Saturday 28 October 2017

Not all Chinese in this country are rich

This is a very sad news,

All victims of Tapah road tragedy are locals

It made me even more sad when I looked closely at the identity of the nine who died;


The victims killed in the tragedy were identified as 
1. Lew San Jau, 32 (the driver of the van)
2. Thong For Thye, 52
3. Cheong Kai Yen, 55
4. Wong Yok Yen, 61
5. Yow Sam Mooi, 67
6. Cheong Moy, 68
7. Chong Moi, 82
8. Liew Siew Fah, 81
9. Tang Kam Siew, 73
Except for the van driver, all of them are women.

And these women were elderly.

It made me wondered what were they doing working in a farm and traveling in a van to go to work like that.

Can't they just rest at home?

And they are Chinese.

Many people think that all Chinese in this country are rich.

Why then those elderly ladies needed to work in a farm despite their age?

When the story first came out this morning, and the identity of the victims were not yet known, many would have thought that the farm workers must be foreigners. Most likely Indonesians and Bangladeshis.

Now that we know who they are, I'm amazed as to why eight elderly Chinese women had to work as farm hands and then their life ended tragically like that.

Sorry, I'm really sad over this tragedy.

Thinking of the victims made me miss my mom, grandma and grandpa very much.

After finishing school, my mom worked as a waitress in Singapore for two years to save money to further her studies in Taiwan. She is still working today.

My grandma operated a koey teow stall and my grandpa used to be a carpenter. They only stopped working when they were in their 70s.

They are okay, but not rich.

Seriously, not all Chinese in this country are rich.



  1. Annie,

    //Seriously, not all Chinese in this country are rich.//

    Of cos that is the case but there are some people who will insist that ALL Chinese are orang kaya and hence more must be done to help the bumiputeras.

    Strangely, despite all the money spend on improving the lot of bumiputeras, most of the bumiputeras are still just as poor as ever.

    It makes one wonder where all that aid money actually went to.

    One thing I am sure of and that is the money did not go to those 8 women and 1 man who were killed in the crash.


    1. "most of the bumiputeras are still just as poor as ever."

      I hope this refers to the tragic case of Sabah & Sarawak, two states that keep getting abused by Putridjaya...unless an election is nearby.

  2. Not all Chinese are rich
    And top 50 richest are majorly Chinese
    Chinese are rich

    1. The lists of 40 or 50 richest Malaysians are usually of people of privilege, with cosy relationships with the the powers-that-be, the so-called bourgeoisie in cahoots with the state. They do not represent ordinary working folks. Wait till Jho Low joins this list!

    2. Jho Low is already on that list.

      His boss is already on the list of the Worst 5 Kleptocrats in human history.

      Ali-Baba between Umno and their Chinese slaves is still strong.

      In the middle of their huge thefts, the ordinary Abdul, Muthu and Chong get screwed.

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    4. Annie you should not have let that comment in ...

    5. Ok. Maybe you are right Anon 13:32. Thank you

  3. Pertama kali dlm sejarah Malaysia,Perdana Menteri di benci oleh segenap lapisan masyarakat,dlm ilmu politik sebenarnya rakyat di dunia ketiga saperti Malaysia sangat senang dipermainkan dgn memberi segala macam bentuk suapan saperti barangan atau wang,tetapi di zaman Najib ni semua rakyat sudah tidak memandang segala bentuk suapan dari kerajaan kerana rakyat begitu meluat melihat tingkah laku Najib.

  4. When I was growing up in a rubber estate in Muar Johor in the '70s a lot of my friends were Chinese and Indians.In those days there was no Indonesians or Bangladeshis working in rubber estates.
    We share one common trait.All of us were poor.One of my late father's friend named Ah Meng had a son of the same age with me.
    Ah Choy went to Singapore to work as a labourer.I think he didn't go to secondary school.I am a bit lucky as my late father was very insistence for me to at least finish my education up to secondary school.He had a vision that one day I would become a clerk at the post office as the clerk at the post office where he kept his savings was the only role model that he could think of.That was pre BSN era.
    Ah Choy died in a motorcyle accident leaving 2 young children.When uncle Ah Meng told my father about his death both my father and uncle Ah Meng cried.
    There was no racism in the rubber estate.I came into racism when I went to High School Muar when my Chinese classmates were of middle class background.
    To me we are not divided so much by our race but more by our social standing.

