Tuesday 21 August 2018

Kluang girl and Dr Mahathir in a Proton

This is the story of the video

Meet the girl who opened 

and closed Dr M's window

According to a Sin Chew Daily report, Tan Shu Rin is a second-year Malaysian student in Shanghai's Fudan University, who is majoring in broadcasting.
The 21-year-old student, who hails from Kluang, is an intern with Nuance Communications.
Nuance is collaborating with Zhejiang Geely Holding Group to develop the voice command system, one of which would be used for the Malaysian market.
The report quoted Tan stating that she had practiced numerous times with the voice command prior to Mahathir's arrival.
She was also not sure if Mahathir would enter the vehicle she was in, as there were five others as well and was delighted when the premier picked hers.
What was not mentioned in the story was that Shu Rin is a graduate of Chung Hwa High School Kluang.

That's my mother's school. I'm sure she's proud of Shu Rin.

My mom was as pretty as Shu Rin when she was as young as her. She's still beautiful today, okay.

And like my mother, Shu Rin pronounces R properly. Proton, not Ploton.

Otherwise the car windows may not opened.

So, I'm okay with Chinese schools and their graduates. You all can check this blog's archive for that.

By the way, I believe Dr Mahathir must have quite a bit of fun during the visit to Geely's facilities.

As mentioned in the story, the handsome old man was not happy when Geely tied up with Proton back then.

He even said Proton is no longer a Malaysian national car.

Maybe he will change his mind after the visit to Geely.

Well, Dr Mahathir already said that he's now okay that Proton is working with Geely.

Maybe now we don't need to proceed with the third national car and another round of auto industry protectionism.

Seriously, I don't mind Dr Mahathir making a U-turn on this one.

Let's wait and see.

By the way, I'm just glad that it was Dr Mahathir who was with Shu Rin trying out the car....instead of Anwar.

I don't trust Anwar, okay.


  1. You dont trust .the rear Admiral..Hmmm..Somehow I cant erase from my mind the "Rear Admiral look a like but perut tak sama" enjoying himself with the Chinese lady...It cant be him, right..Still bugging me what happen to the elusive Omega watch; Is it still with the police??

  2. Annie, Anwar does not give 2 hoots whether u trust him or like him. As usual your articles always avoid talking about the massive corruption by BN govt in their dealings with chinese entities.

    1. BN govt still around? Where?

    2. Annie,i am surprised you still buat bodoh and omitted what your handsome old man said in China about the lopsided contracts entered by BN when BN was in power

    3. "As usual your articles always avoid talking about the massive corruption by BN govt in their dealings with chinese entities."

      That's pretty standard for Failed Umno Bloggers like Annie, actually.

      Head in the sand - or is it dedak? No lahhhh, for Very Very Neutrals, it's sand : )

    4. Annie 21 August 2018 at 23:25,

      Please note that 22.59 was right.

      The corruption of your beloved pinklips pirate is causing us massive problems to this day.

      No use saying "BN govt still around? Where?"

      Please try to keep up, ya.

      The ECRL was a project awarded without tender to one China company called CCCC - THAT WAS BANNED BY THE WORLD BANK FOR CORRUPTION.

      Sounds perfect for the lanun Bugis : )

      Why was the ECRL mooted?

      It was 100% a scam to cover 1MDB debts.

      The leaked term sheet of the ERCL contract reveals this.

      Total CCCC cost of acquiring all remaining parts of 1MDB and its worthless companies and fund units: USD7.5bn or MYR30 bn.

      Term Sheet, China’s obligations:

      (a) End July, CCCC assumes USD4.78 bn of 1MDB (i.e. 1MDB Energy) debt to IPIC, due between Oct 2016 and 2022.

      (b) Pay on 1MDB’s behalf USD850 mn to IPIC;

      (c) Buys at USD315 mn, two Jho Low-affiliated companies, Loh Corporation Berhad and Putra Perdana Berhad.

