Friday 10 August 2018

Accuse first, investigate later - the New Malaysia way?

The other day Finance Minister Lim Guan Eng accused the former BN government of stealing the collected GST money.

Some over RM18 billion or something.

He didn't give details of the alleged stealing.

He just simply said it.

And this accusation immediately became a mantra for some.

So typical.

So, it's good that

Tok Pa said the government

 must launch immediate probe


“As this affects the image of the previous government and the civil service, and because it involves public interest, an internal investigation must be initiated immediately. It must be completed within a week.
“As a responsible government, the results of this internal investigation must then be presented to the public.
“In the spirit of transparency and reforms that the government has pledged to uphold, and also to be fair to all, this matter must also be referred to the Public Accounts Committee,” wrote Mustapa on his Twitter account.

KJ went a step further;

It seems the people of former BN government were very confident about this.

Let's see what will happen.

Maybe this time Guan Eng will learn not to simply hantam to make his political enemies look bad.

The fact that he made the accusation without providing details was bad enough.

Guan Eng, people investigate first before making accusations. Not the other way around.

Or is that the way of New Malaysia?


  1. LGE is a disappointment. So unprofessional. If he keeps this up, it will be the downfall of the ph govn.

    1. No I do not agree with what you think about PH quick downfall Anon 09:47
      Anyway I am not very sure LGE is right or not but i think he must be wrong this time or else team umno wouldn't be jumping like they are so angry with whoever responsible for the missing fund but more to they knew that LGE is wrong on this and its high time to show that they are a resonsibility opposition. I cant trust these former government leaders. Now they demand that this case to be investigate openly and immediately which i personally agreed but the point is we never before heard from them when they are in power to show concern in any reported case of scandals,corruption or wrong doing involving their own. How can i now trust their sincererity in demanding justice for their fault with intense interest and urgentcy. They are trying to show sign of change in them to the public but their pattern is still there. I see it is a fake interest. So it wont bring down PH.

    2. Same as Pinklips Pirate being suddenly concerned about economic welfare of the country.

      When he was stealing RM18 billion from 1MDB, not so much lah...

  2. To me, LGE's presentation regarding the Rm 18 billion loss in the refund collection of GST money is very clear. The money left is only rm1.486 billion. What happen to the 18 billion of the refund...? And the refund paymen is late by TWO YEARS!!!!!
    DUA TAHUN bukan dua bulan atau dua hari. DUA TAHUN!!!
    Memang elok dibuat penyiasatan ke mana duit itu menghilang.


    Ketika membentangkan RUU Akta Cukai Barangan dan Perkhidmatan (Mansuh) 2018 petang tadi, Lim berkata jumlah keseluruhan bayaran balik GST adlaah sebanyak RM19.4 bilion semenjak pelaksanaan cukai itu sehingga ke 31 Mei 2018.

    "Jumlah wang baki yang sedia ada dalam tabung bayaran balik (GST) RM 1,486 juta, saya nak tegaskan ini jumlah wang yang disahkan selepas pemeriksaan dan audit dalaman oleh jabatan kastam, menandakan bahawa kekurangan kira-kira RM 18 bilion," jelas beliau.

    Lim berkata ini berdasarkan audit dalaman dan pemeriksaan jabatan kastam.

    "Tunggakan sebesar ini... berlaku bukan saja kerana garis panduan tidak dipatuhi, tetapi ia dianggap... kerajaan dulu untuk menyelewengkan jumlah wang baki yang sedia ada," tambahnya.

    Dakwaan BN palsukan akaun

    Menurut perangkaan jabatan kastam, jumlah bayaran balik GST untuk 2017 adalah sebanyak RM9.18 bilion, pada 2016 (RM6.78 bilion) dan pada 2015 (RM610 juta).

    "Tunggakan bayaran balik adalah disebabkan kelemahan aliran tunai kerajaan persekutuan akibat kekurangan disiplin fiskal, pembaziran berleluasa dan pertambahan hutang yang besar," maklum Lim.

    Beliau mendakwa pentadbiran terdahulu memalsukan akaun dan menyalahgunakan dana dalam akaun bayaran balik GST untuk menutup defisit dasar kewangan kerajaan.

    "Apa yg dilakukan oleh pentadbiran terdahulu merupakan pemalsuan akaun dan penyelewengan tunggakan bayaran balik cukai (GST) untuk kegunaan lain atau menutup defisit supaya menunjukkan keadaan akaun baki semasa kelebihan.

    "Kami kesal bahawa tunggakan ini berlaku kerajaan lama masukkan kutipan GST ke dalam akaun amanah yang dikhaskan untuk melunaskan tuntutan cukai.

    1. Exactly.

      These figures are not pulled from thin air.

      And the Pink-Lips Pirate and Arul Anak-Konda told how many lies about the Brazen Sky units in Singapore? Annie will pretend to play with her hair and say her standard excuse, "ohhhhh 1MDB is too complicated for me" and flutter her eyelashes...

    2. Cik Minah, no one is disputing his numbers and the fact that there is something amiss but to go a step further by insinuating embezzlement w/out having done proper investigation is unethical. He has achieved his intended effect: trial by the media.

      Is this the so called rule of law? Law of the jungle more like iy.