    Prof Kangkung

    1. Pros Kantoi,

      Thank you for that piece of fiction, Ah Meng.

      "I am a bit lucky as my late father was very insistence for me to at least finish my education up to secondary school".

      You mean "insistent", but not being able to tell the difference is a sure sign that your education wasn't finished. Hence your current job as BN cyber-labourer.

      Prof Sawi

    2. Thanks for your correction prof sawi.I guess you are a retired English teacher.

      Prof Kangkung

    3. Back in the 1950s and 60s, many Chinese worked as labourers, mechanics, construction workers and so forth. I remember seeing those Chinese women construction workers who carried bricks and mortar at construction sites.

      In 1980, I saw such as Chinese woman at a construction site on the outskirts of Seremban. She was muscular and at first I mistook her for a man.

      The reason for my surprise at seeing this woman was because I had been living in the big cities and towns for most part of the 1960s and 1970s where there no longer were woman Chinese labourers, not even in Seremban town itself. However Tapah is one o fthe smaller towns and these unfortunate people killed in this accident were farm workers and Tapah is at the foot of the road up to Cameron Highlands where there are many vegetable farms.

      So yes, one cannot say that all Chinese are rich, though there are many more amongst other races who are not rich and that includes many Indians.

      I would appear that few Chinese in the major cities and towns are poor but there appear to be more in the smaller towns and villages.

      I am just a city boy and I'm not Chinese, so it is hard for me to know how many poor Chinese there are, especially outside the big cities and towns, apart from what Ican perceive in the urban areas and perceptions are most often inaccurate.

      Hopefully, someone else can enlighten me.

  5. PAS tumpang glamer......

    "Selangor PAS commissioner Sallehen Mukhyi has been accused of hijacking a state government health initiative meant for the poor or bottom 40 (B40) percent of society.

    Wanita PKR leadership council member Juwairiya Zulkifli shared a photo on Facebook, where photos of Sallehen and the PAS logo were displayed on envelopes labelled “Peduli Sihat.”

    "With all due respect, Peduli Sihat is Selangor state government initiative. Not PAS. Have some respect!" Juwairiya had said on Facebook.

    When contacted, she said she was disappointed by Sallehen's unprofessional attitude."


  6. Sometimes those old folks leaving their homes going to work at that ripe old age not because they’re poor la Annie. Or struggling to put the food on the table but just to keep themselves alert and healthy by making themselves busy.

    At that kind of age, you easily fallen into poor health trap if your lead a sedantary lifestyle. If you just sit around at home, spread out you legs scratching your balls and not doing anything, your health will fast deteriorating. Your health deterioriating twice as fast if you live alone on your own.

    In order to beat that order of nature from fast getting at you, you have to remain physically active and lead a healthy life style. Surround yourselves with loved ones as much as you can to beat the feeling of loneliness and to ward off depression.

    1. Org melayu selalunyabtak sanggup nak tgk mak bapa mereka kerja lepas umur persaraan. Tak tahu lah pula masyarkat cina

    2. I agree.

      If we just lie down in bed, watch TV, listen to the music without moving and stretching our body muscles, we will die more quickly.

      On the other note... Maybe its because of the Budget, but TV 3 seems to have missed, reporting on this accident.

    3. Anon 1050.

      "Org melayu selalunyabtak sanggup nak tgk mak bapa mereka kerja lepas umur persaraan."

      Memang benar. Orang Melayu cepat kesian kepada ibubapa dah tua atau anak-anak berbanting-tulang, berpeloh-peloh, letih bekerja tengah-panas matahari. Anak bawa beg berat ke sekolah, kita marah pada sekolah. Tengok orang tua, menebas semak, cangkul tanah untuk tanam sayur, kita kesian. Pada hal, ini lah yang terbaik kepada mereka demi kesihatan mereka.

      Sebab itu orang Melayu,lebih cepat mati akibat sakit jantung, darah-tinggi dan lain-lain penyakit yang disebabkan... terlalu banyak... relek. Muscle dan jantung tidak pernah 'berkerja' keras dan tak pernah berpeloh. Pergi kedai pun naik kereta atau motosikal. Malah ada yang malu berjalan ke Kedai... takut orang sangka dia lekek atau miskin tak ada kenderaan sendiri... walaupun jaraknya tak sampai 1KM.