      (d) Acquisition of 1MDB Ayer Hitam (Penang land, at USD850 mn, payment to IPIC);

      (e) Acquisition of 1MDB Global Inv. (USD940 mn);

      (f) Acquisition of 1MDB Brazen Sky (USD1.56 bn); and,

      (g) Acquisition of 100% of 1MDB Energy Holdings [Price (a) = USD4.78 bn]

      Those two companies mentioned - Loh Corporation Berhad and Putra Perdana Berhad - are fronts for Jho Low. Who is the chairman of Putra Perdana Berhad? Azeez Baling. These companies are both on the money flow diagram that Apandi held up in the press conference.

      In July 2016, Fadillah Yusof said the ECRL cost would remain RM30 billion as set by govt in 2015, not "pumped up" to RM60 billion to cover up 1MDB debts.

      But then the cost was confirmed as RM55 billion.

      How did the cost go up by RM25 billion in under 6 months?

      Because that RM25 billion was Najib's plan to clear off the massive sums owed to the UAE for his IPIC scam.

      Gali lobang, tutup lobang.

      Never mind lah Annie, flutter your eyelashes and say your standard line "ohhhhh, I don't understand, la, too complicated, hee hee".

      Pendek kata:

      ECRL was a scam that was never logical for the country.

      Created to save pinklips pirate's backside.


      Good : )

    5. Not boring Annie. You shouldn't dismiss others just like that just because you can't rebut them.

    6. You think it's my job to layan all stupid comments?

    7. Funny you didnt say that about the Nasi lemak fella Annie. He is the epitome of stupidity. Relax Annie...Jangan meroyan ya...

    8. Lifeofannie

      Kalo otak udang poyo mcm u xde FACTS mmg lah boring

      For rest of us highly relevant

      Balik sekolah weiiii lifeofannie

    9. Org cerita Proton dia merapu tah apa pulak. Masuk blog orang nak mengutuk je. Mak bapak tak ajar kencing berak agaknya dia orang ni. Tu yg kencing berak merata2 tak kena tempat macam ni. Bodoh punya orang.

    10. Wei Annie...sabar sikit. Hari ini hari raya korban. Tak elok guna kata2 kesat seperti k & b. Hormat sikit kat yg beragama Islam di hari yg mulia ni.

    11. Oooo...dia org kutuk aku macam2 boleh, aku kutuk dia orang balik, tak boleh. Raya lah, puasa lah, tahun baru cina lah, ponggal lah. Banyak cantik muka korang.

    12. Annie said

      "Org cerita Proton dia merapu tah apa pulak"

      Yang peliknya kenapa cerita Proton tiba tiba divert kat Anwar pulak? Anwar pulak yg kena tak pasal pasal..Pelik dan ajaib betul

    13. LOL....chill lah Annie.

      Yes, I guess to some people these detailed facts are boring.

      However, to me as a Malaysian, it is deeply worrying.

      My grand children will carry the burden of wastage done by BN for 60 years.

      So I thank Tun for having the courage to clean up the mess.

      Anyway, I agree with Anonymous22 August 2018 at 13:09, let us not quarrel on hari yang mulia ini.

      Peace : )

    14. From OSTB:

      "The same thing with the Chinese ECRL contracts. Obviously they have been overpriced. The Chinese also paid monies in advance. It was a corrupt deal where the ex Prime Minister and his cronies were involved. It is public knowledge that the project amount announced by the Moron Prime Minister was much higher than the figure released by the Chinese themselves. Someone made some money from kickbacks.

      It is good that Dr Mahathir says the ECRL project is now canned. I strongly suggest that Malaysia DO NOT pay any compensation or damages or claims. The whole contract should just be repudiated. The ECRL contract was entered into by a kleptocratic government headed by a thief and a crook. Why should the Malaysian people be burdened with the obligation to pay for someone else's thievery? What kind of justice is that?"

