Tuesday 7 August 2018

Better trains than cars

So, Rafizi said

Third national car is against 

wishes of the rakyat 

I wrote earlier about it and stated that it's

Quite scary - Rafizi has the same thought as me about something.

But then again, Rafizi was likely saying that because he's part of a

Proxy war

He needs to make Dr Mahathir looks bad.

If his side wins that one, he may even be a PM one day.

Well. unlike him, I disagree with Dr Mahathir on the new national car project simply because I think it's a bad idea.

That's all.

I got no vested interest whatsoever in the matter.

I do support our national car initiative but I think having Proton and Produa is good enough for us.

No need for a third one.

We really shouldn't waste more money, effort and what else on it.

In case you all are wondering, I had bought three Proton cars in the past - a Wira, a Preve and an Iriz.

Dr Mahathir driving an Iriz. Good car.

Yup, I'm not just saying it, okay. I really do support our national car initiative.

Just that I disagree with this idea of a new one.

 But then again, that's just me and my opinion.

I'm quite sure Dr Mahathir will push the third national car project forward and by 2020 we are going to have it.

The handsome old man is like that. He wouldn't stop until he gets what he wanted.

Furthermore, if he can get the rakyat to dump BN, surely he will get them to support the new national car project too.

Rafizi and his camp should remember that.

Anyway, it was said that the Japanese will help us with it.

Well, let's just wait and see.

Honestly, I prefer if we can get the Japanese to help us improve our public transport system.

I think it's so much better if we can have more of the MRT and LRT systems.

Maybe the Japanese can help us make trains instead of cars.

I think that's a better idea.

Don't know lah.

Hopefully the whole thing would not turn out too bad.


  1. Hi Annie,

    If not making car, then what we are going to make?

    Can we make smartphone, computer, television, air condition and compete with other market?

    We do have the know how to make a car from A to Z.

    Should we just throw that away?

    That is the point.

    Should we just focus on making, chili, soya sauce.

    Go ahead and see in Tesco or Aeon, what product is manufactured in Malaysia.

    We have to think ahead.

    About your point in making train instead.

    Elon Musk in America makes train (hyperloop), car(Tesla), Rocket, Electric Truck......

    The reason is that they have the spirit of Amerika Boleh.

    No issue with Rafizi have different opinion.

    Under the new Malaysia, different opinion is ok. Not like before, heard mentality.

    1. Anonymous7 August 2018 at 08:58

      Agree with you.

      We are independent for more than 60 years.

      Surely we can tap into such an important sector as automotive by now. Remember, in the 1950s Japan was still recovering from defeat and 2 nuclear bombs. Look at them now!

      But this time, put good people in charge.

      Like MAS under the German dude, he gave them bitter but good medicine. Now we see it's back to the same old crap.

      Cantik lah tu.

      Also Geely is not a good partner. I have never trusted the quality of China made products.

      Choose a partner from elsewhere.

      Germany or Japan would be best.

    2. Ya, we already have the capability and the technical know how in making cars. From there, we can even make trains for all you care!

      If we are going to be a developed nation, the rakyats have to have the mind sets of a developed nation's people. We can't just wait for every other countries to build or make something for us. We have to develop ourselves! That is what a developed nation is all about. Invent, build, make, develop something!

      The government doesn't abandon the public transportation. So, what's the problem with the 3rd national car ?

      Also, Rafizi and you can voice out whatever's opinions that you may have and they're acceptable. But, I would suggest that you guys start to think far from now on if we want to become a developed nation. Else, you guys would just be the consumers forever. That's why Dr Mahathir is a respected world leader and Rafizi is not.

  2. I much prefer if we develop the CAR spare parts industry like THAILAND. We do't need to have a third National car to gain technical knowledge and at the same time jobs for the unemploy gradutes. Having car sparepart industry will definately boom our econlomy.

    1. Cik Minah

      We can do it, seriously.

      Look at Perodua.

      OK, export market not fantastic yet but decent car. No MYVI owner complains, right?

      Because good local management plus they worked with Daihatsu.

      Proton should take notes...