  3. LGE looks very stupid.Now everytime he open his big mouth, I am very skeptical whether this is the truth or he is looking for some brownie points to hantam the old government by spinning.

    Enuf saidlah LGE. I vote for the new government not your spinning skill.

    1. dont think you vote ph last time and for sure not lge dun/adun. so, better zip your mouth.

    2. Wahh LGE is a religion... perfection.. cannot do wrong..some people really have to grow up

  4. We wait and see. Anyway, the news about 18 billions stolen from the GST collection is better than the news of MPs fucking each other in the parliamentary session.

  5. LGE as the Fin Minister has the full complement of staff to provide info re the state of the accounts; consolidated, trust, whatever. So dont make stupid remarks to discredit him.

    1. The new government zerorised gst in Jun, July and August. Now the account has dried up. No money to refund the claim made by businessmen. Whatever gst collection before Jun put into the consolidated account has been allocated. Meaning Kutty has to go back to Japan for additional loan. Padan muka.

    2. 14:36

      Tahniah, tuan, tahniah.

      Good parrot of the pink-lips puki who stole US$4.5 billion from our pockets.....

      "Datuk Seri Najib Razak has dismissed Finance Minister Lim Guan Eng’s allegation that RM18 billion from the Goods and Services Tax (GST) refund account had gone missing.

      Instead, the former prime minister said it was possible that the newly-minted government had spent money which was in the consolidated fund to cover expenses when they zero rated the GST from June 1.

      “What probably happened is that when they zero rated the GST, businesses immediately rushed to get back their input tax credit.

      “However, the government had lost its income from GST collection for three months, and the Sales and Service Tax (SST) has yet to be implemented. Therefore, it is possible the government used money from the consolidated account to cover its monthly expenses,” he said."

      Clap clap clap.

      Before you collect your dedak, pls. check how many lies your paymaster told in Parliament about 1MDB while Finance Minister...

      ...kih kih kih...

    3. Anon 10:55
      Guan Eng ni. Kepoh macam taktau nak urus kewangan negara?

      Dalam masa 3bulan dia sendiri dah managed to bring in new income atau sekadar harap nak jadi mandor saja ke?

      Professor Nasi Lemak

  6. better push the blame to BN than PH keeping quiet right...

  7. Dear Annie,

    Your very neutral and unbiased.

    Actually, a few days back, Bung Mokhtar said the "F" word. So what is wrong with saying Robery or Stealing.

    In Parliament, one cannot be sued saying those word. Outside of Parliament, can be sued.

    KJ was not making a report against Lim Guan Eng but make a report to investigate his claim.

    Is LGE claim should be any concern?

    It is not RM5 billion as you mentioned but RM19 billion of GST claim in total.

    The one that available for refund is only about RM1 billion plus, so LGE ask where the hell is the RM18 billion and more?

    So the amount in question is RM18 billion plus not RM5 billion.

    We have 1 trillion of liability and then the debt kept on adding up.

    So, this is the old Malaysia.

    Under new Malaysia, everything have to be transparent.

    You are also not allowed to bring diamond without declaring it first. That is against the law.

    Why do some people need so many diamonds?

    1. Thanks. Corrected to RM18 billion already. Sorry, not sure earlier. By the way, it's now 1 trillion of liability is it? Not RM1 trillion debt is it? The other day, if I'm not mistaken, Auditor General said national debt at RM600 billion, not 1 trillion. Don't know lah, sometimes I'm also confused.

    2. I raher hear what LGE can say on what the public should be getting now that PH is ‘ commandering’ the to manage the budget to bring growth in business, policies for socio economic ‘correction’ action, completing review of outstanding project n prioritising for introduction of administration improvement for better delivery to the public etc. Bringing back FDi n improving KLSE investors sentiment

      LGE continuous tirade on what is not avalaible and definitely what the public cannot get because it is not available is a zero sum.

      Let me hear on what you can deliver to the public. Give ‘harapan’. If all the news that come out from MOF is about ‘exposure’ mught as well rename it as Ministry of Finance Exposure’.

      Or is it now the real work of MOF in fiscal management is the domain of the new Ministry of Economic Affairs Azmin?

      If thats the arrangement then LGE can continue with more exposure and the public can still be assured at least some other ministry and minister are looking out for us to give Harapan.

      Or is that too much to ask?

      We didnt vote for BN in the last year election. We have stopped wanting BN in managing the country. Why keep reminiscing on BN?

    3. Anonymous10 August 2018 at 12:19

      The fact that 18 billion was not refunded but taken away for "special" projects is very relevant.

      The new gomen got to clean up about 5,000 tons of shit from Barisan Neraka rule.

      Be patient.

    4. Anon 12:19.

      They were having a debate SST vs GST laa.

      The Parliament is a the place for lawmakers to debate.

      Of course LGE going to point up all the nonsense from GST....

  8. Annie,

    Tired of trying to educate you, lah.

    Be a crap & ineffective Umngok blogger till the end of time, lah : )

    PS: Go check your ponygod's blog. Even worse. He is almost at RPK level now hehehheheh. Tadika stuff.

    PS: Tok Pa and KJ were very sure that no money was stolen from 1MDB either, remember?

    Between you, ponygod and these morons, I think I will never see Umgnok back in Malay-liwatting power ever again.


