Saturday 4 August 2018

Blue jeans and bumiputera products

Went shopping a bit at a mall just now with my friend and her son.

Bought myself a pair of blue Levis for RM225. Paid an extra RM15 for a special cut to fix the length.

The last time I bought a Levis was in 2008 at City Square in JB. If I'm not mistaken it only cost me RM160 at that time.

Well, inflation, I guess.

Better not say anything about GST or SST.  Don't want people to say I'm politicising my jeans :)

I have to buy this new pair because one of my jeans is so worn out that I can't wear it to office anymore. That one is over six years old.

It's my personal policy to have only two pairs of presentable jeans at any one time.

Simply la.

I also bought this skin care product,

Actually, I'm not sure what it is except that the salesman pleaded for me to buy it.

Said it could make my skin clearer or fairer or something.

Sorts of a scrub, I guess.

It's made of avocado, hibiscus, honey, olive oil and I don't know what else.

Said it's a bumiputra product, produced in Batu Caves.

Batu Caves beauty product sounds a bit weird.

Still, one pack of three tubes for RM60. The guy gave me an extra tube for free.

I'm a sucker for these sorts of bumiputera products.

I simply didn't have the heart not to buy from the guy as he seemed desperate to get someone to buy the stuff.

See lah how.

I'm going to scrub the stuff on my face for a few days and see how it turns.

If I suddenly become so pretty, I'll continue with it.

Otherwise I'll just throw the whole thing away.

Just going to consider the purchase as sedekah for the salesman and his family.

Okay, that's all for today.

It's so bloody hot out there.

I can't write much in this kind of weather.

Here enjoy this delightful Circassian knife dance instead, okay.



  1. annie takde turun padang mcm ketum najib ke sg kandis meh?

    1. Good.

      The more Najis Tong Rosak runs Umno, the harder they will fall when he and fat hippo go to jail.

      And they will.

    2. Not only that - Umno votes plus PAS votes in Sg Kandis should be in excess of 19K if you look at GE14. Meaning that more than half of the previous voters abandoned these parties. I can tell you that PAS grassroots are not happy about their leaders' akad nikah with Umno.

  2. tu dumbo takde Bising Nasional ni PAC pengerusi & naib bukan bangsa & agama huh

    1. kamu baru lepas makan taik ?

    2. 2:55 taik otak
      more than 60% donot support dumbo bangsa & agama wakakaka

    3. Biggest loser: Umno followed by PAS.

      "On the stump, grassroot leaders and Umno sympathisers described the PH government as one led by minorities who are either anti-Malay or anti-Islam.

      Others played up conspiracy theories about so-called attempts to Christianise Malaysia.

      Yet, the strategy was for the most part ineffective. Political analyst Oh Ei Sun said Umno’s campaign messages failed to reach the targeted audience — the indecisive voters — and resonated only among the party’s staunch supporters.

      “Umno’s emphasis on race rhetoric in its campaign apparently didn’t work,” he said.

      And Umno’s dismal performance is also by extension a failure for PAS, who openly backed its rival by aiding its campaign and instructing its supporters to vote for Umno yesterday, both analysts asserted.

      Despite their friendship, less than a third or just 29 per cent of PAS supporters voted for Lokman.

      Ibrahim said the small turnout from PAS indicated a split within its ranks, and those who abstained from voting are likely those who opposed the idea of an Umno-PAS alliance."

      The "tembikai" (green outside, red inside) in PAS really screwed up.

      Including the son of Tok Guru Nik Aziz, who continues to disgrace his family by accepting money from crooks in Umno.

    4. Anon 13:36

      Jangan fitnah.Did you have evidence Nik took money from UMNO? If no, please keep your big mouth shut.Bodoh.

  3. Better not say anything about GST or SST. Don't want people to say I'm politicising my jeans :)

    Of course we won't say that, dear Annie.

    It's just hilarious that both Umgnok and the Umgnok bloggers whoops also including Very Very Very Neutral bloggers are sooooooo concerned about national finances suddenly.

    With suddenly underlined.

    Wgere were you when this happened?

    “Mara chairperson Annuar Musa's silence on the alleged scandal is not golden, as Malaysians are fast losing their patience with this kind of response from government officials.

    The report has identified top Malaysian government officials and a former politician who allegedly purchased an apartment block - called the Dudley International House apartment block, in Melbourne, Australia in 2013.

    The individuals reportedly overpaid for the property by RM13.7 million to allow for kickbacks back home.