  3. To digress a little, Dr M finally got his prize which will dock at Port Klang today at noon. Maybe you should tour it if it is opened to the public for viewing, to savor the billion ringgit luxury that we paid for. Malaysians should be happy to finally wrest it from that fatty Chinese playboy, shouldn't they?

    1. I am looking forward to seeing the Equanimity. Jho Low should come back to Malaysia and assert his claim over the luxury yacht if has nothing to hide.

    2. I think Very, Very, Very Neutral Annie and her gang of Umno bloggers must be very disappointed that we are recovering 1MDB stolen property.

      After all, they wanted the Bugis pirate to win PRU14.

      Then Kak Ros would be still rolling in diamonds, the fat Cinabeng Jho would be enjoying his yacht, the KBU would all be getting fat contracts & projects, and the rest of us kena liwat by Umgnok setiap hari.

      Phew, good thing we avoided all that : )

    3. This would not have been possible if BN was still governing. Annie should be very proud of PH as we are recovering what rightly belongs to Malaysian taxpayers and not some rogue fugitive.

  4. The previous administration under Najib only knows how to plunder the nation's coffers. No creative idea to start any homegrown industry.

    1. Collecting Birkins is a homegrown industry!!!

    2. Anon 12.54: Actually collecting birkins is part of plundering the nation's coffers. hehe

  5. Me too. I am supporting proton for the past 15 years. Brought 5 of them, wira, saga, iswara.
    3rd national car? Please don't. 2 is enough.

  6. Annie said " But then again, Rafizi was likely saying that because he's part of a proxy war".
    As usual, Annie is very good at spinning stories.
    The difference in views between Tun M and Rafizi is good for the country as both great minds have their respective valid points.
    Unlike the previous government where transparency is scarce and differences of opinion not tolerated.

  7. We can have a 3rd national car or even a 4th...if undertaken by private concerns.....

  8. We must be patriotic like Koreans. If you go to South Korea, most of the cars driven are Korean made such as Kia, Hyundai etc even though the Koreans can afford to purchase expensive Japanese or European made cars.

    In fact Koreans were successful in everything they do from ship building, electronics, software and hardware etc. When I was in Korea, I asked my Korean friends, why they were successful in everything they do.They answered that South Korea lacked the natural resource but they have large number of educated workforce and they capitalise these by creating a win win ecosystem. The Korean government encourage entrepreneur by encouraging cluster of Industries with tax incentive to be created, and made it difficult for imported products . In the end you got a sustainable ecosystems that will encourage more entrepreneurship and created a highly desired high paid job in reseach and development, creativity and innovation.Nation will move and progress if they are highly innovative. These were the gist of Vision 2020 envisioned by TDM but unfortunately, the two PMs after him could not grasped to his vision.Thus, the no here no there kind of situation now.This must be corrected.

    1. "They answered that South Korea lacked the natural resource but they have large number of educated workforce and they capitalise these by creating a win win ecosystem."

      Yes, but our unis cannot produce this level of grad yet.....that's why from Asian Tiger under Tun Dr M, we became mcm anak kucing baru lahir now.....ishhhhhhh

    2. Anon 13:07, there is one missing ingredient: attitude. Msians just don't have the work ethics & attitude of the koreans & japs. When proton was 1st created, they enjoyed the protectionism & goodwill of the msians but proton squandered it. They treated quality & customers like dirt. Cars that was just driven out of showroom stalled less than 5 km later, so many major defects. It took proton 20+ yrs to solve their power window problem.

      Innovation alone is insufficient. It must be supported with good attitude & ethics.

    3. Anon 18:41

      All Industries need to go that trial n error cycle before they can improve their production quality.Japanese and Korean made car used to be called tin milo cars and their initial quality was suspected. Japanese got this Kaizen culture that encourage their workforce to internalise the quality and improvement culture within their workforce .Thus over the years, they have perfected their manufacturing capability and able to mass produce world class products.

      This can also be happening in Malaysia if we are focussed and discipline as them.