  9. I use to have great respect for Tok Pa but not anymore. what has this allege GST refund issue to do with civil service as a whole. Only those civil servants at the top will be responsible for any misappropriation, if any. Tok Pa is trying to instigate the civil servants into hating the new government.

    I said this not because i support lge, infact to me, this finance minister is an egomaniac, and one day his laser mouth will binasakan his badan.

    For tok pa to try to manipulate the civil servants against the new government is really a shameful act for such a senior politician to do.

    1. We need LGE's laser mouth la...without him and his men working round the clock and digging up all the red files and conscientiously paying up all the debt of 1MDB, our country will slide into Greece-land. His laser mouth is just the exact remedy to counter that oh-so-polite mouth of Jibby with his "I-am-only-doing-my-best-for-my-country-and-I-simply-do-not-know-why-1MDB-is-turning-out-to-be-like-this" Bullshitting. Thank god for LGE with his no-nonsense lightning strikes at those who mega thieves who are now playing for sympathy, especially to those blur sotongs out there.

  10. Annie, how long u want to putar belit the alam?

    Poor thing. U lost your credibility. Always menegakkan benang yang basah.

  11. Imagine yourself as a property developer.You bought a piece of commercial land costing millions of Ringgit with GST.You need to claim back the Gst you paid for the land and you cannot contra with output Gst as you have nothing to sell yet.The land that you bought is most probably financed by bank and you have to incur interest.The government by not refunding your Gst is creating cash flow problem and also increase your cost of doing business as you have to service additional interest on Gst portion which is not refunded.You will most probably keep quiet as you fear the brunt from PMO officers who can give you nightmare should you choose to air your grievances publicly.This additional cost will be passed on to the consumer.The attitude of delaying/not refunding has contributed to increase in price.The same applies to machinery used in other INDUSTRIES.If you follow my reasoning you can understand why LGE is so upset .I guess LGE bear the brunt of anger from the business community over Gst refund issue which is no fault of his.

  12. Whenever opposition MPs came up with substantive arguments together with facts and figures, he kinda overreact by being unnecessarily emotional and throwing temper tantrum. As if trying to shout them down and intimidate the opposition into submission. Probably to mask his unpreparedness.

    Sometimes you have to give credit to the opposition. They come to the house prepared and asked a lot of intelligent questions especially those from two budak hitam (KJ and Reezal) and one budak putih (Wee Ka Siong). A lot of their questions had thrown the ministers off balance and scrambled for answers.

    If you can’t answer them, he went berserk and made a lot of accusations. If you have nothing to hide, just be professional. Just answer the damn questions with facts and figures.

    1. I have been observing that too.Kalau LGE tak boleh jawab, he will spin and distract to other item.I am already sick of this drama.If you think the MOF is too big for you, give Tony Pua a chance.

    2. "A lot of their questions had thrown the ministers off balance and scrambled for answers."


      ,,,,your English is very bad like a certain fat blogger bankrupted by AirAsia.


    3. Which part? I would love to know the level of your PERFECT english. Please rewrite the sentence in gramammatical correct way.

      The fact that you comment on something which is not remotely related to the issue showed that you’re just trying to divert the attention. When light was shown something less perfect and refined, it’s natural one becomes defensive. It just showed that you’re one PATHETIC insecured soul. Your kind can’t take criticism easily.

    4. Anon 21.18
      You are funny. So are you that fat blogger or are you the fat one that Annie loves to hate? Which fat dedak consuming dumno scum are you?

    5. Anon 00:43
      Don’t change the topic. I’m still waiting for your English lesson. Please rewrite the sentence in gramammatical correct way. I’m EAGER to learn perfect English from you..

  13. Let's see what Irwan Serigatal says?

    Irwan Serigatal is a flithy, crooked, pukimak keling who was placed on the BOD of every GLC and GLIC that Najib wanted to steal money from.

    Including 1MDB.

    Here is what this keling says:

    "Former Treasury secretary-general Mohd Irwan Serigar Abdullah today lodged a report with the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) over the alleged loss of RM18 billion meant for the refund of the Goods and Services Tax (GST).

    As he emerged from the building, Mohd Irwan Serigar told reporters that he made a report so as to find out the truth because he felt that the allegation of the missing RM18 billion was unfounded.

    He had yesterday denied the allegation by Finance Minister Lim Guan Eng on Wednesday that there was a shortfall of RM18 billion in the RM19.4 billion meant for the refund of the GST to traders.

    “The MACC gave the assurance that it will investigate the matter. The money did not go missing. It had been placed in the Consolidated Fund,” he said, reiterating what he had said yesterday.


    Woiiiiii muka hitam dua talam, that is exactly what the Cinapig Tokong said, you idiot.

    Once money is in the Consolidated Fund, it is treated as "general revenue" and can be spent to line the pockets of Umno cronies.

    The Cinapig Tokong is saying that it was not kept in a trust fund earmarked for refunds to traders.

    Hence, the money IS missing.

    This pukimak keling needs to be placed in a cell in Bamboo River next to his pinklips pirate boss and his fat Hermes hippo.

    1. Confirmed bodoh otherwise the fucker would have more sense. He only repeat and repeat. Herd mentality. Doesnt even know whether he is coming or going...Yawn....

