Monday 13 August 2018

Towards better English in Malaysia

This is interesting,

Malaysian police officers to use English
with immediate effect, 
following Dr Mahathir's directive

That's as reported by a Singaporean publication.

Well, that's good I think.

I always wish our cops could speak better English.

You know lah, in Malaysia many people could speak perfect English but can't speak Bahasa Malaysia very well.

Like our Attorney-General.

So, it's better to have policemen speaking the same language as our prosecutors.

They want to saman people who drive fast Mercedes also easier.

Rich people normally prefer to speak in English.

More standard.

Yup, I think this is a good move.

Maybe we should extend the same thing to the entire civil service.

The armed forces too.

Defence Minister Mat Sabu needs to brush up his English too lah ya.

As it is, some people refused to learn the national language because they don't think it's classy enough to speak it.

So, better to just use English.

Broken English a bit like mine also can do one.

Still better than Bahasa Malaysia, I think.

Come to think of it, maybe we could even have our parliament sessions in English too.

Like in Sarawak.

Better what.

Better la than this,

Better broken English than broken Bahasa Malaysia, okay.


  1. typical of annie!ape2 yg ph wat nk hentam!cool down la...u wil get ur dedak k

    1. Eh, mana ada saya hentam. Kan saya tulis saya support. What la you....

    2. helo my deer,sape x kenal ur insinuating writeup...btw sy sgt teringin nk dgr our zeti ckp in malay,smpai skg xdpt lg...

    3. When it is wrong, that means it is wrong. What does dedak have to do with annie, here? Yes, it is disgusting to hear that Chinglish being spoken simply since the speaker thinks it is a medium to highlight one's self.
      They fail to realise if is wrongly adopted, the consequence is actually worse than when you use the national language which is more probable to be used locally.

  2. You know lah, in Malaysia many people could speak perfect English and Bahasa Malaysia very well but cannot talk at right time.

    Like our former Attorney-General.

    Apandi Babi.

    So, it's better to have policemen speaking the same language as our prosecutors. Yes, even if we are spinning for international klepocrat, okay.

    After all, this A-G ignored evidence from seven countries.

    They want to saman people who drive fast Mercedes also easier.

    They want to saman people who drive fast private jet also easier.

    They want to saman people who drive fast mega-yacht also easier.

    Rich people normally prefer to speak in English.

    But crooks can speak any language.

    More standard.

    Anyway, I am just an insignificant blogger, okay.

    I am just neutral.

    But running out of ideas, okay.

    Now even my spinning getting quite desperate, lah.

    From dead dogs to policeman language, okay.

    Really struggling now.

    Not effective.

    Okay, I’m going to watch some emo Korean serial on YouTube.

    Then going to catch up with Ponygod and the two fatties.

    How lah?

    They also running out of spin.

    Well, it’s okay, okay.

    Just chill. I’m neutral.


    1. Anon 19:26
      ..They also running out of spin..

      Actually semua nunggu 16th Ogos.. genap 100hari. Excited nak tengok ape PH are going to kelentong. Kekekeke

      Mujuq Tun tak insist we speak Japanese.. wa kari masin..

      Professor Nasi Lemak

    2. Asalkan jho, rosie, riza & jibby masuk sg buloh, i don't care if they speak French or Bangla actually...

      Wait also for the 400 frozen bank account to come to court.....,

    3. Looks like Annie sounds like Annie blog like Annie but it’s not Annie ...

      Maybe the fat ah soh 🤔

    4. Please don't mention that person in this blog.

      Thank you.

      Already my life is so hard, okay.

      No boyfriend.

      No new strategy as pro-Umno blogger.

      Have to recycle from last 5 years, I guess. Forget about fresh thinking. Just try harping on race & religion. Plus defend Najib to the max.

      Oh well.

      It's not so bad, okay.


      Just cut and paste.

      Like that okay lah.

      Ciao you all.

    5. You mean the blogger who wrote Sg Kandis byelection has secured a place in history of Malaysia’s election with the lowest turnout ever.

      Followed with an alarming big drop of voters to PH compared to last election.

      I suppose we have no need to be concern. Its ok la. Lets keep the hate flame and belittling whoever say anything bad about PH policies.

      PH is really invincible. Ok la like that.

