Friday 24 August 2018

Let's revive the crooked bridge project

A friend forwarded this via WhatsApp early this morning;

“Dia (Tun Abdullah Badawi) akan bersara (sebagai Penasihat Petronas) kerana kita tidak memerlukan penasihat lagi. Penasihat kadang-kadang tidak memberi nasihat, jadi saya fikir kita membazirkan wang jika kita hanya membayar gaji kerana kita boleh memberikan wang itu kepada rakyat,” kata Perdana Menteri [1]

Sebagai rekod Dr Mahathir telah memegang jawatan Penasihat Petronas bermula akhir 2003 hingga awal Mac 2016. Sepanjang tempoh 13 tahun perkhidmatan beliau, rizab tunai Petronas telah bertambah dari RM37.178b (Oktober 2003) kepada RM120.731b (Disember 2015). Pertambahan sebanyak RM83.533 bilion atau purata RM6.42 bilion setahun. [2][3]

Pak Lah telah memegang jawatan Penasihat Petronas bermula 1 April 2016. Sepanjang tempoh hampir 2 tahun, rizab tunai Petronas telah meningkat daripada RM121.492b (Dec 2016) kepada RM164.7 bilion (Mac 2018). Pertambahan sebanyak RM43.2 bilion atau purata RM21.6 bilion setahun. [3][4]

Jadi memang benar. Bayar gaji Pak Lah sebagai Penasihat Petronas membazir. Bayar gaji Mahathir sebagai Penasihat Petronas berbaloi.

Memang jenis tak boleh tengok orang lagi hebat dari dia ke macammana?



[2] Laporan Kewangan Interim Petronas Q3 FY2003

[3] Laporan Kewangan Tahunan Petronas 2016

[4] Laporan Kewangan Interim Petronas Q1 FY2018

Honestly, I'm not really sure what I should comment on this.

Well, except maybe on the argument of how Pak Lah seems to be doing better than Dr Mahathir as Petronas adviser.

Ya, I do wonder what Pak Lah actually advised Petronas that it managed to accumulate better average cash reserve those two years than when Dr Mahathir was the adviser for 13 years.

Bear in mind that the oil and gas industry was suffering from weak global prices those two years.

Or is it because unlike Dr Mahathir,  Pak Lah really didn't advise Petronas on anything thus giving the clever people there better freedom to do their best for the national oil company.

Don't know lah. As someone sang "You say it best, when you say nothing at all" :)

Anyway, I think Dr Mahathir just wants what's best for Petronas.

You all know lah what he thinks of Pak Lah since he gave the premiership to the guy back then.

Pak Lah cancelled quite a bit of Dr Mahathir's initiatives at that time.

In fact, I was among those who were unhappy with Pak Lah over all that and was supporting Dr Mahathir's quest to oust him.

True enough, Pak Lah quit after BN's less than satisfying performance in the 2008 general election.

Of course, these were before Najib, who was much supported by Dr Mahathir became PM in 2009 and his eventual destruction, also by Dr Mahathir in the recent GE14.

Well, now Dr Mahathir is back as PM.

Come to think of it, since he is about to ensure Pak Lah's departure from Petronas, I do wonder if the handsome old man has plans to revive his initiatives which were cancelled by Pak Lah that many years ago.

Being a Johorean, the one that I really like to see being revived is this one;

Yup, the crooked bridge or scenic bridge, which ever way you want to call it.

If I remember it correctly, Pak Lah's decision to cancel the project was the final straw that made Dr Mahathir went against him.

It was also one of the main grouses he had with Najib as the guy refused to revive the project after replacing Pak Lah.

But of course that was before the full blown war between them and all the 1MDB accusations.

Well, never mind all that now.

I just want to see Dr Mahathir reviving the crooked bridge project which will enable the water of Tebrau Straits to flow again.

That's the main reason cited for the project. Currently, the water is blocked by the Causeway. It's stagnant and stinky.

I think I remember Dr Mahathir said back then that it can be done.

