Tuesday 31 October 2017

Rewcastle-Brown and Ambiga drop the ball for Pakatan

This is definitely bad for Pakatan,

Sarawak Report editor names Ambiga as source of information


According to her Defence and Counterclaim statement that was provided for The Malaysian Insight, Rewcastle-Brown said she spoke to the former Bersih chairman in July 2016 regarding Najib, 1MDB and PAS.
"Ambiga had told the defendant that her sources, whom she said were reliable, had estimated the amount that had been paid was around RM90 million," said Rewcastle-Brown in her court filing dated October 11.
Rewcastle-Brown's defence was filed in relation to PAS president Abdul Hadi Awang's defamation suit against Rewcastle-Brown in April this year.
It shows that Sarawak Report, which is now known as a prominent pro-Pakatan "whistle-blower" website is an unreliable source of information.

I have never studied journalism but I know that one of the most basic things that journalists must never do is to reveal their anonymous sources.

They were supposed to protect their sources even if they have to go to jail to do so.

In this case Rewcastle-Brown should by right must protect Ambiga, who is her source, even if she was to be cited for contempt of court.

I'm quite sure the former Bersih chairman had wanted to remain anonymous when she told Rewcastle-Brown about Hadi allegedly taking money from PM DS Najib Razak. Otherwise, Sarawak Report would had quoted her from the start instead of putting her as just a source.

Now that it's out in the open, Ambiga will come under public scrutiny for alleging that Hadi had taken money from PM Najib Razak in return of Pas' support for BN.

She will have to testify in that court case in London or Hadi could initiate a separate legal suit against her here where she would likely be compelled to produce evidence or reveal her source.

When that happened, does Ambiga willing to protect her source if she has no evidence to support her allegation against Hadi? Is she willing to go to jail to do that?

Rocky was more direct when he asked,

Now, who will Ambiga throw under the bus?

Well, I seriously think Rewcastle-Brown and her Sarawak Report has now been TKOed by this whole thing.

Firstly, she should not have written such a serious allegation against Hadi based solely on just what Ambiga told her.

Instead, she should have double checked with other sources to corroborate the allegation before writing and publishing it.

To make an allegation based on the mere words of just one person who wished to be anonymous was very reckless and irresponsible.

Especially so when Sarawak Report has made its name worldwide as one of the main critiques of the Malaysian government and its leaders. International publications had quoted it in articles critical of Najib and the country.

Then, as I wrote above, by right Rewcastle-Brown shouldn't had blown Ambiga's cover as that effectively sealed Sarawak Report's reputation as an untrustworthy source of information.

A whistle-blower shouldn't blow the cover of its sources, okay.

Unless, of course if Ambiga herself doesn't mind for her cover to be blown, which I doubt, as that would mean she herself will face legal troubles.

Now that it has come to this point, Ambiga should be ready to reveal her sources or produce evidence to support her allegation against Hadi.

Somehow, I doubt she can do that even if she wants to.

My bet is that she will go to court and says that she was merely speculating or even joking with Rewcastle-Brown about the whole thing and she didn't expect what she said to be published.

Probably that's the truth, anyway.

Whatever it is,  I think both Rewcastle-Brown and Ambiga will come out of this looking really bad.

Bare in mind, that story of Hadi taking money from Najib had been circulating and quoted numerous times by Pakatan people.

Now that the whole allegation looks more and more like a fake news, it surely doesn't look  good for Pakatan at all.

People will start to doubt the other stories they told in their effort to oust Najib and the BN government.

The only way this could be prevented is for Ambiga to suddenly produce in court the hard evidence against Hadi which prompted her to make the allegation in the first place.

Hopefully, Ambiga will not just turn around and said she had heard it from Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad or DS Anwar Ibrahim or Mat Sabu, etc.

If she does that, it's really as if she is throwing the whole Pakatan under the bus.

Well, I believe Najib and the whole of BN scored a big one on this.

Too bad for you all Pakatan people.


  1. I don't think SR would publish a story based on hearsay and I also don't think Ambiga didn't know her name would be revealed before hand. What I do think is that now her name has been revealed, then PAS now has no other alternative but to sue her, which is what I think she wants. If there is no legal action from PAS now, then something fishy is definately going on.

