Friday 19 April 2019

MRT more important than ECRL, HSR

It was recently reported that

Malaysia wants to improve existing rail services, network


Prime Minister (PM) Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad said Malaysia’s priority presently is not to build a high-speed train network, but to improve the quality of existing railway services.
The PM said it is not worthwhile to have an HSR for short journeys, but instead may consider such super fast train to operate from Johor Baru to Penang or even the Thai border.
“We will not build the high-speed train yet, but we want to improve the quality of services in our railway system, and that has been done to some extent, by double-tracking and electrification,” he said at a question-and-answer session after delivering his speech at Technomart Rail 2019 

Okay, fine, no KL-Singapore Shinkansen for us anytime soon.

That despite

KL - Singapore being world's busiest 

international flight route

I believe a bullet train between the two cities would likely be profitable as well as good for the environment as a lot of jet fuel could be saved if we can cut down the number of flights.

What to do. The current government prefers to revive the ECRL instead.

I do wonder why though, because the suspension of both projects cost lots of money.

Maybe the government was trying to salvage our relations with China, which is the main player of the ECRL project. That's after all that talks about the previous government trying to sell the country to Beijing.

Whatever it is, I think the Japanese may not be very happy about this because at one time I believe they almost got the HSR project. Especially after they gave us the samurai debt and other nice gestures.

Personally, I prefer the HSR over the ECRL because it would make my trips to Singapore much easier.

I'm actually not all that excited about the ECRL project since it was first conceived because I can't see much urgent need for it.

In fact, I would have much preferred for the government to revive the next phase of the MRT project rather than the ECRL

I took this picture on the MRT about 6.15pm yesterday,

Quite packed. Almost like in Japan.

I believe the LRT units are even more crowded these days, especially during rush hour.

Hopefully, the government will one day consider improving the rail transport in Klang Valley as being more urgent as it serves mainly the common people.

But then again maybe reviving projects like ECRL would open up more business opportunities for "certain people" unlike MRT or HSR.

Well, never mind.

Maybe we will have to wait till the end of this term before we can get better public transport in the Klang Valley.


  1. Semua penting. ECRL penting dan HSR juga penting and MRT 3 and 4 also penting. Tak berapa setuju dgn ayat ECRL is less penting than others..
    Apa yg Najid buat dulu berkenaan dgn pengangkutan keretapi dah betul.. sepatutnya kerajaan ph sambungkan terus projek itu.. bukan main politik bodo

    1. Sebab Annue duduk di klang valley.
      Rakyat msia hanya duduk di klang valley.
      Yang bayar cukai hanya di klang valley.
      Yg perlu diberi perhatian adalah klang valley.

      End of story....

  2. improve mentality dulu baru infra.

    1. Baiya itu DAP punya mentality manyak susah mau improve...orang Bloomberg dok bagi good perception and advice pun depa marah dan ketegak tak mau dengak malah dok bantai Bloomberg...depa ni sapa kalu nak compare dgn Bloomberg...macam budak tadika nak compare dgn budak uni...sampai bila pun depa tak boleh tukak, baik improve cepat cepat infrastructure...

      Hang tengok kat Penang...sikit punya senang punya ayat BM pun itu CM tak boleh faham...bila Khalid bagitau deh bodoh, belum approve lah, melayu pun tadak paham kah baru dia kona balik hari ini...

      Hari tu itu deputy education minister...budak SPM kena ambik 6 core subjects pun dia tak tau...apa punya samdui...itu aci estate palianappan mari pun boleh tau pasai itu 6 core subject untuk spm.. itu pun deputy minister boleh tak tau...ini banyak buat UEC punya pasai...melayu depa tadak faham

  3. ECRL sebenar dah dibatal kan pun namun our 7th PM of beloved Malaysia guna his veto power (PREROGATIVE) to revive
    2. sebab tu Encik Daim yang jadi cif negotiator, bukan Menteri Kewangan Malaysia mahupun Menteri Hal Ehwal Ekonomi kita


    1. Anon 19:15, Sila asah otak anda sikit.

      Menteri kewangan is an arrogant prick! Org macam ni x boleh jadi negotiator, ego terlalu tinggi, pihak sebelah sana nanti menyampah tahap gaban & tutup pintu rundingan. Art of nego 101 la.

