Wednesday 25 October 2017

Palace intrigues

Rocky's posting yesterday

Apandi Ali vs RPK and Khairuddin (there's Azeeez in there somewhere, too!)

actually reminds me of the Korean historical dramas which I enjoyed quite a lot.

All those palace intrigues were very interesting to me.

Things like the queen ganging up with the king's favourite concubine in their fight against the scheming head of concubines.

Then there's the eunuchs and court officials running around trying to grab a bit of power for themselves at the lower level of the palace hierarchy.

Interesting, isn't it?

These sorts of things actually do happened in real life power struggles too.

The one highlighted by Rocky involves BN people but actually Pakatan people also have such things.

For example, just not too long ago, it became public knowledge that Azmin Ali was ganging up with people like Lateefa Koya in their fight for power in PKR against the scheming Rafizi Ramli.

In the Korean historical drama context, I just imagine Azmin as the queen, Lateefa as the favourite concubine and Rafizi as the scheming head of concubines.

Of course, it would help if Rafizi is a bit less chubby....hehehe

The smaller players in PKR could be the manoeuvring eunuchs and court officials.

Well, for the BN's version, you all can read Rocky's posting again and use your imagination as to who should be of which character.

Fun isn't it?

Actually, I think it's the same on both sides.

The only significant difference is that for now BN has the power and therefore there are more at stake in their internal power struggles.

I believe it will be the same if Pakatan ever managed to defeat BN and has the power to rule the country in their hands.

It's unavoidable in any organisation.

At a lower level we have office politics at the workplace.

It can't be helped as most people want to move up in the organisation they worked for and the only way some of them can do it was to play office politics.

I went through this at my previous workplace.

I have to admit that I'm totally useless when it comes to these sorts of maneuverings as my only talent is probably doing my work the best that I could.

I also don't know how to sweet talk the bosses. If they do stupid things, I would say "Boss, that's a stupid thing to do".

Well, maybe I'm the stupid one for saying that :)

I also don't know how to make my bosses happy by praising them all over or following in their footsteps even if those footsteps would eventually lead the organisation into the longkang.

Others, however, were very good at it. In fact, that's their only real talent.

For instance, when the big boss went around bullying one of the junior executives, the whole gang of flunkies fell all over themselves in bullying their subordinates too, so that they could be seen as in line with the big boss' ways of doing things.

Amazing isn't it?

Honestly, I was at awe when I saw the way they kissed the bosses' ass. I can never do that, okay...too disgusting leh...

Needless to say, people like me lose out in the end and the organisation is now own by the gang whose actual talent is just ass kissing the big boss.

Well, I don't want to say how the organisation is doing under those people now as I don't want you all to accuse me of being a sour grape, okay.

That's just the way things are in this world, I guess.

So, if you want to move up in an organisation, you better acquire some ass kissing and office politics skills.

Otherwise, you just lay low, do your job well (but not too well, as you may be noted for your talents and presumed to be a threat by the ass kissers) and settled with just the aim of getting your salary paid at the end of the months.

I gave that advise to my former colleagues, actually.

All in all, it's just the same. It's just the way humans do things.

But still, I also gave this additional advice to my former collegues,

Don't despair when you lose out to those scheming people. The more important thing is to keep your conscience clear and do the right things. I believe that's what God wants us to do.

Remember, rezeki tu Allah yang bagi. Bukan boss yang suka dibodek atau pengampu-pengampunya tu yang bagi.

If we do the right things, God will provide for us, one way or another.



  1. Annie,

    Very intriguing analysis.

    Many here like the way you see things. In fact, one could learn about the different ways of thinking by visiting here, seeing how you and others see things.

    For example, the current TRUMP-LEE HSIEN LOONG joint media conference was used by some to criticise Najib. But if one is to think in different way, the Joint Media Conference at Rose Garden is actually an insult to Singapore, a big slap on the Singaporeans.

    Why? Because it was held under hot sun and outside of the White House, and Lee Hsien Loong was not given a chair!

    Whereas Najib was given the comfort of a seat and a table, and MAPPADULUNG was allowed to talk INSIDE the White House!

    So the USA love for Najib is too obvious!

    This is a smart way to see things. This is what they call #thinklikededakeaters.