    1. I, too, agree with anon 15:50.

      Regarding Annie's suggestion that Claire Rewcastle Brown may have made a mistake on journalism viz. revealing sources of information etc., this is about the SR chief editor found in Internet:

      "She was named one of the World’s 50 Most Influential Figures in 2016 by Fortune Magazine and one of Britain’s Women of the Year 2016. In 2013 she received the International Press Institute’s Pioneer of Media Freedom Award for Radio Free Sarawak and in 2014 she received Queensland University’s Communication for Social Change Award."

      Annie said :

      " I have never studied journalism but I know that one of the most basic things that journalists must never do is to reveal their anonymous sources."

      I'm sure Annie couldn't be serious in trying to point out any breach of journalism ethics by the defendant.

      And im sure the many names mentioned in the cause papers have scared the shit out of many kleptocrats, they are losing sleep since many days ago.

      Money no enough for the lebais. What is 90 million to them? Chief thief kleptocrat must pay more if he wishes that the Crown Court in London would not be turned into an international arena to showcase the theft and misdeeds.

      London lawyers' hefty bills of course must be sent to Sri Perdana then.

    2. You are partly correct - Ambiga of course knows.

      But PAS cannot sue her due to the legal definition of the the word "published" in defamation.

      Ambiga knows that very well.

      Maybe Pinky Lips will need to have another secret meeting with judges?

      Hee hee....

    3. "And im sure the many names mentioned in the cause papers have scared the shit out of many kleptocrats, they are losing sleep since many days ago."


      All the BN macai ran around like headless chickens calling Najis's windfall a donation from Saudi...

      ...until FORENSIC TRAILS followed by Swiss, US and Singapore found out in huge detail that it was stolen from 1MDB & SRC.

      Why isn't Annie shedding her "journalist tears" for all the people at The Edge who lost their jobs for printing...

      ...the truth?

  2. Aiya...
    Hasn't you notice all this while SR was famous when dessiminating information with the tag line..
    Realiable sources..
    Those related to the subject..
    Those familiar with the matter..
    On the subject of PAS taking legal action against Ambiga...if RC being sued in London...do you think PAS will chicken out in our own backside...
    We will wait and see whether Ambiga really want to be sued by PAS as this will be a great as she will produce all evidences in court...

  3. Calling all the lawyers and top legal practitioners in the country. What do you think? You don’t have to reveal your name. Just click the anon button.

  4. Annie,

    I don't think Ambiga would be too worried about being outed.

    Ambiga is a trained lawyer and you, with your legal background, will know that lawyers are very good at squirming out these types of situations.

    The usual defenses are "That is not what I said", "I was misunderstood", "I never said that", "Please show me evidence that I said it", "I said something else", etc etc.

    But I grant you that it is interesting to see how this thing develops.


  5. all ambiga things aside, which u can argue both sides.

    i dont think BN won anything. sure they can now play the now - its - proven - pas - umno - difitnah tune. but people doesnt really care about tht much.

    maybe pas devotee care about this, but i just dont give a damn about them if they are stupid enough to vote pas. kononnya vote pas sokong islam, puih !

    what the people see is that BN is a kleptocrat. thieves are running the country and pas is supporting umno.

    and people is wondering why the so called islamic party want to collude with thieves. could be because the incriminating materials is in papers, so kertas x boleh pakai as bukti (used to be video besi x boleh pakai). i dont know. dont really give a damn

    point is nothings changed. BN remain unpopular and hopefully theyll lose.

    1. Bullshit.. you are obviously chinese..would care about this but for all muslim malay..the issue matters much about fitnah..and now its proven PH only consist or relying on liars to make allegation just to win the election..

      good example..nurul izzah...she definitely loosing her seat...and anwar will be forgotten anf rotted in the sel.. wrong play

    2. haha im muslim all right, go ahead and test me, if u can tht is. and im not the only malay muslim hating pas for using islam with their misguided interpretation. buat fitnah pada agama je keje derang bro. pas mmg cerdik kalau dulu support anwar now derang support najib. Allah nk tunjuk kot kecerdikan derang. x penah2 nk dpt hidayah.

      fitnah or not, lets wait ape ambiga ckp, belum tau ayam masih berlaga. biar case dekat court. panjang lagi citer. lets see kalau pas ade berani nk saman. kalau setakat nk fake saman hari selasa macam mo1 xyah la.

      in the end x goyang ape pn pasal ambiga ni. once penyamun will always be penyamun. rakyat dh meluat, x sabar nk tunggu PRU. cpt sket sengsara kita tamat. tp kalau nampak kehebatan pahlawan bugis ni nampak gaya August 2018 la jwbnya sbb dia berani sgt !

