Tuesday 28 August 2018

Confusion over Soda Tax and Forest City

Yesterday was a bit confusing.

In the morning there was this story,

Govt mulling soda tax

 to encourage healthy living: Dr M

but later in the afternoon there was this one,

Sugar price drops 

as govt weighs soda tax

I think the government needs to coordinate better on these sort of things.

Otherwise people would say it has a jumbled up policy.

Didn't they discuss these first at Cabinet meetings?

Then there were these comments,

A soda tax is not going to 
solve the obesity problem — The Galen Centre

Tax sugar and not 

just soda, say academicians

Well, don't know lah.

Then there was also this announcement yesterday morning by Dr Mahathir as quoted by Reuters,

Malaysia says Forest City 

project off limits to foreign buyers

which is a complete opposite of this one by a minister earlier this month,

Minister: Foreigners can buy 

freehold properties in Forest City

I hope Dr Mahathir can sit down with his ministers and tell them to shut up and let him do all the talking.

Just like it was during his first 22 years as a BN PM.

Better that way.

Whatever it is, Dr Mahathir's announcement yesterday was as good as killing off the project.

Well, I was not really surprised as getting at Forest City was one of the handsome old man's GE14 promises,

But then again the developer later in the day issued this statement,

Forest City developer believes 
Dr M's statement 'taken out of context

These are the most interesting bits,


“Today’s comments do not correspond with the content of the meeting between Tun Mahathir and Founder and Chairman of Country Garden Holdings, Yeung Kwok Keung,” said the company.
The two, according to the statement, had a 40-minute closed-door meeting on 16 August 2018, prior to the prime minister’s visit toBeijing.
“During the meeting, Tun Mahathir reiterated that he welcomes foreign investments which could create employment opportunities, promote technology transfer and innovations that could benefit Malaysia’s economic growth and job creation,” said the company.
CGPV said it had complied with all laws and regulations with the necessary approvals to sell to foreign property buyers.

Well, I hope the developer is right. That it was just a misunderstanding.

Otherwise, we may likely be in trouble with not only the Chinese but also other potential investors.

You shouldn't say this today but say something else tomorrow.

People are going to be scared of you when you do that.

Meanwhile, down in Johor,

Exco: We're trying to 

make sense of PM's comments

Hmmm....that's understandable.

I wonder what the Johor palace, which has significant interest in the Forest City project has to say.

Somehow I suspect that another announcement will be made later to straighten things out....and the project will be all right.

You see, I was against those projects along the Tebrau Straits earlier than everyone else such as in this post on Sept 3 2014,

Meanwhile in Johor...the song remains the same

(you can check earlier similar posts in this blog's archive)

but I don't think shutting it down now is a good idea.

That's because there will be severe backlash if we do this now after it has already started.

If it has not started yet, then it's a different story.

I think even Dr Mahathir knows this.

So, see lah how.

For now we just relax.

After all, these days, words and promises don't really worth that much.

Tomorrow, they would say something else.

Just wait for things to really happen, okay.


  1. Prefer not to comment nor elaborate for fear of being called a BODOH !!

  2. Wow...Annie switched from one topic (A day at UiTM) to another topic (Soda Tax & Forest City) in just half a day. I guess the earlier topic (UiTM) must be bombarded with comments and Annie has to do some damage control by moving on quickly....Very clever Annie...hehehe

    1. I write less, people say I'm lazy blogger, I write more, people say I'm like this pulak.....sigh.

    2. Hahaha...now you know Annie...it's not easy for the PH government to please EVERYONE especially when it comes to implementing tough but necessary policies :)

    3. Serba-tak-kena... jadi blogger ni, lebih-lebih lagi, kebanyakan yang orang tak kenal.

    4. Anonymous28 August 2018 at 11:04

      Don't worry, Annie is an expert at recycling.

      Anyway, if she thinks Forest City should go ahead then she's saying planeloads of rich Chinamen from China & rich Singaporeans should come in live in luxury here while the poor orang Melayu can only dream of Forest City.

