Thursday 12 October 2017

BN winning the cyberwar....

Saw this at RPK's Malaysia Today;

​BN Semakin Popular Di Media Sosial, Pembangkang Semakin Ketinggalan


Menurut kajian terbaru Politweet, 5.8 juta pengguna media sosial Facebook (FB) berumur 21 tahun ke atas semakin berminat kepada Barisan Nasional (BN) berbanding hanya 3.1 juta yang berminat dengan Pakatan Harapan. Politweet adalah sebuah firma penyelidikan yang membuat kajian mengenai media sosial di Malaysia.

Menurut kajian yang dilakukan Politweet pada Julai 2017, 51.6% atau 3.3 juta pengguna Facebook berumur 21 tahun adalah peminat eksklusif kepada BN berbanding hanya 9.4% atau 600,000 yang dikenalpasti sebagai peminat eksklusif Pakatan Pembangkang manakala 39.1% atau 2.5 juta meminati kedua-duanya.

Bukan itu sahaja, menurut kajian bebas itu turut mengesan kecenderungan pengundi muda di Malaysia sekarang ini lebih minat kepada UMNO dengan jumlah sebanyak 4.4 juta orang (68.8%), PKR 1.8 juta (28.1%), DAP 1.3 juta (20.3%), PAS 950,000 (14.8%), MCA 740,000 (11.6%), Gerakan 150,000 (2.34%) dan MIC 81,000 (1.3%).

I'm not sure how true is the report but it sure defy my belief all these while that Pakatan is winning the cyber war, especially among younger Malaysians.

Apparently, Malaysia Today picked the report from here,

This is also interesting from that report,


...Social Bakers pula menyenaraikan lima fan pages pro Barisan Nasional yang merupakan “Fastest-Growing Politics Pages in Malaysia” pada minggu lepas iaitu Fan Page Zahid Hamidi yang bertambah 44,273 fans, MCA yang bertambah 2,257 fans, Friends Of Barisan Nasional yang bertambah 2,240 fans, Irmohizam Ibrahim yang bertambah 805 fans dan Noh Omar yang bertambah 726 fans dalam masa seminggu lepas.

Hmmm...even Selangor Umno chief TS Noh Omar seems to be getting more popular.

Okay, if that's so, then I was wrong, and BN is going to recapture Selangor in the coming general election.

In fact, based on the report, I think BN will without doubt win the coming GE14 with two third majority again.

Well, I just wish the report is more specific on the reasons behind the popularity of BN and Umno especially among the younger people.

For instance, maybe Noh Omar is getting more popular especially among the younger female voters because he's handsome and cool.

Maybe other Umno leaders could emulate Noh Omar's style.


Okay, whatever.

Please don't mind me too much ya.

I'm actually writing this post because I'm bored.

Just took my medication and feeling a bit groggy.

Going to take a nap now.



  1. Noh Omar....handsome?

    Please laaa.....

    1. Do not call someone who is not

      Judge a man for his character and behaviour
      But I have to say majority of UMNO leaders have no characters, just crooks and pirates of public money

    2. Annie should stick to loving KJ.

      Nanti KJ will feel insecure about his looks compared to No-No Omar.

      No-No Omar is REALLY hensum:!/image/image.jpg_gen/derivatives/landscape_624/image.jpg

      Prof Sawi

    3. Ku Nan is the most handsome BN politician.

      Followed closely by Ismail Sabri.

      Ahmad Maslan also quite sexy.

  2. Even Google think Hillary Clinton will win the US election, all these so called 'experts' WRONG leh muakakaka...

  3. I hope BN win and my sugar momma hippo ask me to steal more of your money.

    Jho Low

    PS - Why Annuar Musa still not in jail after TMJ exposed his 100 million songlap from Kelantan FA and not to mention MARA?

    I hope the Malays will stay stupid so that I can steal more money from them for my Bugis boss.

    1. Jho,

      It's not the Malays who are stupid.

      It is corrupt Umno barua in EC, MACC, A-G, judiciary, police etc who keep their fellow Malays under a corrupt gomen.

