Monday 8 April 2019

Getting Osman

Several people asked me about this even before I reached KL today;

Johor MB to step down this week?

Honestly, I don't know and after checking with my sources in Johor, they also seemed to be in the dark except for one guy.

This one guy told me, Osman Sapian would likely be asked to step down because he appeared to be more loyal to the Johor palace than Putrajaya.

He also said Osman will have to resign if he wants to avoid being implicated in an alleged corruption case.

I was like, okay that's interesting. Still it's just one guy talking.

But the fact that NST ran the story at the link above today indicated that there must be some truth to the speculation.

That story which quoted unnamed sources appeared to highlight reasons why Osman should be removed from office.

Of course except for the Johor palace bit mentioned by my source.

It's as if NST wanted the public to know it's a good thing that Osman is being removed.

Then reading through Datuk Kadir Jasin's latest post

In Constitutional Monarchy Constitution is Supreme

I don't think my source got it too far off the mark anyway.

And I started to believe this is all because

Dr M is upset over withdrawal from Rome Statute

Come to think of it, the Johor palace seemed to upset the handsome old man quite a bit of late.

It was said that Tunku Mahkota Johor had played an important role leading to the government's U-turn over the Rome statute.

Well, TMJ is probably Dr Mahathir's least favourite royal at the moment because of things such as this,

Dr Mahathir 'puzzled' why TMJ unaware of upcoming JB ship-to-ship hub

This is where Osman was said to get in real trouble with Putrajaya because he was said to be siding with the Johor palace on the matter.

I actually understand Osman's position. It's not easy to appear not siding with the palace while trying to run the state government, especially when the palace is actually in the right over an issue.

People outside Johor may find this puzzling and hard to understand but that's how it is.

Well, whatever it is, Osman is indeed in danger of being forced to resign from his post. Otherwise the NST and Datuk Kadir would not have wrote those things.

But then again, I know Osman's character quite a bit because I dealt with him before and I think he would not let himself be pushed around.

The guy is quite a street fighter, actually.

If he's pushed to a corner, Osman will fight.

I can think of several things that Osman can do if he is being forced to resign.

The most outlandish and dangerous is for him to dissolve the state assembly.

I know it's crazy, but the guy can actually do it, especially if the reason why he was forced to resign is because he was siding with the Johor palace.

I don't think the Johor palace will let Osman sink without a fight.

And the BN people will back him up too, I think.

It would be interesting if there is to be a state election in Johor as then the new tsunami, people have been talking about will really begin.


  1. Fuh....order pop corn lagi. Sinetron sambung lagi...

  2. Annie,

    I remember last time reading one blog that said this guy Osman is not a good MB material.

    You can refer to this blog,

    This blog looks like your blog, feels like your blog, but it is not possible, it cannot be your blog because that is a 180 degree turn. That would make you a person without principle.

    By the way, there is a petition about this Rome Statute thing.

    This is about the MH17 plane shot down in Ukraine. So, we want to get justice for those who died when the plane were shot down. there were hundred of innocents people died when the plane were shot.

    The criminals have to be brought to justice by International Court, but if we do not recognized the Rome Statute and International Court, then how to get those criminals?

    1. I still think Osman is not a good MB material. This post is about him being forced to resign.

    2. Annie... looks like it was Your Sultan who had wanted him gone... TMJ said so..

  3. why not annie write about those deep shit who want to topple a democratically elected PH govt...

  4. MB osman tetap kekal
    2. Tun M ada Plan C

  5. "The most outlandish and dangerous is for him to dissolve the state assembly."

    Yes Annie... its outrageously very dangerous, especially for the Royal Institution if MB Osman chose to do that.

    We the Rakyat, already knew that the MB is close to the Palace. If Osman were force to step down, the Palace will be more than happy to grant Royal assent in dissolving State Assembly.

    This is where it becomes dangerous for the Royal Institution.
    If in GE14, the Rakyat got to choose between a kleptocratic and a new government which promised to throw the kleptocrats into jail, this Johor's State-wide election will be for Bangsa Johor to choose which political Party is more closer to the Palace.

    Therefore the 'new tsunami' Annie is talking about could also reflect Rakyat's affection towards the Palace. If BN wins, Rakyat still loves the Monarch or otherwise. This is definitely a very bad precedent for the continuity of Constitutional Monarchy.

    Hence the political scenario is about to change dramatically. For the Royals, as Kadir Jasin said, I think this is a dangerous game to play.

  6. royalties are just figureheads right sihanouk a royal + president of khmer rouge was never prosecuted for khmer genocide but then he was good man he also condemned the genocide and was imprisoned unlike kerabat2 yg nak memukul sesuka hati sigh

    1. Don't underate Johorean's mentality, please Annie
      And who would we choose if there is a PRK DUN Johor.Please note....... I don't say BANGSA JOHORE. I say, JOHOREAN. We know more than outdsiders how much we love the royals.
      How berjiwat rakyat they are.
      Remember pegangan BEBAS & Pajakan 99 tahun....?
      Semua reserve Melayu Johor PAJAKAN 99 TAHUN sampai sekarang.
      Orang Johor akan pilih yg terbaik untuk diri dan masa depan anak-anak mereka. We are more rasional than KELANTANIS. That's why I don't like to talk politic on roayls. Nanti tak pasal-pasal dgn Pc-pc aku, kena masuk dalam. Much rather talk about OSMAN the man.
      I know u don't like rumours but it is much more safe to gossip. Here we are.....hehehe
      Jadi je MB, si OSMAN dah pasang satu lagi cawangan!!!!
      Satu Johor tahu, siapa Osman sekarang.