaan UMNO/BN lebih baik ada bagi BRIM, benanding kerajaan PH, harga barang naik tak dapat dikawal sedangkan zaman BN semuanya murah. Hidup senang lenang ada PM yang jujur lagi amanah, fitanah, tabliq macam BOSSKU yang tak tahu malu.
    Cakap je semua menteri PH bodoh dan bangang berbanding Mat Maslan, KuNAN, Nazri Aziz to name a few good hard working dan HONEST to the bone! Tabung Haji sudah kena jual kepada CINA PRC.
    Mesti orang kampong percaya cakap pemimpin MELAYU tulin. HEHEHE......gud luck Annie, hope TOK MAT the hero who live in Gua Cempedak could win the PRK Rantau.

    1. Mungkin toknek makayah cikminah masatu tengah ikut blkg Gandhi pi buat garam kat pantai or

      ...tgh tanam kobis kat Mainland China..

      .. dey wldnot know what MERDEKA means let alone to cerita sejarah2 perjuangan UMNO MCA MIC dan mrk2 dalam PAS.. wonder kamu ni blur aje memanjang

      Professor Nasi Lemak

    2. Hi Cik Minah...Ekau dah nikah ko bolom, Kalau bolom beritahu den yo.

      Menteri PH bukan sajo bodoh dan bangang tapi menbohong dan menipu.Ado pulak pakai sijil boli.Itu sobab apo dia orang buek banyak yg tak jadi.Tak berkat tu.

      Tok Rimau

    3. Cik Minah, jgn hina org kpg. Saya yg pernah duduk obersea 4-5 kali pun tak impressed langsung dgn menteri ph - 2x5 je dgn menteri bn. Banyak sgt drama. Btw, saya undi ph ge14 ye.

  4. Kalau Anwar ja dok bagi ceramah...baik letak Bangla ja...tak guna letak Doktor pun...Come on la Bang Nuar....Hang terdesak ka...kalau hang kata kalau Tok Mat menang pun tak ubah apa apa...apa hang nak takut...podahhhhh....pirahhhhh..Tak boleh pakai punya orang...dari dulu mulut bau taik

  5. ha haha kcikminah… i think tats a very disrespectful to d bosskucing’s master strategy…malay supremacy! n he n cohorts r d saviours. common, quick thinkin malay….be with a thoughtful bosskucing now to save d dungu malay…Kh..kHH

    1. fatin
      Pasai "quick thinkin" cerdik2 belaka tu la asyik flip flop memanjang.

      Arini dikejutkan bab Statut Rom pulak dah... issshhh awat jadi mcam ni?

      TH 1.25%??? Lucu la.

      Professor Nasi Lemak

  6. No BN attacks on PH TH for paying only 1.25%, BN tidor sigh

    1. TH 10 billion losses still can pay hibah adoi FDI sure nose dive sigh

  7. everyone welcome to steal from dumbo noh udang house, its OK on condition dont get caught he said one meh wakakaka

    1. Stupid comment.Please read the news in full to understand the context.

    2. lu 02:05 Bodoh Nasional or Barua Nasional, when you buggers tipu menipu can say syariah compliant ptui

    3. shud put pegs on 02:05 & BN idiots mouths wakakaka

  8. Annie wen mat does not denounce the thief (bugis pirate) he has no credibity. Annie how can u still support such a character! Palm face!

  9. Based upon the election track record of the Rantau state constituency, with the exception of 1959 to 1964 when Rantau was held by the Socialist Front, in subsequent elections, Rantau has flip flopped between BN-MIC and BN-UMNO and in the 2008 and 2013 elections, BN-UMNO won Rantau with around two-thirds of the vote, so it looks like BN-UMNO will win Rantau again in the upcoming by-election.

    Also results of a recent poll by Kajiata suggest that BN is likely to win and that more young Malaysians are disillusioned with the Pakatan government, especially over economic and cost-of-living issues.

    At the end of the day, assuming BN wins again, it will be interesting to see the extent by which they win compared to previous elections.

  10. Annie is silent on Papagomo...

  11. im praying that kepala bapok dumbo bossku did not dip his dirty thieving hands into EPF billions :(

  12. Donot expect indians to vote BN since BN never defended indians in siapa pukul adib + kicked out indian candidates from camerons mampuslah BN!!!

  13. I still can't believe there are still lungheads in bolehland that idolize parties of barisan najis!