      Then Annie remembers:

      "Oh no, I'm supposed to be creating racial animosity as a Failed Umno Blogger!"

      How lah?

      Use FC to whack Tun, or use FC to create racial tension?


      Maybe Annie should just retire and walk on the beach, dreaming of her Japanese boyfriend...

  3. sugar is a need while soda is a want...

    1. handbag is a need while birkin is a want, hopefully slow learner annie understand now wakakaka

    2. Clap clap clap...brilliiant simply brilliant...the answer to all question must be hand bag in your mind..what a wonderful mind..simply brilliant

    3. Anon 17:52...For small minds like you need to give simple handbag analogy. Scared you can't comprehend the more complicated stuff :)

  4. Hi Annie,
    Would like to comment a bit on the proposed Soda Tax. I'm all for it and in total agreement with what the Govt is proposing. Anyone who is in their right mind and health conscious knows that carbonated drinks are bad for us, i mean the amount sugar they put in is just exorbitant.

    However as much as its bad for health its not a crime hence one way of addressing this is to discourage purchase similar to Govts all over the world imposes high taxes on cigarettes etc etc.

    Personally, i know a number of people esp youngsters who are just addicted to soft drinks and this is not good. Should consumers wants to still continue buying it then it is their choice however the Govt has done their part to discourage them.

    Perhaps that wasnt the main point for Tun announcing it, perhaps its all creatively finding ways to increase Govt's rev which is no harm in doing so.

    Btw, have been a loyal reader with your blog for years and its my first time commenting. Hope to contribute to some intellectual discourse (as and when i'm free from work), ultimately in doing so i hope we do a bit of our part into shaping Msia as a great nation.


    1. "Anyone who is in their right mind and health conscious knows that carbonated drinks are bad for us, i mean the amount sugar they put in is just exorbitant."

      Agreed, but most of those who are conscious of the unhealthy aspects of heavily sweetened carbonated drinks usually are educated, middle class people, though many are still fine with consuming heavily sweetened 3 in 1 instant coffee mixtures.

      The problem is with the less educated, lower income group and especially children who consume sweet drinks excessively and parents who indulge them.

      As stated before, the government must mandate a lower limit on the amount of sugar put in canned and packed drinks, as well as in 3 in 1 or 2 in 1 instant coffee mixtures.

  5. Nanti jadi macam ECRL la tu.

    Dah pamerkan ciri2 nyanyok.
    Dok tunggu dia melatah pula.

    Professor Nasi Lemak

    1. Ahhh...dah start dah Prof Pokpek Parrot ni.
      Betul kata Gladiator.....Prof Pokpek ni bertaubat dan pura pura alim cuma beberapa hari saja...lepas tu back to his hypocritical self.

    2. Professor Nasty Berak,

      That "orang nyanyok" pissed all over you Umgnok macai, at the age of 92.

      I feel your pain.

      TV3, Utuscum, EC, IGP, fake RCI, Fake News Act, NSC Act, army of bloggers, Form 3 drop-outs like you....

      ....all defeated by one old man.

      Defeated VERY heavily, too.

      Kesian lah you.

      Tak malu ke bro : )

      Hee hee.

    3. Anon 15:42/43

      Keep track ya..
      28/8/2018 - cannot wan
      0?/0?/2018 - can wan
      0?/0?/2018 - cannot wan
      0?/0?/2019 - will think2 again

      Anyway my restaurants use approx 20kg sugar each day.. yey! We jimat RM2 each day!!!! Thank PH..

      Professor Nasi Lemak

    4. Prof Nasi Lemak,

      Dah jimat gula jangan lupa bayar tax sst.

      Harga kasi turun sikit la. Govt tak mau kasi BRIM anymore. Semua orang susah except ‘nangoi nangoi’ penyokong PH. Pinjam cakap Mat Sabu panggil nangoi. Bukan saya cakap. Mat Sabu cakap.

      Ada banyak kebenaran yang Mat Sabu cakap. Nangoi nangoi MP perlu masa untuk tune daripada perangai pembangkang kepada perangai pemerintah. Kita bagi dia masa lah sampai 5 tahun.