Really, I don't mind the Singaporeans getting irritated again over this one.

After all, it's jolly good fun having a bit of quarrel with my Singaporean cousins.

Just a bit, okay :)

Oh, this is the song about being a Petronas adviser, I guess;


  1. Only Johoreans know how important the scenic bridge is. The only reason Singapore is so against it was because they didn't want ships to be able to pass through the straits and skip their ports.

    1. Replacing the causeway with a bridge won't allow big ships such as container vessels or super tankers to pass through the Johor Strait, firstly because the Johor Strait is too shallow for big ships to pass, especially where the causeway currently is and secondly because the height of the second crossing is simply not high enough to allow big ships to pass under.

      Take a look at the anchorage depths at Johor Port.

      Then look at the average draft (draught) of container ships i.e. the depth of the ship's bottom below the sea's surface.


      On average, only about 80% of the smallest container ships of 1,000 TEU (Twenty-foot Equivalent Unit) carrying capacity can park at the anchorage of Johor Port without the ship getting stuck on the sea bed.

      And, the height of the second crossing bridge is 12 metres.

      Then take a look at the Wikipedia entry and scroll down to Size categories and graphic shows the draft (depth of ship below the sea's surface) and air draft (height above the sea's surface) and you will see that none of these cargo ships of any the classes listed can pass under the second crossing and only the Seawaymax class can safely anchor or dock at Johor Port without running aground on the sea's bottom.

      Thus only small watercraft can pass through the Johor Strait between the Straits of Malacca and the South China Sea.

  2. Ahhh.. Pak Lah the sleepyhead is back in the news again.

    1. "Or is it because unlike Dr Mahathir, Pak Lah really didn't advise Petronas on anything thus giving the clever people there better freedom to do their best for the national oil company."


      He was sleeping at his mahogany desk while Petronas "clever people" fucked up big time.

      Here Annie, learn from a real journalist, Khairul Khalid:

      “Petronas’s messy RM100 billion Canadian LNG (liquefied natural gas) project is a perfect example of the company’s hubris when investing overseas. Will it be a wake up call and force Petronas to change its free-spending ways?

      A project that began in 2012 with the US$5 billion (RM18 billion) purchase of Canadian oil and gas company Progress Energy Resources is now a potential US$30 billion (RM109 billion) albatross around Petronas’s neck.

      The Canadian investment (one of the biggest in Petronas’s 41-year history) was hailed in 2012 as a project that would rejuvenate Petronas and catapult it to the upper echelons of major oil and gas players. Now, the project is hanging by a thread.

      Petronas’s profits have fallen for the second consecutive quarter, unheard of in its history. Petronas has been forced to slash their operating expenditure (opex) and capital expenditure (capex) by the tens of billions of dollars.

      But Petronas only has itself to blame for its Canadian predicament.

      For so long, Petronas has not been fully transparent in its overseas investments. Incredulously, for such a large organisation with huge public interest, Petronas does not reveal whether it makes money or not in each its foreign ventures.

      Indeed, its ill-advised Canadian venture should be a big wake-up call for Petronas to mend its free-spending ways.

      The nation cannot afford Petronas to indulge in another messy foreign outing such as the RM100 billion Canadian LNG project.”


      …where was Petronas Super-Adviser Sleepyhead when this was happening?


      In the end, we lost billions on this Canadian misadventure.

      Of course to bloggers like Annie, the only acceptable way for billions to be lost is when Umgnok leaders steal it for their own pockets.


    3. Damage done.

      The original cancellation led to 2 billion in compensation being payable.

      Like Khairul says:

      "For so long, Petronas has not been fully transparent in its overseas investments. Incredulously, for such a large organisation with huge public interest, Petronas does not reveal whether it makes money or not in each its foreign ventures."

      Same thing with ECRL.

      Why are Jho Low and Azeez Baling's companies listed in the contract documents?

      Where is the transparency?