    Two mysterious Malaysian businessmen named in the report are Yusof Gani and Ahmad Azizi, both goes by the honorific title of ‘Dato’ and are suspected to be “influencing things behind the scenes, and are powerful back in Malaysia.” Ahmad’s son, Erwan Azizi, allegedly helped facilitate the property deal using his network of contacts in Malaysia related to MARA, which was set up in 1965.

    Other names which have popped up in the report, are former politician turned MARA Investment chairman, Dato Mohammad Lan Bin Allani, and a MARA chief executive, Dato Halim Bin Rahman.

    Mohammad allegedly admitted to the Aussie media he was involved in setting up offshore companies in tax havens as a "convenient" way of selling property bought by the Malaysian government.”

    Cantik lah tu.

    MARA is not a private entity.

    MARA is a public institution beholden to Malaysians.

    Now Anus Musang and even the biggest thief of all, Jibros, are going around lecturing us on “financial prudence”.

    PS: These cases are not gone, nor is Jibros’s Scorpene case. France is moving on it.

    PS: We just got back USD250 millon yacht bought with 1MDB money. If you Umgnok bloggers whoops also including Very Very Very Neutral bloggers weren’t so incompetent, Jibros might have won PRU14 and our money would have vanished forever. And Rosmelda’s 1,200 cincin and 584 luxury handbags would have been safe.

    Still want to complain about SST?

    1. Yawnn..Reading this.It should be 20 pages longer

  4. Lifeofannie

    At least gomen looks after less fortunate la

    GEORGE TOWN: The domestic trade and consumer affairs ministry is looking to expand the Mutiara Food Bank initiative nationwide, its minister Saifuddin Nasution Ismail said today.

    The food bank is a Penang government-funded initiative to collect unsold vegetables, fruits and pastries from supermarkets for the use of the needy. It is the brainchild of Saifuddin, who is also PKR’s secretary-general.

    Before this seluruh rakyat Malaysia donate to Tabung Hippo to buy birkin and diamond

    Kih kih kih

    This is more improvement for rakyat

    Good idea by Saifuddin Nasution

  5. sg kandis post mortem report on dumbo defeat:-
    1. najib pencuri & penipu
    2. ismail sabri pemakan telor penyu kenapa tak pakai tu udang noh
    3. lokman bangsa johor vs anak sgor

    1. KJ not long in Umno lah.

      Just wait...

      "Former Youth and Sports minister Khairy Jamaluddin (pic) has criticised Umno's use of racial and religious rhetoric in the Sungai Kandis by-election.

      "This is the existential dilemma facing Umno right now. There are those that still use the DAP Christian rhetoric, etc. But, there are some that are still sane too," he tweeted on Saturday night (Aug 4).

      The Rembau MP was responding to a Twitter user who said that if Umno wanted to go far, it had to stop playing with racial and religious sentiments to strike fear in others."

      He's the only smart one they have.

      Once he leaves Umngok's average IQ will be less than 20.


  6. Yay....PH won again at Sg Kandis. Congrats!

    1. It's actually this question:

      What is Umgnok's strategy moving forward?



      "Umno’s inability to draw additional support in the Sungai Kandis by-election underscored the party’s failure to adapt in a changing political reality that has little appetite for communal politics, analysts said.

      With just over 9,500 votes collected at yesterday’s poll despite PAS support, Umno polled less than half of the total votes that went to the two parties at the May elections.

      Ibrahim Suffian, director of independent pollster Merdeka Centre, said the result signalled Umno’s failure to court support for its race-based campaign and an unconvincing showing for a party that once enjoyed unwavering Malay support to remain in power for over 60 years.

      “After discounting the lower turnout, the results show PKR’s support has generally remained intact among Sungai Kandis voters,” Ibrahim told Malay Mail.

      “The majority numbers doesn’t mean much because it’s almost a straight fight and turnout was a lot less.

      “BN should go back to the drawing board and figure out their positioning and messaging as they achieved less votes now than in GE,” he added."


      But look at how passive and useless Zahid is as the "head" of the opposition now.

      So what is the "new Umno"?

      Same as the old.

    2. Umno strategy is not to win election but to lose with improve support. They paint the town red when they lose with improve support. Please continue with losing and improve support strategy.
      Next greatest strategy by umno is kecut telor strategy invented by najib himself which entail dont contest in election. This is same line of maintaining losing strategy with slight deviation.
      Hey by way whose the president of umno ? I think is still najib cause strategy is uniquely najib style.

