Friday 27 October 2017

On the proxy war in Najib's camp

It's budget day.

Later in the day PM DS Najib Razak will table the 2018 Budget.

But I think I know what it's going to be. It's definitely going to be a people-friendly budget, considering that the next general election is to be held the latest in August next year.

There will be tonnes of stories about it later.

So, no need for me to comment on it.

For today, I rather give my take on the ongoing nonsense between people who supposed to be big shots in the Najib's camp.

The way I see it, the fight is not really between Apandi Ali and RPK as it seems to be.

It's between people who are behind those two.

This is sort of a proxy war for influence within the PM's inner circle.  We can only guess the real identity of the main players as they will never come out in the open.

Okay, as you all may know by now, the first open attack in the latest Najib's camp nonsense was when RPK wrote these,

 Strong rumours surrounding the AG Part 1 and Strong rumours surrounding the AG Part 2

They were directed at AG Apandi and that funny Tabung Haji guy Azeez Rahim.

Quite serious allegations, actually.

I strongly believe that RPK wrote those under instruction from someone who is out to knock out Apandi and Azeez from Najib's circle.

I don't think RPK has anything personal against Apandi and Azeez.

The guy is after all living in Manchester, okay.

He was just doing his job.

I said that RPK was only following instructions because this sort of things happened before.

RPK had previously attacked an MB, accusing him of being a homosexual while as far as I know he got no quarrel with that MB.

He must had done it under instruction, as in the current case with Apandi and Azeez.

I don't really like that MB guy but I felt the attack was unfair and therefore I defended the MB in this previous post on Sept 22 last year,


On yet another matter, last night I got a message from a friend asking me who is the MB meant by RPK in this story of his,

Menteri Besar blackmailed by Mahathir

Of course I know who is the MB meant by RPK.

It's an old story, actually.

But I told my friend not to bother himself with such stories.

I'm not a big fan of that MB, but to float such an accusation against him, in my opinion was not fair.

And RPK did another posting about him just now as I'm writing this,

The faggot Menteri Besar under Mahathir’s thumb

Guess someone really wants that MB to be thrown out.

Well, this is all very sordid.

For yet another previous proxy war within Najib's camp involving RPK, you all can read these;

If you followed what transpired in all these fights, the modus operandi is always the same.

Anyway, for the current one, I think RPK had toned down the attack quite a bit following Apandi's aggressive response to it. You can read it here,

Strong Rumours Surrounding The AG: Part 3

Maybe the people behind RPK have suddenly realised that the gang behind Apandi is more powerful than they thought.

But I think it's too late for that.

Damage done already, okay.

This fight among them, as they were with the previous ones, had only caused BN to lose more support and provide Pakatan with quite potent ammunitions as the general election draws nearer.

It's a malady of greedy individuals who only care about their vested interests.

They are there hanging around Najib for their own selfish agenda.

They don't care about this country, the people, BN, Umno or even Najib.

These people will switch side in the event things get bad for Najib, Umno or BN. I'm quite sure of that.

That's why they remain hidden and use others to fight for them.

Their loyalty is only for themselves.

Najib should realise this by now.

By right, he should get rid of them.

These people are very much like all those scheming concubines or corrupt eunuchs of the ancient world.

They are the cancerous cells which destroyed dynasties.

Read history of those dynasties and I think you all will agree with me.

Well, for this one, it's solely up for Najib to decide.


  1. "RPK was only following instructions"
    So, in short, RPK is just a mindless tool for the agendas of certain rivals in their political maneuvering, despite his self-proclaimed higher intelligence than the rest of us ...

    1. "RPK is just a mindless tool for the agendas of certain rivals in their political maneuvering, despite his self-proclaimed higher intelligence than the rest of us"

      "Mindless tool" is right.

      He's a very stupid man.

      Pretentious but full of crap.

      He's also a prostitute not worth paying - if you a paid BN blogger writing in English, you are talking to the wrong target market. It's a waste of money.

      The PMO are damn stupid to be paying this leech.

  2. Annie imaginary pawn play only wakakaka!!! Should write about zahid komedi 'brutus' against MO1 & H20 & when gajah2 berlawan pelanduk2 (blogger2 & macai2) mampus di tengah2 muakakaka!!! Mampuslah dumno...

  3. "I don't think RPK has anything personal against Apandi and Azeez.

    The guy is after all living in Manchester, okay.

    He was just doing his job."


    So his job is to spread his ancient, flabby ass cheeks whenever BN wants to smear someone's reputation.

    And this is after all the things that BN (not Mahathir - BN, because Tun was long gone from power by then) did to him and his family.

    Talk about jilat balik ludah sendiri.


    Even whores have an ounce of respect - this Raja Pelacur Keletong has none.

    1. BACKBITING is a grave transgression; the divine retribution for diehard BACKBITERS is HELLFIRE ... just ask Ustaz ....

