Monday 15 April 2019

New Johor MB....again

When a friend asked me yesterday what I think of the new Johor MB, Dr Sahruddin Jamal, I can't help but to blurt this out;

"Another one term MB, the most."


Well, actually the guy is not even going to be a one term MB because he took over from Osman Sapian in mid-term.

But never mind that as I just want to emphasis my belief that he's not likely going to survive another election at his constituency of Bukit Kepong.

This is the result of Bukit Kepong state constituency during the 14th general election last year ;

Sahruddin Jamal (PH - PPBM)
Mohd Noor Taib (BN - UMNO)
Muhamad Nur Iqbal Abd Razak (PAS)

Malay 69.17%; Chinese 26.9%; Indian 3.12%; B/P Sabah 0.02%; B/P Sarawak 0.03%; Orang Asli (Pen. Msia) 0.61%; Others 0.14%

With BN, in particular Umno on the march again now, combined with their cooperation with Pas, constituencies such as Bukit Kepong, with almost 70 per cent Malay voters, are almost certain not going to be safe places for Pakatan candidates.

If BN had combined with Pas last year in Bukit Kepong the way they are now, Dr Sharuddin would not have won his seat.

Well, maybe Pakatan will move Dr Sahruddin to a Chinese majority area for the next election to save their MB.

Yup, that's despite him being a Pribumi Bersatu guy, who is supposed to win over the Malays.

But that's all in the future.

As for now, Dr Sahruddin needs to survive as MB longer than Osman Sapian's 11 months.

Otherwise, it's going to be super difficult for the current Johor Pakatan establishment.

Actually, I don't know much about the guy except for what I was told by my sources in JB.

They told me that he's rather quiet, blur blur a bit but seemed to be enthusiastic about his work.

He was said to have done well in managing the Sungai Kim Kim issue, particularly in communicating with the stakeholders on what were being done to handle the issue.

The guy is a doctor who used to run a GP know, the type where you go to if you are not feeling very well and need an MC. He's a graduate of some sort of a university in Indonesia.....errr, are doctors from Indonesia any good? Maybe they are.

Still, overall, the guy sounds decent enough to me.

But then again, to be a Johor MB, being just decent may not be good enough.

One must have a vision of what should be done to further improve the state and at the same time command the respect of all quarters in Johor.

I'm not sure if this Dr Sahruddin, at 43 have enough experience and clout for all that.

Even the sacked Osman Sapian has three terms as state assemblyman before becoming MB. And he is quite senior compared to the other Pakatan leaders in Johor.

And of course there's that big question of whether this new MB can manage the difficult relations of Kota Iskandar-Johor Palace-Putrajaya.

Honestly, I don't envy this Dr Sahruddin. Trust me, this is going to be the most difficult one for the guy.

He may ends up being squished in the middle.

But then again, who knows, the guy may prove himself to be a superman....mild mannered doctor in daytime, superhero at night.....something like that.

Of course Dr Mahathir has another option - he can turn the Johor MB post into a disposable MB post. He can change the guy less than a year from now like Osman if the young doctor fails to satisfy him.

The same with the next one. I think Pribumi Bersatu have enough assemblymen in Johor for that till the next general election.

Oh, by the way, in case you all forget, I was right when I wrote this a day after the general election last year,

Osman Sapian is the leading Johor MB candidate


Osman, who won in Kempas is not going to be a good Johor MB.


If you all don't believe me, please double check with others who know Johor politics.

Obviously, they didn't bother to check and ended up taking almost a year to realise it. Sigh.

Well, I actually have a bad feeling about this new MB too, but I rather let it be.

I'm not going to give free advice to Pakatan on this matter anymore. Wasting time only.


  1. Betul tu, MB mesti Dari umno sahaja...hanya Dari umno sahaja yang suci bersih..

  2. Hey Annie,

    I thought just last week, you said DAP going to be new MB.

    My friends told me that, UMNO supporters, they like to cook up stories to scare people.

    I think luckily you are a blogger not fortune teller.

    Anyway, didn't you heard the latest news? I heard, there will be no gag order for Bossku trials. So, you can cover here, there should not be a problem.

    There is a lot of interesting stuff today. Bossku was seen to be engrossed in reading books during trials.

    People say that the title of the book was "Jangan selewengkan ekonomi negara"

    1. BOSS ku say Eagle hi put option is safe, maybe BOSSku should "put" his head for option if he so confidentient that Eagle hi will "put option", make BOSS ku pay back 5 billions if Eagle hi refuse


  3. The rakyat has decided ,let him serve the rakyat with less unnecessary interference .

  4. wow! annie help mat win rantau!!!! hmmm wonder why you still using adid photo? any permission from family??? bet it not right not to leave the left in peace!!!!!