      Well, the point is - even if we have to cancel the ECRL, trust Tun's judgement.

      A bad and crooked deal is just that.

      Anything that can be saved, we should try and save.

      Ditto with Proton.

      Frankly, I am willing to hear out what is Tun's full vision for a future national car.

      If Geely is the partner, so be it.

      However, I think we should still talk to either Japanese or Germans for expertise.

      F1 teams have a Technical Director.

      Maybe we need a similar position in Proton.

      Tun is basically looking long term.

    15. Hantam je dia orang ni kaw kaw Annie.No kesian one..

      Batu Api (Firestone)

    16. Heh heh heh....

      Annie pun dah jadi pemalas mcm Abang EkorKuda ler......umgnok cybermachinery breaking down....huhuhu

  3. hahaha...a gud one annie! I trust U..👍

  4. Annie,

    At least spell "Mahathir" correctly in your headline, okay.

    You are getting as careless as a certain ultra-lazy blogger with a ponytail, okay.

    He also tak pandai proofread, okay.

    Blog littered with mistakes.

    Nasib baik only one new post every 3 months...

    1. 8.54

      Ko jgn harap sangat la bro

      Bloga lima sen nih konpom uneducated

      Pandai makan dedak ameno jer tu jer

  5. This girl is by product of UEC. She will be working there after she graduates as her qualifications is not recognise in her own country. So lucky our country chase these people out or they will be a threat to the people here. Good riddance to good talents.

    1. Not necessarily. PH promised to recognise UEC before GE14. Maybe now they are in power they'll keep that promise unlike the other election promises.

    2. Yes.. PH trying very hard to recognise UEC but they are thwarted by racist politicians who have their own agenda.. this country will never be great if we have racists like Umno and PAS around using race and religion to scare the Malays by making them feel insecure

    3. Recognise UEC is not racist ke? Why education in Mandarin should be given priority.Singapore pun as far that I know already dump this approach decades ago.They focus in English.

    4. hello bro…..am malay with cgpa of chancellor’s award status. i’d gone to more than 20 employers to show tat. i mean wat i was made off. but all rejected. to beat d blues…i tried an on–line business n ok.

      so, no point shouting to ‘no’ n call people to sympathy with u. it just happened. either u’r from ketuanan or not d situation is not favouring all. chinese or malay u’ve to market yourself in person.

    5. DAP cakap they are not a racist party...multi racial bla bla... First thing DAP mintak after PH menang..
      1.Recognise UEC
      2.Give freehold status to all Kpg Baru land...

      Not racist ye...

  6. Just last year sob sob..

    ...Tun Mahathir melalui tulisan dan ucapannya mengakui menangis teresak-esak mengenangkan saham Proton dijual kepada Geely...


    ...buang masa penat aje pokpekpokpek, last2 sign agreement akan JV melabur buat kilang dChina.
    என்ன நடக்கிறது

    Professor Nasi Lemak

    1. Wow prof nasi lemak.I am impressed that you can write in Tamil
      Prof kangkung

  7. Blame Dong Zong for UEC not PH.When Dong Zong went ahead to develop private Chinese secondary school,they know very well their system is outside the mainstream education policy of the nation but they dont care and went ahead.Suddenly now they want recognition and government funding for their private schools.If the government recognises UEC,the students from these private schools will be competing with Chinese students from government funded schools who sat for SPM/STP for Chinese students quota in public universities.So we are rewarding them for being obstinate and going against national policy.Maybe all other private schools can look forward to government funding for their operations and expansion.

    1. what is that national policy?

    2. Zaman British dh ujud Sek Cina..

      Sampai skrg their UEC cert is not recognised worldwide???? On their own its "just impossible" to be accepted anywhere???? ni pasti ade suatu yang tak kena!


      Is this the "trust" factor yang Gladiator dok membebel???


      Professor Nasi Lemak

  8. "He even said Proton is no longer a Malaysian national car.
    Maybe he will change his mind after the visit to Geely."