  14. I don’t think those 18 billion were stolen. They were probably diverted to consolidated fund account and were trickled little by little into trust fund account. All the money collected from GST went straight to consolidated fund.

    Bussinesses then applied for refund throught customs. Not all applications from them were legitimate They applications need to be exhaustedly examined by both customs and mof. On case by case basis.

    If the application is legit, mof would released the fund from consolidated into trust fund to be disburst to businesses. It wasn’t stolen as a matter of fact but rerouted.

    Money meant for it probably had been utilized beforehand while waiting for the consolidation fund to be filled up with new tax money. The money then channelled back into trust fund.

    1. A Ponzi scam.

      Also look into:

      - the Sontakh deal;
      - the PFI exposures;
      - the Alibaba pinkforms that would explain Khazanah's 'marvellous' performance; and
      - the use of EPF money for 1MDB bailout

      More to come..

    2. 15:06

      Remind the crooks not to appoint u as defence laywer, bro...

      There was a specific account set up ONLY for the use of GST refunds. NOT the CF.

      "Money meant for it probably had been utilized beforehand while waiting for the consolidation fund to be filled up with new tax money. The money then channelled back into trust fund."

      If I am trustee of rent money, say rent money comes in and I spend it at casino like Bung Muka Beruk, then (yes) it will be "refilled" next month, but the money I spent is gone.


      What bodoh kayu logic are you using? Once money from the CF is spent, it's spent lah.

    3. One more:

      The use of Khazanah money for 1MDB bailout.

    4. Woi beruk 17:58..

      Where did you get the info that there’s only one account specifically set up for GST refund. Trust fund account not only for GST la monyet!.. Income tax refund and other deposits also use the same trust fund.

      Do you know how gome finance work mangkuk? or are you trying to be smart here? I think both!!..

  15. Could it be entrapment? people seems to fall hook and sinker on the story!

  16. LGE maybe your typical cinapek- blunt, poor choice of words, no diplomacy, egomaniac.

    But then, rm 18 billion is missing and even the BN top guns don't know about it. Isn't that something that we all should worry about and start finding the missing money ?

    1. "But then, rm 18 billion is missing and even the BN top guns don't know about it. Isn't that something that we all should worry about and start finding the missing money?"

      Annie and her fellow Umno Failed Bloggers don't give a fuck about that, bro.

      They would be very happy if Jho keeps his mega yacht, Rosie gets more Birkin, and if Riza Aziz makes Wolf of Wall Street Part 2, all with our stolen money.

  17. typical BN - hutang first nanti cucu cicit bayar :(

  18. Annie awak tahu proses perakaunan kerajaan, apa itu akaun amanah dn apa tu akaun hasil

    1. Dalam drama dewan rakyat:

      Pembangkang: saya minta menteri jelaskan mengenai A

      Menteri: YB bertanya saya mengenai A . Tapi YB tau kah mengenai B? Adakah YB diberitahu mengenai B?

      Pembangkang: saya tanya mengenai A. Kenapa yb tanya saya mengenai B. Saya bukan menteri

      Menteri: Itulah saya nak tanya tau kah mengenai B. Tahu ke tidak mengenai B

      Pembangkang: Macammana menteri jawab soalan A dengan soalan balik B pulak

      Menteri: itulah saya fikir YB tak tahu atau diberitahu mengenai B. Jadi jawabannya ialah YB tak tahu mengenai B.

      Pembangkang: ok ok. Apa jawapan soalan B tu menteri

      Menteri: itulah saya kata yb tak tau mengenai B. Nak saya bagitau tak mengenai B?

      Pembangkang: kan saya dah kata bagi jer la tahu mengenai B

      Menteri: itulah saya kata nak ke saya bagi tau mengenai B. Saya boleh buktikan ini semua salah kerajaan dahulu

      Pembangkang : Ok ok menteri, dah boleh bagi tau ke apa dia B tu?

      Menteri: itulah saya kata ini memang salah kerajaan dahulu. Saya akan arahkan jawatankuasa dalaman untuk siasat dan dapatkan bukti.......

      End... boleh ulang skrip untuk c, d, e dan seterusnya

      Ni la skrip drama yang heran wal ajaib sangat laku di negeri atas angin

    2. Anon 20:37,

      Saudara tahu tidak ada tunggakan RM18 billion "refund" yang kerajaan dulu belum bayor kepada pembayar GST?

      Yes or No?

      Ya atau tidak?

      RM18 billion bukan satu ringgit lapan puluh sen ya....

      RM18 billion bersamaan 18 ribu juta ringgit.

    3. Nih la seekor yang lost the plot. Tak pa lah bro... teruskan tengok drama Ministry of Finance Exposure.

      Yes or No? Ya atau Tidak? LMAO

  19. Aiyo annie, asyik nk defend jib je! now 1 after 1 coming out wit prove...tungu n lihat...

    1. Tunggu dan lihat drama? Tak boleh kenyang tengok drama. Buatla keje bagi solution bukan buat drama mingguan

  20. Pada 1 APRIL 2015 Kastam mintak 82.9 billion drpd Tabung Amanah tapi hanya diberi 63.5 billion iaitu kurang 19.4 billion.Pada 31 Mei 2018, LGE belum masuk lagi ke pejabat MOF. Jadi, macam mana Najib nak gtuduh LGE yang kebas duit ni...?????
    Memang patut KJ buat laporan polis. Patut kecurian ini disiasat.