  9. Annie,

    //He needs to make Dr Mahathir looks bad.//

    It is a law of nature that nobody can make Mahatir look bad except Mahatir himself. :)

    The collorary to that, of cos, is that Mahatir can easily make others look bad, very very bad :)

    //I disagree with Dr Mahathir on the new national car project simply because I think it's a bad idea.//

    As others have pointed out, there is nothing wrong if private interests wish to pursue a third national car iniatitive.

    //The handsome old man is like that. He wouldn't stop until he gets what he wanted.//

    Come on lah, I think Mahatir is now old enough to know what he wants is not always what he can have, OK? :)

    He is a smart cookie. :)

    //surely he will get them to support the new national car project too.//

    I think it was Tom Cruise that said in some movie, "SHOW ME THE MONEY!!!!"

    I can crunch numbers all day long and as long as there is profit, come talk :)

    //Rafizi and his camp should remember that.//

    The way I read it, Rafizi is a profit-type of guy too, so I am happy to go along with Rafizi on this matter.

    //Maybe the Japanese can help us make trains instead of cars.//

    And maybe they wont :)

    The Japanese are not going to do anything for free, ok?

    They aint Mother Theresa or whomever is the Islamic/Hindu/Buddhist equivalent :)

    But if we can get good world-class public transport, whats wrong with paying a fair price, right?? :)

    //Hopefully the whole thing would not turn out too bad.//

    Well, we have a few so-called professors here on your blog who are pulling in different directions :)

    It would be interesting to see which of those so-called professors can present a convincing scenario.

    At the moment, I am getting a few good laughs from, at least, one of those so-called professors. :)

    I hope he keeps contributing to your blog as he seems to be generating real hits for your pagevoews. unlike those of *ahem* another blogger who gets pageviews from Canadian walruses (with thks to your reader, mdfrz(?), for his superb analytical and observation skills).

    For those who are puzzled by the walrus reference, pls do chk the archives of Annie's blog.


    1. Yep, it's a real shame that the fat ah soh's blog closed down.

      Becos....nobody can save the Malays and Muslims better than a flabby, bitter, self-hating Chinawoman.


      .......and Barisan Najis wonder why they failed so badly in Ge14......

  10. No need for a 3rd National car, just concentrate on Proton and Perodua if you must. 3 is a crowd for a 30 million population.

    The problem is us Msians are not proud enough to don a national brand, only maybe when you were just graduated and starting a 1st job than immediately wants imported brands when moving on in life.

    Puzzles me why do you need 3 national cars only to spur our engineering capabilities. Lame.

    1. Perodua is successful.

      So it can be done!

    2. Proton is no longer a national car. It's geely's. Perodua is just about manufacturing and selling.

      We're talking about the whole automotive industry from designing, developing, engineering, manufacturing, selling, servicing etc.

      Yes, it's more than just about making money. It's about inventing and engineering the nation.

      Of course private entities will be part of the project.

      Come on! Let's think ahead of time.

    3. I agree with Anon 15:30.

      If we have the engineering dynamism, skills, talent or know-how, we could have replicated the spare-parts for the Air-force's MiGs and Sukhois, ourselves.

  11. Leave business to businessmen. Now new government should focus on how to govern...should start there. Unless the govt plan to put businessmen to run government

  12. Cik Annie,

    Saya setuju juga kalo buat kereta nombor 3 tuu.....tapi saya rasa, molek juga kalau kita buat kapal mewah seperti Equanomity tuu.

    Ikut kata DOJ Amerika, Equanimito itu dengan harga RM1 billion tuu rupa-rupanya dibeli menggunakan duit curi dari Rakyat Malaysia.

    Sekarang ini, kapal mewah tuu dah ditambat di Port Kelang.

    Elok juga kalau pelajar-pelajar dan pengusaha Malaysia membuat kajian tentang kapal mewah itu, lalu dijadikan model untuk kapal mewah buatan Malaysia.

    Kita juga, sebagai rakyat Malaysia hendak juga menuntut janji kalau tak silap saya masa PRU14 dulu Pakatan Harapan hendak bawak Rakyat naik kapal mewah Equaminiti tuu.