    3. 17.43

      Yes bro you are right

      Najib still calling shots

      Umno never learn bro

  7. Cik Annie
    Kenapa u pi beli Levis mahal2 sampai RM225. Kat Selangor pasar malam you can get dgn harga RM80 aje... hehehehe tapi sure not Bumiputra made wan.

    Pasaran saham Malaysia, pelabur2 asing pakat cabut lari ketakutan sejak PH menang. Siapa nak labur klo tak yakin dengan prestasi ekonomi Negara!

    Alamak nampak gaya voters Sg Kandis pun ikut rentak sama .. pakat cabut lari tak keluar mengundi?

    Bila sebut nanti marah.. siapa2 pun payah nak yakin kalau;


    Professor Nasi Lemak

    1. Nazi lemak, umno kalah lagi di sg kandis. Woo hooo

    2. Bukan saja kat Sg.Kandis tewas, nanti Balakong & Seri Setia pun BN akan kecundang. Sayanora BN & sekutunya.

    3. Anon 00:58

      Yapedapadoooo PH menang..

      So tunggu ape lagi? Work harder tau. Jangan main2 tau. Kami rakyat rasa amat syiok, bermati2an semua pemimpin punya la kalut nak bela nasib kami.. yahooo

      Haiyaaa 49.4%?? Jangan asyik pokpekpokpekpokpekpokpekpokpek
      satni PRK seterus2nya ramai voters lain2 naik bosan, pakat cabut takmau keluaq mengundi.

      Professor Nasi Lemak

    4. Nazi lemak, pakat cabut tak mau keluar mengundi bab bosan BN kaloh sokmo..puah ngundi BN kaloh macae...kahkahkahkah

    5. Apa apa pun kerjasama Pas dan UMNO mesti diteruskan.Of course it takes quite some time for Pas and UMNO supporters to trust each other.What is more important to build on the relationship.
      'The enemy of my enemy is my friend'
      Prof Kangkung

    6. Kangkung, jangan lupa peringatan Tok Guru Nik Aziz..umno pengkhianat PAS

    7. "Professors" Nasty Berak & Kangkung.....

      PH defended 64% of the total vote share, as per PRU14.

      But PASUMNO (they were working together) got only
      50% together of what they got in PRU14.

      Facts don't lie.

      If you two hadn't dropped out of school after Form 3, maybe you can calculate, kih kih kih.

      But I guess dedak-typists not too smart. Huhuhu.

      Hence, PAS strategy of sewa dubur to UMNO is not beneficial to either. Also it's going to drive East Malaysia (56 seats in Parliament) away permanently from UMNO/BN.

      My advice to you two losers is, pls. follow your Bugis Pinklips Thief around in the next 2 by-elections.

      This can be your main duty:

      Kih kih kih.....

  8. Hi Annie,

    If you use the that beauty product and suddenly become beautiful, you can now join Pakatan Harapan.

    No need for you to hang on to your old party. In Pakatan, so many beautiful one especially from DAP and PKR. Join the bandwagon they say.

    Prof. Madya Dongipap.

    1. Annie is already beautiful no need use beauty products. All she needs is a new party & not continue to be an dUMNO macai

  9. I would like to congratulate PH winning in Sg Kandis and elsewhere. Lifeofannie contribution to muddle up the new malays thinking get sync to her confused cloudy mind seems has failed :)

    1. Actually PH increased Malay votes:

      PH registered an increase in Malay support percentage wise to slightly more than the 44 per cent gained in May, Ibrahim said.

      “PKR appeared to have kept the Malay vote share in Sg Kandis,” the Merdeka Centre director said.

      “Probably even doing slightly better than the 44 per cent of Malay vote share they attained in the GE.”

      The Sungai Kandis win is set to boost morale for the governing coalition, which will head into the Seri Setia and Balakong by-elections in the next two months. PH are the incumbent for both the state seats.


  10. Annie ,

    If you can afford RM 225 jeans , you don't buy Bumiutra product for sure it's does not suits you .

    You should used something of that Italian brands or any imported brands . Bumiputra product is only for those who are with lesser income .

    I am sure UMNO guys never used Bumiputra product .

    1. Umno guys shop in london & send their kids to chinese schools.

    2. "I am sure UMNO guys never used Bumiputra product."

      UMNO guys too busy shopping in London and Milan with our stolen money!