      Saya pernah tinggal dikawasan majority Cina, di Salak South & Desa Petaling dan apa yang lihat, ramai orang Cina, terutamanya orang tua-tua berjalan tanpa tujuan, setiap pagi & petang. Kadang ada yang saya terserempak, 5km dari rumah mereka. Pergi-balik, dah 10km. Ada yang dah berumur sekitar 70an, tapi masih kuat menyangkul, tanam sayur di tanam-terbiar, tepi longkang besar dan tasik.

      Di Kuala Ketil, jiran arwah ibu-bapa saya, ada seorang lelaki Cina-tua. Umur sudah 90 tahun. Jalan pun dah tak larat tapi masuk bercucuk-tanam dan siram sayur di belakang rumahnya, sambil duduk atas buntut tong-cat.

  7. Anonymous @ 28 October 2017 at 22:14,

    //And top 50 richest are majorly Chinese//

    Most of those are UMNO cronies who feed their UMNO masters with kickbacks, OK?

    Personally, I know of one such Chinese guy who used to play golf regularly with a then-MB (UMNO of cos lah) - RM50K to sink a putt.

    Not a bribe lah, just a friendly challenge between friends, OK?

    And that guy would ALWAYS lose to the then-MB over several holes and over several games.

    If that ex-MB is reading this, he will probably know who I mean and he could possibly track me down :)

    //Chinese are rich//

    If a person is richer than me because they are smarter then me and earns all his money honestly, should I be jealous?

    Here is an example.

    If a person is recognised, on his own merits, by others (overseas, of cos) as an expert in his field and is paid about RM12,000 per week for his skills, should I be jealous?

    Just asking.


    1. They are UMNO cronies not merits you fucktard

  8. Prof Kangkung,

    //I came into racism when I went to High School Muar when my Chinese classmates were of middle class background.//

    //To me we are not divided so much by our race but more by our social standing.//

    Those two statements seem rather inconsistent to me.

    Were those Chinese students racist towards you or were they being "classist" towards you?

    Pls don't say both because those two statements seem to convey mutually exclusive concepts.

    Anyway, you are talking about the 1970s when racism was still relatively a new thing to the Malays.

    Today, it is an entirely different story.

    Many Malays, rich and poor, believe in their god-given rights and privileges as Muslims.

    Kafirs are to be looked down upon as little bit better than animals.

    Kafir harbis, well, you know what you can do with them, OK?

    IMHO, pride in being a Malay was began solely and wholly as a result of the rise of fundamentalist Islam in Malaysia in the late 1960s.

    The fundamentalists used race as a way of getting into the hearts and minds of their target audience.

    Once the fundamentalists got into the minds of their victims, they strengthened their grip by sowing the seeds of hate and anger, using religion to justify that hate and anger.

    Unfortunately for the Malays today, that pride in being a Malay has now morphed into pride in being a Muslim to the extent that one is a Muslim first and a Malay second.

    Malay culture is being replaced by a Muslim (read Arabic culture).

    I read somewhere that even the Malay language is supposed to be originally from Arabic!!

    I think the logic there was that Jawi was the written language of antiquity.

    Strangely there is no mention of Sanskrit, so I don't know what happened to history there.

    Go figure :)


    1. Classist more likely.

      In the UK, the working class are looked down upon by their middle class and upper class compatriots, even those amongst the working class who had become educated and got into middle-class jobs.

      Working class and old-money middle and upper class people in the UK have different cultures, and behaviours, and British people from largely working class industrial in the Midlands and the North speak different dialects of English from those in the largely middle-class regions in the south and south-east.

      I found it hard and still find it hard to clearly understand the Manchester English dialect.

      The Scots, Welsh and Irish also speak English with a distinct accent.