      Time to watch korean sob you all

  3. Annie aint ur mother a chinese i bet like most chinese it hard for her to pronounce the word with letter R 😀😀

    1. My mother's Bahasa Malaysia is not so bad and she can pronounce R quite well. Thank you.

    2. Our Add Maths teacher forever sebut jilo jilo for zero. Kami zaman sekolah omputih. Tak de hal pun. Faham je maksudnya. Just like some of us Melayu susah juga nak sebut shad or dhad b.Arab. Cuba dengar N.Zealanders bertutur. Walaupun b.Inggeris you can identify their unique way of pronouncing certain vowels. Cuba dengar PM mereka di youtube. My point is be fair janganlah nak hentam saja. Kita yang suka menghentam pun tak terror mana. BM pun tidak BI apatah lagi.

  4. The parliamentarians shown shouldnt be renominated in the next general election.Their command of the national language is atrocious and the party that selected these candidates should be ashamed of their candidates to the national patliament.

    1. Yes I agree with you. We have been re-electing MPs who now can shout out words like p*****k and f***y** clearly in parliment, because their party keep re nominating them.

    2. We are talking about ability to speak national language in official capacity and not about ill mannered politicians,

  5. Annie bukan cina pek ke ?

  6. Teo Nie Ching has spunk and intelligence. Schooled in law both in the UK and at UM. Therefore her BM may not be as smooth as her BI but i think the rakyat will rather root for someone who has their interests at heart - and she has shown that aplenty - than for someone else glib with grammar but low in substance and ever ready to con the rakyat. We need more Teo's to keep the sharks and frogs away.

    Which makes one also wonder about the other law-trained guy. Ismail Sabri - he said LGE's sister getting a senatorship smacks of cronyism. Wow. As an Umno MP, he would surely know the limited role of senators in parliament and government so his statement in his own legal parlance is merely frivolous and vexatious. If he wants to use the word 'cronyism', he should give real examples, for instances - his Umno President as Home Affairs whose daughter got ammo license; his Umno's Musa Aman now a fugitive whose brother was Foreign Affair's Anifah Aman; his Umno's CMS's Md Taib and the two sons with stories to be told.

    We haven't got all the time for these low-life schemers and abusers of rakyat money.

    Now, Annie knows my english language is not as strong as hers. Only half-past six be mine.

    Soooo.... maybe she can help translate the first article into BM for us since so many Malaysians are lost these days when it comes to the english language:

    ps: for Gladiator, there are over 92 million others there.

    Sheeples, WAKE TF UP!

    MO2 - thanks for tracking me. I have never been wrong, have i?

    1. Cik Ani ni Pakcik nak cerita kisah benar..
      Dalam tahun 90han Pakcik pernah menjelajah beberapa bulan di banyak tempat di Negara China. Pakcik tinggal bersama orang2 Islam disana.Kami tido, makan dan solat bersama mereka dan sebagai nya.Pada awal2 tu..bila kami bersembahyang berjemaah di mesjid mereka Pakcik amat terkejut mendengarkan cara Ah Hong (Imam)mereka baca Alfatihah dan ayat2 Quran.Dengan sebutan dan loghat China,juga tajwid yang tak sempurna lain bunyi bacaan2 mereka hinggga walaupun ayat2 quran , selawat dan lain2 lafaz zikir semua menjadi asing bagi kami yang dari Malaysia.Hingga ada diantara kami yang was2 jika ibadat2 kita akan diterima.Syukur ada Ustaz di kalangan kami yang juga ahli tajuid dan taranum yang beritahu kami Allah terima semua amalan2 kita dengan memberi nas2 yang tertentu, Insya Allah.
      Islam telah sampai ke China lebih awal dari kita di Malaysia dan Indonesia.


  7. Most of the senior UMNO members are dreaming of capturing PUTRAJAYA within the next 5 years.Except for a handful,the rest of Umno members are not proficient in the English language.So are the PAS members.The idea of making English the medium of communication by senior government officials has indirectly reduce the standing of Umno and PAS LEADERS who are unable to converse smoothly in English.This is important if you are going to gain followers in the urban area.The PH government is changing the political landscape and make it difficult for the opposition to mount a comeback by placing emphasis on English.Although it might look subtle but nevertheless it is brilliant.TDM is an old hand in the Game of Throne.Ummo dream will remain just a dream.