  3. pak lah said in national tv when asked about price of petrol might go up " mana ada naik!".. tup-tup next day ++rm0.70

    i don't know man, but to me all politicians are liar until proven straight

  4. Marine police held a big barge with a tugboat near melaka waters with a license to sell sand from perak to pahang during Nizar's time as MB of perak.

    Guess what. .the barge never arrive in pahang. .They unload everything in singapore port.

  5. Pak Lah nak compare with Tun..Macam langit dan bumi..

    Here is the interview with Tun M when he was removed as advisor to Petronas..Very solid as if he know the Industry very well..Try to find similar interview with Pak Lah. I am sure a lot ahhh, ehhh...or he may go asleep as usual.

    1. Ya and what advise that he gave Proton that made yearly loss and never ending gov bail outs hah? Petronas have all the creme de la creme people at the helm. they dont even need Tun's advise.Not to mention his son having 17% share of petronas....cronysm follow wherevee the shit is.

  6. Pak Lah was the PM during the 2008 GE tsunami which saw the then Pakatan Rakyat capture 5 states and BN losing 2/3 majority for first time. And of course Najib did even worse than Pak Lah with BN losing the Federal government for the first time in 61 years.

    1. BN's downfall started with Pak Lah and precipitated by Najib. Both no fight with our handsome old man Tun M :)

  7. Hello Annie,

    Are you really Johorean? Born where in Johor?

    I am from JB.

    If you are really from JB, then you should know the full story.

    Correct me if I am wrong,

    If it is not because of Pak Lah cancelling the double track from Gemas to JB, Johorean now already can enjoy the electric train from JB to KL. Those days it was much much cheaper.

    Now Johorean have to wait, how many years, 4 years right?. All because of that Slumberland guy.

    Now about the crooked bridge,

    If I remember correctly Singapore already agreed with Malaysia for a straight bridge with condition of Malaysia selling sand to Singapore.

    Guess who cancelled it, isn't it Pak Lah because Johorean angry they are not getting the sand contract.

    Singapore themselves were surprised that the straight bridge were cancelled.

    Who cancelled it? Not the Singapore side.

    No need for you to angkat Pak Lah.

    What happened to Islam Hadhari? Gone with the wind?

    1. Did I "angkat" Pak Lah? By the way, I was born in Kluang.

    2. jgnla marah dia sangat...bini aku pun orang kluang gak...

  8. Annie,

    //except maybe on the argument of how Pak Lah seems to be doing better than Dr Mahathir as Petronas adviser.//

    I am no expert on the oil industry so I can't really comment very much, other then make some observations based on gut-feel.

    On the face of it, Badawi may seem to have done better but I think we need to crunch the actual numbers based on comparisons to other oil companies in the industry, prevailing economic conditions at the relevant times, oil prices at the relevant times, production output, improvements in technology used in the oil fields, etc etc.

    For example, in Mahatir's time, Petronas may be pumping 1000 barrels a year at a cost of 50sen per barrel and a market price of RM1 per barrel BUT in Badawi's time, Petronas may be pumping 2000 barrels at 25sen a barrel (technological improvements) and a market price of RM2 per barrel (economic factors).

    Before anybody jumps up and down at those figures I mentioned, pls understand that I just made them up as an example.

    I think all of the relevant numbers are available in the public domain in one form or another but one would need to know the oil industry to know where to look.

    //Yup, the crooked bridge or scenic bridge, which ever way you want to call it.//

    Why have a bridge?

    In this case, a bridge would be ugly and intrusive.

    Why not a tunnel?

    Out of sight, can be double-stacked to carry even more traffic and totally unobtrusive.

    Building tunnels has come a long long way and there are some excellent examples around the world.

    I admit that I do not recall if a tunnel has ever been mooted, nor do I know of the costs involved so maybe one of your readers may be able to offer some insights here.

    I suspect the cost of building a tunnel and its maintenance thereafter are two of the main problems here.

    //That's the main reason cited for the project. Currently, the water is blocked by the Causeway. It's stagnant and stinky.//

    Well, a tunnel will fix the that problem, wouldn't it?