  9. Not all chinese are rich.. But for sure most of chinese are rich.. Hahaha

    1. Don’t fall for this word game
      Don’t give sympathy

    2. Neo Confucianism: Spiritual Humanism for the Global Community

    3. Chinese? Well, some are rich some are not, many in between ..... Too few are talented just like any other race

  10. Applying rule of thumb that is 70.20.10 model ( an educated guess )

    Each Malaysian ethnic can be catagorised by
    (1)70%. Poor
    (2)20%. Middle income
    (3)10%. Rich
    This ratio is self-explanatory why eight elderly Chinese women had to work as farm hands
    70% of the population irking/scrambling for a living in a small segment of the economic pie
    Our journey on earth is a life-time struggle
    The country's wealth are held by the fortunate 10%
    The farm owner shows sign pf patriotism by hiring locals
    For some busineses hiring foreign workers are not cost effective


    1. The GINI Coefficient (which measures the disparity between rich and poor) is better in Selangor than in the rest of Malaysia.

      That applies to all races living there.

      I agree with Azmin:

      The Bibirpink al-Songlap's 2018 Dedak Budget really copied A LOT from what Selangor is doing already.

      Hopefully the people are not stupid enough to vote the BN parasites back.

      I guess if Khir Toyol and Mad Tyson are "leading the charge", BN must be desperate.

    2. Selangor is much better off than most other states in Malaysia. For example, back around 2007 or 2008, Selangor had the highest level of Internet penetration in Malaysia.

      This was so even before Pakatan won Selangor in 2008 and I believe it is largely because of the Klang Valley which had become the most developed, industrialised and commercialised area of Malaysia which attracted large numbers of people from other cities and towns to come to the Klang Valley in search of work and business opportunities and this happens until today.

      So I would not regard Selangor as an accurate representation of the rest of Malaysia.


    3. That's not how GINI works. A nation or state can be hugely advanced & industrialised, yet still see a massive gap. It's only by closing the gap of the B40 and the rich that the disparity is reduced.

      Poverty in Selangor has been effectively eradicated and the rural-urban income gap is being decisively overcome, according to a report released Monday by the Department of Statistics, Malaysia.

      The Household Income and Basic Amenities Survey 2016 revealed that the overall poverty rate for Selangor fell from 0.2 percent in 2014 to 0.0 percent in 2016.

      This is a major achievement for Menteri Besar Mohamed Azmin Ali and the Peduli Rakyat (People Care) welfare programmes delivered by his administration.

      Under its philosophy of ‘Returning the State’s Wealth to the People,’ the Selangor government has spent over RM2 billion on Peduli Rakyat initiatives targeted at lower-income households.

      The impact of these programmes - especially on rural Selangor - is clearly reflected in the figures reported by the Department of Statistics.

      The rural-urban income gap in Selangor is closing rapidly, with rural income growing at nearly twice the rate of urban income.

      The difference is closed by uplifting income in the poorer segments.

  11. For all the poor victims of Regime Badak Air Pink Diamond:

    Depa selalu MENANG,
    Rakyat selalu KALAH,
    DEPA senang lenang,
    Rakyat susah payah.

    Depa tak TENGOK,
    Rakyat tang MANA,
    DEPA yg seronok,
    Rakyat yg merana..

    Depa kata SAYANG,
    Kita dah HULOQ,
    DEPA dah kenyang,
    Rakyat dok kebuloq..

    Depa pakai SERKUP,
    Kita guna PARANG,
    DEPA serba cukup,
    Rakyat serba kurang.

    Depa nak GADAI,
    Kita tak GADOH,
    DEPA yg pandai,
    Rakyat diperbodoh.

    Depa diJUNJUNG,
    Kita tukang KIPAS,
    DEPA disanjung,
    Rakyat ditindas..

    Depa makan ISI,
    Kita makan TULANG,
    DEPA poket berisi,
    Rakyat kering kontang.

    Depa semua FREE,
    Kita kena BELI,
    DEPA tuding jari,
    Rakyat kena buli..

    Depa duit BANYAK,
    Kita hutang MERATA,
    DEPA tidoq nyenyak,
    Rakyat sengkang mata..

    Depa pilih KAWAN,
    Kita pilih SAHABAT,
    DEPA untong sakan,
    KITA rogi merempat..

    Depa sejuk AIRCON,
    Kita panas BERAPI,
    DEPA jadi ikon,
    KITA diketepi.

    DEPA shopping luaq negara,
    Rakyat beli jualan tutup pasaraya

    x sungguh x kata...
    tapi lebih takut cina..
    padahal Tuhan lagi berkuasa..
    Sang Labu masih x percaya ....