      Pls understand the difference.....

  4. Does the study reflects the reality on the ground? Take out your iphone now and surf the net. See for yourself. BN winning the cyber war (laugh)...

  5. The opposite is ACTUALLY true. I surf the net 24/7. I know what happen. BN can’t even hold a candle to PH when it comes to cyberspace. PH is doing a good job dominating the narative in digital space after being shut out from the mainstream media. It doesn’t really matter anyway. Who reads papers and watch news on tv nowadays?

    Cyberspace used to be BN forte pre GE-13 including this blog but now not anymore.

  6. There are three types of lies. Lies, damn lies and statistics.

    -Benjamin Disraeli

  7. Handsome u say..!! Go check your eyes Ann... or come tarik ganjaaaaaa jus a little bit...

  8. BN will win with a comfortable margin no doubt about it.The people are getting tired of too much politicking.They want something tangible such as MRT, BR1M etc
    People are tired of rhetorics

    Prof Kangkung

    1. Hahaha... luculah Prof. ni...

    2. Prof, for your info majority of the rakyat are actually fed up with gst, high cost of essential goods, corruptions by government officials, irresponsible political leaders etcetc.

    3. Have some self respect
      Why would you make a fool of yourself? Stop self depreciations, stop UMNO rhetoric and let the true justice applied to “ikan jerung” najib

      Let him rot in jail for his embezzlement

    4. As always, Pros Kangkang shows his deep love for moral liwat and financial rape.

      Even BN cybertroopers like this joker have no standard.

      Prof Sawi

    5. Pakatan Harapan talks about Malay tsunami.When Tun M came to JB to launch Pakatan Harapan or something like that only 1000 turned up?I don't think Malay tsunami will happen.At most it is just rippels in a teacup

      Prof Kangkung

    6. I mean ripples

      Prof Kangkung

    7. Don't bullshit prof kangkung. I was there during Pakatan Harapan's launcing. I estimated more than 8,000 turn-up inspite of drizzling and muddy water in the field. Also it was televised live in the internet with more than 1.5 million viewers.

    8. To be fair pro harapan, they don’t get paid for coming
      Unlike the Uitm gathering and scam car lottery

      It’s a simple logic
      Are you such a blind and bodoh tak boleh diajar

  9. Much has changed in Malaysia's political, economic and religious landscape since the 2008 and 2013 general elections, like who in 2013 would have imagined Mahathir in bed with Lim Kit Siang, Anwar Ibrahim and Mat Sabu with Mahathir as Chairman of the opposition.

    Who would have imagined the rise in cost of living since 2013 and other issues.

    Also, many pro-opposition portals have closed shop especially since 2013, leaving a handful standing today.

    Who would have imagined the role of PAS in shaking matters up, such as over the Better Beer Festival and objections which followed in its wake, such as opposition to Oktoberfest and Mulsim-only launderette issue.

    Malaysian politics is no longer what it was back then as priorities have shifted.

    Whilst I don't trust the results of such polls which involved netizens and opinions on social media all that much; we will only know the real picture from the outcome of GE14.

    1. Sabah & Sarawak continue to keep BN in power while living off crumbs.

      Both states made a big mistake by joining Malaysia.

      They would be better than Singapore with good leadership and no corrupt Malayan influence.

  10. Rasa Menang untuk BN di seluruh negara perlu di ada adakan untuk memastikan PRU akan dilaksanakan.

    Jika suasana kalah ada, u oll ingat PRU akan di adakan ke???

  11. Annie,

    Noh Omar ada iras-iras Danzel Washington. Pelakon Negro Amerika yang popular tuu.

    Memang betul, kerana itulah Netizen semakin berminat dengan Noh Omar. Tambahan lagi, udang harimau semakin pepular dekat Selangor.

    Memang ada harapan cerah.

    Kalau you tengok Youtube, Facebook, whatapp dan Gmail penyokong BN saja yang ada, memang susah betul nak cari penyokong Pakatan Harapan.

    Kalau Annie tengok Blog ini sudah cukup, berapa punya ramai penyokong Prof. Kangkong. Boleh kata semua 99% pengikut professor kangkong.