    1. English language proficiency does not get you Putrajaya. Its the voters that votes for the MP that counts. MP that endeared themselves to their constutuencies and deliver in their performance would get votes.

      Now do you think the new PH MP will get votes in the next election due to London English, due to incessant rubbishing of BN and PAS inferiority in language and due to out of sync with a more english medium language government and due to more english speaking urbanites?

      Agak agak la kalau nak theorize the brilliance of PH and Dr. Mahathir. Having said that nevertheless we have to give it to Dr M. Wonderful job in uniting the PH yet the wizardly of putting his small party holding crucial ministrial post outnumbering the bigger PKR and DAP is yet to be seen.

    2. Actually both Pokjib and sepupu is talking very gooding the England.

      But that doesn't prevent Pokjib from being worst kleptocrat in modern history.

      "The PH government is changing the political landscape and make it difficult for the opposition to mount a comeback".....

      With Zahid as "Leader" of the "opposition" (ha ha!) there really is no hope whatsoever for them.

    3. EVEN BN VOTERS WON"T CHOOSE ZAHID......kihkihkih...

      "A survey among 1,622 Malay respondents has found BN and PAS voters among those who chose PKR president-designate Anwar Ibrahim over Umno president Ahmad Zahid Hamidi as the best candidate to take over from Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad.

      According to the survey by think-tank Ilham Centre and commissioned by online portal The Malaysian Insight, 42 percent of the respondents chose Anwar, compared to 24 percent who picked Zahid.

      The majority of the respondents said they had voted for BN in the 14th general election (46 percent), while 35 percent had voted for PAS, and 17 percent had voted for Harapan."


      That Jawa man is leading Umno to doom.......

  8. Payah juga klo Boss2 yg tak fasih bahasa kebangsaan tapi terpaksa lagak cerdik pandai dalam BI;

    Report sent;

    ....Lia cuba otek mau lasuah sama saya ajak minum teh....

    Big boss, WSJ atau DOJ pun secretly google translate;

    ....I'm trying to get my money to drink tea..

    Translate BM to Mandarin lagi berbelit2,

    No wonder we get FM yang kepoh kalut semacam.

    Professor Nasi Lemak

  9. Veli funny lah Annie.Cant imagine this assemblymen? After settling in this country for generations, cant even speak proper Bahasa Malaysia. The Bangladeshis can speak better Bahasa Malaysia. The Chinese in Indonesia converse very well in Bahasa Indonesia.Salah sapa ni..

  10. Good call to get the officers in PDRM to improve their proficiency in english and to institutionalise the method to improve. More budget needed but then again its for a good cause.

    Boleh jugak tarik perhatian bangsa bukan melayu untuk serta perkhidmatan keselamatan di peringkat pegawai dengan kelebihan berbahasa Inggeris ni.

    On the need for better usage of BM proficiency in Dewan Rakyat, i guess the choice of the MP material reflect the constituency. No point telling the MP to improve when they actually represent their constituencies and the constituency found the MP to be the best for them.

    So annie, improving the language proficiency for MP is really a far fetch dream unless correction are done at school and voters become ‘Saya cinta Bahasa Malaysia for Malaysian’ or ‘saya malu MP saya kurang cerdik berbahasa Malaysia’.

    1. Annie's current posting is not about improving English for useful purposes, but rather sarcasm. Some of the commentators here have also reacted by imitating her with sarcasm of their own.

  11. You are right. I refused to speak monkey language.

    Not that I can't. Just my way of giving the finger to Ketuanan.

    1. Middle finger to u too.

    2. With that kind of attitude and you want the other side to give you equality and a Malaysian Malaysia.Keep on dreaming.

  12. Bukankah bahasa malaysia bahasa rasmi. Pasai apa tun pandai2 tukar. Sapa nak angkat martabat bm kalau bukan kita... org malaysia. Bahasa jiwa bangsa. Org europe, org jepun, thai tak ada tergedik2 nak ckp bi. Mereka bercakap dlm bahasa sendiri. Majoriti taj tau pun cakap english. Paling dekat, pergilah bangkok... Majoriti tak faham sepatah haram bi. Org di india dan malaysia ni aje yg tergedik2 nak angkat sgt bi ni. English as second language cukup lah. Bukan diangkat sebagai bahasa rasmi. Kutty dari india, tu sbb mendewakan bi

  13. This is a brilliant move by Tun Dr Mahathir!

    Do you know that our criminals have gone international ? Thanks to MO1, Jho Low and the gang.