  4. "They don't care really about this country, BN, the people, Umno or even Najib." think Najib cares about the country or people?

    Hee hee.


    Oh yah, he loves me because he gave me MRT with my money and gave me Election Dedak......with my money.

    Thank you thank you thank you, Anugerah Tuhan Bugis.

    Hee hee.

    Even with all the election dedak, you still owe Malaysia repayment of the 24 billion you stole.

    Hee hee.

  5. From the news...China is buying into Australia...all important buildings n key ports....Don’t be too happy...
    China is all out to conquer the world by using their economic power and Rich corporate Companies to buy up important key infrastructure of different countries and rules the world when all is need to go to war to conquer...
    Look at Malaysia too ...selling important key infrastructure to China too .. and vegetables...
    Singapore not careful will also fall into their plans too selling our Senoko Power station to China too...

  6. funny how rpk calls everyone a prostitute when he's the one who gets paid, used and abandoned when the fun is over

    according to him the oppo has got more plans than umno's cronies but all he is doing is try to pit one against the other, he must think they are all like pas

    1. "funny how rpk calls everyone a prostitute when he's the one who gets paid, used and abandoned when the fun is over"

      Even STD bacteria will not infect RPK's various filthy orifices.

      STD bacteria don't want to pollute themselves.

    2. When rubbish turns to garbage then we have too much trash to deal with ... ....

  7. Tinggal orang yg bodoh kurang akal masih sokong Najib.

    1. Andai hari ini Allahyarham Tun Abdul Razak masih bernyawa - masihkah kau ingat kekesalan yg diluahkan oleh DYMM Sultan Perak itu atas apa yang telah dilakukan oleh anak Tun Razak ini terhadap Malaysia dan rakyat, khasnya kpd orang Melayu kini?

  8. Perlu ada rasa diri sendiri korup, sekurang kurangnya morally, bila ada rasa kagum dan percaya pada watak watak liar ini.

  9. Nazri jilat kuat.......

    Low Taek Jho, who is linked to state investor 1MDB, committed at least four offences under the Malaysian Penal Code, a retired judge said.

    “On meagre facts available from documents in the public domain, it is clear he has committed at least four offences,” said Gopal Sri Ram.

    He said Jho Low had committed criminal breach of trust of the property over which he was fully entrusted with.

    Secondly, he said Jho Low could be prosecuted for cheating.

    “He can also face charges for conspiracy to commit criminal breach of trust and abetment of criminal breach of trust.

    “The police are perfectly entitled to hunt him down as a fugitive from justice,” he said.

    He said this in response to Tourism and Culture Minister Nazri Abdul Aziz who yesterday said the public prosecutor could only take action against the businessman, better known as Jho Low, if he had committed offences under the country’s law.

    Padan muka Nazri......nak cover line for boss pun x pandai.......

    1. Husni lari sebab nanah 1mdb keluar tak henti.
      Mcm2 alasan diguna utk kambus taek low. Allah tetap beri petunjuk sudah bersiri.
      Byk kerja gila yg dibuat Umno, disokong BNPas.Seperti wang rampas USA nak serah pada Malaysia pun tak hendak.

      Hippojubbo boleh rancang semahunya. Tapi Pincang ketentukan olehNYA.Itu JANJI pada KITA.
      Ketelusan utk Cerah sgt ditakuti oleh makhlok2 Mungkar. Ulat2 mmg selesa tinggal dalam kegrlapan lubang Taek.
      Masih berbaki Melayu mengaku Islam yg sah munafik pemakan Taek yg mahu membantu Kuasa Mungkar.
      Sedarlah diatas pilihan sendiri ini.

      Husni sudah tahu.
      Rakyat sudah tak mahu.
      Cuma baki sedikit Melayu
      yg akal sudah dibatu.
      Nasib la kamu.

    2. Saya tak bersalah
      Berfikirlah Macam gangster nazri
      Also there is one more thing I forget
      “Naazuubillah min zalik”

      Jho Low

  10. "Displaying riches and titles with pride brings about one’s downfall ... Keeping plenty of gold and jade in the palace makes no one able to defend it."
    - Tao Te Ching

  11. Annie,

    //Later in the day PM DS Najib Razak will table the 2018 Budget.//

    Oh yes, the Budget.


    We know it will be promises of more money for this, more money for that, more money for everybody.

    After the Budget, all those promises will be forgotten except for those which directly benefit the incumbent and its cronies.

    It's the same every time.

    //I strongly believe that RPK wrote those under instruction from someone who is out to knock out Apandi and Azeez from Najib's circle.//

    Ah, RPK...

    Yes, many people think that RPK is being paid to write what he is writing now.

    Actually, I think RPK is writing for something bigger than merely money - he is writing for a place in Paradise.

    EVRYTHING that RPK is doing now is to help PAS get into a position of power.