    Dear Annie.

    Once something was sold, partly or wholly, its no longer ours. Its, sort of, cast in stone. We can only have it back, if they agree to sell it back to us, of-course at a higher price. Or, if they choose to sell it to the highest bidder.

    Therefore its not about Dr.M's "change his mind" but what he can do to make it more beneficial to Proton... like building an assembly plant in China of which, under Najib, Proton don't seems to care negotiate.

    What's more surprising, after selling part of the private owned Proton to Geely, then only the government under Najib agreed to grant RM1.25 Billion of aid.

    Maybe, that's one of 'the stupidity of the previous government', Dr.M is talking about.

    "Maybe now we don't need to proceed with the third national car and another round of auto industry protectionism."

    By the way, its not our 'third national car'. Its a joint venture by Malaysian & Indonesian private company.
    About "auto industry protectionism"... which country in the world, does not 'protect' its car or any other industries?

    "I don't trust Anwar, okay.'"

    Me too. He he he.

    Its easier for UMNO/BN to win GE15 if Dr.M relinquish power to Anwar after 2 years.
    Everyone knows, its easier for DAP, PKR or Amanah to manipulate Anwar than Dr.M, to their advantage.

    Like OSTB said...
    "The DAP - Malaysiakini link is obviously to promote the DAP. But since May 9th there has been some refocus.
    The idea is to politically weaken Tun Dr Mahathir and perhaps boost up the Brader. Since May 9th Tun Dr Mahathir has become a strong leader again and not easily 'bought over' - even with only 13 seats in Parliament.
    The Brader on the other hand has multiple skeletons in his closet and is more "manageable". Plus he is low on the intelligence level as well."

    1. ur scepticism to anuar, it doesn’t quite fit to d tone u said about wat dr mahahir is. most of us r well known wat he has done in d past. he put annur in jail n yet I dun think he can stand there without lot of trust from anuar n his party. mind tat he has had a long physical n mind battle in politic. try it on mahadir…he wont survive it. now…if any violation to d promise agreed upon, its a disaster lot for ph pack not a reverse order as u think it is.

  9. Life of hypocrite Annie.

  10. Since UEC is good then they should hv no problem taking SPM. Just a few more days.
    Takkan SPM yg dikatakan standard bawah UEC takut nak ambil. Kata meritokrasi. Takut pecah tembelang? Or pecah temberang hihi

    1. Patutlah Hishamuddin H2O, Ketua Pemuda UMNO baru Wadja dusuki dan pemimpin UMNO lain mmg suka hantar anak2 mereka belajar kat sekolah cina....huhuhuhu

    2. Pass in BM is adequate. They are not going into Malay civil service.

      No requirement for Sejarah until and unless its syllabus is revised nationally to have more world history content. Then a pass is adequate.

      More importantly, indepedent audit how the examiners mark the paper(s) and assign the grade(s).

      No - more - sabotage.

  11. Annie,

    So, Kluang gals are pretty and they stay pretty for a long time, do they? :)

    OK, I must stop over in Kluang one of these days, stay for a couple of days to check out the sights :)

    //And like my mother, Shu Rin pronounces R properly. Proton, not Ploton//

    Voice recognition software has advanced considerably so I don't think it would matter even if one does not pronounce any particular word 100% correctly.

    I am just waiting for the morons to come crawling out of the woodwork who will insist that the only language to be used by the voice command system in every single Proton must be Bahasa Melayu, and every word must be pronounced precisely with accurate grammar and with the right tone and inflexion. :)

    It might be difficult to sell such Proton cars in, say, Thailand or the UK, but who cares, we must be proud of our Bahasa Kebangsaan what :)

    // Maybe he will change his mind after the visit to Geely.//

    Correct me if I am mistaken - Geely owns 49.9% of Proton, doesn't it?

    If so, Proton is still Malaysia's national car, in a manner of speaking.