    RPK, Raja Petra itu memang orangnya lidah bercabang satu, tak cakap bohong.

    Lim kit siang kata, kalau betul Mahathir bagi dia RM1 billion, dia akan kongsi dengan rakyat Malaysia. Memang harapan cerah, rakyat Malaysia dapat.

  12. Annie. Don't be afraid. Go for Change. Follow Rafizi Ramli. That is one PH communication man that is equivalent to the entire BN machinery. Satu cukup. No need to waste time. But of course there are others. Here at Annie for instance. We always look forward to your tricky updates 😊 Commentors also provide indication of possibilities. At Annie we have Jho Low. At Kadir Jasin we have Sukasamasuka and Aku. They understand the underground tremors.

    1. Sorry. I don't like Rafizi. Thank you.

    2. Rafizi was one of those people that made me question the absolute authority and mass deception of UMNO

  13. Annie,

    Actually, that survey is not so surprising.

    You may or may not recall that about 2 or 3 years ago, maybe more, UMNO had announced plans to create and train cybertroopers to take on Pakatan.

    That survey you have quoted above is probably the result of those plans.

    BTW, it is only a cyberwar as far as UMNO ic concerned.

    I don't think Pakatan sees it as a cyberwar.

    As Anonymous @ 12 October 2017 at 16:45 pointed out, Pakatan turned to cyberspace only "after being shut out from the mainstream media".

    Cyberspace was just simply Pakatan's way to deliver the news which mainstream media like Utusan, NST, TV3 refuse to report on - like 1MDB, like the internal power struggles within UMNO between Mahatir and Najib, like the MARA debacle on overpaying for building overseas. etc.

    I suspect that Pakatan never expected disseminating news in cyberspace to take on a life of its own, to become a rallying point for like-minded people.

    The question is how successful has UMNO been with their cybertrooper program.

    Has it won hearts and minds?

    Has it converted anybody?

    Has it stopped the bleeding of supporters to PPBM?

    Bear in mind that pro-Opposition blogs and news portals have grown organically over the last 10 years or so.

    People who read and comment on pro-Opposition sites are not paid, well, I am not - I do this at my own cost and in my own time.

    I am 100% certain you are not paid to run this blog and you know what it takes to grow your readership organically.

    Can UMNO achieve the same successes by throwing money at their cybertroopers?

    Does having lots of FB accounts equate to a successful campaign?

    My gut feel is that the answer to all those questions above is a simple "no".

    But then, if I may be permit to use one of your lines, who am I to pass judgement on something which has cost someone millions of ringgits to setup? :)


    1. I don't get paid too gladiator.I am not even an UMNO member

      Prof Kangkung

    2. im also mnot UMNO member, heck im neutral man
      neutral as white paper and card full of deck
      squiky clean, neutral millenial

      jho low

  14. Annie. Thank you for the honesty 🙌

  15. I suppose many don't recognise sarcasm or 'in jest' writting.

    1. Annie, you are an idiot!

      Is that sarcasm or 'in jest' writing?

    2. Okay. I'm an idiot. You are a genius. Happy?

    3. Annie, you didn’t recognise sarcasm or “in jest” in my writing.

  16. yes..!! bubar parlimen sekarang! apa? masih takut-takut? atau target nak sakau selagi boleh belum capai sasaran? berani kerana benar...kalau dah takut,paham-paham sahaja la.. ha.ha.ha...


  17. Annie. At 21:14. I should add to clarify. On being honest about Rafizi Ramli. I read his blog because he has the courage to put his life on the line. And the ability to make transparent his facts and figures. Till someone scrutinise those facts and figures and say otherwise I would take them for whatever it is worth. Since I am not an expert. While yours is a qualitative perspective, Rafizi's quantitative. Both contribute to our understanding of life in Malaysian politics and governance. Thank you.

