Sunday 7 April 2019

Kereta terbang

This one is too good that I can't resist putting it here,

Cute, right?

Well, I'm outstation now but will be driving back to KL tomorrow morning.

But my car can't, it's going to be a long drive.

Anyway, hopefully I can go down to Rantau again on Tuesday or Wednesday.

Maybe the campaign will get very interesting by then.

Okay, since I'm in a relaxed mood, this song is for my beloved;

Sleeping early for the long drive tomorrow.



  1. wow...Besok PH tak mau kalah jugak...Dia orang sewa helikopter, kapalterbang dan jet
    Mungkin buat daredevil show macam kat LIMA
    Mungkin demo kereta terbang prototype

  2. Hey Annie,

    Flying car, no big deal.

    In Singapore, I heard they got self driving bus. The bus can go around without the driver. How neat is that?

    I think Singaporean, they got this "Because we can mentality", so they are creative and very up to date with technology.

    In Malaysia, I think we adopted "Because we cannot mentality". For example, new car industry , we cannot. Flying car we cannot.
    A lot of things, we cannot mentality.

    I think in Malaysia, people are more interested in things like food truck selling nasi goreng ayam berlada, durian cendol, and etc.

    These things Malaysian felt ok rather then going for high tech stuff. Malaysian felt that they are not really technology savy with new gadgetry and stuff.

    I heard with 5G Technology, Engineers managed to resolved the latency issues and more and more self driving cars or bus will be on the road.

    So, I guess in Singapore probably we can see more newer things. In Malaysia, we can see more and more food trucks with tables and chairs beside nearby drains and parit.

    1. Fix the Basics first n then can focus the energy on kereta terbang/lori terbang/bas terbang or whatever you fancy. Kalau basic things pun tak boleh fullfill, better go and fly kites.

    2. Anonymous. 12.54,

      Agreed, Pakatan should fix the basic first like corruption etc.

      But, according to Tun, corruption gone down to 90% and SPRM very busy nowadays. Now hardly heard anything fishy at Tabung Haji, MARA, Gomen, etc....

      Now also they say ECRL going to continue with revised price much cheaper and going through Negeri Sembilan some more.

      They say in Parliment, toll abolishment and revision will be presented in June this year.

      So, I guess, they are fulfilling their promises after all.

      Last time I remember, BN minister said, if anyone not happy with toll, can take old road. Imagine taking old road from JB to Penang.

      Now also affordable houses are building here and there, even BN minister also very happy.

      The only thing a bit lacking is education. Something should be done to improve our educations standing compared to our neighbors.

      We need good quality Malaysian to build flying cars, electric cars like TESLA and self driving cars.

      Malaysian should not just rely on food truck only.

    3. kah Kah Kah...Can you list all the PH manifesto and tell me which one has been fullfilled.

    4. Bloody hell one of the manifesto is to quickly jail those songlap bersama bossku or dumbos till now also not fulfilled sigh

    5. Shithead...Dont you know how to count. Let me tell you step by step. First, you count the number of PH promises in the manifesto 2) You count the number of promises fullfilled 3) Next you divide item 3 with item 2. If you get below 15%, you flunked straight away. Next month you count again, If there is improvement, you have made good progress. I can give A for your effort. Please provide your calculation in this blog. I can correct you if there is mistake.Free of Charge of course with no string attached

  3. i guess things r not so great in our mind. rightly or wrongly, we r trapped in d boundaries of politic. i dun care about their blame games, i mean politicians, they can kill each others, but wat d heck for d ordinaries to ve d save tone n content in our bloody mind?

    back in school when i said i wannabe d first lady prime minister… d whole school mocking me for years. In kpg when u drive posh car u either named up as sisombong or sibelagak. Smile u got d latter….didnt, u got d first.

    so is d flying car issue…. malay sequential hasn’t change.

    after dis subuh…. reading n seeing dis scornful pieces i left feeling rather saddened n extremely worried. we just dunno d leaders ve failed us...we dunno wat failed us.

  4. Part of SRC millions used by dumbo bossku for shopping spree at chanel hawaii, the AG also mcm Bodoh Nasional already said by dumbos udang its OK to steal meh unless get caught + nancy shukri also said bumis can steal if they are poor (however dumbo bossku is not poor but a billion dollar whale) right sigh

    1. terowong terowong terowong

      Ask your paymaster tengok cermin dulu

    2. hidup dumbo bossku 100 tahun kat sungai buloh resort wakakaka

  5. For Annie...

  6. just want to add on rantau campaign cikit.

    ....very sad tat racist has taken more ugly turn there. tats a clear manipulation by politicians to their end.
    wat if we were perpetuated n inflamed into dis racial fury….malay r good others r bad? our intellectuals n clerics 'd also made their points on tat. so do we ve to fight n get control all d bad ones? or throw them out of dis country?

    in d heat of d campaigns those narratives can be true. i heard them in previous campaigns n in blogs.

    mbe tats my overly said. but tat d way our political minds r. they manipulate everything to their end. they r different from our judgment n very much controvert. so dun be so steam-up n zealous on persons or parties. anyway decent human beings in politic r rare.

  7. Anon 17.19.
    Keep on dreaming. The only things that PH is good about are making promises and tell lies. Atok say his party cap bunga has no plan to enter sabah. Look la apa sudah jadi sekarang. Friends pun kene kencing. Poorah