Wednesday 10 April 2019

Johor will get a DAP MB?

Well, Osman Sapian has resigned as Johor MB without a fight.

It actually reminds me of what my source in Johor told me earlier, which I put in this post,


This one guy told me, Osman Sapian would likely be asked to step down because he appeared to be more loyal to the Johor palace than Putrajaya.

He also said Osman will have to resign if he wants to avoid being implicated in an alleged corruption case.

But never mind. I think it's better that way as now Osman doesn't have to suffer anymore.

As I have always insisted, the Johor MB post is very hard to handle, especially now that there is an obvious tussle between the Johor palace and Putrajaya, or to be more exact Dr Mahathir.

Osman is almost 70 anyway. He doesn't need the aggravation.

Anyway, of all the stories about the resignation yesterday, I think this one is the most interesting;

With Johor MB's post up for grabs, 
Pakatan parties pitch candidates

Yup, despite Dr Mahathir saying that the next MB must be from Pribumi Bersatu, the others want the job too.

My sources told me that even DAP wants the job for one of their own.

This guy in particular,

Sheikh Umar Bagharib Ali is the current chairman of Johor's Infor­ma­tion, Entrepreneurship
Develop­ment, Cooperatives and Creative Economy committee. He is the Paloh state assemblyman.

I was told that DAP wants the guy to be the Johor MB as it can help shed its anti-Malay/anti-Islam image. Sort of educating Johoreans, especially the Malays.

It's also a major slap to Umno's face. Johor used to be the tiang seri of the Malay nationalist party. Its birth place some more.

It's not impossible. DAP currently have the most seats in the State assembly among the Pakatan parties with 14, followed by Pribumi Bersatu (11), Amanah (9) and PKR (5). On the opposition side there are 16 from BN (14 from Umno and two from MIC) as well as a single seat belonging to Pas. So, by right, it should be a DAP guy as MB.

And if the Johor palace really want to spite Dr Mahathir, it will actually allow DAP to have it. 

After all, as TMJ said, the power to appoint MB is the sole prerogative of the Sultan as stated in the undang-undang tubuh negeri Johor (state constitution).

I'm quite sure TMJ would love to see how Dr Mahathir handles a DAP Johor MB.

The handsome old man may not find it so easy to tell the guy to just step down if he doesn't like him like in the case of Osman.

Anyway, I can't see any bright future for Johor for quite a while yet.

The nonsense will go on. 

And the ding dong between Dr Mahathir and Johor palace will continue and whomever is MB will have a tough life balancing those two.

Meanwhile, Johoreans have to bear with things not moving forward until at least the next general that there will not be a snap state election.

Well, whatever.

Lucky I'm in KL now. 


  1. kl is mostly dap, what so lucky abt it?

    1. What DAP got to do with KL ?
      DBKL is the Local Government.

  2. Hi Annie, I am really... really confused..

    Some ppl said, Osman Sapian (OS) resigned because the Sultan is angry since OS has not executed any economic plans for Johor.

    Some ppl said, OS was forced to resign by PH as he has not been effective in governing Johor and 'too friendly' with the palace (read: converting Pulau Kukup mangrove to Sultan's land... etc.).

    So... which is it?
    Is it.. all of the above? :D

    OS stepped on both parties' big toes?

    hahahaaa... that is a political suicide..

    OS was Sultan's own choice. I still recalled back in May 2018, a week after PRU14, PH had its choice for Johor MB but the Sultan insisted that Muhyiddin submitted 3 names.

    So, TMJ shouldn't get angry, in fact he should apologise that his father had selected an incompetent man as MB.

    1. OS sultan choice and now still want to choice another dud? LOL.

    2. Must be pakatan strategy when giving options for selection. Quite sure pakatan showed 2 joker resumes and one real one. The dud still pick a joker. Better not give any options so no error can be made.

  3. Biasalah, bila dah kalah kita sahaja yg paling bagus....hehehe However, my late parents always said to us,barang yg sudah lepas payah untuk dapat balik. Contoh, tanah kalau sudah dijual, ia kekal jadi milik orang lain. Same thing goes to power. Adakah umno dapat rampas balik KELANTAN, PENENG, SELANGOR.....????
    Umno/BN tumpulah perhatian jadi pembangkang yg baik. Pastikan pemimpin-pemimpin HARAPAN will not end up jadi Cash is king.