    //Maybe now we don't need to proceed with the third national car and another round of auto industry protectionism.//

    I've said it before and I say it again.

    A third national car project is absolute madness if the rakyat's money is to be used.

    If this third car project is undertaken, I will vote against Pakatan in the very next PRU, whenever it may be, PRU15, PRU15, PRU17 - it is as simple as that.

    There are many other projects which are way more important that a third national car project.

    Flood mitigation in Kelantan and Terengganu is one which comes readily to mind.

    Education is another.

    Health is yet another - eg improving our waste water treatment.

    There are places in KL where the longkangs are just stagnant and filthy.

    The rat problem is KL is massive.

    And the list just goes on and on and on.

    A third car project is way way down on the list of priorities.


    1. Its not asking too much to ask the citizens of this country to have reasonable grasp of the national language especially in official situation like giving a speech in national paliament.I am sure the Americans,the British or the Australians will be find it unacceptable if their representatives in the parliaments,congress or senate unable to converse sufficiently in English.

  12. Hi Annie,

    I agree with you. You are very neutral.

    Anwar cannot be trusted.

    In my opinion, Najib is 2.6 billion times better.

    At least we can trust Najib but can we really trust Anwar?

    So far Anwar did not steal any rakyat money when he was TPM.

    Wan Azizah also not using Birkin, Hublot, Prada, Pink Diamond, Bijan.

    But still, we cannot trust Anwar......Najib is ok.

    I think Shahrizat said last time, Najib is the best UMNO President. Even better than Tun M.

  13. Prof Nasi Lemak,

    //Is this the "trust" factor yang Gladiator dok membebel???//


    What on earth are you talking about?

    Please do try to things in context.

    Random meaningless comments do not make you look intelligent but then maybe that is what you are hoping to achieve. :)

    If so, you are doing very well.



    1. "Random meaningless comments do not make you look intelligent but then maybe that is what you are hoping to achieve."

      He's just trying to give cutpaste pokpek parrots a bad reputation.....

  14. fatin 23 August 2018 at 07:34.

    "he put annur in jail..."

    Dear Fatin.

    How old are you in 1982 when Dr.M brought Anwar into UMNO... or in 1998 when Anwar was dismissed as DPM on allegation of illicit sex/sodomy and power abuse?

    Do you know that in 1997, Gobind Singh Deo's father, the late Karpal Singh, had accused Anwar, a peliwat in Parliment and it was Mat Sabu who first called our DPM then, Al-Juburi because of his Islamic connections and the pious image that he portrays in public?

    If he had done nothing wrong, its impossible for anybody to throw him in jail.

    By the way... he was acquitted for the sodomy-I in 1998 due to technical reasons. However, 3 out of 4 Judges, in their written judiciary report, opined that it did occurred.
    Its was this judiciary report that Anwar tried a couple of times to nullify, but failed.

    The first jail sentence was for abuse of power.
    For the second... I think you're old enough to know and mind you... his semen was found in the victim's rectum.

    1. RD, reading your comments every where irritating about Anwar, i observed that you're a vengeful heart person with malicious intention to defamed Anwar. Haven't you read the quran about Nabi Yusuf and his slanderers? You need to forgive yourself and move on.

    2. Slander is when you tell lies to defame someone. But what I wrote was the truth. Therefore, its your idol who should forgive himself and move on.

      Me... I've already moved on, as a matter of fact, voted for PKR for the first time, May 9th.
      Until... Rafizi and then, that Kapar MP, started issuing statements detrimental to PH's consensus.
      Unlike both of them, I've no interest what-so-ever on who get elected to what position in PKR's election.
      Therefore, its them who have malicious intention. Not me.

    3. Agree with RD;

      Bro Anwar in Sodomy 2 trial not once did swear under oath in court and thus was not cross examined by prosecution lawyers..Berani kerana Benar, kenapa takut sangat nak angkat sumpah kat kandang orang salah

    4. swearwords can it be part of evidence in court?