    1. Munafik Pinkie Berlian & Syarikat ada 4 tanda:

      Apabila buka mulut ia berbohong; kalau ia berjanji ia akan mungkar; jika diberi amanah ia akan khianati; dan kalau ia berselisih pendapat ia akan mengganas.

  12. Anonymous @ 29 October 2017 at 12:21,

    //They are UMNO cronies not merits you fucktard//

    Err... *ahem* I said it first, that they were UMNO cronies?

    Did you read my comment beyond the first word?

    I am not sure why I am the fucktard considering that you have just said the same thing.

    And don't worry about apologising, OK?

    I am a very forgiving person - one of my intrinsic faults :(


  13. Anonymous @ 29 October 2017 at 09:47,

    //but just to keep themselves alert and healthy by making themselves busy.//

    Aaahh, I see.

    Maybe they are just like all those nasi lemak stalls I see by the side of the road all over Malaysia - those people running the nasi lemak stalls just like cooking nasi lemak.

    So, maybe those old ladies just love making someone else rich by looking after his/her kebun for nothing.

    Yupe, your hypothesis is definitely one to be considered.

    It reminds me of the minister who said that non-Malays are more tolerant of child sexual abuse within their community because most of the reported cases only involve Malays.

    Makes perfect sense when one is willing to look at it that way.



  14. Najib pun mungkin sedang berusaha untuk menurunkan jurang pendapatan antara yg terkaya dan yg lain2. Beliau telah menyata Gini indeks telah merurun daripada 0.441 tahun 2009 ke 0.399 tahun 2017. Gini indeks adalah satu kaedah pengiraan jurang pendapatan yg terkaya dan yg lain dlm sesebuah negara.

    Gini index 0 , semua warga memdapat sama banyak.
    Gini index 1, hanya seorang saja ada pendapatan, warga lain zero pendapatan

    Gini index 0 dan 1 mustahil wujud.

  15. Racism ni began with orang Melayu ye ?
    Or Gladiator ni tak faham atau buat cerita atau another sick generalization orang bukan Melayu selalu ada tanggapan demikian.
    Eh orang cina, pergi tengok cermin puas-puas. Apa punca nya orang Melayu mula berbulu. Pergi tengok cermin, Gladiator. Khoo Kay Kim boleh kasi tau.

    1. Racism come from perception.When you look around and you see more Malays are poor than the Chinese it ceeates the perception that Malays are lazy.That is why they are poor.
      I believe to a certain extent our upbringing affects the way we perceive the importance of wealth and money.
      Orang Melayu hari-hari pergi masjid ustaz cakap yang penting iman,bukan kekayaan.Akhirnya bila benda tu diulang ulang orang Melayu/Islam beranggapan mencipta kekayaan bukan matlamat utama dalam hidup mereka.Orang Melayu pandang tinggi pada orang yg boleh hafal Quran tapi pandang dengki pada jutawan.Orang Melayu kena ubah sikap.

      Prof Kangkung

    2. "Racism comes from perception...".

      I disagree. I started with zero 'rascist' thoughts or awareness. My first taste of 'rascism' came at age 13 at secondary school when we had students from chinese schools (who didn't get into chinese secondary school) joined our class at a former missionary school. It was the norm for us to come in early and discuss/ traded our homeworks, with the stronger students helping the weaker ones. (True, sometimes we just copied each other). The ex chinese school students simply refused to share their homeworks until one day they couldn't solve a math problem that I happened to be able to answer. For the first time one of these students approach me to get the answer & offered their answers to some other problems. These ex chinese school students also talk in chinese to our face. Of course we didn't understand a word but from the intonation & manner, they were making fun of us to our face. This was in the early 80s.

      Fast forward to working life, I spent most of my career working with multinational teams working on international projects until my last project, a msian project staffed by mostly msian. Guess what, I saw the same behaviours again, the ethnic chinese colleagues forming their own cliques within the teams. They play hard to get when you need info or input from them.

      So don't tell me it is purely based on my perception that I've become more suspicious of the chinese as a group as I get older.

  16. More rich Chinese than rich Malays.

    More poor Malays than poor Chinese.

    Enough said.