    Provided, of cos, that the Causeway is removed.

    But wouldn't that also mean the water pipe to Singapore would be affected?

    Anyway, from the few times I have been to Singapore by car, I can see that the traffic congestion is absolutely ridiculous.

    Hm, something just struck me.

    Would building yet another crossing solve the problem of traffic congestion or would it just mean even more traffic congestion? :)


    1. If I remember it correctly the Singaporeans didn't want the Causeway to be removed thus the crooked bridge on the Malaysian side. Dr Mahathir at that time said the pipes would not be a problem. It's an issue of sovreignity. We can do what we want on our side, said Dr Mahathir.

  9. Hannah Yeoh’s *Reasons for cancellation of HSR, MRT 3 and other high cost projects*
    I received this from someone:

    Hannah Yeoh’s *Reasons for cancellation of HSR, MRT 3 and other high cost projects*

    * Official reason*

    1. Stop the financial bleeding from over-inflated costs of these projects.

    *Main reasons*

    2. Stop the _BN cronies in their tracks. These projects have many of BN parasite crony companies sucking the country dry_; from inflated prices of land to the supply of materials for these projects.

    Many of the _BN cronies will be trapped with the high costs of servicing the loans_ for acquiring these lands and supplies. With their wings clipped and their source of ill-gotten income curtailed, they have no way of servicing their loans. With the new government behind the law, banks and other institutional lenders can bankrupt these cronies.

    Many of these rent seekers cannot run companies. _They only know how to spend money they did not earn_. They are all running very scared. They are _clamouring to unload_ their assets at bargain basement prices.

    *Karma is at work*. They have no way to maintain their ill-gotten lifestyles. We should let the banks bankrupt them by speeding up the legal processes.

    The BN cronies are now using social media to try to reverse the public opinion by sowing fear of the losses of cancelling these projects.

    Cancelling these projects are a huge loss to these BN cronies but a huge gain to the people of Malaysia.

    *Make sure every Malaysians know about their social media ploy to instill fear in the public*.

    1. I see. It's about bankrupting people deemed to be BN cronies. PH got business cronies or not? Well, I hope they don't bankrupt Syed Mokhtar because hundred thousands of people are employed by his group of companies.

    2. PH already cancelled or deferred 1mdb, ECRL, HSR & MRT3 which that najib kelentong millions of jobs lost sigh (or dedak lost adoi)

    3. Can't wait for these blood sucking BN cronies to bleed dry.

  10. and the crooked RTS by crook dumbo najib, perhaps Dr M can straighten it...

  11. Warrant of arrest issued by sessions court against Jho low and his father. Noose is tightening on these crooks.

    1. Don't worry, Annie will defend them.

      She is very keen to see our money being stolen.

      I heard Riza Aziz offered her a part in Wolf of Wall Street but she said "nahhhh, you only stole US100 million from 1MDB for this. Tak cukup".

  12. Annie,

    //If I remember it correctly the Singaporeans didn't want the Causeway to be removed thus the crooked bridge on the Malaysian side.//

    I vaguely remember seeing a diagram of the "start point" of the bridge and its "end point" on the Singapore end.

    I also vaguely recall thinking that the "start point" seemed to be chosen because it was convenient for Johor and the "end point" seemed convenient for Singapore - which I naively took to explain the S-shape of the bridge.

    Can't remember why Singapore didn't want the causeway removed.

    Maybe it is because the causeway is the only way Singapore can get their heavy tanks and armoured vehicles over when Singapore decides to invade Malaysia one day in future :)

    //Dr Mahathir at that time said the pipes would not be a problem.//

    Hm, ok, you also mentioned that we can do what we like on our side but "our side" is only up to the middle of the straits!!

    What's gonna happen on "their side" of the straits? :)

    Gonna be a wee bit of problem there in the middle :)

    OR maybe there is some obscure clause in the water agreement which says it is "our side" for them pipes all the way to Singapore, a la those railway lines for KTM.