    Rakyat Malaysia pun nak merasa juga, bukan para Kleptokrat aje....

  13. Let the new Khazanah handle this 3rd national car project.
    When we manufacture we start from R&D till production. Perodua is just producing cars. They are doing well because of good marketing.
    The 3rd Natcar is expected to be not the conventional normally aspirated engine cars. Most likely to capture the future electric cars market should be the target. Thats the way they are heading and most likely TDM's visit to Japan will focus on this prospect.

  14. I agree with Rafizi. The third national car should not even be considered. What benefits can it bring to Malaysia? Maybe bailouts benefits to a selected few? The author of this blog loves everything Japan, does Malaysian workers have the work working ethics of the Japanese to make a National car a success?
    If the third National car is to be carried out, which party benefit 3-5 year down the road? I think PPBM would gain the most, followed by Amanah, while PKR and DAP could be wiped out. DAP would be most vulnerable if this car project is to go ahead. Malaysians esp the Chinese can bring MCA and Gerakan to its knees, believe me DAP is no exception if they allowed DR. a free hand. Which country has 3 National cars?

    1. If you think that way, we understand. To you, DAP is just about demanding everything china & india, nothing about malaysia. While PKR to you is about anwar's family party nothing more. That's why you don't see the bigger picture.

      Aren't the chinese of DAP, MCA & Gerakan enjoying the perks with your proton 3S centres ? No ?

      Stop being such a racist bigot.

  15. Old Malaysia VS New Malaysia
    Proton and Produa are from yesteryears
    So, PH whats new or nothing to call your own


  16. M2.0 seems to have forgotten what M1.0 himself had discovered about making cars. Namely, it is not the car but the parts which are mission-critical.

    After bleeding rakyat money on Proton, M1.0 finally admitted the auto-making industry was actually about making the machines that make the parts that are assembled into the car.

    And Malaysia didn't have a machine-tool making capability at all. It still doesn't. In that perspective, Cik Minah is correct. We should have first become Asia's auto-parts maker of choice. Instead that went to Thailand who now continues to reap car exports albeit of foreign brands, thai-designed nonetheless.

    If we look back the history of Proton, it has been a series of foreign inputs and rebadgings. Mitsubishi, Citroen, Sauber, Lotus, Ricardo and Honda. So what's really ours?

    In addition to excuses of weak management, economic recession, quality control issues and emission noncompliance, Proton's experience with itself has been a series of self-survival scrambles prolonged by governmental bail-outs using rakyat money by the execrable dollops.

    Today, what is Proton? The UK Lotus suspension which works fine and the Malaysian Campro engine which is a kicky fuel-guzzler.

    SO - when people say we have the know-how to make a car from ground up and thus a third national car is doable, one wonders if they have learned any lesson from the Proton experience, for that matter asked themselves, "what's next then?".

    Being able to make a car using rakyat money when M2.0 himself has said the country is saddled with RM1 Trillion in debts should not mean one can just ignore the real situations on the ground both with respects the rakyats' household condition and the workers' in-factory limitations.

    An auto industry whether for export or just domestic or regional sales is not just about making cars. It is also about being able to earn money from selling them year after year model after model.

    Even for the really big international players, it has always been a gladiatorial pit. They compete on everything - from design to mobility lifestyle definition, from cost containment to experiential driving, from total quality to exceptional performance. And for each of the thousands of things that go into making a saleable car, end-to-end quality control not just in production but also in marketing and after-sales service. Anybody remembers Edaran?

    In the first national car, Proton had to engage a German auto quality specialist firm. They came and production quality went up. They left and quality went down. M2.0 should be more aware of what is going on in his pet project. He should ask and answer himself what is the cause of that, and in other projects as well.

    So what for the first national car, can he now say the third national car will avoid all the mistakes of the past? Or is it going to be another wallop of rakyat money the country no longer has in order to exercise his version of socio-economic engineering?