    3. Too bad Annie is neutral. If she was umno dedak eater she would be shopping at harrods & not at some jb mall. Poor Annie. Need to spin harder like ponytail then can earn big bucks from jibby

  11. I was curious to see what commentaries would be posted here when Annie posted about buying blue jeans n cosmetic product n a video clip of folkdance. I assume commentaries would be on the line of jeans selection, recommendation of cosmetic product n appreciation of folkdance. I think thats a bit too high of expectation.

    We have the usual crap. Jeans n cosmetic post also turned into how political one-ups manship n continous bragging of how good the PH is.

    Election over already. Can the warriors from the political side review your strategies?

    Nobody cares about the old government, move on. Stop playing the old broken records.

    I hope Annie’s Bumiputra cosmetic product turns out fine. Its quite irritating to see low end quality is also tagged to racial connotation. Just maybe if the product drops its association with certain race and ride on r&d n testimonial would have work better


    1. Anon 15:01. You are very naive indeed..Annie's writings are NEVER free of politics and are skewed to paint a less than favourable picture of PH. The jeans, beauty products, dead dog,folkdance and whatnot are all red herrings to what she really wants to say. So wake up and come out of your cave

    2. Aahh such remarks to wake up perhaps come out from another cave it seems.. perhaps another cocoon

  12. Anon 15:01

    Betul amat sgt. Ingatkan hebat macam mana sgt PH ni.. dekat 3bulan, Apek Finance Minister kerja dok pokpekpokpekpokpek satu benda pun elek .. tst tst tst

    Ingatkn bole la tengok perubahan sikit2 macam ni ;

    Dah plak dapat PM kejap off kejap on kejap pending.. pokpekpokpekpokpekpokpek

    ... nak bikin highway pun kalut semacam. Looking forward ingatkan hebat bole la sikit2 macam ni;

    No wonder sg kandirs voters naik meluat boycott tak keluar mengundi..

    Professor Nasi Lemak

    1. Prof barua lemak, mu kecek serupo ore gilo tolol mu tau ko dok? Barua punyo professor mu ni

    2. Anon 21:51

      Hmmm so moo must be one of the breed of supporters PH managed to create?..

      repeating every word yr leaders fed you? "BARUA" for instance, heard tht in the video tht went viral few days back.

      Haiyaaa.. afterall many came here as bucket collectors, prostitutes, laborers.. nothing much we can expect? Sigh..

      Leaders sekadar kasut hitam.. UEC..

      Cuba la be creative sikit, come up with better policies?? mai kita tgk wht other leaders are contributing;

      Professor Nasi Lemak

    3. Barua lemak, mu nok better policies mace mano ? Policies penyanggak & perompak serupo Najib kleptokrat gitu ?

    4. Anonymous6 August 2018 at 06:45

      Good answer sir / madam.

      But this fake Nasi Dedak Umnotypist has no answers.

      Just cut & paste only.....

      ....pokpekpokpekpokpekpokpekpokpek cutpastecutpastecutpastecutpastecutpaste.


    5. Nasi Lemak,

      Rupa-rupanya, ikut kata LGE,1MDK Bayor Arul Kandasamy gaji dia enam bulan, Jan sampai Jun tahun ini RM5 juga.


      Nasib baik Pakatan menang.

      Prof. Nadya Dongipap

    6. Sorry, typo error.

      Nasi Lemak,

      Rupa-rupanya, ikut kata LGE,1MDB Bayor Arul Kandasamy gaji dia enam bulan, Jan sampai Jun tahun ini RM5 juta.


      Nasib baik Pakatan menang.

      Prof. Madya Dongipap

  13. Dah pula si Saddiq tu.. Alahai kalut hal2 tender pula, ilhamkan sikit benda2 yang membawa faedah. Ingatkan anak generasi muda kita bole dapat sorang Menteri yg innovative dan pintar sikit2 pun jadi la macam dia ni?

    Hmmm macam takde Harapan Masa Depan aje Malaysia Baru nih.. tst tst tst

    Professor Nasi Lemak

  14. When it comes to local cosmetics, one is spoiled for choice. There are just too many types to choose from and that's the fundamental problem because any marketing message on value and effectiveness gets lost in the melee what more is dependent on what the salesperson favors which in turn depends on how much quota incentive she gets whether or not the cosmetic is actually right for the skin-type of the prospect.

    The foreign marques must have understood all this only too well. They invest in heavy advertising which includes hiring well-trained beauty ambassadresses; they also evolve their brand extension internationally, create eye-catchy packaging that are an art form in itself, conduct clinical research on their products and publicize their labs, and then get their products certified, and hire pretty ladies to sell at specific counters in chain mall outlets.