    1. Ini memang fakta.
      No need to elaborate

    2. More rich Malay than rich Chinese

      More poor Chinese than poor Malay

      The above 2 statement sometimes used to create destructive misinformation, whatever their agenda is and what they are trying to achieve

  17. Anonymous @ 29 October 2017 at 19:28,

    //Or Gladiator ni tak faham atau buat cerita atau another sick generalization orang bukan Melayu selalu ada tanggapan demikian.//

    You forgot a fourth possibility - that you did not understand that I was discussing racism from the perspective of the Malays and what I thought brought that racism about - i.e. religion.

    As I pointed out, prior to the 1970s, there was little visible racist behaviour amongst most Malays or so I am told.

    Maybe you know differently.

    Feel free to give your views.

    Who knows, maybe you could be right and I am wrong :)


    1. "As I pointed out, prior to the 1970s, there was little visible racist behaviour amongst most Malays or so I am told."

      True, there may have been little visible racist behaviour amongst most Malaysia before the 1970s but the worst racial violence - i.e. May 13th 1969 happened just prior to the 1970s, so there must have been plenty of racial feelings below the surface which erupted like a volcano.

      The May 13th race riots happened short of 12 years after independence and there was the challenge of the Indonesian Confrontation from 1963 to 1965 which played a part in uniting Malayans/Malaysians somewhat.

      Much has change in Malaysia since May 13th 1969, and I agree that the rise of religious fundamentalism is responsible for further polarisation.

      In fact, the axis of the polarisation has increasingly shifted from ethnic to religious.

  18. IT.Scheiss,

    //the worst racial violence - i.e. May 13th 1969 happened just prior to the 1970s, so there must have been plenty of racial feelings below the surface which erupted like a volcano.//

    Actually, I have always been of the opinion that the May 13 riots did not start because of racist feelings but was a political event.

    Harun Idris was screwed because he could not form government even after a week (?) and the Sultan of Selangor was getting the shits with him.

    The subsequent march by opposition supporters was hijacked by the Commies and diverted into Kampung Baru - an UMNO stronghold. (I think Rocky has photos on his website showing their presence).

    Then, a simple kampung fracas, involving an motorcycle accident (?), was blown out of all proportions and the racial aspect was exploited to the full by Harun Idris.

    That is my personal belief based on what I know from people who were closely associated with politics at that time.

    The racial feelings prior to the 1970s which you said were there, have always been there since the days that pendatang came from India, trying to escape the wrath of the Chola kings.

    Hm, or maybe that pendatang was fleeing the Javanese or was it the Siamese? Nobody seems to really know.

    But Malays being Malays, just didn't care too much about the pendatangs as long as they could continue to catch song birds, drink their "fruit juices", eat their kuih muih, play music, sing, dance, flirt with the opposite sex, etc etc.

    And then, fundamentalist religion changed it all in the 1970s.

    We can blame Mahatir, we can blame Anwar Ibrahim, but they were mere puppets in a game of power and control.

    There were others in the background pulling the strings thru many layers of proxies.

    Mahatir and Anwar are no longer pushing the religious wagon, but there are many others who see the benefits of a theocratic sysyem with themselves at the apex of power and control.

    Hadi Awang, pls stand up and take a bow. :)


    1. Fundamentalist religion changed it all in the 1970s

      Yes you are correct, it is called ' the ABIM factor '
      Established in 6/08/70 a muslim pressure group
      (1)basic Islamic awareness thru dakwah, during inception
      (2)later ' partnership in nation building ' with the govt
      Today we can see Islamic banks amongst traditional banks


    2. Gladiator @ 0907 30/10/17

      I whole-heartedly agree with you on the possible cause of 13 Mei. But how many of us can swallow this ? Thank you, Gladiator. All the published version I have read were hiding this most logical explanation because.....

      The Melayu, samada yang baru datang after 1900 atau yang telah bermastautin lama di Tanah Melayu ni, rata-rata tidak menunjukkan sikap prejudice kepada bangsa lain di Malaya. Malay Nationalism were in the objective of "menuntut kemerdekaan" and that was about it. Along the way, WW2 came and the ensuing events somewhat changed the course for Malay Nationalism. There were British armies, Japanese armies, the CPM guerillas and the Sukarno influence thst affected the psychology of the Malaya population; Melayu, China, India dan lain-lain (sorry it was spelled this way at the time). The common goal for Merdeka which meant no more English tuans in Malaya were raped by the Bintang Tiga guerillas when they saw a vacuum. This scared the shit out of the Melayus who would not want to "keluar mulut rimau masuk mulut buaya". The chaos began. So the Melayus exerted pressure on the Raja-Raja Melayu and the Brits were back. We got to thank the British Administration for the role they played after WW2.