    After all, for it to even remotely work, he will have to enforce import-substitution again which means further entrenchment of the AP bumi scheme which has delivered NOTHING except exacting a horrendous toll on the affordability of a basic essential of modern living just so some ex-Miti Malay man could fly by helicopter to his golf course. M1.0 - have you forgotten so fast?

  17. 2/3

    A car is an essential these days and the second biggest ticket item in a household's expenditure. Abolition of GST has not reduced consumer prices. Introduction of SST will increase them. That's a double whammy on household incomes coming up on the tail of Umno-triggered losses incurred by such as Felda, TH, KWAP, KWSP, Khazanah, even Socso which affect the national bottom-line.

    Therefore national statesmen should be more responsible-minded about the assumptions for success of any project, let alone a hard cash drinker like a third national car.

    In the first place, it will not be a national car. Not just because it will be a Malaysia-Indonesia JV but also because Geely is not going to give up its successful rehabilitation of Proton with more sales and new exports now that its SUV is coming off the line.

    So where is the third car going to get the trained workers with the old knowhow to even get started? Who is going to provide the technology and training?

    And if you are talking about electric car, perhaps even driverless, where in this country are the experts on telematics and long-life lithium-ion batteries? Our auto makers can't even make sure the dashboard doesn't rattle after just ten thousand kilometers.

    Socio-economic engineering is not just about creating jobs, cutting ribbons and walking away to bask in accolades effused by hangers-on and under-table grafters.

    It is a long-term, wide-horizon, mindset-shift based on good education relevant to the world of employment coupled to careful financially-sound planning that is cold-eyed on the situation Umno has left everyone to un-mess today.

    Besides, if you force everyone to buy a half-tech local piece for lack of full-tech design and technical attributes, the project is going to sputter three years down the road in the same way Proton under M1.0 had suffered.

  18. 3/3

    Furthermore, there is another qualitative cost. The loss of techno-fascination. As an example of that, take the IT industry. By removing import duties on all IT products, we have been able to maintain currency (meaning 'updated and affordable') on information technologies. Just listen to the Malay lady selling you the latest laptop. She knows what she is talking about.

    And yet for the same reason we don't make indigenous IT because we don't have the experts and scale, the same reasoning applies to an indigenous car project - import substitution will mean raising the cost barrier to better and safer cars with more technical features that can be part of the personality profile of the guy called Malaysia.

    So go the other direction. Abolish all import duties on automobiles and motorbikes so that Malaysians can afford the best from the world in the thing we can't make on a consistently high level sustained for scalable commercial success. So that Malaysians can escalate their techno-fascination as a motivating signature to improve themselves constantly. And don't bother about forex losses; we already are done for in that department.

    Furthermore, what chance have we of penetrating the Southeast Asian car markets if Thailand is already its major exporter, Indonesians hurl things at our soccer players, and M2.0=M1.0xSingapore? Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam, Philippines and Myanmar? If M2.0 is thinking of the 40 million Indonesian middle-class market, they will want other brands when they start making enough to afford a better lifestyle. Not buy something which partially on joint-venture reminds them of lineage to neither country exclusively. Years ago, such a project for an Asean car was already envisaged. Where is it today?

    Rather than waste rakyat money on a car project, for that matter the same racing course project, remember we haven't yet paid off the Commonwealth Games costs on record so we might as well earn more tourist money. And that by rightsizing the cost to restart the HSR project. Because more wallet-bulging tourists land on that island first than directly here. And if in doing so we FINALLY get to develop a more pragmatic mindset because of integration with the dot, so be it.

    After all, half of them were Malaysians. No?

    1. Anonymous7 August 2018 at 18:08 & 09

      Some very good points.

    2. 3rd national car project sounds like a red herring from M2.0 similar to a lot other recent announcement made by many ministries. Rebranding programmes and projects of old govt, conflicting statement of new initiatives are all done without any direct reference to how these would impact the government coffers.

      One thing for certain the government would be collecting less money and could not afford these mega project of the time of M1.0 yesteryears without going into major privatisation drive again.