    On the other hand, the local products are virtually a cottage industry where the brands don't mean a thing and any sales is by trial and error, what more word of mouth as well as luck triggered only by passers-by curiosity.

    Inevitably, every prospect goes to and leaves the stall or shop-lot more confused if not a bit worried by what is available or bought from the plethora of displays. Basically she is paying money to the seller cosmetic company to try out its chemical compound.

    Primary Industries should come to grips on the situation whose business model multiplies itself aimlessly onto other Malaysian products whether cosmetics, crackers or juices, confectioneries or tourist paraphernalia.

    Even if nothing gets done in the end, it would still be good to get the manufacturers and distributors together for each item to understand the daily challenges they face including how the sales peoples are hired and what they are paid. Then webify the final report and see if someone can come up with an industy-wide solution to uplift this segment of the local SME spectrum.

    Otherwise those girls sitting at the stalls waiting for a customer moved more by pity are wasting away their own youths even as their customers if any are trying to recover their own youth.

    That said, Annie remains pretty with or without cosmetics, for that matter with or without jeans. Let no man in his right mind challenge this. Except by such as our esteemed Professori's Nasi Lemak and Kangkung who only have left minds. Or shall we say more accurately, what's left of small minds.

    If you travel by road, sometimes you get to pass by a row of stalls. They all uniformly sell the same products. Say, there are six stalls in the row. That means if a customer stops by, each stall seller gets only a one-sixth chance of landing a sale. How do they survive then? If as one suspects, they take their goods on consignment, it means return of those unsold and close to expiry which means the manufacturers bear the cost which means production costs have to accommmodate returned unsold non-cyclicable goods. Such enterprises are not going to do well. The absence of variety has to do with distribution which therefore has to do with getting organized on the variety of supplies. If those rural folks are really to be helped, one must get serious and get to the bottom of how to do it better - once and for all.

    Again, Primary Industries should get the data, finalize a report and webify it for better and more successful solutions to alleviate poverty.

    Of-Any-Malaysian, whatever one chooses to call/brand/categorize him/her.

    Not ciao. Cium.

  15. Grief. Please forgive me. Dunno how the gap is so long above.

    At a Plus stop, there were two adjacent shoplots selling the same Asam Pilihan (pink sweet-sour asam confectionery). The first lot priced at rm2.50; the next lot priced at rm2.00. The shop assistants in both lots were not interested at all whether they sold or not.

    So, there are at least three wrong's in one stroke. One, the owners of the respective lots couldn't care less their pricing. Two, the assistants of the respective lots couldn't care less their sales or customer service. And three, the nation couldn't care less what happens to young lives wasted away repeatedly across the land in every nook and cranny of business-space and industry-chain.

    Please, please, no more long gap after this..don't wanna Annie to get mad at me again...

  16. Anonymous5 August 2018 at 11:47,

    //The more Najis Tong Rosak runs Umno, the harder they will fall when he and fat hippo go to jail.//

    Hmmm, it's Zahid Hamidi who is the President of UMNO now, isn't he?

    But then it is hard to tell because Najib is the one issuing all the press statements and doing all the hard work which is expected from the President of UMNO - defending UMNO, attacking the government of the day, being a great Opposition leader :)

    I guess Najib is the de facto President of UMNO as Zahid appears to be stumbling about trying to find his footing.

    Maybe Zahid never expected to be President so early and was totally unprepared, as in, he does not have any of his macai in the right positions of power, so he is still busy negotiating some kind of settlement, I dunno.

    Just idle speculation on my part but it seems very strange that Zahid is so quiet as to be almost irrelevant.


    1. Yes, it's beyond doubt.

      Najib is the de facto President of UMNO.

      That is very bad news for them because the brown stuff hasn't hit the fan yet but in the next 3-4 years you can bet that Scorpene, 1MDB and even Altantuya will finally get justice.

      Evil cannot go unpunished.

  17. Prof Nasi Lemak,

    //Kat Selangor pasar malam you can get dgn harga RM80 aje... //



    Typical of the UMNO mindset - paying more than you need to for fake products.

    Come on lah, tu Levis fake, so why as Annie to pay RM80?

    RM50 is more then cukup.

    You dapat RM30 commission ke? :)



    1. "Typical of the UMNO mindset - paying more than you need to for fake products."