    In order to solve this cross borders crime, our policemen/women have to liase with their counterparts in different countries and of course they need to converse in English.

    I see no problem in that. It's a non-issue at all!

    On those wakil rakyat that have poor command of our national language, I'd suggest DBP to conduct Bahasa Kebangsaan courses to them.

    They should be ashamed of themselves for not able to speak BM. Malulah dengan orang bangladesh, myanmar, orang putih termasuk Mat Dan Terengganu, Mat Salleh Cari Mskan Rhys Williams, Cassidy dll...

    Tengok ni...

    1. Those wakil rakyat can only spoke in Chinese mostly dialect Chinese. Bahasa Malaysia or English, sure broken English or broken Melayu.Malulah.You go to any other country, the assemblymen of immigrant race can converse very well in the national language.

      In Malaysia, other races can converse very well in Bahasa Malaysia except one particular race.Wonder why?

    2. @ 11:57
      That's because monkeys like you make them hate Melayu and their language.

      Kom yong to emm meng pak?

    3. Pigs like you will make me to vote UMNO back .No manners.Chee Bye.

  14. Annie sayang,

    Because you are an intellectually bankrupt Umno blogger with no ideas left, maybe you can spin this into something racial?

    Boleh tak?

    "Permanent residents over the age of 60 who have applied for citizenships will be granted this soon, said Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad today.

    The prime minister said the decision was reached following a meeting yesterday with representatives of the Indian community including Pakatan Harapan MPs and senators.

    However, he did not provide a timeframe for when the citizenships will be approved.

    “They will be regarded as citizens,” he told reporters in a press conference at the Parliament lobby today.

    The prime minister noted that Pakatan Harapan pledged in its election manifesto to help secure citizenships for 3,407 Indians over 60 years old who possess the red MyKads."

    Golden opportunity, beb!

    Maybe you can link a sudden influx of elderly Indians to crime, dead dogs, and SST? That way for sure your beloved Umno can win 117.4% of the popular vote next election.

    Ainoyukenduit, Annie!

    Kipidap, dongibab : )

    1. Actually, I have no problem with this. Good what people got their citizenship. What's your problem?

    2. This is really good news to all those families who have suffered so many years because of the racists attitude of the previous government. Imagine people living here of Indian and Chinese origins for few decades cannot get their citizenship till the day they die but new Bangladesh and Indons who come here and get their blue ic by screwing a few local women. Bravo Pakatan Harapan👏👏

    3. The problem Annie is your racist attitude like most of your other pro UMNO bloggers

    4. Anon 15:51 This guy must be nuts..No UMNO guys will go cuckoo for Malaysia to grant citizenship to 3.4K Indians.In 1957, millions of non Malays were granted citizenship and no Malays went amuk for that. Only in Malaysia beb!

    5. Anon 17:45..If you cant give a good argument, the best you can do is labelling others as "racist" .Look yoursef in the mirror, friend.The way I see it, you are a bloody racist inside and outside.

  15. Annie, why make fun of those speaking in bahasa even though they make pronunciation mistakes ? Have some decency and respect for others instead of denigrating them over their spoken bahasa.

  16. Annie,

    The way I see it is that I speak the language I need to make my living.

    Thus the Banglas, the Myanmarese and the Nepalese speak Bahasa Melayu because that is the language they need to make a living.

    If one was in France or Japan, one would speak French or Japanese, if that was what was needed to make one's living.

    So, really, it all boils down to money in the end.

    English is one of the dominant languages in international finance, commerce and academia.

    It is all well and good to be nationalistic and demand that we all speak Bahasa Melayu and use Bahasa Melayu for everything, but that is plainly silly as we will simply get left further and further behind.

    Did you know once upon a time, Croatia tried to force everybody to use only Croatian and nothing but Croatian?

    Well, the exercise failed miserably because the Croatian language simply could not keep up with the advances of modern science and technology.

    Eventually, Croatians went quietly back to using whatever language they felt was necessary - English, French, German, Italian, whatever.

    The government authority tasked with converting everything into Croatian was relegated to some dark and dingy corner of some university and presumably they are still there today - probably arguing about what the Croatian words should be for "carbon nanotubes" or "Whatsapp".