    1. Insult to Singapore? Are you kidding me??

      1. PM Lee Hsien Loong arrived in the US and stayed at Blair House. Your beloved PM stayed at Trump Hotel with the money forked out from your pocket.

      2. PM Lee and his cabinet members were accorded working luncheon with POTUS and his team after their meeting. Where was your PM having lunch after meeting the president? (cough)

      3.There was agreement signed between the two countries at the White House.

      4.PM Lee was granted kinda mini tour around the WH by Trump enroute to Rose Garden.

      4.Joint media conference at Rose Garden afterwards by PM Lee and Trump. As the name implies, the place indeed IN the garden with open sky. Trees, squirrels, mice, clouds and sun were all visible.

      Why the purpose of chairs at Rose Garden? Both leaders held their PC while standing before the audience. It has been that way for ages.

      There’s no world leaders in history coming to the WH holding a PC at Rose Garden while sitting on a chair!..

    2. Anon 14:04 your comment sounds almost similar to ahmad maslan's gst will bring down prices. Birds of a feather shit together.

    3. Aiyoyo.....apa ni ? Anon 14:04 is just being sarcastic lah ! Itu pun cannot see ah ? Talk about being thick, hehehehe. Shall we blame the education of Malaysians for this sad state of affairs ?

    4. HAHAHA........Ayat sindir pun tak faham!!!!
      14.04 menyindir bukan KAGUM. MENYINDIR - being
      sarcastic kat Najibom on his lawatan ke WHITE HOUSE.


    5. My oh my...
      14.04 was just being sarcastic (and cheeky too) yet 20.55 and 22.44 missed it totally!

  2. I sometimes wonder whether I will ever witness a near corruption-free Malaysia in my life.

    I dont ask for a corruption-free Malaysia, but a near corruption-free Malaysia is good enough.

    Is there ever a light at the end of the loooooong tunnel? I have travelled through the toll-free tunnel long enough, I can't still see any glimpse of a light.

    God help Malaysia.

    1. The Queen of Hippos will never allow it to happen.

      Every PMO contract must take %.

      Greed unlimited.

    2. You are being nostalgic anon 1714
      That happended during Tun M's era.

      Prof Kangkung

    3. Pros Kantoi,

      I am not sure how your Chinese community deals with issues of drug addiction among cheap cyber-typists such as yourself.

      The spelling of "happended" that you happened to attempt shows you need urgent remedial education, and rehab as well.

      I think your MCA paymasters should donate 50 sen.

      Prof Sawi

    4. kena lagi.. kahkahkah...

      dei kangkung... I did tell u to double check your spelling, rite..?

      jgn malukan standard Ann pnya blog laaaa...

    5. jgn malukan standard Ann pnya blog laaaa...

      dei anon 12:49... speak for yourself la!

      Name of this blog is Life of Annie. At least pls get that right A.n.n.i.e , not A.n.n

    6. Prof sawi,

      sedih aku tgk ngko. Takde pendapat sendiri gamaknya, sebab tu stalking je kerojanya.

  3. Annie,

    You should read Syed's blog on the matter before he removes it.

  4. The other skill that a dumno should be good is back stabbing or main belakang (sex innuendo again, takpe dumno suka meh) LMAO

  5. yeah! DongYi..Sook pin vs Queen Jung..

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    1. Sorry. If you have to say something about Rocky, please do so at his blog or your own. Thank you.

    2. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  7. They’re all actually in the same HOD camp (House of Dedaks). One might wonder what drove Moron of Manchester to launch a series of unprecedented attack to people within his own camp?

    Syed Akhbar the prophet of doom speculates HOD fast running out of dedaks. Fights break out due to the struggle of shrinking resources. Some people said nope, that’s not the reason.

    It is all about that lovey-dovey rendezvous in Bali. There’s creative difference among them how it should be handled. Some of them had wanted the top guy to leave and return to AG. Some of them wanted him to stay put but struggling to come up with convincing script.

    I think MOM is just being greedy. I’ve heard he was given 5 milion to switch side. The same amount offered to top Asian debater in which he turned it down in style. He went public with the offer and stunned the Habibi guy and his colleagues in the corridors of power.

    5 million is quite a hefty sum. In pound sterling or Euro not that much though. You need more than that to make a living over there. Even Mat Dan refused to return home and has taken up a local girl to marry.