      Another certainty awaits us would be more red herring would be coming our way until we will get so tired with the ‘foreplay’ that we would not be questioning the the ultimate goal of any political party be whomever that they may be - do whatever its possible to stay in power and should that be providing ‘drama’ , then drama its going to be

      We should be keeping our eyes on the tabling of next year budget to get the real fact and not drama on the horizon of national planning both long term and medium term to see where actually the government are driving us to. Forget the red herrings

    3. Plans to initiate a third national car project will not be a reboot of Proton, assured International Trade and Industry Deputy Minister Ong Kian Ming.

      This is as the National Automotive Policy, which is under review, is heading in the direction of energy-efficient electric cars.

      “There are many things that can be updated in terms of how we want to make the aspiration of (Prime Minister) Dr Mahathir (Mohamad) to propel the automotive industry into something more sustainable and green,” Ong was quoted as saying by The Sun last night.

      He added that inputs from the industry and stakeholders are important to help the ministry shape the National Automotive Policy.

      "We hope the public does not think that Mahathir’s intention is to revive Proton as Proton 2.0. There are many more ideas that he has,” Ong said.

      If this is correct, then fine.

      We can be an innovation centre.

      But again must have the correct foreign partner.

  19. quote “Furthermore, if he can get the rakyat to dump BN, surely he will get them to support the new national car project too.” unQuote.

    You are WRONG on your assessment of Tun DrM’s supporters. We are not lembus that can be led to easily, like Najib supporters.

    I fully supported Tun DrM to overthrow BN govt in GE14

    But I don’t support his 3rd national car initiative.

  20. Anon 13:09
    Tergamam juga on this 3rd National car.. no idea wht to comment tapi here goes.

    Rumah ade 5 biji kereta tak celuih donno where to park shld I decide to support and buy this new Proton.(hope Gladiator bole baca dan faham).

    Tun shld initiate somethg practical esp so for his age group.. oso in line wth his professional background as a doctor.

    Singapore, Japan etc many are facing ageing population crisis. Hmmm huge market klo he looks into producing and export motorised, electric or robotic kereta roda.

    Klo project mcam ini tak byk belanja or JV dgn Jepun, Thailand or Indonesia.. oso can get Alibaba to do the sales and marketing.

    Professor Nasi Lemak.

    1. Prof, i think you should stick to selling nasi lemak. U punya idea tak boleh pakai langsung..

  21. stupid dumbos dulu tak mau tangkap jho low jadi kini najib sangkutlah, better jho low than najib meh. adoi najib setitik rosak dumbo sebelanga wakakaka

    1. "najib setitik rosak dumbo sebelanga"

      Somebody should use that slogan!

      Sadly dumno are still being run by the pinklips pirate....

  22. I don't drive cars made by monkeys.

  23. I do wish we have better public transport like the train system in Japan.

    1. Same for me Tukang Kebun. I miss riding the trains in Japan. Well, there's an MRT station near my office. Sometimes I just hop on one just for fun.

    2. Tukang kebun, in Japan the ridership of its train system is 100 times way higher than our MRT system here. Our MRT which costs hundreds of billions of ringgit is underutilised by the public. You can see the MRT feeder buses running almost empty without any passengers. It is such a sad sight to see these MRT buses going around with no passengers

    3. Our MRT is actually quite slowlah. Make it faster then people will slowly flock to MRT when it becomes obvious it’s faster to reach their destination through MRT

  24. Cars, trains ? Who cares when we have superyacht :)

  25. Prof Nasi Lemak,

    //hope Gladiator bole baca dan faham).//

    Only the bits where you tend to talk nonsense and make me laugh :)

    //oso can get Alibaba to do the sales and marketing.//


    Like this bit :)


    1. Gladiator
      3rd National car lagi lucu la.
      Haiyaa. Jangan ketawa tau, you may need one soon too.

      Professor Nasi Lemak

  26. I notice nowadays politicians are very cautious especially among the PH politicians.
    When Mahathir said he wanted to borrow from Japan nobody supported him(except may be Lim Guan Eng, his new sidekick).
    When Mahathir wants to start a nee national project nobody from the government jump to support him
    May be the new ministers are so scared to make public comments that become radicules.like black shoes for students,the tomatos price have fallen down etc.
    The poor old man might sense it that those people behind him are just waiting for the time for him to leave the scene and they will scramble to take the prized title of the 8th Prime Minister of Malaysia.
    Prof Kangkung

    1. Pros Kangkang,

      I notice nowadays Umno cybertoyol2 are very incautious and uneducated, especially those who dropped out in Form 3.