      Nangoi penyokong PH jugak kena bagi masa. Tak berapa cerdik lagi komen macam pembangkang jugak..

      Kena bagi makan nasi lemak lebih sikit. Hari hari makan fries boring jugak.

      Jangan kasi bunga, nanti jadi seperti kera dapat bunga

    5. Yes prof, he is a senile old man
      Prof kangkung

    6. Pros Kangkang,

      Have some respect please.

      Respect is what no voters showed your constant diarrhoea of opinions, by not being swayed beyond giving your paymasters 36% of the vote.

      A tragic failure.

      Perhaps you should go back and complete Form 3, as you contemplate the huge waste of effort that your brainless noises actually are.

      Prof Sawi

    7. "Anyway my restaurants use approx 20kg sugar each day.. yey! We jimat RM2 each day!!!! Thank PH.."

      when sugar up rm0.10/kilo your cost only up rm2/day only!! why you charge your lauk up so much???

  6. Annie,

    This is classic Mahatir.

    Say this today, do that tomorrow.

    When Mahatir was in UMNO, this tactic was widely accepted by UMNO supporters as the superior intellect of Mahatir and condemned by the opposition as the deviousness and insincerity of Mahatir.

    Today, with Mahatir in PH, I find it rather amusing that the exact same tactic used by Mahatir will be praised by PH supporters as the superior intellect of Mahatir and you know what the opposition will say :)

    Re the soda tax, the Galen Centre probably said it best and I quote :-

    "A tax by itself is not going to solve the obesity problem. Soda drinks are not the only contributor to obesity. The government must invest in health literacy and NCD prevention programmes which aim to educate and create awareness of healthy choices and influence behaviour."

    Re Forest City.

    //I hope Dr Mahathir can sit down with his ministers and tell them to shut up and let him do all the talking.//

    In the old days, there was one party to rule them all :)

    And Mahatir was The Overlord of UMNO.

    It was Mahatir's way or the highway.

    Well, things are an titsy teeny wee bit different today.

    Mahatir is in a coalition of equals, where ego and pride take second place to consensus and political practicalities.

    //I wonder what the Johor palace, which has significant interest in the Forest City project has to say.//

    Now THAT would be most interesting indeed :)

    But my guess is that, publicly, the Johor Palace will be making diplomatic noises and saying nice neutral things.

    I am certain that the Johor Palace knows how to play the game - it is a big business game for big boys only and I don't think there will be tantrums or foot-stamping in public.

    So far, we have heard nothing - publicly, so let's wait and see.

    //Meanwhile in Johor...the song remains the same//

    Hmmm, dunno why I seemed to have missed that article of yours.

    I can only recall the RAMSAR articles you wrote.

    //but I don't think shutting it down now is a good idea.//

    I don't think anything is going to be shut down.

    I suspect this is only part of the opening gambit in some sort of powerplay between Mahatir and the Sultan of Johor.

    I have a feeling we are going to see and hear more in time to come.

    //For now we just relax.//

    Yup, I have been making my own teh halia and enjoying some lovely almond biscuits.

    Mmmmm... yum... you want some or not? :)


    1. "Mahatir is in a coalition of equals, where ego and pride take second place to consensus and political practicalities"

      In theory, yes but I don't see that in practice right now.

    2. For once,.I do agree with you gladiator.
      Prof kangkung

  7. Instead of a soda tax, mandate a limit to the maximum amount of sugar by volume allowed in soda and other drinks.

    As for flip flopping on other issues, well Mahathir should not do that as it makes him look unpredictable and weak.

    The latest is that foreigners can buy properties in Malaysia but it does not guarantee them the right to a long stay visa.

    Before Forest City, foreigners have been allowed to buy properties in Malaysia but that did not guarantee the right to a long stay visa, except for those under the Malaysia My Second Home programme.

    Study the issue and the related law well, then make a statement.

  8. forest city already cast in stone right...