    3. Annie i would like to get your opinion if you dont mind but keluar tajuk sikit maaf ya.
      Our DPM traveled to Kingdom of Saudi Arabia just to meet the donators of 2.6b and came back and confirmed that it was true. Any Tom,Dick and Harry would have save all the troubles from going there by just ask our PM " can you pls show me the bank transaction slip" oops sorry or"can you please show Malaysian the bank transaction slip" or perhaps "show the world".
      So to me our DPM without reliasing that he is insulting his own intelligent by coming up with this wayang kulit of trying to insult our intelligent. Should have come out with a better kelentong right. At least we can tabik sikit that he is using his brain even though we all already knew the facts.
      What say you ?

  6. It's look like Hadi have stronger ball ,could he be PM candidate.

    1. No.

      But Hadi, his anak, and anak Nik Aziz will be given Cabinet posts after GE14 as reward.

      As new UMNO members, they will be sent for 3-month training course on How To Steal Money from Public.

    2. Haven’t heard from you quite a while tebing tinggi. Where have you been?

    3. Well, Hadi may have taken less than 93 million ringgit or more ... to be proven by evidence. But manifestly Hadi the proclaimed PAS chief has NEVER publicly commented on about the globally exposed white collar crimes of Najib Razak!!!

      Hadi Awang the Malay Takfir King of UMNO Malaysia!!!

  7. Kes Hadi vs SR dan kini melibatkan Anbiga sudah tentu dikaji oleh pihak SR sebelum ini.

    Annie dan Rocky sudah lama menanti bola canggung untuk smash PH dan "ambiga" dianggap bahan dan situasi itu.

    PH dan Ambiga tidak terkesan, ini permulaan untuk menarik keluar beberapa nama lagi dan harapannya Hadi dan Najib antara nama yang perlu memberi keterangan di kandang saksi.

    1. kah kah kah.. Stupid Kulangman with his stupid idea.. own blog dull no idea.. stupid man

  8. "It shows that Sarawak Report, which is now known as a prominent pro-Pakatan "whistle-blower" website is an unreliable source of information..."

    When you say the website is unreliable you meant just this Hadi/Ambiga thing, or in general, including all the 1MDB stories?

    So far, except for Hadi, none of the others who are accused by Claire of improprieties have sued her.

    1. Everything SR has said has been repeated by more than 100 news publications worldwide.

      The WSJ even did their own research and expose.

      But don't worry, Bibirpink al-Songlap will sue them...

      ..."next Tuesday".

    2. Not only news publications have corroborated the 1MDB stories from SR, but also government institutions in US, Switzerland and Singapore have publicised information that tally with SR's 1MDB stories. And those in denial will respond with outlandish stories like "...Mahathir asked Matthias and Sivarasa to draft DoJ’s statement..."

    3. If you visit the NST website there is a story quoting RPK (as if he is some kind of Oracle) in a story headlined : "RPK explains the timing of DoJ statement on 1MDB" in which two paragraphs read as follows:

      "Raja Petra alleged former prime minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad had asked two people to draft a Verified Complaint for Forfeiture, before it was handed down to the Acting US Attorney of the Central District of California, Sandra Brown."

      “So Mahathir used Anwar’s people, such as Cynthia Gabriel, to talk to the Americans. Mahathir then sent (lawyer) Mathias Chang, (Datuk Seri) Khairuddin Abu Hassan, (Tan Sri) Zeti Akhtar Aziz, (Tan Sri) Abu Kassim Mohamed and (Tan Sri) Abdul Gani Patail to meet the people in the US DoJ to discuss how they can assist in bringing Najib down."


      You expect to believe this? Or NST is behaving just like those fake news sites?

    4. "You expect to believe this? Or NST is behaving just like those fake news sites?"

