Monday 1 April 2019

They don't even want us to pray

In my last post

Allah will give justice to Adib and his loved ones

I wrote


I told my angry friends to just pray for Allah to deliver that justice.

I didn't tell them to protest, demonstrate on the streets, vote against PH or anything like that.

I definitely didn't tell them to attack fire engines and beat up firemen.

I just told them to pray.

Yet, these are some of the comments from the other side;

You are losing it. What has Allah got to do with this?
The problem with monkeys is that when they can't win they revert to their religion. Nevermind logic and science.

Annie sad to say there are a lot of idiots like you. You cannot see the truth even if it is starring at you. As Daim said, Malays are emotional and they can't think and come to a conclusion from the facts given. Forensic experts now point to the Bomba truck backing into the deceased. If you dont want to accept this then there is nothing anyone can do...just like accepting that Najib has done no wrong. The culprits like always will be the DAP Chinese or Christians.

Hey, I didn't mention anything about Malays, Indians, Chinese, DAP Chinese etc in that post , okay.

That's the thing with some people, they accused me of being a racist while they themselves who resorted to that sort of stuff.

Well, never mind.

As it is, being a Muslim, I believe when we are angry or unhappy about something, and we can't do anything about it, we just pray.

We don't do violent stuff.

Therefore in this Adib's case, we Muslims should just pray to Allah.

Let them think what they want or be as racist as they want.

We just don't be like them.


  1. Definitely those kind of people will somehow pray when they are breathing their last breath. Or if they have chance experiencing near death, they will also be praying.

  2. Annie you r unhappy cos u thot the indian boys were rogues n thugs who beat up Adib. U just can't accept that they in fact helped Adib. Yr mind is closed to all facts. Pls pray... Pray so that Allah will show u right from wrong.

    1. Next they are going to say the mob never attacked the fire fighters at all.

  3. Dapster tak akan lepaskan peluang untuk kutuk Melayu.Mereka lah Basis yang sebenar,tahap Gaban

  4. Anon 31 march 15.41
    Yes the culprit is always the DAP guys and idiots like you. What wrong of being emotional? What do you say when 95 % chinese voted for DAP in the last PRU?

  5. Amnie..those comments are coming from BASTARDS. Full stop. Mulut diaorang bau taik...

  6. Sad to see all these dap shitheads commenting on this blog. Sorry I don’t like to swear. But they are shitheads. I dont go to dap blogs ans comment there. Y the fuck do they come here. Make my blood go up.

  7. May Allah s.w.t grant him Jannah for his jihad.

  8. Cik Annie

    Nak pray pun tak kasi? Nak eratkan silatulrahim UMNO-PAS-MCA-MIC dn ++ pun tak suka? Tu semua sekadar nak divert perhatian rakyat aje..

    hmmm Cik Annie sikalang just relax2 udah. I understand ur fm a residential college, networkg pasti ramai, dari Perlis sampai Sabah.

    Ayuh pakat2 organise jelajah Malaysia ziarah2 kpg halaman kekawan ala bossku.. Biaq aje la PH dok kelupoq sesama mereka..

    Professor Nasi Lemak

  9. When religion fails, revert to playing victim. Oh wait, you've already done that. Clap, clap, clap.

  10. Everyone will believe what they want to believe regardless of the facts and figures. If someone believes Adib was beaten up to death even if the autopsy finds otherwise they would still believe this to be true. They want to believe so much that he was beaten up so they can justify the anger they're feeling ever since the last general election.

    1. Scenario A
      A motorcyclist snatched a passersby hbag & fled. The lady fell on the street and was hit by a car wo didn't brake in time. She died after 1 wk in the hospital.

      Q: who is at fault? A. The snatcher; B. the motorist or C. the lady for not being careful?

      Scenario B
      A fireman died. Forensic evidence points out to him being most likely hit by a reversing vehicle's door. The vehicle was under attack by a mob & the driver panicked and reversed to escape.

      Q: who is at fault?
      A. The reversing vehicle's driver for panicking?
      B. Adib for being careless?
      C. The frenzied mob that attacked the vehicle?
      D. The hired thugs allegedly by developer's lawyer that started the ruckus?
      E. The temple members that refused to vacate the temple despite taking replacement land & compensation monies & despite given extension till after deepavali?
      F. Salah org melayu coz they all semua emo

    2. I have seen a whatsapp video that shown the fire truck that reversed and hit the EMRS vehicle.I did not see anyone was hit and sandwidched between EMRS and firetruck.

      Presume that Adib was in the EMRS vehicle that was hit in reverse by firetruck, as the speed of reversing I guess was maybe below 30km/h, my guess the hit will not be as severe (I can be wrong on this) to any occupants of the EMRS.Maybe some expert should simulate the impact of the reversal to EMRS and occupants .What happen to the EMRS driver.? Was he hurt in the incident? Was his testimony was called.?

  11. Annie what is wrong with you and your kelab dunggu? Nothing wrong in being emotional, but puhleez let it not cloud your judgement. Just like the IJN nurse. Should she be terminated from her job Annie? (I am digressing a bit) I really feel sorry for you and your ilk.

  12. annie pls donot involve god, BN macai2 or bawang2 (esp you) seperti meludah ke langit terkena muka masing2 wakakaka

  13. Cik Annie

    Not only dey don'tvwant us to pray. They dont even want Najib's hearing to be out "LIVE"?????

    Pelik pula ya. Apa yang nak sembunyi? Or isit they just love to have people like wakakaka to play clowns in social media spewing with their usual nonsense???

    Najib minta "LIVE". Rakyat and the world wants to follow live.. apa yang PH takut sangat?.

    Professor Nasi Lemak

    1. Hang tak tanya pulak apa yg najib takut sgt sampai mintk tangguh byk kali.

  14. Apakah anda fikir pendedahan rancangan Nothing To Hide tu tidak benar?