  18. GOOD.........So, what is NAJIB waiting for....????
    Cepatlah adakan PRU14.

    1. That’s what I’ve been telling UMNO higher ups by shouting over the phone

      My god.. it’s hard to move UMNO macai without some dedak and rm50. Seriously they’re soo inefficient

      Jho low

  19. Anonymous @ 12 October 2017 at 21:58,

    //I suppose many don't recognise sarcasm or 'in jest' writting.//

    Or a mixture of both with other bits thrown in.


  20. Cik Minah,

    //So, what is NAJIB waiting for//

    I think Najib is waiting for MACC to do its job on Shafie and Mahatir.

    This way, he can say, "See? These people are also corrupt too, and they have been arrested and charged. Me? I am only accused of corruption but I am not arrested or charged - by anybody".

    Shafie and Mahatir are both quite dangerous men, politically speaking.

    Take out Shafie and Mahatir, and Sabah will be 200% safe AND Pakatan will be crippled in Semananjung.

    BTW, I don't believe Lim Kit Siang when he said MACC was after him.

    LKS was probably trying to attract some fire away from Mahatir and Shafie.

    LKS knows that MACC doesn't care about him because MACC know they cannot find any dirt on LKS.

    //Cepatlah adakan PRU14.//

    Now that Najib has started the MACC campaign on Shafie and Mahatir, he just has to wait until MACC is finished with Shafie and Mahatir.

    BTW, MACC has not started on Mahatir yet becos the Agung has probably not finished reading the findings of the RCI yet.


    1. The RCI was a complete washout.

      That pendek barua they put in charge blew it big time. What was proved? Nothing.

      Funny how all the pink diamond hippo dung eaters all look almost the same:

      Pandi the AG, the MACC ikan bilis catcher, the little runt from Petronas who led this joke of an RCI.

      All shifty-eyed little men with misai.

      All corrupted to the core.

  21. How to GE14 with NO cash??? Why NOT dumnos (incl RPK) who loved MO1 so much sell their golds, diamonds, etc to pay for cash strapped MO1 to conduct GE14 meh muakakaka

    1. Hidup berdikarilah sedikit.. itupun nak aku bagitau...
      Usahakan dapat funding untuk kumpul orang ramai..
      Jangan harapkan aku sahaja untuk fund korunck...
      Aku dulu makan kais pagi makan pagi macam bangla.. boleh je survive.. boleh je jadi hensem..
      Piramid makanan aku perfect...
      Fork out your own cash.. ok? As for me I’ll fund another date with minah salleh celebrity, tak syoklah celebriti tempatan tak de kelassss
      Orang melayu sila jilat bontot saya

      Jho low

  22. Annie, U know WHY, I like to lepak in your blog...???
    It is because U never discuss stupid issue like
    'Chinese are dirty people because they don't wash with
    water after berak,so this is WHY we need self service laundrette!!"
    So stupid to discuss this for weeks and months.
    In reality, those who discuss this are people with
    inferiority complex. Nuts and schizo....who feel
    great thinking that they are extremely clean
    wearing unwash jubah and telekong & kupiah hitam
    penuh daki and tahi lalat dan busuk.

    1. Cik Minah jangan memandang rendah kepada orang yang pakai Jubah.

      Orang tabligh contohnya, walaupun jubah tak basuh lama, mereka sembur minyak attar. Pasal itu harum semerbak. Kalau dah keluar lama 40 hari, nak cuci tang mana?

      Sebab itulah orang kapir cipta mesin basuh dan sabun basuh.

      Kalau orang tabligh keluar 40 hari bolehlah cuci jubah itu di mesin dobi layan diri.

      Orang kapir ini, banyak cipta mesin untuk menyenangkan orang Islam, mesin basuh, microwave, peti sejuk, whatsapp dan lain-lain.

      Masalahnya, kedai mesin basuh layandiri, sekarang ini tak suci pulak.

      Kalau kita nak suruh orang ulama PAS atau Zamihan cipta mesin basuh atau sabun basuh depa pun tak tahu.

    2. To be fair to the ‘ustaz’ caught in recent controversy Cik Minah, I concur with what lawyer for liberty Eric Paulson said. The guy is being misunderstood. He wasn’t meant to insult other race in his speech but he’s just trying to emphasize his point on how Muslims should always keep their clothes clean and pure especially clothes use for everday prayer.