      Nonetheless, the British Administration undeclared objective was to protect British investments in Malaya. This influenced the birth of the divide.

      The Tunku had decided what was best for Malaya. The trouble was this infant Malaya could not possibly provide for everybody. And the rural (Melayu) development took a very very slow pace and many many areas in Malaya the PKM were getting symphaties and were feared at the same time.

      Then came Malaysia and along with it a Ganyang Malaysia from a neighbor and a new concept of equality from a most developed member state of the new Federation. The Melayu got fed up with this shit as they saw Merdeka meant only dirt to them. Of course this didn't apply to the aristocrat Melayu but only to the struggling rural farmers. The aristocrats type had it going good with their trades and profits. Yes they were the tuan type who wanted to continue to be tuans for the Melayu and for others too replacing the tuans that have balik negeri. This tuans that have balik negeri, before they went off, had formulated different treatment amongst Malaya population to their economic advantage. To make it worse, some of the new tuans became more tuan than the balik negeri tuans. This continued. And some new tuans were in politics and in position to influence the vast majority in the way they think and act. This led to frictions between the people of different ethnicity. The insecure feelings among both Melayu and Chinese intensified.

      This had nothing to do with religion Islam. Religion was not a factor in relation to the racist feelings until in the 80's.

      Today one can say religion is the prime factor and this has been subtly allowed by the last 3 Prime Ministers and the present. I personally have wished that the 5th Prime Minister had a way to start putting issue behind us but he made it worse. And the 6th Prime Minister is not showing much interest.

      Half of the young Melayu do not have this racism in their heads and I think it is true with the young Chinese and others. Only the half that could be influenced by the likes of the Sekinchan fellow of their own ethnic remains having racist inclination.

      To eradicate this bukan orang Melayu sahaja yang harus berusaha. Kita kena namoak usaha dari yang bukan Melayu jugak. Ini tidak, balik balik kita dengar orang Melayu rasis. Boring la.

      Yak payah la ada yang suka nak mengaku aku Bugis, aku Banjar, aku Boyan, aku Jawa, etc. It does not help. Be a proud Malaysians.

  19. More depressing news for the lower income folks:
    "Govt expected to roll out new policy to limit lifespan of vehicles"
    "Gov't mulls giving cash for drivers to replace old vehicles"

    All because of a 32 year old factory bus stalled on the highway was rear-ended by another factory bus.

    This is an over-reaction, as the bus could have stopped due to other reasons, like tyre puncture, traffic incident etc. The breakdown is not the real cause of the accident; it is the subsequent events, a combination of the other bus driver's action, the road conditions, the way the bus was parked. We know that factory buses are one of the worst driven vehicles on the road.

    How many road accidents are directly caused by old vehicles? What about young reckless drivers with their new wheels aspiring to be F1 drivers?

    So if this proposal becomes law, a lot of small traders, self-employed, lower income folks with old cars/vans etc suddenly find themselves out of a vehicle, and given incentives for which they have to fork out a substantial sum of money or get themselves into more debt to buy a new one.

    Wonder if this government is really in touch with common folks' situation.

  20. Unlike MO1 who is blessed with 'billions donation' from arab donor(s) or sheikh jho low, chinese are not blessed with donation so they have worked very hard till they dropped death sigh

  21. nak tau kaya ke tak, cuba check bank statement atau peti besi yg ada kat rumah? lagi bagus buat2 low profile even dah banyak harta, LHDN pun tak kejar. Sekarang ni ramai yg berkereta besar dan rumah besar tapi bulan2 cukup2 makan. Lebih baik kerja mcm aunty2 yg Annie cerita kat atas. Kais pagi makan pagi, esok2 kalau mati tak susahkan orang lain.


  22. Annie,

    Whether or not all Chinese in Malaysia are rich, does not affect in the slightest bit the well-being of the Malays.

    Nor be taken as a reason to continue with racially bias economic policies which eventually would only enrich the corrupt officials empowered to take charge of them.