  9. I think Mahathir literally shoot first, his intention is to feel the public's reaction. If public opinion is for it, then he will push for its implementation. Just as his 3rd National car project, he fed the idea to the public, fortunately the majority were against this idea, thus his frustrated outburst recently.

  10. I don't think the PMO statement that is being circulated is authentic. Something doesn't look right.

    1. Singapore news used the PMO statement. It doesn't look like Tun's style at all. What's going on?

    2. Oh, the fruity lady. I get it now.

  11. https://www.thestar.com.my/news/nation/2018/08/28/dr-m-s-move-on-forest-city-not-surprising-seen-as-discriminatory-khaled-nordin-claims/

    Tell or don't tell?

  12. ya…get rid of all tat soda laced drink. d people think guzzling down those drinks r trending behaviour. its advertising works. so cut all those persuasiveness on our medias…n replace them with more psychological trailers such as how plain drinking water can spark a good life….a much prettier maybe….kah..kahhh. so, one healthy tax,i think it just fit in.

    sugar is of a different connotation. it’s a necessity. i drink sweet tea. i doesnt effect anything. people taste behaviour r different…. depend on where they r embedded to. eg kelantanese eat all sweet food. they cant change it. so… more tax or less tax d consumption not much deterred. Just tat a few penny saved if d price lowered.

  13. https://m.malaysiakini.com/news/268649

    old story but insightful

  14. IT.Scheiss # 28 August 2018 at 22:18,

    //In theory, yes but I don't see that in practice right now.//

    I have read in many places, that with Mahatir, it's the things you don't see which are important.

    It is quite possible that if Machiavelli and Sun Tzu were alive today, they could well be sitting at Mahatir's feet taking notes. :)


    1. "I have read in many places, that with Mahatir, it's the things you don't see which are important."

      You may have a point but what is he hoping to achieve, besides perhaps testing the water.

      Anyway, I don't think this flip flopping gives Malaysia a good impression on others, especially foreign investors, from China or anywhere else.

    2. Haha
      Prof Kangkung

  15. Whatever Tun M says today about Forest City or JB's property market makes no difference anymore. Damage had already been done. Buyers are shying away from JB. Don't believe ask the Astaka people. Their Menara Astaka claiming to be the tallest high end condo project is completed but still mostly vacant.It is rumored that contractors for the project are forced to take up condo units in liew of payment.
    Whatever it is the COO of Astaka Padu very cun laa..very stylish hijabster, especially as she steps out of her 2 door Merc SL 500.If only she can smile a bit and not look garang all the time.But then can't blame her for that. Her condos are not selling. She calls Daeng Malek ..Pak Long.

  16. annine and bapak blogger tipu RPK aka god-papa of hilang ang
    when you two want to write articles about those BN goons not only they "merombak" kita but also those "billions" if not "millions" of taxes owned like ahmed malzan, or the MIA tengku!!!!!!

  17. Memang konpius sangat. But what do Malaysians want? For this project to thrive, or for it to be killed off?


  18. Like annie said more flip flop news would be coming until PM gets everythings streamline via cabinet and the ministries.

    Give it time. Its a new government trying to run but the legs still not strong.

    What i dont understand is why the PH supporters are trying too hard to defend everything that come out from the PH loudspeakers? The new government is still in infancy and they are admitting they are quite ‘uncoordinated’ and contradicting to some extent.

    But i guess if its your job to defend PH at whatever cost eventhough by sounding stupid..well too bad. U dont envy u..cari makan right? Just like the opposition blogger too..cari makan...same same

    To some of us, as much as we are happy that we have thrown BN out, does not mean we are happy with this new animal PH. Yet to be seen. Too early. But to find people defending every action of the new government..thats like believing in fairy tales and the comments are embarassingly silly.

    Keep up the good work Annie.


  20. IT.Scheiss @ 29 August 2018 at 02:16,

    //what is he hoping to achieve, besides perhaps testing the water.//

    Well, for the right answer, you would have to ask Mahatir himself :)

    I can only guess that you are probably right - it is to test the waters.