      He’s not committing a crime but just being rude and uncouth which is understandable; coming from a guy with hardened stand and opinion such as him. It wasn’t a hateful speech. Nothing in his speech is seditious in nature.

      He’s actually talking about ‘taharah’ or purification in everyday’s worship. He didn’t instigating violence or uprising. It just that he was being crass in the manner he delivered his speech especially when giving examples.

      Religious figures from Kelantan and Terengganu are a lot like that actually. Brash, crude, sometimes vulgar but with good intention. Fierce and feracious but nurturing. It just the way they give religious lecture. It’s cultural thing.

    3. These people are just like a frog under a coconut shell.I bet this zamizan guy will not bet an eyelid if he receives angpow from a non-Muslim Chinese taukeh.

      Prof Kangkung

  23. Anonymous12 October 2017 at 22:54 wrote:-

    "Sabah & Sarawak continue to keep BN in power while living off crumbs."

    Electoral politics is a numbers game and irrespective of why Sabah & Sarawak voters vote for BN, these voters just add to the numbers of seats going to the BN.

    If the opposition wants to win in Sabah & Sarawak, they should first analyse why they have not been able to win these voters over, then find ways to get around the problems and win these voters over, so the numbers shift in their favour.

    1. Getting in - problem No 1.

      See how many Oppo blocked by immigration?

      Abang Jo is still a dedak eater, whatever happens....

    2. "irrespective of why Sabah & Sarawak voters vote for BN, these voters just add to the numbers of seats going to the BN."

      Actually it's 57 seats, if Peninsula alone even with massive gerrymandering BN would be out of power.

      East Malaysia is KEEPING BN in power.

  24. Wow BN won the cyberwar, NO more Red Bean Army right LOLOL

    1. Red bean army should no longer be exist

      I have eaten large chuck of local Malaysian gst for awhile.. they should be very weak to move around.. they can’t even eat healthy wholesome food.
      Even the price of medicine soared.. that should paralysed opposition people
      Even if I rob your wealth and you should just shut the fuck off.. you have no right to even whisper

      Jho low

  25. There is an increase in Islamic intolerance in pre-election Malaysia and this is causing anxiety and concern among the people, a report in Asia Times said.

    However, according to the report, Prime Minister Najib Razak appears to be largely silent about it.

    It said despite Najib’s efforts to cultivate a global reputation as a moderate Muslim leader in the fight against Islamic extremism, “Malaysia’s reputation as a moderate and tolerant Islamic country has ebbed under his leadership”.

    “Indeed, Najib has been largely silent amid polarising religion-related discord.”

    The report quoted “observers” as saying religious moderation had been made untenable by Najib’s administration, “which many see as being dependent on a strategy of appeasing hardliners and far-right Malay groups to consolidate domestic Malay Muslim support ahead of general elections that must be held by August 2018”.

    The report noted that Najib had only commented on the self-service laundrette in Johor, which caused a social media uproar when it attempted to ban non-Muslims for hygienic concerns, after the Sultan of Johor expressed displeasure over the action of the laundrette owner.

  26. Annie. I appreciate Anon 13.10.2017 @17:20. That is a fair comment. I found the lawyer's position reported here:

  27. RCI FOREX a washout...LOL
    If we do a proper assessment RCI was a strategic action taken by Najib to diminished the creditbility of TDM and somehow or rather it resulted in success for him.How can as PM ,you are not aware of the govt losing billions and had admitted sometime you gain and lose by indulging in FOREX when informed by official of MOF.
    This blantant lie had made the usual urbanites who had anti establishment attitude feeling uncertain of the intergrity/honesty of TDM and Oppo.
    To the rural folks seeing TDM embrassing DAP was enough to discredit the sincerity of TDM and it will surely effected PKR/PAN/PRIBUMI votes come GE 14..
    Najib will just buy the time for more blunder happening in Oppo side esp amongst the leadership ranks and will strike when the situation is favouring him within the timing of compulsory election to be conducted..