    Corruption and theft hid behind the screaming of helping the Malays.

    Institutions such as University ini Tolong Melayu should be closed down immediately, to be replaced by one that admits only the sincere and capable to seek higher knowledge.


    Because Malays are God-fearing people, believing that Rezeki comes from Allah.

    Jealousy is a great sin, by any religious standards. So please don't look at the wealth, or the lack of it, of the Chinese.

    Islam is a path that was chosen by the forefathers of the Malays, and if by following the 'jangan kejar dunia' principles the Malays become less well to do than other races, especially the Chinese kapir, then know that the Malays all of them are paradise inhabitants in waiting, there are fruits and milk, river flows beneath their abode, mahligai for everyone, not to mention the beautiful bidadari playing around with them, any game that the Malay may want to play, and Allah is pleased with the Malays there.

    If economic disparity is a reason for Malays to take up arms and ran amok back then in 1969,now after almost half the century with New Economic Policies, the Malays should be even more angry with the economic disparities AMONGST THEIR OWN KIND, be angry how the wealth that's for all Malays to share had enriched just a handful of corrupted officials? Take up arms and run amok by all means, but know who is your target now.

    1. Anon 1446

      Why should we close down Universiti Ini Tolong Melayu?
      Universiti inilah yang membantu nerapatkan jurang pendidikan antara bumiputera dan bukan bumiputera.

      Prof Kangkung


    2. Pros Kantoi,

      Universiti Ini Tipu Melayu is known for mass-producing sub-standard rubbish.

      Hence, they are still better educated than you.

      Prof Sawi

  23. "....the Malays should be even more angry with the economic disparities AMONGST THEIR OWN KIND, be angry how the wealth that's for all Malays to share had enriched just a handful of corrupted officials?"

    Mat Maslan 3.85, one of the dumbest men in Malaysia, got RM2 million cheque from Pokjib's secret dedak fund in AmBank.

    The secret dedak fund is from "681 American pies" stolen by Chinese macai Jho Low for his master.

    Hence, Mat Maslan's 2 million came from our pockets.

    I guess life is good : )

    1. A few days ago our Minister of Education was giving a speech during an opening of a Universiti Ini Tolong Melayu Branch.He mentioned someone who was his classmate and smarter than him.But that guy didn't end up as a Minister.He asked the audience who is smarter?
      I would like to ask the same question to the above Anon who says Ahmad Maslan is dumb.
      Bodoh bodoh Ahmad Maslan pun dia dah jadi Timbalan Menteri.That anon,may I know what is your vocation?

      Prof Kangkung

    2. Prof. K

      In Malaysia nowadays, you don't have to be intelligent to climb-up the rank and file. All you you have to do... show loyalty, bodek & mengampu.
      Najib himself said he valued loyal people over 'smart people'.
      That's the reason why the're a lot of dumb and ass kisser around him.

    3. Pernah kawan bagi tahu 20 tahun lepas, kalau interview post gomen, masa interview jangan tunjuk pandai lebih-lebih. Orang yang interview tu akan fikir, "nampak bijak pulak budak ni, susah aku esok-esok". Rasanya pembaca boleh fikir sendiri.


    4. Pros Kantoi,

      "Bodoh bodoh Ahmad Maslan pun dia dah jadi Timbalan Menteri."


      "Ahmad Maslan dah jadi Timbalan Menteri kerana dia bodoh."

      See the difference?

      You do not need brains.

      Lucky for you being an MCA typist requires only bad spelling and even worse arguments.

      Prof Sawi

      Prof Kangkung

  24. memang mcm jilake...abis semua tempat selagi ada pokok,selagi tu dibuatnye opis la,kondo la..walaupun tanah tu sikit...pastu jln jadi jem bertahun2....pergi keje jem,balik jem...mcm pantek...dh siap nnt,letak nama razak exchange la,razak tu la ,razak ni la....puiiii

  25. Spr dipergunakan Oleh UMNO
    Tolak najib penyonglap

  26. Jho Low is the quintessential Chinese towkay, filthy rich on the toil of the ordinary Malaysian folks (which would comprise of mainly Malays), right down to his looks and behaviour. Yet the Malay government is protecting him at all costs.

  27. Hidup jho low (bukan mampuslah jho low, macam ni mampuslah dumno) wakakaka