      NST is dead.

      Circulation down by 80% from its peak.

      Now, it is propped up for only one reason, to lick the corrupt backside of the Bugis pirate.

  9. "In this case Rewcastle-Brown should by right must protect Ambiga, who is her source, even if she was to be cited for contempt of court."

    "Now that it's out in the open, Ambiga will come under public scrutiny for alleging that Hadi had taken money from PM Najib Razak in return of Pas' support for BN."

    "She will have to testify in that court case in London or Hadi could initiate a separate legal suit against her here where she would likely be compelled to produce evidence or reveal her source."


    Oh, Annie, Annie, your pretty little head doesn't understand legal strategy.

    Your "blogging captain" equally confused.

    Ambiga KNOWS and WANTS to be cross-examined in London.

    You have not read the entire statement of defence.

    Ambiga is a good choice to "open the can of worms" in court as she's an experienced lawyer.

    It is the witnesses CONSEQUENT on her that are going to deliver the killer punch.

    I think it went over your head completely.

    1. Correct.

      QUESTION 1: "So Ms Ambiga, how can you prove the truth of your allegations?"

      JUDGE: "Call next witness".

      UMNOPAS: "Oh shit!!!!!"

      Ambiga just gets the ball rolling.

      All pre-planned lah.

    2. I call the most honorable angels Mungkar and Nakir to be witnesses over these affairs of soul-destroying transgressions.

  10. Annie, its not dropping the ball but passing the ball & the source will be those trojan horses in dumno wakakaka

  11. Syaitan akan sentiasa bersama puak2 kafirun yang ANTI ISLAM dan ANTI MELAYU.

    In the words of former DAP "Superman" :


    1. Semasa Superman Hew Kuan Yew kata 'Kita guna Melayu untuk screw Melayu'... apa yang dimaksudkan adalah, guna ahli-politik Melayu dalam DAP, seperti Abdul Aziz di Batu Kitang, semasa PRU Sarawak lepas. Beliau menyeru pengundi Cina di Batu kitang supaya mengundi Abdul Aziz. Itulah yang dimaksudkan, 'Melayu screw Melayu". Mungkin juga, guna Melayu untuk jatuhkan kuasa politik-Melayu.

      Tapi dalam pembeicaraan di UK ni lain. Tak tahu lah, siapa guna siapa. Yanh pasti, Rewcastle-Brown dan Ambiga bukan orang Islam. Yang saya khuatir kali ini, jika mempergunakan Lebai Malang untuk screw Melayu dan Agama Islam sekali, di Mahkamah Negara Kapir. Takut nanti, terbukti satu dunia, seorang President sebuah Party Islam dari Malaysia telah menerima RM90 juta dan duit itu, datangnya dari 1MDB.

    2. you are one of those who eats everything rpk throws on the floor

      umno is melayu and who has been screwing who for 60yrs even their land are being sold to foreigners

      supaman is only stating the obvious

  12. Do not be so quick to jump to conclusion Annie. The thing is, things are beginning to unfold. Now we know Claire’s source originated from Malaysia. By revealing her source, she gave signal to Pas to pursue the case in Malaysian court as well.

    I think the title should be CRB dropped the ball back to Hadi Awang. It is Hadi’s turn to make the next move. Either file a separate suit in Malaysian court against Ambiga or just focusing the court case in London which currently underway.

    I think Ambiga was told beforehand by Clair and was already given her blessing. Ambiga has a partner/friend if here in Malaysia should Hadi decides to pursue the case against her. His name is Husam Musa.

    Husam had told several times in his political rallies before that he’s got the evidence that Pas did receive money from Umno. He even named the financial institution where all alleged money flowed. He even dared Pas to sue him and vowed to produce all the evidences, alibi and witness(es) in court.

    Amacam Pas? Ada berani?

    1. Well spotted.

      BTW, PAS already threatened in Feb to sue Husam in court.

      Setakat ini....

      *krik krik krik*

    2. I'm happy and eagerly to see Hadi take this up with Ambiga but I'm sure Hadi has NO GUT to take this up!!!!

      Why??? Hadi knows well he will not be able to stop Ambigu from disclosing the RM90 mil truth evidence in court.... to the public especially PAS member....