    PUTRAJAYA - Sebanyak RM19.4 bilion telah dituntut oleh Jabatan Kastam Diraja Malaysia untuk pembayaran balik cukai barang dan perkhidmatan (GST) tetapi tidak diluluskan oleh Tabung Amanah.

    Ketua Pengarah Kastam, Datuk Seri T Subromaniam berkata, daripada keperluan pembayaran balik GST sebanyak RM82.9 bilion yang telah dilaporkan, hanya RM63.5 bilion pembayaran balik GST telah dibayar melalui Tabung Amanah bagi sepanjang tempoh 1 April 2015 sehingga 31 Mei 2018.

    Katanya, pada 31 Mei 2018, Tabung Amanah masih memerlukan dan mengalami kekurangan untuk membayar tunggakan bayaran balik cukai GST sebanyak RM19.4 bilion.

    Berikut adalah kenyataan media penuh oleh Subromaniam:

    “Tabung Amanah adalah satu Kumpulan Wang yang diwujudkan bagi tujuan pembayaran balik GST di bawah Seksyen 54, Akta Cukai Barang dan Perkhidmatan (2014).

    “Semua bayaran GST dimasukkan ke dalam Akaun Kumpulan Wang Disatukan yang kemudiannya akan dipindahkan kepada Tabung Amanah untuk membolehkan pembayaran balik GST dapat dilaksanakan.

    “Dalam tempoh 1 April 2015 sehingga 31 Mei 2018, Kastam telah melaporkan dalam Mesyuarat Tabung Amanah Bulanan yang dipengerusikan oleh Ketua Setiausaha Perbendaharaan bahawa keperluan pulangan balik GST adalah berjumlah RM82.9 bilion.

    “Jumlah ini adalah berdasarkan kepada Borang GST-03 (untuk menuntut bayaran balik GST) yang telah difailkan ke dalam sistem GST Kastam oleh pembayar cukai.

    “Walau bagaimanapun, daripada keperluan pembayaran balik GST sebanyak RM82.9 bilion yang telah dilaporkan, hanya RM63.5 bilion pembayaran balik GST telah dibayar melalui Tabung Amanah bagi sepanjang tempoh yang sama.

    “Kastam ada menuntut RM82.9 bilion daripada Mesyuarat Tabung Amanah Bulanan ini untuk tujuan pembayaran balik GST dalam tempoh 1 April 2015 sehingga 31 Mei 2018 tetapi jumlah penuh tidak dipindahkan kepada Tabung Amanah.

    “Oleh itu, pada 31 Mei 2018, Tabung Amanah masih memerlukan dan mengalami kekurangan untuk membayar tunggakan bayaran balik cukai GST sebanyak RM19.4 bilion”.

    1. Duit tu dicuri atau tidak blm tahu lg, tp yg pasti akaun terimaan wang kjaan tidak diperakaunkan mengikut prosidur yg ditetapkan, kjaan dh guna duit hak pembayar cukai gst iaitu peniaga dn pemborong,klau ikut islam pn dh jatuh hukum haram guna duit hak org lain

    2. kalau duit hilang semnjak 2015, lagi belume di curik atau samun, apa lagi????
      kadar faedah pada rm600 juta tahun 2015 pun di telan!!!!!! sepatut nya faedah pada rm600 juta dari 2015 patut di masuk kedalam tabung amanah GST.sial betul

    3. Cik Minah
      Amboi.. bukan sja moo ni seorang Hakim, sekarang jadi Auditor plak dah.. hebat

      Professor Nasi Lemak

    4. The same KP who in last year stated also GST was the better tax system and the nation would be the laughing stock should it revert back to GST

    5. Nasi Lemak,

      Kalau setakat kira short-fall GST tuu, apa yang pelik sangat.

      Senang saja.

      Orang sekarang ini kira berapa jauh jarak satelit orbit planet bumi.

      Nasi lemak bengap ini untuk Malaysia lama, orang Malaysia baru, cerdik cerdik belaka.

      Prof. Asam Pedas Claypot.

    6. Prof. Asam Pedas Claypot



      100 days promises, kes LGE dan 2019 perbentangan budget 2019 tinggal hanya berapa hari aje lagi.

      Terpaksa la awal2 kasi sway otak2 mooo semua kasi kaw kaw melelong sampai ketahap bahalol.

      Professor Nasi Lemak

  21. annies blog still got 'gag order' so cant discuss MO1, jho low & 1mdb songlap sigh

    1. Who gagged her ? :)

    2. Maybe she is living in an parallel universe with an alternate history and course of events, in her universe 1MDB is a clean and prosperous company, Jho Low is a cute overgrown baby playing with toy boats and aeroplanes and crayon painting ...

    3. In Annie's universe, the 1MDB story is just another fairy tale in the Arabian Nights collection (next to the Ali Baba one)...