    1. cikminah ingat tak sitcom tv1 zaman 90'an dulu kisah perdana menteri demam hahahha

    2. Maaf saudara Anon 23:59. Saya tak nonton sitcom itu. Tak tahu pun ada such sitcom. Apa ceritanya bila perdana menteri demam...??

  4. Annie , pls stop referring Mahatir handsome old man . Nak miuntah hijau aku every time I heard it. He is a traitor to the Malay. A pengkhianat not deserved to be called such a name.

    1. Mahathir ialah orang Yang paling jahat dalam sejarah Malaysia.

  5. Yeah.. Lim Kit Soang going to be PM too.. Annie still using the lobak way to scare the Malays.. pathetic

  6. will lobakmen be sent to parlimen to slap tajuddin who smelled a rat in dumbo bossku wakakaka


  7. Hai yaaaa !, MB Johor lali DAP ,ini kali ubah maa aa .

  8. No thanks to annie, dumbo2 & macai2 for supporting + voting BN 2013 which sent nation to Bankruptcy Nasional (1mdb, SRC, MAS, TH, Felda, Khazanah, dll) sob

  9. rise of the democratic republic of msia birthplace fr johore too wink wink

  10. Neither of the PH will be accepted. Thot u know Johor but u actually dont.

  11. Annie...sudah baca Tamrin Ghaffar Baba's latest entry in his blog: PENUMPANG LUPA DARATAN....??????? HAHAHAHA......Orang tua-tua Melayu kata, sarang tembuan jangan dijolok. This latest fiesco of Sultan Johor & Son could be the road to a refrendom republic of malaysia. Remember what happened to Napel when their king involved himself in politic....?

  12. Apa yang pasti... kemelut MB Johor ini akan meramaikan lagi golongan pembenci-monarki atau Monarcy haters, terutamanya dikalangan Melayu, berlipat ganda.

    Mana tidaknya, akibat pihak Istana bermain-politik, habis terburai pekong yang sekian lama disimpan begitu rapi oleh pemerintah politik.

  13. Annie tak payahlah nak takut2kan rakyat johor. Kalau DAP jadi MB lagilah depa suka....boleh jadi business partner macam patrick lim...

  14. Cik annie mmg harap calon dap jd mb bru la boleh jdkan isu ph di cucuk hidung dap, annie mmg sngt patriotik

  15. Annie,

    Osman Sapian will stay as MB for a while.

    The power is with Tuanku.

    Why must Tuanku accept his resignation when he was just trying to be a loyal Johorean? Was that a crime?

    After all, it is ok if Tun doesn't want him. So from now on Osman Sapian will keep his focus on serving Johor, which he should have done right from the beginning.

    Tuanku has wise counsels.

  16. jgn marah DAP yg takde curi duit lu, by all means pls continue to support dumbos to steal your monies wakakaka

  17. Annie,

    At first sight I dismissed a DAP MB of Johor as highly unlikely but in retrospect, considering that Osman Sapian, a Pribumi ADUN, could have been pressured by his party chief to resign his post, coupled with the confrontation between Mahathir and Johor Royalty, it could be possible that HM the Sultan could agree to a DAP ADUN being MB. since it would be unlikely likely for the Pribumi head to pressure a DAP MB to resign and with 14 seats in the Johor state assembly, ahead of the 11 Pribumi has, there are good grounds for a DAP MB to be considered.

    I believe it would be unlikely for an Amanah or a PKR ADUN to be chosen as MB, given the 9 and 5 seats these parties have in the state assembly respectively.

    Now if the Pribumi head, invokes his position as Prime Minister to get the DAP MB to step down, then it could be construed as federal government interference in Johor state affairs.

    Also looking at the composition of the Johor state assembly, PH has almost a two-thirds majority but if especially Muhyiddin, a Johorean, had remained in UMNO, it's highly likely that BN would have won 27 out of 56 seats and with the one seat which PAS won, that would be PH 28 seats BN + PAS 28 seats and Johor would have a hung state assembly.

  18. Firstly, the Johor Sultan has yet to accept Osman Sapian's resignation and what if Tuanku does not accept?

    Meanwhile, the ringgit has weakened to RM4.1279 to the U.S. dollar as of right now:-

    ..whilst the U.S. dollar has been going sideways on the U.S. Dollar Currency Index

    So what is causing the recent sharp weakening of the ringgit versus the U.S. dollar?

    A weaker ringgit will mean more expensive imports which will translate into higher prices for consumers and these politicians are like Neroes fiddling whilst Rome burns.