    1. Sir/madam.. Nice rendition about what happen in HOD, good one honestly.. but please leave mat dan alone.. God know why he choose to stay here in malaysia or even marry a local girl.. But still not appropriate to sum it all up together in regarding this matter.. What happen in camp morons got nothing to do with mat dan choice of life sir/madam.. But nice info.. Good one!

  8. Hmmmmmmm.

    Pandi vs RPK.

    Both are definitely concubines.

    Old, sad, worn-out concubines.

    Both are crooks with zero morality.

    Both are "wait for PMO orders" macai.

    So what gives?

    The answer must be:

    Someone in Umngnok is after the money in TH.

    Hence the aim is to get rid of Azeez Baling and put a different macai as head of TH.

    There is money that needs to be songlaped.

    Hence, the old, worn-out concubines like RPK & Pandi have to have their sandiwara before the emperor decides whom to screw.

    Welcome to Malaysia!

    1. I agree that the main motivation is to kick Aziz out of Tabung Haji.

      But it's also a bigger proxy war.

      Becos Aziz is one of Rosie's "pets".

      Someone is "testing water".

  9. Cheers here cheers there macam beer festival, annie will make pas & dumno bigots angry Oh No!!!

  10. "On Monday, retired judge Gopal Sri Ram urged Apandi to lodge a police report for criminal defamation following two articles titled “Strong Rumours Surrounding the AG: Part 1 and Part 2” published in Raja Petra’s Malaysia Today blog on Friday and Sunday.

    In the article on Friday, he claimed there was a meeting in 2015 between then chief justice Arifin Zakaria, current chief justice Raus Shariff and current Court of Appeal president Zulkefli Ahmad Makinudin with Prime Minister Najib Razak.

    He claimed the meeting was about an alleged plot by then attorney-general Abdul Gani Patail with some others to bring down the government through investigations on 1MDB and its former subsidiary, SRC International.

    Raja Petra also alleged that Apandi had demanded RM4 million from a Chinese businessman, identified as a “business partner” of the Sultan of Johor, on a case he had won.

    Apandi, who has denied the allegations of corruption contained in the first article, said he intended to sue the writer “till kingdom come”.


    a) I do believe the pinklips kleptomaniac does have secret meetings with judges - look at the names, la! PS never forget that the Pandey A-G is also ex judge - nuff said la.

    b) Why rpk drag in johor sultan name??? So hypocrite. No respect. If you know rpk - he loves to masturbate about his self-proclaimed 'royal blood' though i think the selangor palace hates him (rightly so) because of his sordid background and his criminal children. Don't simply say things about johor sultan la, rpk!

    1. 25 October 2017 at 17:47,

      Yes but actually RPK keeps doing this.

      He will pretend to be pro-royalty when it suits him, but when the royals attack his paymasters then different story...

      I guess that's what people call 'hypocrite'?

    2. Anon 9:09

      RPK is a very vindictive person.

      His criminal trials were heard around 2009.

      There were many judiciary people involved in his trials.

      He escaped to UK lari lintang pukang. For better or for worse, there're scores to be settled.

      RPK used to say that many amongst the judiciary read his blog. Question is, how did he know that?

      RPK very good at mixing facts with fiction, truth with lies.

      This time round, those who thought that they have a hyena in cage have found that they are in the same cage too, and the hyena had took beatings from them and the injuries still hurt.

      The wagyu beef that had been used to feed the hyena obviously did not heal the wounds.

      Hyena wants its revenge now, because it is the thing that it had wanted all these years.

      Things have gone wrong and blogging captain and his macai are trying to contain the damage, so this 'Korean drama' analogy is fed to you, hoping that you will swallow it and laugh along...

      "ha ha lobai tak kesah"

    3. The flip-flop of RPK is one of the worst ever.

      This was his "threat" against BN a few years ago........

      “To those who walk in the corridors of power, I wish to inform you that I know you are beating up my son in the Sungai Buloh Prison. Every day he is being subjected to beatings to force him to withdraw his not guilty plea and to plead guilty to the various charges he is facing.

      “I also know he is being subjected to these daily beatings to force him to withdraw his not guilty plea and instead plead guilty because there is no evidence against him and the charges are merely trumped-up charges.

      “Furthermore, I know he is being threatened with six additional charges to the ones he is already facing and he is being beaten up to force him to plead guilty to these charges as well.