    I had only recently found out that the land which those KTM railway lines were on, were actually considered Malaysian soil all the way to the Singaporean terminus at Tanjung Pagar/Keppel Road, Singapore.


    1. I think you should read back what was recorded on this crooked bridge saga. I remember Dr Mahathir complaining that Goh Chok Tong, the then Singapore PM refused to remove the Causway due to nostalgia or something like that. That's why they can't have a straight bridge all the way to the Singapore side. That's why the bridge have to be built crooked on Malaysia side due to the shortened length. The part about we can do as we like on our side was also said by Dr Mahathir at that time. I remember all these quite well because I followed closely the whole thing from the start. I was even there at the ground breaking ceremony of the Gerbang Selatan Bersepadu project by Dr Mahathir which includes the building of the bridge which was of course later.on cancelled.

    2. Gladiator.

      Those KTM railway land across Singapore, from Woodland right up to Tanjung Pagar, have been swapped by Najib's team of negotiators with other land, near city-center somewhere, of which I forgot.

      From what I know, those negotiators are so stupid that they forgot to take into account, the development tax or charges, amounting RM2 Billion, if they wanted to develop the swap-land. The dispute was brought to the Arbitration Court in UK, and luckily we won. However there were height restriction... i.e the number of floors or stories, a building could be erected.
      Until today, we never hear what become of that KTM's land swap.

      This must be another one of the 'stupidity of the previous government'.

    3. Annie,

      Born in Kluang, a bit far from the Causway laa..

      Lee Kuan Yew was around at the time. He was minister mentor.

      I remember I was in Singapore at the time. The new strait times Singapore reported that Singapore side were surprised that Malaysia cancelled the straight bridge.

      There were news in the media that Johor folks not happy as the sand contract were awarded to people of the North , not Johorean.

      Pak Lah cancelled the project.

      Your timeline do not include the development during Pak Lah time.

      Now Tun M want to review the water agreement. That is reasonable since we want to get more money to resolved all these trillion of debts from Najib Government.

      Now, more bombshells from Lim Guan Eng that more billions of refunds not returned yet in addition to the GST refund.

      So many debt...

      Want to add on another project at the causeway.... I doubt that.

      By the way, there is already a tunnel on the way connecting Singapore to JB for MRT.

      Going to complete soon.

      Maybe you should ask people from JB. Those UMNO Johor folks, they should know the real story.

    4. Please read back what happened back then. You really got all these jumbled up. Ok let me repeat - the whole point for a bridge replacing the Causeway is to let the water of Tebrau Straits to flow again. Having a tunnel is besides the point. By the way, personally I think Lim Guan Eng is bullshitting too much such as the RM1 trillion debt spin. Thank you.

    5. loan n debt….no big different. but when it comes to numbers…its utterly different. d house loan of 160k can be 540k debt in 20 yrs. so as it is…as current gov did not take d loan, but obliged to payback, d accumulative amount of d loan has to be counted. in dis case, of all d debts counted, I trillion over is not spinning. it just a spiral amount gov has to pay.

      aaa…tat crooked bridge? watabout d crooked economy in d east coast imprudent states? is d clear water in selat teberau more important than d clear growth of klt n ganu n phg? ha…haaa..or just let them stay with their piousness n paucity to please pas forever?

    6. "By the way, personally I think Lim Guan Eng is bullshitting too much such as the RM1 trillion debt spin. Thank you."

      In your universe, I guess your pinklips pirate never touched a sen of public money?

      Keep pushing that belief : )

      PS: The 19B songlap from tax refunds, add another 16B.

      Police are investigating already.

      Tick tock...

    7. "By the way, personally I think Lim Guan Eng is bullshitting too much such as the RM1 trillion debt spin. Thank you."

      Either you are ignorant and like previous leaders in denial mode or plain stupid

  13. "I just want to see Dr Mahathir reviving the crooked bridge project which will enable the water of Tebrau Straits to flow again."

    I agree.