  5. annie lu orang lama mcm politics apprentice, pas hadi dah peluk2 dgn bersatu daim so now PH + PAS to whack BN dumbos right

  6. Annie i thought last time you wrote abt johor snap election and coup detat or back door entry by dumbos hv you go for a mental check up wakakaka

  7. problem now is many of the past regime supporters still work in the gaverment, turning away people who look for helps especially the most discirminated indians, if go goverment all sort of things done by the old reime supports not to help and say it is "kencing" promise. also price of goods more parallel importers like what jokowi do in indonesia to keep price down. many importers are old regime peeople. like from MCA

  8. Berapa banyak "If..." la in your posting kali nie, Dik Annie... Banyak "berkalau..." nanti ekao buleh jadi sasau...macam kato lagu Anita Sarawak. Perhatikan stail Atok hensome bercakap. Setahu den,kurang bonar dio guno ayat yang banyak pakai "if..."
    Dio kalau nak "konar"...dio torus yo "konar!"
    Dio bukan poduli sangat ekao monang kek Rantau ko apo...selagi bukan kerusi Parlimen. Dio buek ajo kojo dio,selagi ekao orang semuo seleso ikut "rule of laws" stail treatment dio.
    Den raso suspiciuos sikit 'COOL'atok nie lately..!
    Ekao tak perasan ko? Kalau ado...
    Eh! Den pun dah macam ekao..."if...if...!" Isyhhhh...!

  9. Hello people.

    Dah 11 bulan move on la. Gi tolong toktua Daim tu sikit, kan JANJI 6bulan everything beres?? Kesian dia dok kepit briefcase kehulu kehilir.

    BTW sonyap aje Guan Eng? Dok betapa dalam terowong ke? Mudah2an dia dah cekap guna excel, nak kira trillion trillion pakai sempoa payah tau.

    Professor Nasi Lemak

    1. hiya! nasib baik tokong ajar angka "trillion", kalau tak hanya standard "millions" atau "billions.
      BOSS ku banyak yakin Eagle haiya akan lakukan "put option". apa kata BOSS ku sangat yakin, apa kata kalau tak bayar balik 5 billions kat rakyat malaysia.
      hmmm, mungkin lain kali "curik lui" taraf trillion kot. dah advance

    2. Anon 03:28

      BTW kes TELOWONG apahal sonyap aje?

      Nape media and netizen tak heboh macam 1MDB? Confius la bitot ke solang sja involved? Clare Rewcastle coklat tak cover plak kes ni? Nape? WSJ pun sonyap aje??

      Tolong celita sikit sini, u seem to know evelythg kan?

      Professor Nasi Lemak

  10. PAS jgn macam kerbau dimakan buaya2 dumbo wakakaka

    1. Anon 00:53

      Aduh nak bg nasihat kat PAS?? Kan sejak 2008 PAS bersama Pakatan? Dah terlupa ke?

      Professor Nasi Lemak

      Professor Nasi Lemak

  11. "The guy is a doctor who used to run a GP know, the type where you go to if you are not feeling very well and need an MC. He's a graduate of some sort of a university in Indonesia.....errr, are doctors from Indonesia any good? Maybe they are."

    I think this paragraph is unnecessary Annie. Pergi GP cari MC ?dan Medical Doctor from Indonesia is not good ? It is uncalled for.

    1. Hahaha.....sounds like sour grapes, isn'it. Some sort of universiti from Indonesia with clinic just fit to get Mc....Annie dah kena penyakit Prof.Nasik Lomak. Belitteling org punya achievement. Pada Annie, nobody boleh lawan Tok Gani...hehehe. Annie tak sedar, walupun Dr.Sahruddin lulus some sort of U from Indonedia, he had to go throuh TWO YEARS OF INTERN as houseman di spital-spital Malaysia. Kalau dia jenis doktor fit just to give MC, dia takkan survive the grusone two years of on call 18hrs a day!!!...tentu dia dah langgar pokok, dan jadi arwah skrg. Ada medical grads yg end up psiko, ada yg berenti dan lebih selesa bawak grabcar. Something good about this new Mb, at least, takda gambar Dr.Sahruddin cium tangan....heheh. So, I will say good luck to u, doc. If u can solve the Kim-kim river problem, u can ovetcome just anything!!!

  12. stop your Bullshitting Nasional, it was not DAP who toppled ghani, it was bloody dumbo who did not put ghani in a safe seat that toppled him OK

  13. Annie, don't be too harsh on him.As a Muarian I am proud another Muarian is an MB, adding to a long list of Johor MB from Muar such as Osman Saat,Muhyiddin Yassin and Ghani Osman.
    This guy might not have the experience but on positive note he does not carry too much political baggage.
    I wish him all the best.
    Prof Kangkung

  14. Sigh
    Tanya pasai TELOWONG, sonyap aje???? Pelik plak?? Kes NFA ke apa ni??

    Professor Nasi Lemak