      “My son has informed me he can no longer stand these daily beatings and he wants to plead guilty to the charges. I have advised him to do so although we both realise that this means he will be spending at least ten years or so in jail.

      “My son is aware he is being subjected to this torture to induce me to surface and he is prepared to plead guilty and spend ten years in jail if that means it will save me from the powers-that-be.

      “Today, Barisan Nasional is in power so it has the power of life and death over its citizens. Well, who knows, one day Barisan Nasional might be kicked out and Malaysia will see a new government.

      “Those behind the effort of torturing my son with these daily beatings had better hope that Barisan Nasional stays on as the government for a long, long time to come. If not, and if Barisan Nasional falls, then rest assured it will be retribution time and all those people who are using my son to get to me will be made to pay for it.

      “And, please, this is not a threat. This is a promise. And that is all I wish to say about the matter.”

      Now he is taking money from the same people.

      That is quite shameless, kan?

      It's like the paid bloggers who used to support Tun M and now are rah-rah for Najis.

      Money can buy the weak-minded and unprincipled.

      How sad.

  11. Annie,

    //actually reminds me of the Korean historical dramas which I enjoyed quite a lot.//

    Hahahahah!! I just cannot bring myself to watch one of those Korean historical dramas - I'd rather poke my eyes out first :)

    //Things like the queen ganging up with the king's favourite concubine in their fight against the scheming head of concubines.//

    What a plot line - the mind boggles!! :)

    Two women sharing one man against another woman who also shares the same man but controls lots of women who also share the same man.

    Kinky :)

    I wish I was that man :)

    //it became public knowledge that Azmin Ali was ganging up with people like Lateefa Koya in their fight for power in PKR against the scheming Rafizi Ramli.//

    As far as I am concerned, right now, Azmin Ali is Mah Man :)

    He is devious, he is cunning, he is charismatic, he is absolutely and totally loyal to Anwar Ibrahim.

    There might be a power struggle in PKR but I think that as long as Anwar Ibrahim is around, Azmin Ali will be the preferred de facto leader.

    I like Rafizi Ramli, I love Nurul Izzah, but I am sorry, but I don't consider them politicians.

    Rafizi is an academic extraordinaire - one of the best we have in Malaysia.

    Nurul Izzah is ....eeerrr... pretty??

    She has the heart of a tigeress but she hasn't got that nasty streak in her which a politician must have.

    Azmin Ali is a politician forged in the fires of UMNO, quenched in Reformasi and tempered in the heat of Pakatan.

    I like Azmin Ali and I expect him to be a Pakatan PM one day.

    Heheheheh!! It upsets my DAP friends immensely when I say that :)

    //In the Korean historical drama context,//

    OMG!! You and your Korean dramas!! Stop it :)

    //for the BN's version, you all can read Rocky's posting again//

    I tried but I couldn't see very much in it.

    Maybe there is something I am missing cos I don't understand the issues.

    As far as I can tell, nothing will happen to the MACC guy, Dzulkifli - he is a rock-solid UMNO fellow, so he will have no problems.

    Yes, Dzulkifli will probably go after some corrupt UMNO folks, but they, in turn, will be protected unless their loyalty is proven otherwise.

    It's how Malaysian politics works, OK?

    //So, if you want to move up in an organisation, you better acquire some ass kissing and office politics skills.//

    I think it is the same anywhere in the world.


    I am the only person in my organisation, so I am the boss :)

    No need to kiss anybody's arse - unless I can afford a sweet sexy 21 y.o. secretary one day.



    1. Gladiator,


      Imagine if the "Kajang / Kacang Move" had worked and Kak Wan was MB of Selangor.


      So by accident they got Azmin, which was very lucky for PKR.

      The "Kacang Move" was Anwar's stupidest idea of all time.

    2. Anwar did so many stupid things.He tried backdoor strategy to topple Mahathir but he failed.Remember the arsenic thing?That was stupid too

      Prof Kangkung

  12. Rezeki yang Allah bagi adalah untuk keperluan diri tapi tak dapat memenuhi keperluan hati.Jadi mismatch ini membuat manusia greedy ikut nafsu sendiri.

  13. saya sudah dapat lambo, anda bila lagi
    and your grandchildren will pay for it though...

    jho low

    1. Jho,

      When are you starting your next round of theft for our First Couple?