    5. RD, Never let negativity makes you a bitter, angry and vengeful person towards him or anybody.

      You keep spreading the stories elsewhere as you were at the scene yourself. Your act similar to the ex prosecutor of the case, Shafiee Abdullah who went for a country road show just to humiliate and tarnished Anwar's image. Don’t let it be a dark cloud over your life forever.

      We all have family and put a reminder to ourselves what goes around comes around. You need not to be a rocket scientist to deny the political conspiracy made against him by umno villains. Pru14, PKR had won huge votes from the people compared to Bersatu. Go figure..


      KUALA LUMPUR: Ketua Umum PH, Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim, menyampaikan ucapan terima kasih beliau kepada Yang di-Pertuan Agong, Sultan Muhammad V, ketika mengadap Tuanku di Istana Negara, pagi tadi kerana memberikan pengampunan penuh tanpa sebarang syarat.

      Beliau menegaskan tidak memohon keampunan kerana kesalahan yang sudah disabitkan kepadanya, sebaliknya menuntut kebebasan kerana fitnah dan salah guna kuasa serta perkara yang bercanggah dengan prinsip keadilan.

      "Prinsip berkenaan yang diterima Tuanku untuk membebaskan saya dan membersihkan semua rekod (kesalahan dan dipenjarakan).

      "Malah, Pengarah Penjara Sungai Buloh tadi ketika berjumpa saya memaklumkan tidak perlu tandatangan apa-apa (dokumen) kerana nama saya sudah dibersihkan sama sekali dari semua tuduhan," katanya pada sidang media di kediamannya sebaik pulang mengadap Yang di-Pertuan Agong, Sultan Muhammad V.

      Anwar memaklumkan pada sesi mengadap itu beliau ditemani isterinya, Datuk Seri Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail dan Menteri Besar Selangor yang juga Timbalan Presiden PKR, Datuk Seri Mohamed Azmin Ali.

      Beliau turut menyampaikan ucapan terima kasih kepada Perdana Menteri, Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad, yang ditemui di Istana Negara kerana melancarkan proses pembebasan beliau.

      "Saya dan Dr Wan Azizah akan bertemu Perdana Menteri mungkin esok untuk menyatakan terima kasih kami atas usaha beliau membolehkan proses pembebasan berjalan lancar," katanya..

      Berita Harian

    6. "Pru14, PKR had won huge votes from the people compared to Bersatu. Go figure...."


      Bersatu can only contest in areas of UMNO's stronghold where PH?PR had never won or not confident of winning.
      However, Amanah is more generous towards Bersatu, while DAP & PKR seems rather selfish during seats allocation. (Maybe, that was why Mat Sabu got the Defense portfolio).
      Hence, a new Party winning 13 seat is an extraordinary feat.
      PKR had failed for 20 years to get rid of UMNO/BN until Bersatu comes along.

      As I said before, GE14 was the first time I voted for PKR, since there was a 3 cornerned... PAS, UMNO/BN and PKR contesting in mt constituent.

      Therefore, stop the false bragging... "PKR had won huge votes from the people compared to Bersatu.

      Stop fooling yourself too... that Anwar had done nothing wrong after being pardon by the Agong. That pardon was just a formality to bent or evade the rule which prevented an ex-convict from getting involve in politic for 5 years upon release.
      Even that backdoor Kajang move, to make him Selangor MB was unethical and undemocratic. Money can also change hands to make someone vacate the seat for him to become PM... just like in Kajang.

      Furthermore, for Royals Pardon, as being practice in Palaces anywhere in the world, it's a convention or customary for the felon... to first, admit guilt, show remorse and swear never to do it again.

  15. I too have reservations about Anuar...I used to work in a company where his hand picked general used to run...it was a mess...and I have been to numerous talks by him...lots of flair and very little substance. He wants to impress rather than express. He can motivate a crowd for the moment but when they leave the event they will be wondering what that was all about....his ties to the Dark Side are also too very disturbing.