      PAS member will soon realize Hadi is NOT Nik Aziz....

      Come on Hadi... go take on Ambiga!!! Jangan takut.... sedap makan RM90 mil tapi takut dedah????

      Kesian penyokong PAS... susah payah sokong Hadi tapi bukan untuk kemenangan parti, sebaliknya untuk kekayaan Hadi!!!!

  13. Anonymous @ 31 October 2017 at 20:04,


    To be honest, I don't think that DAP "Superman" was not being very original.

    Malays have been screwing Malays since about the 1970s without needing help from anybody.

    Consider this - if Malays had reallybeen helping Malays since Merdeka, we would not be seeing the huge difference in wealth between the top 20% Malays and the bottom 40% Malays.

    And the middle 40% Malays are not really as wealthy as they think they are,

    I am willing to bet that if one has a closer look, EVERY SINGLE MALAY in the top 20% wealth bracket would be very closely linked to UMNO and UMNO politics.

    If you think that is merely coincidence, well ..... what can I say...


    1. "I am willing to bet that if one has a closer look, EVERY SINGLE MALAY in the top 20% wealth bracket would be very closely linked to UMNO and UMNO politics."

      You would win that bet very easily.

      The top 1% Umgnok leaders dare not list their wealth.

      Decades ago Zahid Komedi was already worth tens of millions.

      Obtained through hard work?

      Ha ha ha!

    2. Zahid made tonnes of money cosying up to Anwar who at that time was a finance minister.Anwar threw lots of riches to buy loyalty. Being Umno youth chief, Anwar needed Zahid’s help to mount a serious challenge to Mahathir.

      But the problem is Zahid being Zahid, sometimes his mouth moves faster than his brain..

    3. Dats why we call him Zahid Komedi....... : )

  14. I had a hunch that pro-Najibs are jumping the gun. These sly Matsalleh might have something up their sleeves. Maybe its a ploy to entice Najib's operatives to come prematurely. Better watch out. They might be baiting the lebai-malang to make the next move.

    1. Correct.

      The newly-rich lebai of Umno Hijau (formerly known as PAS) know they are checkmated.

  15. i think your inference is favorable to mr lebai innocent. ha..ha..pas men n women must be happy.

  16. Don't get too excited Anne.. these people are not stupid..it looks like Hadi and najib will be on the defensive.. becareful what you wish for..

  17. Ayo yo Ambiga.Kadau ulak.A smattering of Tamil that I pick up when I was growing up in a rubber estate in Muar Johor.Another Tamil word that I picked up is 'pundek'.haha

    Prof Kangkung

    1. pick this up too nd say it aloud ..

      "dei pundek mauna prof kantoi"...


    2. Pros Kantoi,

      If you wish to see a pundek, please direct yourself to the nearest mirror or other reflective surface.

      Prof Sawi

  18. Najib got inner circle advisers. They are fighting amongst themselves and this is already an open secret.

    Rosmah also got advisers. Rosmah's advisers are different from Najib's and they too are having differences.

    Annie, blogging captain and gang of ROSNA LOYALISTS are very far from the inner circle. But they have links to the inner circle.

    What Annie has written here was really to invite inputs from anti najib people and HOPEFULLY their views will be seen by Rosmah or najib.

    Like seeing the tsunami tides coming, Annie has just too much love for Rosmah and Najib who are ignorant of the forthcoming disaster but has no access to bring warnings to her masters, so some creativity is needed.

    Hence this posting.

    1. Agreed ! I have been trying to see the MO of Annie and I too came to the same conclusion...Annie buat macam a little lost 'girl' giving her naive views, buat bodoh like don't understand what 1MDB is all about etc etc...just so to gauge those from the opposing views...hence not much banning or deleting of comments here, in fact, 'she' welcomes all views ( minus the very vulgar and rude ones, hehehe) hoping these will give warning to her Beloved Couple to watch out and take counter action before it is too late. For Annie, it is Hidup Umno all the way.