    //Anyway, I don't think this flip flopping gives Malaysia a good impression on others, especially foreign investors, from China or anywhere else.//

    I dont think that I am the only person who knows it is quite normal for Mahatir to play his flip-flopping games.

    I am pretty sure foreign investors, China included, have already recalibrated their investment strategies to handle Mahatir.

    We are talking about investors who are investing billions and not an investor who is investing hundreds in a roadside roti canai stall.

    As far as I am concerned, I am not worried what Mahatir does - for the time being.

    He has stated that he has a tentative timeframe which he is working to and, coincidentally, that timeframe matches my own assessment of how long it will take for the PH government to settle in and consolidate, so I am happy to let him continue.

    So far, what Mahatir has done seems pretty ok but these are early days.

    It is like steering a huge ocean liner - they change direction very very slowly.


  21. 0ff topic: satu persatu tuhan tunjukkan:

    KUALA LUMPUR: The mother of the late Tan Sri Jamaluddin Jarjis, former science, technology and innovation minister who died in a helicopter crash, has filed for faraid (weath distribution) certificate at the Syariah court over his RM2.082bil estate.

    Read more at https://www.thestar.com.my/news/nation/2018/08/29/jamaluddin-jarjis-mother-files-claim-over-his-billion-ringgit-estate/#YG1wLbCzImW9ueqh.99

    1. This is not suprising at all. Many may not know that the late JJ was among the closest allies of the Najib Razak.The closeness between them dates back to the 80s when NR was the MB of Pahang and the deceased was runing his Engineering consultant's firm making his entry into politics.Among them was the late Sabarudin Chik.You can say they are bro-in-arms and bros-in-crime.They rise in UMNO together even sharing the same interests.Well lets just stop at that for respecting those deceased.

  22. Annie, any comment on the late Jamaluddin Jarjis' estate worth RM2.1billion ?

    1. wow dumbo duit jatuh dari langit, better to kahwin dumbo than to blog for dumbo & annie amoi what say u???

  23. Apa la yang pening sangat ? Most of the main news media are still being controlled by BN. They would just belittle Tun Dr Mahathir whenever is possible or when opportunities come. They would show that Tun Dr Mahathir is flip flopping here and there.

    Bodoh sangat ke nak faham ? All of the projects have been temporary cancelled due to re-negotiations. That's it! If they don't favour us why continue ?

    As for forest city or any other housing developments, i agree that the government should not give visas to foreigners just because they bought properties here. WTF la rakyat sendiri tak boleh beli dan tak mampu beli. Tak kan lah raja2 kita tak kisah pasal rakyat langsung ???

  24. .....Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad on Monday (Aug 27) declared that foreigners will not be granted visas to live in.....

    Wait.. this foreign visa clamp specifically directed to "forest city only" or same will be enforced nationwide?? Very confusing.

    Professor Nasi Lemak

    1. Aiyaaa..Prof Nasi Dedak, no need to pretend to be so confused la.....We all know you didn't make it past Form 3 but no need to pretend to be so stupid either.

    2. Anon 16:01

      Mimic ya, hadam n hafal;

      Form 3

      Professor Nasi Lemak

  25. Keep track ya..
    28/8/2018 - cannot wan
    29/08/2018 - pending review ***
    0?/0?/2018 - can or not
    0?/0?/2019 - will think2 again

    *** https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.nst.com.my/node/405763/amp

    Professor Nasi Lemak

  26. JJ 2 billions - look like tongkat NEP enriched dumbos beggared malays or mcm melayu diperkudakan oleh dumbo...
    and NO malay dare to debate & correct the above issue adoi

    1. bloody & greedy dedak dumbos more dahsyat than crazy rich asians...

    2. wow 0007
      perhaps those pokpek professors can debate & correct the above issue no???

  27. Tak buat kerja but want nama. Some Malays give Melayoos a bad name. Simply shameless. And wearing headscarf some more. What image are you projecting to the world? At least Annie not wearing headscarf. By the way I'm not talking about the Astaka one. I don't know that one. I'm talking about another bitch and her bitchlet, both pakai tudung, but don't know the meaning of virtue. Let me repeat SHAMELESS scums of the earth.