      In 1993, shortly after becoming finance minister, Euromoney named him as one of the top four finance ministers; in 1996, Asiamoney named him Finance Minister of the Year.

      In the year of 1997, Malaysia had to undergo an economic crisis which was known as the Asian Economic Crisis. During this turbulent period, Anwar Ibrahim was holding the post as Minister of Finance of Malaysia. As a capable leader, Anwar had taken an action by introducing a series of economic reforms and austerity measure in order to overcome the economic crisis.


    2. Jangan nak merapu.

      Salah satu lagi sebab Anwar di pecat... bukan saja sebagai TPM, tetapi Menteri KeWANGan... adalah kerana telah tunduk kepada IMF dan menerima syarat mereka untuk memilihkan nilai ringgit dan ekonomi yang diserang oleh pedagang matawang pada 1997/98.

      Setelah dipecat, Dr.M mengambil-alih dengan memperkenalkan 'pegging RM3.80 to USD1.

      Harap Maklum.

    3. Quote"Anwar was awarded the Presidential Medal by Georgetown University, USA, and an honorary doctorate by the Ateneo de Manila University, Philippines because of his contributions, in 1996.

      In 1993, shortly after becoming finance minister, Euromoney named him as one of the top four finance ministers; in 1996, Asiamoney named him Finance Minister of the Year. Anwar has held lecturing positions at St. Anthony's College at Oxford and at the School of Advanced International Studies at Johns Hopkins University since 2004.

      He was also a Distinguished Visiting Professor in the School of Foreign Service at Georgetown University. Anwar is a consultant to the World Bank in the areas of governance and accountability and was also appointed as honorary president of the London-based group, Accountability in March 2009.

      He is chairman of the board for the Foundation for the Future and also serves as an adviser to the People's Justice Party (Parti Keadilan Rakyat) in Malaysia. He is an internationally renowned speaker on the subjects of democracy, freedom, governance, Islam and democracy, and the need for accountability” Unquote.

      Anwar a former malay studies student received highly recognition from various country and people all over the world. Well, what is that makes you then? An empty vessel with louder noise? Yes, Indeed!

      Sedia Maklum.

  16. Boring comments...yawnnnn.

  17. Dear Annie,

    Please wake up! We're no longer having stupid PM whose bff is that fatso fugitive criminal.

    Proton is no longer a national car. It's geely's. What our current clever PM is doing is to create more jobs and opportunities for the rakyat through this venture. That's all.

    As for Anwar, I agree with you. What can you expect from an ex-convict who is fighting for his own agenda ?

  18. rd bro,
    yes, its true. i was yet into or rather onto dis world in 1982 nor 87. but d netherworld or heaven never change either i was there or not. wat ever happened, happened. n it was, in dis case, a political execution. i read all d tall tales from d event n concluded tat it was a nonsense legal case! no wonder it stacked on technical gibberish to acquire verdicts. so was d second accusation. It much worse…soiled physical evident n confusing circumstances did cast more doubts than certainty…yet d verdict unperturbed!

    well…tats anyone’s guess. am not against anyone who said differently. it just wat my contention is. ah…one more i always with kak wan..kak nurul. they r great to me. my conscience suggesting tat d father is a real man.

    1. Well. In that case... have you seen that video with China-doll?
      How sure are you that the man was not Annur?
      What about the watch, Kak Wan said she kept?

    2. Come on la RD..China Doll and Saiful are 2 very different people, obviuosly.
      Have you forgotten the last UMNO MT meeting in 1998.Anwar asked .."Siapa di sini bukan taik perempuan"...almost everyone was silent until Ibrahim Ali shouted back....

  19. RD bro

    Biarkan la budak fatin chacellor's list status ni.

    Right...brader ketum was an examplary finance minister...until Mahathir fired him. Then he was examplary no more.