  22. They fought tooth and nail in their defense to maintain the Gst
    Their main intention is to cover-up this shot fall and later blamed it on the poor PH minister
    They are awared, now running helter-skelter making police report
    God saved PH when they abolished the Gst
    Sst saved the day


  23. najib to quickly arrange komedi meeting with donor(s) so komedi can confirm PMO 3.5 million was donation to najib or dumbo (mcm arab 2.6 billion donation meh) sigh

  24. Macam akaun bank syarikat, lazimnya syarikat akan mengadakan beberapa akaun bagi maksud tertentu, satu akaun untuk penerimaan hasil, satu akaun bank untuk pembayaran supplier dan satu akaun untuk pembelajaan operasi seperti pembayaran gaji dsb.Untuk pemindahan duit dari akaun hasil ke akaun lainnya perlu ada resolusi pengarah syarikat.

    Bagi kes duit GST hilang, saya rasa scenario adalah seperti diatas.Duit tu masih lagi dalam akaun induk dan belum lagi dipindahkan ke akaun lain untuk pembayaran balik GST. Tiada duit yg hilang tapi diwarwarkan macam hilang nak bagi panas dan drama sikit.Macam kes hutang jadi 1Trillion tulah...

    1. panjang depa punya mesyuarat x dapat2 capai resolusi lagi ka??3 tahun punya duit ni yg orang dok citer ni...bukannya 3 bulan punya cerita....

  25. Hehehehe
    Kutip cerita sana sini entah2 satu dokumen pun tak pernah nampak kekekeke

    PH ni semua bole jadi Hakim dan semua bole jadi Auditors. Hebat.

    Moo sendiri involved in this audit and investigation ke? Kabarnya si FM baru nak initiate investigations, moo dh came up with your own conclusions? Hebat moo ni..

    Hati2 menuduh sembarangan. And do not involve "God" sewenang2 juga ya. Belum 100 hari semalam pun ade satu lagi berita kematian pemimpin from PH??

    Professor Nasi Lemak

  26. Maaf Annie. Lari tajuk. Hari ni berita mengatakan Trump gembira dah ajar Turki. Kenakan extraordinary tariff ke atas import dari Turki. Currency Turki jatuh bergulung.

    Lesson learned. Tun Mahathir dah hafal perangai barat. Kalau tak tunduk kehendak mereka rasalah penangannya.

    Harap kita sedar. Sebagaimana Tun yang telah lama sedar. Alhamdulillah Allah Ta'ala beri kesihatan dan kejernihan fikiran pada Tun.


    annie who accuse first lah!!!! you do not feel guilty writing fithnah!!!!

    what about you do the calculations of the amount interest the pink lipped" pemyamun curi from the GST funds since 2015

    1. Anon 00:44

      Ni sekok lagi burung murai... pokpekpokpekpokpek macam tape recorder aje..

      ...entah2 sehelai dokumen berkenaan pun tak pernah nampak dengan batang hidung sendiri..

      Repeat jgn henti ya;

      ....pemyamun curi from the GST funds

      ....pemyamun curi from the GST funds

      ....pemyamun curi from the GST funds

      Professor Nasi Lemak

    2. "annie who accuse first lah!!!! you do not feel guilty writing fithnah!!!!"

      Annie doesn't feel guilty about anything.

      That's the common link between Failed Umno Bloggers:

      They have zero integrity.

  28. LGE is just doing his job....he needs to entertain all the stupid rakyat

  29. Annie,

    Donate lah some money to your fellow Najib-licking barua2:

    "KUALA LUMPUR, Aug 10 — Utusan Melayu (Malaysia) Bhd announced today that it will sell new shares to as-yet unnamed third-party investors, making up not more than 10 per cent of the total stake.

    In a Bursa Malaysia announcement, the media group said it hopes to raise gross proceeds of RM2,103,943 by selling up to 11,073,383 units of its stock at 19 sen per unit.

    This exercise is expected to take four months, handled by UOB Kay Hian Securities (M) Sdn Bhd.

    This comes as the group announced today that it has defaulted on two loans totalling RM1,184,871."


  30. Actually the whole ex ministers don’t know anything about this refund missing and that’s why they are jumping up and down when accused of stealing the money. Everything is done by the exPm in cohort with the ex finance wolf as at that point of time these two control all monies in the finance ministry.Even staff don’t know about it until those red books are open to them. I think LGE is playing this close to his chest as a politician revealing exposes at the right time to get the maximum advantage. Don’t be surprise more dirts and shits will be revealed in due time. We are living in exciting times . Let’s get some popcorn and watch the show unfolds.

    1. Anon 23:28
      LGE should his corruption case, bersihkn nama sendiri dulu.

      Kesian pula tengok dia, nak tergelak bila tengok dia trying so hard to eradicate corruption.

      Kalau jiwa tak tenteram, hati kurang suci bila buat kerja gopoh2 mengelabah la jadinya.

      Ni la masalah klo politik keluarga..

      Tun - anak CM Kedah yg betina pula asyik dok kalut melalak

      Mendiang Karpal - anak Min Comm

      Anwar - bini assistant PM
      - anak hmmm dh lupa depa sumbat tang mana, isit Pendidikan?

      LKS - anak FM, menantu dah lupa sumbat kat bhgn mana

      Mujuq cucu2 yang belum tumbuh gigi depa tak lantik juga.

      Malaysia baru?

      Macam going backwards gunapakai pentadbiran zaman2 Emperor dulukala nampak gayanya.