    1. Not true.Japan, South Korea, Indonesia, Thailand, Phillipine all spoke their national language and maybe a bit of English.Japan n South Korea lead in certain technology.

    2. There is no logic in your thought process.At least 70% of Malaysian population speak Bahasa and therefore its a good business sense to speak language of your potential customers.In 50years 85% of Malaysian population will speak Bahasa therefore the more reason to learn the language of your customet bade.Nobody is saying you should not learn to speak other languages such as English,Mandarin,etc.

    3. No need to spin too far la until croatia. Just check up on our neighbouring countries and South korea and Japan.

      The prime minister of Singapore could do it out of respect of the multi racialness celebration. He speaks eloquently and nobody force him to.

    4. The malay language was the lingua franca of the Malay archipelago for centuries.It was used as a common commercial languages in all the known ports in the old Malay kingdom from Melaka, Singapore, Pasai and Jakarta. Indonesia adopted the Malay language as their national language and they dont adopt the Javanese language, reason the Malay language was already spoken in many parts of Indonesia.

      Babas and Nyonya also got no problem speaking Malay language.

    5. Haiyaa Gladiator

      Apa lu kelentong ni? English language pun adopted many words from other countries la..

      Your English teacher tarak cerita sama lu ke?

      Anonymous (Greek)
      ...Loot (Hindi)
      ...Guru (Sanskrit)
      ...Safari (Arabic)
      ...Cigar (Spanish)
      ...Cartoon (Italian)
      ...Wanderlust (German)
      ...Cookie (Dutch)

      From Malay????

      Professor Nasi Lemak

  17. Vocabulary in Bahasa Malaysia has its limitation
    Especially, in Maths and Science
    English words are borrowed
    Or else Dewan Pustaka will have a tough time coining new malay word
    Watch this comedy on youtube ' Mind Your Language '


    1. So your point is let the non bahasa malaysia speaking representing the voters keep on with broken bahasa at the standard of pasar malam and because dbp have a tough time coining new word thus the existing daily conversational bahasa malaysia also cannot be learnt?

      Next you would be telling our prime minister that bahasa malaysia is dead because dbp have a tough time and thus the prime minister shouldnt say bahasa malaysia is the official language..

      You are definitely way clever than the PH choice for Prime Minister of Malaysia DrM2.0.

    2. So what's next? Learn japanese so we can make better cars?

      What anyone can see is this fear of change - change that can only be made on practical reason to improve one's mind through knowledge carried in non-BM languages.

      So if we continue to say BM is to be used cleanly and uniformly, what will happen to the knowledge part?

      How many books, manuals, articles and thought pieces are carried at world-relevant levels in BM medium?

      If we want Malaysians to remain ignorant of the world, then by all means continue to use BM. But if we want Malaysians to be more engaged with the world, the world isn't using BM. It is using other languages.

      Right now, every Malaysian should be focused on only one thing - how to make material progress. And you can't achieve that using BM.

      Otherwise we won't still be needing the NEP.

    3. Say that to your fellow man.Why do you need Chinese school, chinese medium, UEC acceptance etc.Only in Malaysia, as if create another country in a country .This is racist and apartheid, the way I see it.

    4. @23:11

      If learning and using a language will help all Malaysians progress more their minds, careers and wallets, then what has BM done all these years since independence to help all Malaysians progress more their (a) minds, (b) careers, and (c) wallets?

      So who's the racist? If Malay supremacy is the yardstick objective, which race has been practicing apartheid?

      Before you comment, think, guna otak first, ask yourself what is the real motivation to hold onto something which can no longer be justified based on facts on the ground that you can see with your own eyes everyday.

      That's why the Malays who study in Chinese schools are going to progress faster. Isn't that good for themselves, community and country - or are those what you actually don't want because others achieving all that will only diminish you because you won't?

      Umno sent their elites to England's best schools using rakyat money out of taxes paid by Chinese Malaysians. MO1's son studied in China and speaks Mandarin. Are they all racist and apartheid?

      Oh, but they are. Seems just smarter than you, too.

      Knowledge of and about the world is what will progress Malaysians. BM does not deliver that. The other guy (@00:39 below) is saying if we don't elevate BM, then no chance academia will progress on BM track. After over half a century and billions of ringgit poured into education, he is still saying that?

