Friday 13 October 2017

Remembering Araki-san and a little question to Pakatan people

I was surfing around today when I came across this picture,

Corporal Yukio Araki holding a puppy with four other young men of the 72nd Shinbu Corps around him on May 26 1945. Araki-san was 17 years old. He died the following day after crashing his plane into a US warship off Okinawa during a kamikaze attack.
I was touched by the story.

Araki-san was the youngest kamikaze pilot known to die during the Second World War.

Japan surrendered to the Allied forces less than three months after his death.




Someone sent me these just now via WhatsApp,

Pakatan people, are these for real?

What happened la.


  1. Annie, gambar tidak pandai menipu.

    Kita sarankan pemimpin umno keluar dari sindrom takutkan bayangan sendiri.
    Ada sebahagiannya dihantui dengan Altantuya dan Mahathir, semua itu tidak benar.
    Pemimpin umno terkadang lupa, mereka sering memburukan cermin, hakikatnya mereka terlupa wajah buruk dicermin adalah mereka.

  2. 12 Oktober working day Annie. Orang penat..#bersangka baik


  3. Tatak luit ,kalau latang pon apa-apa pon tatak lapat maa aa.

  4. KD...
    Apa merapu malam butani
    Tak faham isi kandongan komen..
    Apa kena mengenanya Alantuya dgn Pemimpin UMNO..Yg jelas Tian Chua patut rasa malu posted gambar edit
    Dgn U Tun apa nak takut lagi,dah keluar parti,merapu sana,menipu di sini,banyak tembelang pecah...
    Yg patut cermin diri saya kelompok saperti gambar di atas.memang tepat,gambar takbolih menipu,dicadangkan mereka berceramah depan cermin sahaja...

  5. Annie,

    //I was touched by the story.//

    I only feel sadness and pity for those who are conned into killing themselves.

    Nobody should be asked to kill themselves.

    //Pakatan people, are these for real?//

    Looks real to me because the stage looks to have its full complement of speakers.

    My guess is that the whole thing was poorly organised.

    There is also the renegade factor where people who support PPBM and Amanah do not want to be seen in public yet - probably because they are still members of UMNO and PAS. They are hedging their bets at the moment.

    But it has been said that the size of a ceramah is no indication of voter intentions.

    During 2013, in my kampung, less than 1,000 people turned up to see LKS, but the state seat was delivered to DAP.

    I note that Bagan Serai is a marginal seat for BN.

    It seems the number of voters in Bagan Serai grew by about 11,000 between 2008 and 2013! Quite a jump!

    Wonder what the number of voters is now.


    1. Just like a soccer match when the captain of the team was redcarded it affects the morale of the team players.
      So many of Bersatu founding members were red carded by Bersatu.Hamidah and Aina are the two examples of redcarded founding members of Bersatu.
      I sometimes wonder why Bersatu leaders are so protective of the Sad Dick it because he is good looking and used as a bait to attract the young voters?
      Poor Tun M.He end up as the losing side after tasting victories for the past 50 years or so
      Prof Kangkung


    2. Pros Kangkang,

      The only sad dick is you. However with your liwat obsession you prefer to play the passive role as a Bugis pirate enters your dompet to steal money for his greedy pet hippo.

      Hence you are actually a tragic dick.

      Please note carefully, Kangkang.

      Prof Sawi

  6. Ya, still 17. At that age there’s so much in front of him but he chose to throw himself in. How sad. The price he had to pay born as Japanese at the wrong place of history. Casualty of war.

  7. Annie,

    According to some ustaz Melayu Islam, non-muslims because of their love for the present life, they lack the courage and bravery to sacrifice themselves unlike the muslims.

    In other words, orang Islam berani mati sangat.

    But Kamikaze pilots were not known as muslims. They died for honour.

    So when they died, they didn't feel sad. They were not supposed to feel sad, because it's an honour to serve their emperor and country and a great honour to die therefor.

    Therefore why did you feel sad for Araki-san? There must be a reason you feel sad.

    Just like some would feel sad for the death of IS fighters.

    Some felt sad for the black widows of Chechen.

    Some felt sad for the dead Komunis Malaya.

    Some felt sad for the dead Irish Republican Army.

    Some felt sad for the dead Israelis Army who died in the Six Day War.

    But the Palestinians would not feel sad for the Israelis Army.

    The families of those who died in the terrorist attacks would not feel sad for the IRAs, the Black Widows, the IS fighters, the Boko Haramists, the Muslim Brotherhoods, Al-Qaeda, Taliban.

    Just like the families of those killed in pertempuran Bukit Kepong would not feel sad for the dead Komunis Malaya.

    And therefore supposedly the families of those Indonesian Chinese raped and killed by the Indon mobsters would not feel sad if another Tsunami might befall the Serambi Mekahs in Indonesia again.

    And the Koreans, the China People, the Malaysian Chinese (including your mum, perhaps), would not be sad at all for the mampus kamikazes.