      Typical of the UMNO mindset - stealing public funds, then paying more than you need to for Malay reserve land in order to allow a fat hippo to indulge her greed.

      Meanwhile the Malays get screwed.

    2. Produk Bumi laa sangat. For all you know..bought in bulk from Taiwan or Henan province. Repacked and bottled in fancy packaging..branded in catchy Bahasa Melayu.. walla..and you get sayang Melayu Annie buying and don't mind throwing a good RM 60..Melayu punya pasal

  18. Annie,

    //I'm a sucker for these sorts of bumiputera products.//

    It is very noble of you to want to support the small little person wanting to make a living, even though you have taken a bumi stance towards it.

    But for these sorts of products, please do be careful as their quality control can be suspect and this is regardless of whether it is bumi manufactured or non-bumi manufactured.

    Beauty products are notorious for their use of illegal substances. I recall reading of mercury being found in a leading brand of beauty products.


  19. PAS to dumbos: NO money NO votes (sg kandis) PAS members pun nak beli blue jeans meh wakakaka

  20. Prof Kangkung,

    //The enemy of my enemy is my friend//

    Parti Anak Syaitan has proven time and again that it is NEVER EVER your friend until you bend your knee and bow your head to the ular-maks in PAS :)

    Yes, you may think you are a friend of PAS but rest assured that PAS will only ever see UMNO, or anybody else as second class :)

    PAS is ALWAYS Number One, OK? Their god has told them so, OK? :)

    Right now, I will bet anything that PAS is seducing UMNO with the promise of being Melayu and being a part of the Ummah.

    But you know and I know which is more important, right?

    Hint : It ain't the Melayu part :)

    And who is driving the bus as far as the Ummah goes?

    Hint : It ain't UMNO :)

    So, at the end of the proverbial day, who do you think is really in charge as far as PAS is concerned?

    Hint: It ain't UMNO. :)

    And you think that your enemy's enemy is your friend?

    Think again because where PAS is concerned - remember what I said above.

    You will ALWAYS be an enemy until you bend your knee and bow your head to the ular-maks in PAS :)


    1. Gladiator
      Your comment on this please? Nape copy paste byk kali you tak komen pun?


      Professor Nasi Lemak

    2. 12/22 = 1 PM + 5 Menteri + 6 Timb. Menteri...buat derk jerk .. huhhh professori..

  21. Nak menang kena belajar dari DAP dan repeat the same mantra over n over again until orang yg mendengar menjadi histeria dan percaya 100%.

    Ingat tak lagi dakwaan DAP selama ini?
    1. Negara ni nak jadi bankrap sebab hutang banyak
    2.PRU adalah tidak adil.Bersedia dengan pengundi hantu, pengundi Bangla dan kuasa elektrik dipadamkan diwaktu pengiraan undi
    3.Orang Bukan Melayu adalah rakyat kelas tiga di negara ini.

    1. Anon 15:14. You lupa include Najib kleptokrat, 1MDB, Jho Low, rasuah, cincin berlian, handbag.

  22. Dear Annie, why so many sick people read your blog? They do not know how write nicely. The worst part is they do not know they are sick.

    1. Especially that Nasi Dedak fella who is a sicko. Keep repeating like a broken record

    2. Anon 17:33

      Whats your comment on these?


      Professor Nasi Lemak

    3. 12/222 = 1 PM + 5 Menteri + 6 Timb. Menteri...buat derk jerk .. huhhh professori..gua copy paste jugak la..

    4. 12/222.. There is nothing to comment you moron. Tun M is the PM and Najib is not. Get over it.

    5. Anon 01:33

      Cukup2 buat 1 team bolasepak

      Professor Nasi Lemak

  23. I thought it was this guy who Najib appointed that said it?!


  24. Prof Nasi Lemak,


    Why dont you watch it, write a brief summary abt it, tell me what you would me to comment on and why you want me to comment on it? :)

    BTW, if you want me to comment, pls do try to write in English so I dont misunderstand you. :)

    I did not come to this blog to learn Bahasa Melayu :)

    //Nape copy paste byk kali you tak komen pun?//

    Sorry, I wasnt aware I needed to comment on everything which you might be interested in :)


  25. Hope you give a review on the beauty care product.
    I think it was the same product that one salesman were trying to promote it when I was in rush with the kids to collect our race pack for the Papar Run when we were in Wisma Merdeka.

    1. I'll probably do one after the first tube. So far so good. I applied the stuff and my face is still intact :) Still not so pretty though...hehehe