      For example, there is no such word as "radicules" and the plural of "tomato" is "tomatoes".

      More importantly, the old man completely defeated the Umno cybertoyol2 in PRU14, which is not really surprising as a 92-year-old statesman and doctor is much wiser than a Form 3 dedak-addicted dropout.

      Prof Sawi

    2. Prof Sawi
      Kadang2 sedih bila fikirkn ayam tua
      Bertelor almost nonstop, dah tua daging dijadikn rendang pula.. sigh


      Professor Nasi Lemam

    3. It is so annoying to see empty vessels making disturbing noise. It has happened 30 years ago when The Big Thinker Tun M wanted to build the NS Highways and Proton - so much so almost everybody in the Dewan Rakyat made fun of it and suggested the national car to be named 'Yamahathir' or 'Musabishi' during the reign of Mahathir-Musa administration.

      Why not let Tun M as PM of the day, the man most responsible for regaining us to Putrajaya do his job, it has only just begun and there are years of undoing to be done.

      Rome was not built in a day so too will the rebuilding of Putrajaya as there is so much of change to be instituted.

      Change is a must, it is a difficult process because there will be a lot of resistance to change.

      Our past has left scars embedded into each and every one of us so much so even though we proclaim to be Malaysians we want to see our own kind up there.

      Change has to be done at a pace, a pace the people can accept, why even now it seems we can't accept this change at this slow rate and that is why things get delayed because of us, we do not allow the people we chose to make decisions, every time they do it we question we criticise, we condemn and we nit pick. How are we to progress then.....??

      There are 30 million Malaysians out there and if each one of us gave an opinion of the way things should be done, it will take till Kingdom come to solve our problems.

  27. better let parlimen punish that fcuker bung, mongin no need to dirty his hands with dumbo thrash...

  28. Prof Kangkung,

    //I notice nowadays politicians are very cautious especially among the PH politicians.//

    Of cos it would only be PH polliticians who are cautious.

    PH is a coalition of equals.

    Within BN, it is business as usual.

    UMNO is top dog and MCA/MIC are ball carriers.

    No need for caution in BN.

    Of cos, the unoffical coalition between UMNO and PAS is very very cordial.

    But then, we all know Muslims always treat each other with great respect.

    A shame if one is not a Muslim, but .....

    //When Mahathir said he wanted to borrow from Japan nobody supported him...//

    Ahem, standard response to that is.. it is his personal opinion and not that of Pakatan :)

    //When Mahathir wants to start a nee national project .../

    Eeerrr... do I need to repeat the standard response??

    //May be the new ministers are so scared to make public comments...//

    In a coalition of equals like PH, yes, you are probably right - ministers are too scared to say anything publicly for fear of upsetting others who have equal power.

    But in a coalition like BN, UMNO does not give a shit what comments it makes.

    I mean what is MCA or MIC going to do if UMNO says anything abt orang Cina or orang India?

    Not that UMNO would dare criticise orang Cina or orang India today, ok? :)

    //they will scramble to take the prized title of the 8th Prime Minister of Malaysia.//


    Who's "they"?

    Lim Kit Siang? Azmin Ali? Subramaniam Muthusamy?

    There is only one name for the next PM of Malaysia, ok?

    One can speculate as much as one likes on other names but I dont think there is any point to it, honestly.


  29. Anonymous @ 8 August 2018 at 10:53,

    //better let parlimen punish that fcuker bung...//

    Actually, I say that he should be encouraged!!!

    This way, UMNO supporters can see the quality of politicians they have voting for all these years :)


    1. Gladiator
      Hadam dan hafal;


      Professor Nasi Lemak

  30. Prof Nasi Lemak,


    Pls stop sending links to porn videos :)