    1. Make sense.

      The Japanese did some very nasty thing in Malaya.

      Asia for Asia People, they say.

      Kill a lot of people, rape a lot of people, behead a lot of people, and then the generals perform harakiri.

      All this for what?

      They did learn from their mistake and focus on building their economy.

      Now we have Sushi king, Aeon (partly Japanese), Japanese coffee shop in Malaysia. We have Toyota, Honda, and Nissan.

      Malaysian still have not learn. Us Malaysian have to wait for the country to collapse first and then wise up.

      It is part of the evolution process.

  8. Pengorbanan demi kemakmuran dan kehebatan bangsa Jepun selepas itu..are we? Masih bercakap tentang isu2 remeh..Kemungkaran besar didepan mata masih buat2 tak nampak..Dalam hati,"Lantaklah, pandai2 lah generasi masa depan hidup esok2 nanti...aku pun bukan hidup 100 tahun pun..dah jadi tanah masa tu..." TQ


  9. Why bother annie, we the rakyat feels it, pru is very near, we are just waiting, theres no need to even go to any gatherings, we all know who we are gonna vote.

    they set up this stage to explain stuff to people. i dont need to know, we already know. most of us know already about the stealings, about the betrayals of the officials.

    we just wanna vote now and end the nightmare

    note that many PH supporters are also from gov servants. they wont be seen at such places. but they will vote.

    I think PH should focus more on media warfare, spread the informations faster and more efficient without wasting money.

  10. Ayoyoooooooooooo...............EMPTY, KOSONG, ELEK!!!
    Hantu sahaja yang ramai........hahaha.
    Inilah petandanya, Anne, Najib mesti segera adakan PRU14.
    Jangan tertangguh-tangguh lagi.
    Bukti akan menang 100% sudah ada.
    Confucious said, those who hesitate will fail.
    Apa yang Najib tunggu lagi....?????
    Najib should take advantage of this lack of support to
    Harapan, as proven by those picures on 12th October
    that U plasterd here, in your blog today.
    With BN winning the cyberWAR and now the pictures of
    emptiness, it is really a waste if Najib don't take
    advantage of the situation. I memang dah tak sabar
    mahu mengundi.

    1. Cik Minah,

      Orang putih kata,

      "Good thing comes to those who wait"

      Robert DeNiro ada sebut dalam filem Ronin.

      Lagi lama lagi bagus untuk Pakatan sebenarnya, boleh mengatur strategy.

      I think both BN and PH still not ready.

      Logo Pakatan bila nak approve?

      Pakatan should have plan B, use Amanah logo or something.

    2. How come najib don’t declare? Even though I ordered him to?
      And how come I don’t get my share of gst? Move your asses quick!

      Jho low

  11. How do you know the picture is real?

    I remember the almost empty UN dinner hall where Jib Kor was speaking.

    After that all the BN macai claimed fake.


  12. Remember khalwat kes di Hotel Perdana @Kota Bahru? They shouldn't have enlarged that f**king face of the poster boy here.
    And the Nik Aziz was preaching hukum HUDUD!!! while he was promoting his wife-f**king poster boy for decades ....

    1. Nik Aziz was a misguided soul.Poor litle old man.

      Prof Kangkung

    2. Lebih dahsyat Annie, itu menate Rusilah yg mengkafirkan sebagian besar umat Melayu muslim Malaysia tak pernah taubat lagi. Dekat ni khabarnya ia jelma jadi sekutu Ahjibgor ... Alamak ulamak!

  13. Father of MO1 collaborated with japs not only sad but distressing...

  14. Animals do not enjoy fighting for their own sake. They fight when their interests r interfered with. Human r far reaching d implications. They kill to make peace…kill for prosperity…kill for faith n believe. They celebrate n joy if they win. They ve no consideration to those who killed. So am not disturbed by those kamikaze story.

    To those imperative question marks on ceramah pictures…i wonder why mr pm still hanging around with d date. fix it..finished it n done?

  15. I say Annie, Himpunan Kleptokrasi di PJ pun Kosong!!!!
    Blog-blog umno macam Hussien Lempoyang and Cucu Tok
    Selampit, bukan main bertepok tangan!!!!!!
    KAHKAHKAH..........memang patut Najib adakan PRU14
    dengna segera. Sepatutnya bulan depan,

  16. Cherry blossoms falling down ...

    I was a, was a kamikaze pilot
    They gave me a plane, I couldn't fly it home.
    Taught how to take off, I don't know how to land.
    They say it doesn't matter and I just cannot understand.
    I was a kamikaze pilot,
    They gave me a plane, I couldn't fly it home.

  17. Che Minah...
    Apa syok sendiri ni
    Org ada otaj buat satux perkara dgn teliti..
    Bukan macam cai,main hayun harap spekulasi,presepsi,presumsi..bila kena saman kantoi,tak ada bukti..

  18. Credence to a one year old party
    A single srep that ignited a spark for change
    Against the might of titan that is more than sixty years old