    2. saya kenal rapat our current Menteri Kewangan of our beloved Malaysia Tanah Tumpahnya Darah..
      2. He isn't & wasn't an arrogant prick

      tak kenal maka tak cinta

    3. Anon 10:49, are u Tony Pua or his kuncu2? Tak boleh pakai coz taksub tahap gaban. Btw, your bahasa need polishing la

    4. huk aloh mung nih
      bodoh tok leh ajar
      cerdik tok leh ikut

      sikit sikit TAKSUB sikit sikit TAKSUB
      hujjah VERSUS hujjah lah

  4. Terminal Bersepadu Pantai Timur secanggih TBS sedang dibina dan hampir siap di LRT Gombak. Terminal tersebut dibina bagi menggantikan Terminal Putra di KL yang menyediakan perkhidmatan bas ekspress ke pantai timur.

    Terminal canggih tersebut dirancang oleh pentadbiran terdahulu sebagai hub pengangkutan ke pantai timur termasuk pengangkutan kereta api ECRL. Oleh itu satu stesen ECRL dirancang dibina di terminal tersebut sebagai transit untuk menaiki ECRL.

    Mengikut perancangan awal, warga kota yang berhasrat untuk ke pantai timur hanya perlu berkunjung ke terminal bersepadu pantai timur dengan menaiki Putra LRT ke stesen LRT Gombak yang bakal menempatkan terminal baharu pantai timir. Dan di situ mereka boleh memilih samada untuk naik bas ekspress atau ECR untuk ke negeri-negeri pantai timur.

    Bila stesen Gombak untuk ECRL oleh Daim dibatalkan oleh kerajaan sekarang dan dipindahkan ke stesen Putrajaya (50km arah barat), Terminal tersebut tidak boleh dinamakan ‘bersepadu’ lagi sebab ianya hanya menyediakan perkhidmatan bas ekspress sahaja.

    Dan warga kota yang ingin ke pantai timur dengan menaiki ECRL terpaksa berkunjung ke arah barat terlebih dahulu iaitu sejauh 35km ke stesen ECRL Putrajaya untuk ke pantai timur. Bukankan itu sesuatu yang menyusahkan??

  5. New routes Mentakab, Jelebu and Kuala Kelawang bla agak laju juga buat keputusan?. Fatin agak2 kalut announce dulu baru buat feasibility studies or what?

    Takut2 terkentut u-turn lagi last2 jadi kes macam TELOWONG? .. tanah2 yg dlm perjanjian semua China bangunkan tapi ECRL elek?

    Professor Nasi Lemak

  6. Annie, l don't understand whyyou are making an issue of ECRL. Actually Tun M is also not in favour to continue with the project.However considering the shit which your beloved Najib has done by paying 20,000,000 to CCCC and entering into agreement that Malaysia have to pay 21.78 billion if the contract is twrminated what choice do we have. Either burned 41.78 billion with nothing or renegotiate at a reduce cost of 44 billion and get something. I don't understand why aa muslim you like to spin.

    1. She is paid to spin, so she spin.
      HEHEHE....jangan mare ye Annie. Kebenaran memang menyakitkan.

  7. Hey Annie,

    If you want to build so much ECRL, HSR, MRT, LRT etc.....where got money?

    Malaysia economy not that big compare to South Korea etc..

    For your info, not they are upgrading the tracks in JB. Jb folks also can see.

    With double track from JB to KL, we can get the speed of 160km/h.

    If we can upgrade further the track, the top speed will be 200km/h.

    This is the speed from London to Manchester (200km/s). The distance roughly about 300km.

    So, 200km/h, if you travel from Singapore to KL. It is less than 2 hours.

    We can have alternate trains like ERL, some direct and some stop over.

    So, if you can add cafe like starbucks, coffee bean and add some wifi. Ok what?

    What do you think?

    You have to consider also, the ticket price. How much is the fare for HSR. In China also, the HSR is not cheap.

    Singaporean can pay, but Bangsa Johor how? Tengok saja.

  8. the best finance minister (aka dumbo bossku) was a victim of macau or jho low scam sigh

    1. while you're at it annie, try promoting the latest gadget for gauging loyalty when applying permits licences and contract at your favourite state.go annie go. maybe you can ask your relatives across the bridge about this latest loyalty issue before applying for anything . i bet they can have a good laugh.

    2. annie you seems to know so much of MB's of the state beside the tiny red dot,whats your comment of the MB of Pahang.

  9. no choice but to go ahead, annine maybe you cold ask the "pak-lawan bortis pemnyamun" to pay peeple republic of china komunist the rm 21,000,000,000 penalty lah!!!!! if cancel.
    coming soon "self-drive" vehicles. no need all the "stupid" hihways, HSR!!!! ani laughed her "butt" off when malaysian propose "flying KDK fans" car, see now old man drive in malaysian self make "self drive" exora.