    2. Whatever.
      I'm just a bit disappointed in you JJ. The anon, I don't mind so much.

    3. Dear Annie,

      Sorry to hear that you are a bit disappointed with me. For whatever is worth, I think, and still do, that you are one of the better blogger around, esp your treatment of commentators, no one could be more accommodating, if I can put it this way, than you. AND you have heart too, for those writes concerning social issue etc. But as far as political issues are concerned, this is where it got me....although quite new to this site ( but I now regularly read your writes ), I can't help getting this feeling that you are indeed a very intelligent, insightful and smart person, but your writing make out that you are "lost" and many controversial issues are simply too "complicated". And your style of writing too...so fitting too. But there is no denying the slant of your political views, although couched in this little girl style, hehe. If there is anyone who qualify to find the middle ground ( between the 2 extremes of Umno and Harapan), then I would think it might be you, Annie. But of late, with the rattling of the election sabre, I can finally see where you are heading. Sorry to be honest la, Annie. That's my way.But whatever, I still 'like' Life of Annie and the person behind it :)

  19. Hi Annie,

    Ambiga and Rewcastle are no kinky ladies of the valley.

    They are women of substance.They don't open their trap unnecessarily.

    While one was accorded an award winning invitation to the White House, the other is widely acknowledged for her whistle blowing journalistic bravery and prowess.

    Additionally, one is barred from eating kuih lapis in Sarawak while the other has a warrant of arrest if her shadow takes shape on Malaysian soil.

    Both have imbibed what Confucius had said "Learning without thinking is useless.Thinking without learning is dangerous."

    Not so long ago Rafizi fired a salvo at someone in the Green Party for a sudden bloat in his bank balance.The enraged Green Party man set an ultimatum for the withdrawal of such allegations failing which, court action would await Rafizi.
    Many moons have passed and many rains has come, but the Green Party man,instead of visiting the courtrooms has busied himself at car showrooms.It is a bark with no bite.

    It appears,in recent times the Green Party has made more friends with car sales persons than accommodating new voters.

    This lawsuit, while it may excite and tickle the likes of cocky brew and the ladies of valleys,would leave many others with pies in their faces.The subsequent exposes would be shameful and hurtful.It would show Green is as bad as Blue in the art of thievery.

    PH to lose voters and supporters because of these two steely ladies ? Nah, that is wishful thinking.

    "An intelligent man believes only half of what he hears; A wise man knows which half."

    With so much of obnoxious smell permeating from the recent antics of the Green Party, it is time to listen to Oxygen 2 by Jean Michel Jarre.

    Rasta Rules.

    1. Woman of substance pukimak.pundeklah ambiga

      Prof Kangkung

    2. "It appears,in recent times the Green Party has made more friends with car sales persons than accommodating new voters."

      Parti Hijau are the newest branch of umno laaaa........munafik betul.......

    3. Prof Kangkung,

      Your language depicts your upbringing.Your vulgarity mirrors your mother and father.

      The importance of discourse is in expressing your views and arguments in a matured and rational manner without emotions coming into play.

      But okay, I shouldn't get angry with donkeys.

      Rasta Rules

    4. I think the prof kangkung of 12.29 is not the real prof kangkung becoz the real prof kangkung even being very kangkung will not use such vulgar words.

    5. It was me.just to prove to you if I want to go lower just to be at par with the RBAs I can do it.But why should I?
      Prof Kangkung (the real one)

    6. Bukan hanya busy at car showrooms...party Umno Hijau also verryyy busy at real estate offices snapping up properties and also verryy busy at akad nikah ceremonies marrying young chun wives...the wonders of rm 200 million...so much to buy, so little time. The best of both worlds...paradise on earth and eternal paradise in heaven with 72 virgins...some people are soooo lucky kan ?

  20. All the paid pelacur BN bloggers are running helter-skelter to defend PAS.

    Orders from the comms handlers at PMO, lah.

    Mesti ikut arahan, kan.

    So they are spreading their legs to the max, with KY jelly ready. All to get their dedak.

    But wait...

    ...isn't PAS an "opposition party"????

    Then why are BN bloggers being told to defend them?

    Kah kah kah...

    ...that's the clearest evidence that PAS have sold their souls to the Umgnok devils.

    1. Lebai2 Pas terima wang rasuah daripada Najib melalui Nasharuddin sebagai balasan untuk menyokong Najib yang terpalit dengan skandal 1mdb.