    Beside the stagnant & stinky water which is bad for aquatic ecosystem, the causeway too, impede coastal cruise tourism potentials in the Peninsula and its many outlying Islands, most of them are tourist attractions.

    Maybe... as highlighted by Auditor General's 2017 Audit... the abandoned marinas in Kuala Kedah (since 2003) and Pulau Mentagor in Perak (which had not recorded the arrival of any yacht since it began operations in 2010) could be revived.

    I've written about it two years ago in Dato A.Kadir Jasin's The Scribe. However its in Malay. Here goes...

    Jika tambak Johor dirobohkan, bayangkan kesan pertumbuhan ekonomi dari hasil pelancongan, dari dalam dan luar Negara, berlayar menyusuri bandar-bandar pesisir pantai dan Pulau-Pulau, terutamanya yang berpenghuni. Ia akan menjana sumber ekonomi/rezeki kepada rakyat dimana ia singgah. Lebih banyak lagi marina tumbuh di persisiran pantai Kelantan, Pahang, Johor, Melaka, Perak hingga ke Langkawi dan membolehkan kapal persiaran kecil menyusuri pantai melalui Selat Tebrau. Semua pelayaran dalam perairan Negara yang tidak perlukan passport.

    Di samping itu ia akan buka peluang pekerjaan dalam bidang perhotelan/homestay, pembuatan, baik-pulih dan penyelengaraan engin kapal-kapal persiaran-kecil atau besar dan alat-ganti.

    Kelestarian kehidupan marin dan alam-sekitar pun bagus.
    Dikedua-dua belah tambak, boleh dikatakan air-laut mati (stagnant) atau tidak banyak bergerak, terutamanya didasar laut, menyebabkan kualiti airnya kotor dan berbau. Jika dirobohkan Tambak, airnya dapat mengalir ikut pasang-surut paras laut. Maka airnya, sudah tentu akan lebih bersih dan tidak berbau.
    Kehidupan-laut seperti ikan, cengkerang, rumput-rampai-laut untuk dugong makan, semuanya boleh hidup lebih sihat dan dengan banyaknya... baik untuk nelayan dan pemeliharaan kupang dan siput.

  14. This looks like a bridge too far.


    The peoples of the two countries, and those peoples include the government officials of the two countries, should come together stripped of the juvenile rancor laughably embedded too long out of some chip on shoulders, thorn in throat, ballsy hubris of a gaseous balloon. Of no substance.

    Both have the same umbilical cord and both suffer equally and daily from the chokepoint that is the causeway that is the bridge. Come one of those holiday exoduses, what should take a leisurely five hour drive with plenty of stopovers from KL/SG or SG/KL end up taking nine or more hours. And that's not because one stupid passenger goes missing from the bus already left the customs complexes either side of the fence. Just think of the billions of fuel burnt, revving the engine to cool the cabin temperatures and bottle up the bladders while jammed from head to toe in either direction. Feeling hot lately in this particularly burning week of klang valley? It's the fuel burning the air over the causeway. Look, nine hours is already an hour too long away from Annie. Who can possibly stand the separation and live normally ever again?

    But who knows if we lift the causeway bridge, the water won't still stank because it will be flowing. After all when it hits the second bridge, oolala..

    Just shake hands, boogey at the quay or tebrau, solve the friggin' chokepoints at immigration and customs both sides, and raise the bridge.

    Seig Heil.

  15. ohh and how many economic advisor does he need?

    1. I don't think Dr.M's would cost much of Rakyat's money, when compared with Najib's RM7.2 Billions Advisors & Consultants in his first 5 years at the helm.

      If I'm not mistaken, Najib even trusted a MatSalleh who's a drunkard and loves wild-party with locals girls, to give him advise.

    2. I think the CEP is not paid salaries and also Tony Pua works for free on the finance ministry. I am sure there are many advisors working for free for the love of the country unlike the cash is king days where everyone connected rides on the gravy train for their dedaks like Annie

  16. Another boring topic. Yawnnnnn

  17. Anonymous @ 25 August 2018 at 21:11

    //Another boring topic. Yawnnnnn//

    I'll bet that your blog is a lot more interesting and has gone way past a billion hits by now.

