Saturday 30 March 2019

Allah will give justice to Adib and his loved ones

Several of my friends had expressed anger over what was happening at the inquest of arwah Adib.

They were also angry at the comments of those who were cheering the testimonies of "experts" at the inquest, as could be read at the comments section of portal reports.

They believe that there will be no justice for the deceased fireman and his loved ones as according to them the inquest is heading towards this narrative;

I told my friends to calm down and stop being foolish.

They were hoping for justice from the wrong place.

For me, I never expect the inquest to deliver justice from the very start and that's why I didn't write anything about it.

Why do they need such an inquest for this case after all?

I don't intend to comment on what transpired at the inquest even in this post.

As a Muslim, at the moment I believe only Allah can give justice to Adib and his loved ones.

I told my angry friends to just pray for Allah to deliver that justice.

Man-made laws, inquests or whatever can never deny justice from Allah.

In case we forget, this was what happened that night,

If the inquest wants to rule that these damages to the fire engine was because it hit Adib, let it does so;

Maybe after that they will get the IGP to apologise and retract this statement of his,

IGP maintains firefighter Muhammad 
Adib was attacked


When asked if it was confirmed Adib had been assaulted, he replied: “If he was not assaulted, how would he be in such a critical condition with so much injuries on him?”

Whatever it is, as a Muslim, I believe that Adib is resting in a better place now and will be placed in jannah in the afterlife. As for those who caused his death and deny him justice in this world, they will rot in hell for eternity. This I believe with all of my heart.


  1. As long as PH in power justice can be dumped for good. Just have a Look at the case involving guan eng, siti kassim, rafizi, zunar the cartoonist. Case withdrawn. Ini lah rule of law - PH version. Nothing is sure anymore in this country. But one thing that I can be sure of that PH will not get my vote in the PRU.

  2. with no disrespect to late adib, im very disappointed with the same Bullshit Nasional kelentong by annie sigh

    1. aiyo! just a "small winny pawn" in the bigger TALIBUN
      and tokong is so powerful now a days, can hapus many thing, can stop many things

    2. No point seeking adib truth when most Bodoh Nasional idiots mcm 17:37 who is hallucinating himself with ganja...

  3. Jangan seronok sangat......

  4. You are losing it. What has Allah got to do with this?
    The problem with monkeys is that when they can't win they revert to their religion. Nevermind logic and science.

  5. racial prejudice is so pervasive in our country that it muddles our reasoning and judgement

    the reputation of a highly professional pathologist who by the way is also a Muslim, is on the line yet we doubt his findings preferring to believe in irresponsible, unsubstantiated claims of assault

    I am just waiting for annie to say the temple indians paid him to say it next

  6. Annie,

    I remember last time you defended that chap at the Low Yatt fiasco.

    People say, he is a thief. You said, innocent until proven guily and all that....

    It turn out, the guy is a thief after all, after the trial in court.

    Another thing that bothers me is that, there are a lot actual murder cases we heard at daily basis happen to women, old people etc.

    So, they were not given attention to because there were no political angle.

    So, what about justice these ordinary folks.??


  7. Annie sad to say there are a lot of idiots like you. You cannot see the truth even if it is starring at you. As Daim said, Malays are emotional and they can't think and come to a conclusion from the facts given. Forensic experts now point to the Bomba truck backing into the deceased. If you dont want to accept this then there is nothing anyone can do...just like accepting that Najib has done no wrong. The culprits like always will be the DAP Chinese or Christians.

  8. Annie you are full of bullshit. Nobody claimed the fire engine was damaged because it hit the late fireman Adib. Just because the mob took their frustrations on the engine doesn’t mean they did the same to him. Open 6our closed mind and look at the pathologist evidence. They are professionals, not some deranged racists.