  14. Annie. Sorry out of topic. Health. And the ordinary public.

  15. Anonymous @ 26 October 2017 at 12:35,

    //Imagine if the "Kajang / Kacang Move" had worked and Kak Wan was MB of Selangor.//

    Making Wan Azizah MB of Selangor was always a symbolic move.

    She is a reluctant politician and she has to be commended for taking on a role which she rather would not want.



    Hm, maybe not because she has a very capable team behind her.

    And I believe Azmin Ali would have supported her because that is what Anwar Ibrahim would have told him to do.

    //The "Kacang Move" was Anwar's stupidest idea of all time.//

    I am not sure if it was stupid.

    I think the general idea was to have Anwar control Selangor and to have access to the state machinery, eg finance, bureaucracy, etc.

    But as Anwar was going to go to jail, the gamble failed.

    Still, I think with Azmin Ali at the helm, Selangor is in good hands.

    If I am not mistaken, Azmin is still in close contact with Anwar, so in a way, Anwar is still running the show from behind the scene.

    That's my theory anyway :)



    So Indians can be king makers. Both BN & Pakatan know this well. 

    Please get the message across to all Indian voters.   VOTE FOR THE BIG CHANGE. 

    Pakatan including PAS won 88 Parliamentary seats of which PAS might retain their 10 seats in GE14

        Net PAKATAN 88 less 10 PAS = 78
        Indian "Swing"   Seats  12 + 13 = 25
        Total 78 + 25 =103

        From 40  Felda seats - assume Pakatan gets quarter = 10
        Sarawak gets another 5 seats
        Sabah gets another 5 seats
        Net total 103 + 10 + 5 + 5= 123

        Total seats in Parliament 222
         Minimum majority 111

        123 seats is super comfortable to form a government. 

        Thursday, October 26, 2017

    My comments :  In this calculation, the Pakatan Harapan does NOT need PAS. 

    If Pakatan Harapan wins, a number of UMNO MPs will also want to cross over to Pakatan Harapan. 

    After the next GE14  MCA and MIC will cease to exist. 

    The only hope MCA and MIC have of staying relevant is if they walk out of the BN now.

    But that requires guts. That is something they really do not have."

  17. Dr M, anwar ibrahim, muhyiddin yassin, Bersatu, PKR, Amanah, DAP, Hindraf, Bersih, Warisan, etc, etc, etc (WITHOUT all these baggages - Barang Naik, GST, banana ringgit, 1mdb, jho low, pink diamond, fgv, bugis pirate or MO1, jawa man, jamal jamban, etc, etc, etc) WILL win this GE14...

  18. The interesting intrigue now is the UMNO people eagerly rushing to declare the fatty Chinese playboy innocent as an angel...

    1. "The interesting intrigue now is the UMNO people eagerly rushing to declare the fatty Chinese playboy innocent as an angel..."

      You look at Jho's face.

      You think he can stand even 10 min of police questioning?

      The Hippo & Pinklips must ensure their bag carrier is not arrested.

      There is a LOT of money they need to steal from us.

    2. Anonymous 27 October 2017 at 13:21
      Yes I fully agree with you. It is just the irony from the situation that has degenerated to such a state that the Malay champions are now publicly championing the non-Malay towkay....

  19. Oh No dumnos civil war - dumno blogger2 & macai2 knives are out to sembelih each other, better annie & rest of BN run for their lives wakakaka...

    1. "dumno blogger2 & macai2 knives are out to sembelih each other"

      Don't worry.

      People like "Blogging Captain", RPK dan pelacur2 yg sewaktu dengannya are very adept at being lalang.

      They just follow the $$$$$$$$.

    2. Yeah all BN blogger2 & macai2 (incl annie???) go by this motto - Cari Makan meh!!! All so loyal to Cash is King ptui!!!

  20. Anonymous 27 October 2017 at 14:34,

    //all BN blogger2 & macai2 (incl annie???) go by this motto - Cari Makan meh//

    You are obviously a new reader here at Annie's blog :)

    Take a bit of time to read thru her archives and you can decide for yourself if Annie is paid for her, sometimes whimsical, writings.

    Yes, Annie does write political stuff but from what I can tell, they seem to be her own personal and unadulterated views.

    In my case, I have read Annie's blog from about when she first started writing and I have already made my own decision.