    What the link to your blog? :)


  18. after PH 100-day honeymoon, perhaps judgement day for BN crooks will come fast & furious...

    1. Dr M said BN days are numbered (full stop)

  19. Gladiator,

    Get a life will ya...

  20. Annie,

    Are you saying that Pak Lah should stay in Petronas ? Seriously?

    I agree on reviving the crooked or whatever new bridge on our side knowing that it could benefit us.

    Right now all I want is for all the crooked fellas who stole from the country's coffer to be locked behind bars.

  21. pre GE14 BN cyber strategy
    - BN will win GE14 (Dr M dah senile) wakakaka
    post GE14 BN cyber strategy
    - whitewashing BN fr villains to victims (all the wrongs of Dr M) adoi

  22. Anonymous @ 26 August 2018 at 15:11,

    //Get a life will ya...//

    Sorry, I didnt realise you were a bit touchy about your blog :)


    1. Yea...didnt realise you are such a busy body too hahaha

  23. Anonymous @ 26 August 2018 at 18:43,

    //Yea...didnt realise you are such a busy body too hahaha//


    Here I am trying to give YOUR very interesting and fabulous blog some publicity by asking for a link, and there you are just being nasty to me *sob* *sob*

    Dont be like that lah.



    1. Sob sob ?? Are u kidding me ? You are not in your masculine element Gladiator..don't be such a more gladiatorlike...hehe

    2. Notwithstanding my sarcastic remarks, you are the exception Gladiator..your comments are never boring :)

  24. where are all those pohpek professors (nasi lemak, kangkong, dedak, quinoa & whatnot)???

    1. Waiting for dedak disbursement...Can't function without dedak....hahahaha

    2. Haiyaaa Anon 19:46 n 20:53

      What to do.. where got time to layan your 24/7 pokpek nonsense. Vely bzzz maaa.

      If ur a "true Malaysian" uoll will know the importance of these dates;

      1. Muslims 21-25 Aug 2018

      2. Ghosts - 25th Aug 2018

      Professor Nasi Lemak

    3. Wow Prof Pokpek, that was quick reply. No time to layan but got time to read?? hahaha....So sudah bertaubat ke during this period? Hope you bertaubat betul betul and apply 365 days a year.

  25. Anonymous26 August 2018 at 21:06,

    //Sob sob ?? Are u kidding me ?//

    I guess I'll just have to put it down to you not being very perceptive.

    Did you read my whole comment?

    Probably not.


    1. Wooo..gladiator getting a bit touchy eh? Well stop being such a wuss...and be more of a man.

  26. Anonymous @ 26 August 2018 at 19:46,

    //where are all those pohpek professors (nasi lemak, kangkong, dedak, quinoa & whatnot)???//

    Probably taking time out to be good Muslims because it is Hari Raya Haji.

    It is very important for them to be acknowledged as good Muslims during such auspicious festivities.

    They will stop being good Muslims after Hari Raya Haji and come back here to be their usual hypocritical selves again :)

    Dont believe me?

    Just wait and watch :)


  27. Prof Nasi Lemak,

    //If ur a "true Malaysian" uoll will know the importance of these dates;//

    Heheheh!! I know the significance of those dates.

    Thank you very much for your vote of confidence in me being a true Malaysian.

    BTW, I trust you have made sure all your peers know that you are a "good Muslim" and it is back to business as usual for you in this blog? :)

    I predicted you would be back and here you are.


    Never mind, I know it can be nice to pretend that one is holy and pious in real life but indulge in the most heinous and hypocritical acts being an anonymous commentator online.

    Such schizoprenic behaviour is quite understandable.

    I guess that for an older fellow like you (and I suspect you are quite elderly), you are simply not used to being honest in real life AND being honest online. :)


    1. Gladiator
      Are you talking to yourself?

      Professor Nasi Lemak