    1. Apa benda yg ko meroyan ni? Buat blog sendiri lah

    2. Just want free money to drop from sky...SHAMELESS..

  28. [EXCLUSIVE] Missing US$12 million linked to 1MDB?

    KUALA LUMPUR: INVESTIGATORS are hot on the trail of the US$12 million (RM49 million) said to belong to the government, but allegedly found its way surreptitiously to the office of the Malaysian External Intelligence Organisation (MEIO).


    1. Anon 08:09

      Hmmmm melilau rata2 mencari "kotak2 azimat".. nanti serbu la rumah dia ni. Last last angkut kasut cucu2 dia kena sita pulak dah..

      Melelong melelong.. no wonder asyik BATAL TUNDA BATAL TUNDA baru nak STUDY.. sementara tu;


      Satu benda pun tak jalan


      Professor Nasi Lemak

  29. More and more BN and DUMNO corruption being discovered.

    1. Anon 03:47, 10:22

      Kuman diseberang laut nampak.. Gajah depan mata tak nampak..


      Professor Nasi Lemak

    2. Prof Pokpek Parrot,

      Ya, memang. Setuju. Orang UMNO ni macam kuman, virus, parasite belaka. Kuman pun makan dedak ya?


    3. Anon 13:26

      Gajah nampak ke tak nampak? Jawab

      Yes or No

      Professor Nasi Lemak

    4. Prof Pokpek,

      Rasuah BN nampak tak? Jawab

      Yes or No

  30. Prof Nasi Lemak,

    //Kuman diseberang laut nampak.. Gajah depan mata tak nampak.. //

    Describes UMNO and PAS perfectly :)

    Gladiator - a true Malaysian (as approved by yourself.. heheheheh)

  31. Anonymous @ 30 August 2018 at 13:26,

    //Orang UMNO ni macam kuman,.../

    I think Prof Nasi Lemak must hate UMNO and PAS without realising it :)

    Maybe deep down, in some hidden corner of his very being, he loves and admires Lim Kit Siang but refuses to acknowledge it :)



    1. Gladiator
      Kesian kat dia sja.. kan tumor just removed? Tumors ni kadang2 may suddenly become aggressive tau..

      ..."Apabila Allah menginginkan kebaikan bagi seseorang hamba, maka Allah menyegerakan siksaan baginya di dunia"...

      Professor Nasi Lemak

    2. Professori..tak payah la kau nak keluarkan ayat2 Quran ke hadith ke kaitkan hal2 ni. Kau tu dah syirik...

  32. im confusion over dumbos riches & malays poorness, annie can explain sigh

    1. Yes yes yes...waiting for Annie to do an expose on this....still waiting...sigh

  33. Mahathir is right about Forrest City.If the Government were to give long term visas to the buyer,it will become a PRC Chinese city of 700,000 people.Imagine if the people of this city decide one day yhat they dont want to be governed by Malaysia and the government starts to deploy the security apparatusbagainst them,what will happen next?Most likely China will intervene on behalf of its citizens and Malaysia will be in a mess.On the other hand if Malaysia refuses to give long term visas to the foreign buyers,it will become a big ghost city much bigger than the one seen in China.Either way its not going to be good for everybody eccept the developer.

    1. Anon 18:24

      ...."Either way its not going to be good for everybody eccept the developer"...

      Haiyaa.. contractors or sub majority Apek2. Gelang Patah just 25mins away, byk loss of potential business opportunities for them.

      LKS cerkah sikit, TUN melatah la.. Remember 12/222 and;


      Professor Nasi Lemak

    2. Prof Nasi Dedak, haiya...Tun M bukan macam Najib la...jual dan gadai tanah melayu kat orang asing. Najib penghianat tanah melayu

  34. mcm semua jelata jeles dgn kekayaan pendedak2 dumbo...

    1. Anon 19:35 ini tak tahu malu..makan duit haram penyanggak pun tak tahu malu. Pathetic!

    2. 21:26
      harap api anda akan membakar dumbo wakakaka