    And that position is to be the Turd Force ... oooppss.. sorry.. Third Force.

    If PAS gets power, then we can be certain of a fully Islamic Malaysia according to the laws of Hadi Awang and Coy.

    RPK is Hadi Awang's boy, to be used and abused.

    Hadi Awang must just love the fact that he has an anak Raja to do as he please.

    I mean, how many people can claim the same:)

    Note that the doctrine of the Turd.. eerrr... Third Force was an idea which RPK tried to sell at various times to the opposition, to the rakyat, etc but nobody bought into the idea.

    With PAS out of Pakatan, RPK has managed to convince Hadi Awang to take up the idea of being a Turd.. damn.. I mean .. a Third Force.

    Thus if PAS can somehow get the balance of power in GE14, eg BN gets 110 seats, Pakatan gets 110 seats and PAS gets 2 seats, PAS can dictate terms and conditions.

    Of cos, Hadi Awang thinks that PAS can win 70 or 80 seats, not just 2, and no doubt RPK has assured him that it is possible.

    My guess?

    PAS will not win anything outside of Kelantan.

    //I don't think RPK has anything personal against Apandi and Azeez.//

    Why attack Apandi and Azeez or even those behind them?

    To be honest, I don't know as I don't really understand those behind-the-scenes intrigues - it's above my league.

    Maybe PAS has something against those people and it is in PAS's interests that they be neutralised - I really don't know.

    One of my usual wild guesses :)

    OK, I am in a rush - there is a Raikou spawning down the road from me and I need to get to it pronto.

    Later all


  12. Sehari sebelum Budget, melalui Bulletin TV3, Menteri Pendidikan dengan kehadiran President MCA & Gerakan, dengan bangga mengistiharkan kerajaan akan membina 10 SRJKC baru, termasuk dikawasan Majority Melayu di Puncak Alam.
    Yang peliknya… tak dengar pula Najib peruntukkan belanjawan untuk SRJKC. Hanya dengar RM50 Juta untuk masyarakat Cina. Masyarakat India juga akan dapat RM50 Juta.

    Walaubagaimana pun, saya rasa lebih elok dibina lebih banyak SRJKC sebagai persiapan atau persediaan, demi masa depan anak-cucu kita. Makanya, mulai sekarang, eloklah kita hantar anak-anak bersekolah di SRJKC saja, supaya mereka mahir berbahasa Mandarin, Inggeris, science & mathematic, menjelang TN50 nanti. Ketika itu, ECRL sudah pun siap dan HSR sudah bersambung ke Kunming, China.
    Tanpa kemahiran bahasa Mandarin, Inggeris, science & mathematic, mustahil Syarikat Gergasi China akan mengambil anak-anak Melayu berkerja sebagai Supervisor atau Middle Management Staff. Kalau nak ambil jadi kuli-batak, lebih baik ambil orang Indonesia, Myanmar atau Bangladesh. Mereka jauh lebih rajin dan tak perlu 'curi-masa' untuk bersolat.

    Oleh yang demikian, orang Melayu mesti berhenti hantar anak-anak ke Sek.Agama, mahupun Sek. Kebangsaan, dari sekarang. Semoga-moga, lama-kelamaan SRJKC menjadi Sekolah Aliran Perdana, tanpa pengaruh Agama yang mendidik dengan amalan penebus dosa, kepercayaan kepada iblis/hantu/syaitan dan lain-lain benda mengarut yang menyebabkan pemikiran anak-anak Melayu menjadi terkatup & jumud.

    #Hidup UMNO-Najib, Hidup Jho Low.

    1. Hidup prof kangkung
      Hidup Alor gajah
      Hidup mat zain berzina
      Hidup macai UMNO
      Hidup felda saya sayang kamu

      Jho Low

    2. Jho,

      "Mad" Zin went away because Alor Gajah kicked him out of town for 'jual bontot' to the devil......the replacement 'jual bontot' macai is called prof kangkung.

      Dun worried, he is 100% as stupid as Zin.

  13. Aisay Annie you are a real tease la. Who is the faggot MB? Can give some hints ah? The 2 camps courting Jibby...who are they la? Some straight answers Annie...don't be like a strip tease artiste...dedah sikit demi sikit. Waiting in anticipation.

  14. The corrupt UMNO elite who sold land to china invisible hands

  15. Don't focus too much on camps in Najib administration. What about Azmin and Rafizi's camp? Please elaborate on that Annie.

    Prof Kangkung

  16. Philippines Ferdinand Marcos doenst exist
    It’s a Hollywood movie like the superheroes movie avenger
    It’s a scam, falsehood and misguided fantasy

    Jho Low

  17. A 3rd world country helping to strengthen a 1st world country economy is the biggest joke of the century. Don't have to be an expert or an economist to know this (simple common sense).

  18. code geass....really ? tats my fav man