      Think-lah what you are saying.

      So, what's next for the Malay (and half-Malay) Malaysians? Other Malaysians have long moved on.


    5. Anon 06;46

      "So who's the racist? If Malay supremacy is the yardstick objective, which race has been practicing apartheid?" I like your statement on this.

      You know what apartheid mean.Have you been to South Africa or to Gaza to see how the African blacks or Palestinians Arab lived.They were denied basic human amenities because of their race, colour or religion.Compare that to yourgoodself in this country.

      The problem I see that you and your kind had been brainwashed by DAP that you were third class citizen because of special right of the Malays enshrined in the constitution.Some of your leader even declared Malaysia was practicing apartheid.Pleaslah cant you people think or you are already blind with their brainwash. For 60 years, UMNO ruled the country I have yet to see one boatload of Chinese Malaysia immigrants like the Vietnamese boat people seeking shelter overseas because of the racist policy. I am yet to see one truckload of Chinese Malaysia immigrants caught in Calais trying to smuggle in containers like the rest.Life must be good in Malaysia, right.

      Once while shopping in Oxford Street, London, I was queried by a black salesman whether Malaysia was practicing apartheid/racism.I told him point blank, go to Malaysia and see for yourself. Two years ago, I brought my English friend visiting Kuala Lumpur. He was surprised that in Malaysia, christmas was grandly celebrated and was also surprised that Chinese owned a lot of businesses in Kuala Lumpur even though they were supposed to be a marginalised community, heavily discriminated by the ruling race. Can a race under apartheid policy afford to own them.?? Think.

  18. annie have you start any intiatives to check any of thoose "mah lau" like mat maslan skimmed on taxes like from LHDN.
    like rosmah unpaid custom taxes for her treasures. you can collobrates with blogger RPK


      Moo ni pasti dulu berbuih2 air lioq excited tiap hari fitnah about her RM24m ring?

      Hari2 solat tak?

      Professor Nasi Lemak

  19. Those in academia are required to publish in high ranking international journals. These are in English. So how lah to elevate BM as bahasa ilmu selagi university kita sendiri tunduk kepada benchmarks omputih. We can create and elevate our BM based benchmark. If there is political and academic will. But the reality is most of us memang tak fasih pun BM. Fasih here means being able to write and speak fluently in BM at the higher level of discourse. Very rare indeed. Those who are able such as Prof Wan Mohd Nor Wan Daud, cuba kita baca hasil tulisannya. We would not be able to justify our claim that BM lacks the depth needed for our intellectual pursuit. Kalau kita yang kurang mahir janganlah salahkan lantai yang tak rata. Saya ingatkan diri saya dulu yang tak up to date dengan bahasa sendiri.

  20. Anonymous @ 14 August 2018 at 19:21,

    //Japan n South Korea lead in certain technology.//

    Pls don't try to compare Malaysian society to Korean or Japanese society.

    We are a long long long way behind them after 40-50 years of an UMNO education system.


  21. Anonymous @ 14 August 2018 at 21:23,

    //No need to spin too far la until croatia.//

    I must admire you for your optimism :)

    BTW, did you know France also tried that very same experiment as Croatia? With the same results? :)

    You want to do the same things as others have done and have failed miserably, and you are expecting different results :)

    Good luck :)


  22. Anonymous@ 14 August 2018 at 19:23,

    //In 50years 85% of Malaysian population will speak Bahasa therefore the more reason to learn the language of your customet bade//

    In 50 years time, it may be that the 85% you are talking about, may well be speaking more English then Bahasa Melayu :)


  23. Anonymous @ 14 August 2018 at 22:23,

    //The malay language was the lingua franca of the Malay archipelago for centuries//

    And it still is the lingua franca in many regional parts:)

    //Babas and Nyonya also got no problem speaking Malay language.//

    Many pof them also have no problems speaking English as well :)


    //It was used as a common commercial languages in all the known ports in the old Malay kingdom from Melaka, Singapore, Pasai and Jakarta.//

    Regionally, it still is a common commercial language.

  24. Prof Nasi Lemak,

    // English language pun adopted many words from other countries la..//

    And Bahasa Melayu is adopting a lot of words specifically from the English language.

    Soon, you will be responding to me in English but using Melayu spelling :)