      Professor Nasi Lemak

    2. Nazi Dedak, u ada ikut Bung mokhtar pergi main kat casino kah ? Bung ini Muslim wei sama dengan lu. Haram dan hafal ya.

    3. Anon 12:48
      Haiyaaaa too many sampai lupa yang lain2;

      Mendiang karpal.. ade 2 ekok lagi, isit anak2 menantu or cucu dia?

      LKS.. ade sekok lagi!!! Anak betina dia jugak dlantik jadi MP?????? Macam spare dalam football team pulak.. klo kut anak jantan kena naik kapal belayar, dh siap ade anak penganti.

      Haiyaaa.. wht has PH leaders got to do with Bung and casino?? You dah mula sewel ke?

      Hadam dan hafal;

      Tun - anak CM Kedah yg betina pula asyik dok kalut melalak

      Mendiang Karpal - anak Min Comm + son + son (or isit menantu or cucu?)

      Anwar - bini assistant PM
      - anak hmmm dh lupa depa sumbat tang mana, isit Pendidikan?

      LKS - anak FM, menantu dah lupa sumbat kat bhgn mana, anak betina lantik jdi MP

      Haiyaa.. gi melancung bawa anak bini menantu dan keluarga depa ni saja tak celuih naik jet Tun.. kesian pulak klo tak bawa Menteri Pertahanan dan famili dia kan?


  31. Folks, just standby and grab popcorns. There will be more disclosures following. The scumbags made of UmnoBN. They plundered and dried up country's treasures as like their ancestors inheritance.

    We should appreciate the new government efforts to exposed these scoundrels. Nowadays, the daylight robbery involving billions not millions guys. Be afraid, be very afraid...

    What can we expect from a confused brain fog blogger with bankrupt ideas like Annie?

  32. Annie,

    Question : Is the money missing?

    Answer : Yes, it is mising from the trust account.

    As you are a person with some legal understanding, you understand what a trust account means :)

    For those who do not have a legal background, it's a TRUST FOR FUCK SAKE.

    This trust is not very different from the trust you have in your girlfriend/boyfriend when she/he says she is not going to have sex with your father/mother.

    Notwithstanding special circumstances where there is mutual agreement where one's girlfriend/boyfriend does have sex with one's parents.

    I dont care where the money went - consolidated revenue, GE14 expenses, Najib's pocket, wherever.

    The simple fact is that that money should be in the trust account and nowhere else.

    And if the money is not in the trust account, trust has been broken.

    And the money is effectively stolen.

    Just like that.


    1. So easy to understand but these Umno leaders and bloggers still don’t get it. Guess they don’t know what trust means. That day in parliament seeing how LGE trying to put some grey matter into the brains of those BN leaders is really hilarious. Just like a lecturer trying to control his temper teaching dumb students .. lollllll

    2. Well said Gladiator

    3. Money not in trust fund. Who manage MOF? LGE.

      Money transferred in consolidated fund. Who manage it. MOF. Who manage MOF? LGE.

      How to move money from consolidated fund to trust fund. MOF. Who manage MOF? LGE.

      Just go and do your work LGE. The public dont work for MOF.

      Why do you want to loose your temper when the public ask the minister of finance to do his work?

      Definitely not about sex. This is about work not pleasure.

      A lot of people is concern of when the refund can be effected. Do work.

      Not Minister of Finance Exposure work but real work.

      BN is not the government today PH is the government. Work la...

      PH made a lot of promise to work from day 1, now we are told its only political promise. Do as and when. Pick as abd when.

      Tell u what. The public also make a promise. Once every 5 year we elect new government.

      Give the public more drama everyday and claim that as if you are working then see the public deliver our promise in the next election to vote another government.

      Thats a promise. No need sexual innuendos. Just get down to work.

      If LGE wants to do political campaign then get the sister to do it. Senator already i heard but well experienced as DAP campaign director.

    4. Gladiator

      Trust ape you bebel ni??

      You go help clear LGE and his corruptions cases dulu la..

      Professor Nasi Lemak

    5. 13:37...
      ko ingat hari2 nak cuci taik orang lain tinggal best ka???tu bangsat punya nasi lemak lain la taik2 ni semua dia x cuci dia jilat telan ja...

  33. Maaf Annie. Lari tajuk lagi.


    1. Anon 12:25

      Todlers klo nak lollipop, klo tak bagi pasti tergolek2 tunjuk tantrum.. bagi baru diam.

      Tun nak sangat 3rd National car bagi aje la dia buat, satni mati mata dia tak terjegey.. payah nak katop.


      Professor Nasi Lemak

  34. The Customs DG had requested rm82.9 Billion for GST refund from Umno's MOF for the period April 2015-May 2018 but only rm63.5 Billion was approved.

    Wholesalers and traders didn't get back the difference of rm19.4 Billion owed to them; therefore, they would have increased their prices in order to cover the shortfall in refunds owed them. In other words, the rakyat paid at least double the increase in taxable goods prices.

    What is important to note is that the Customs Department had given precise numbers for GST refunds at each monthly meeting. Therefore what excuse does Umno's MOF have not to submit the full sums asked for refund?

    Those sums were after all legally due to be returned to the businesses acting as tax collectors only, and contractually due to be schedularly refunded within two weeks, not two years or none at all.