      Dan tidsk mempersoalkan isu2 skandal 1mdb yang mana Najib telah melakukan kesalahan rasuah dibawah seksyen 16 Akta SPRM dan sekira didapati bersalah boleh dihukom penjara tidsk melebehi 20 tahun dan denda tidak kurang 5 kali wang rasuah yang diterima dibawah seksyen 24 Akta SPRM 2009.

      Apa pun...

      ...Nasharuddin tak makan seorang.

      Kongsi dgn anak Nik Aziz.....


      Dan pakar "pay per view"....

      3 ekor inilah yang menyediakan "chai" di muktamar tempohari..di bantu dana ostad sprm nih

      90juta dah habis lagi balance 90% tak kluar maka kalah lah Nik abodoh tanding jawatan.

  21. Blood is thicker than water - MO1 & H2O should combined together to oust this java man & its 'loki brew'...its all in the family meh wakakaka


  22. Kalau di UK PAS berani saman ini pula di own backyard..
    PH does not need this kind of Bola Tanggung..
    Pse so not take for granted the support we urbanites had given all this while.
    Lately,while BN continued with their programme of building the confidence of the rakyat,PH were politicing all the time,with the like of TDM passing remarks unbecoming of x statesman..
    Time is running short...PH should pulled their docks up if not say goodbye to Putrajaya,and not surprising Sgor and Png too.

    1. Anonymous1 November 2017 at 10:20,

      Your spelling is so bad you can only be Pros Kantoi posting under a different name.

      Kantoi again.

      Pull your "docks" up.

      Otherwise no dedak for you.

      Prof Sawi

    2. Woi pemakan dedak 10.20,


      ......in honor of your Barisan Neraka.......

      "Jagdeep compiled PM’s Budget speeches 2013 - 2018

      premier announced total of 625,000 PR1MA homes.

      Jagdeep’s research:

      50,000 units announced in 2013 Budget
      80,000 (2014)
      80,000 (2015)
      175,000 (2016)
      30,000 (2017)
      210,000 in 2018 Budget

      Jagdeep said Penang govt completed 20,887 affordable homes
      with (CCC) and handover of keys end 2016

      17 more affordable housing projects proposed
      5 were works in progress, promising 27,230 units

      My comments : There is something seriously fishy here. What happened to all that money that was allocated every year to PRIMA to build thouse houses? PRIMA has an office, CEO, general managers, staffs etc. They have been given hundreds of millions of Ringgits. If they can deliver only 266 houses per year for FIVE years, then what has happened to all that money?

      Here is something else. What the hell is TN50? Is it Tenaga Nasional 50 tahun?

      My question is : this new TN50 will also promise the building of sufficient affordable housing for the people. But that is to be achieved by the year 2050 - another 33 years away.

      If they deliver only 266 houses per year, in 33 years PRIMA can build 8778 units.
      At this pace, PRIMA cannot help the nation achieve TN50 either.

      The fact that this PRIMA is another "Satu lagi projek untuk menipu orang Melayu' is obvious.

      But the bigger question is : where did all that money go to?"

      'building the confidence of the rakyat' pale otak hang.

      Poorah laaaaa.......

  23. A case of mistaken identites/identity crises within the green party
    The suit was based on wishful thinking
    CRB blogged ' donation received by top echelons of the party '
    The actual receiver of the donation is not named in the article
    The suitor pandai/bodoh preconceived that the actual receiver was him
    So.the suitor has no right/merit to champion this case
    CRB reciprocated by initiating a counter claim for stress encountered


  24. Annie,

    '..who will Ambiga throw under the bus..'
    For sure Rocky 'The Swift Code' Bru not on her 'list'..

    Since Ambiga is here in Malaysia, PAS can initiates the next move..itu pun if they wanted to make the move.

    Have you ever thought/cross your mind that maybe that white women have discussed thoroughly with the indian women before she made the statement??

    Come on la annie (talking about ethics).. this fight is against Najib/Rosmah flanked by lebai Pas retarded with RPK as their spindoctor..


  25. 12.24
    Yes there was a spelling mistake,slip of the fingers..
    Ha..ha..what....Pros apa itu..prostitute ke cos people like you likr to be prostitued by Penjilat Kahak no.1..
    Ptof Kahak..

  26. Annie - go read Syed's latest take on the subject matter, before he removes the post.