    If Umno's MOF could approve release of rm63.5 Billion, it would have no reason not to release rm82.9 Billion. So why didn't it when all the monies have already been collected?

    The MO of Umno's gomen is simple: (1) steal rakyat money, then (2) cover part of the shortfalls by transferring over rakyat money from other funds, then (3) raise taxes and projects kickback levels to cover the holes created in other funds accounts, then (4) when everything finally comes to grief in the pyramid chain of outright theft of public finances, proceed to (5) deny, accuse, riot, deflect attention, and then (6) when all that also fails, say their leaders don't know anything about anything, so that when (7) MO1 now says abolishing the GST means the rich will escape taxes, he actually was describing (8) the Umno elites themselves who have stolen rakyat money since no thief would declare to the IRB any stolen money.

    As for gomen debt of rm600 Billion or rm1 Trillion, the definition depends on whether contingent liabilities are to be included. In the case of Pakatan new gomen, they have been included for the simple reason too many of those liabilities are MOF-guaranteed payments for any debts incurred by organizations directly or indirectly linked to the last gomen. If the new gomen defaults on them, its bonds will become junk since trust by funders and investors will be gone.

    Take a project like Prasarana running the MRT. Looking at the lack of passengers, would anyone say that the MRT project will be able to recover at least rm50 Billion in construction costs so that the gomen will not be hit as financial bailor for Umno's irresponsible administration even in the near future whose debts can only be discharged using rakyat money from the new Treasury?

    In the world of kleptocrats, Umno is the biggest shark of 'em all - the Megalodon.

    Annie still likes to go to beaches?

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Ya kan. Sekarang mana nak naik MRT lagi.. nak kKota Baru, Langkawi pun bole naik jet.

      Apa la kamu ni.

      Professor Nasi Lemak

    3. 13.32..wake up man. Election campaign over oredi. Get a grip. Why dont you start talking like the rest of the normal people here who just one to see PH do better as the government of today. Dont la sound like Pembangkang. What the hell..

      After next election can become pembangkang again if really want that.

    4. anon@15:13

      1. my comments were in respond to Annie's topic.

      2. if you don't like them, rebut them one by one, if at all possible

      3. otherwise i'll take it you have personal interest that the explanations should not be advertised since they may affect you as one of those elites who (which) have benefited in the previous regime;

      4. besides trying a new deflection method - telling the new gomen to get on with revamping the way this country was run...

      5. So where were YOU the last time Umno was ripping off rakyat money? what were you doing?

      6. this is not about election campaign or pembangkang movement - it is about exposing Umno-Pas for what they have done so that all including the present gomen will be CONSTANTLY reminded how bad it was before that must not be repeated

      7. And the FACT you want to deflect attention from the crimes says it loud and clear people like you have NOT learned the lesson.

      8. Hang your head in shame. Better still, wake yourself up - return the money.

  35. Prof Nasi Lemak,

    //Trust ape you bebel ni?? //


    Why am I not surprised you don't understand the very simple concept of trust? :)

    I guess that special case of mutual agreement I mentioned above applies to you?



  36. Anonymous @ 12 August 2018 at 13:37,

    //Money not in trust fund. Who manage MOF? LGE//

    I think you will find that the money was missing BEFORE LGE became Minister of Finance.

    And do you know who the Minister of Finance was before LGE? :)

    //BN is not the government today PH is the government. Work la...//

    If PH was not working, how would the rakyat have known that RM18billion is missing from the GST trust account?

    BTW, I have no doubt there is still more bad news to come as far as missing funds are concerned.

    Don't you want to know the extent of the looting?

    It's your money, too, you know. Why are you so cin chai with your money when it goes missing?

    You are a very strange person....


  37. You all want to know where the money went? Read this :

  38. Gladiator
    Hmmm 100 days looming.. mengelabah semacam kamu ni?


    PH depended so much on 1MDB funds to fulfill all your pledges ke? Without 1MDB, without the revenues generated from past BN gomen, you people cannot run the country ke?

    Haiyaaa.. Almost 100 days, pi mai pi mai Japan, China, Indonesia, jijah gi mana entah.. all we hear is the 3rd National car??

    Kepoh semacam la.

    Professor Nasi Lemak

    Pokpekpokpekpokpekpokpek non-stop.

    Professor Nasi Lemak

  39. Prof Nasi Lemak,

    //Hmmm 100 days looming.. mengelabah semacam kamu ni?//



    Did you think I voted PH in GE14 becos of the 100-day "promises"??


    You are quite an innocent sort of fellow, aren't you?

    Maybe that is why UMNO has managed to fool you all these years :)


    Thk you for the laughs and the entertainment :)


    1. The nasi lemak prof is a lunatic. So just enjoy reading his moronic comments & hv free laughs

  40. Anon 15:43

    Thts the best you can comment yeah?

    Hadam dan hafal


    Mmg your PH leaders entertain you well, dey r really professional clowns.. kept you laughing all day long..

    Hmmm 3 more days.. the world is going to laugh with you. Your clowns going to come out with more tricks. Tiktok tiktok

    Professor Nasi Lemak

  41. Prof Nasi Lemak,

    //kept you laughing all day long..//

    No PH leaders here :)

    You are the only one around here doing the entertaining :)

    Keep it up. Others ae beginning to enjoy your postings as well :)