Monday 23 October 2017

No need to be disgusting

Someone asked for my opinion today on the allegation of sexual misconduct directed against MACC boss Dzulkifli Ahmad.

Honestly, I don't think I'm in the position to say anything about it as the whole thing looks like something very personal.

Furthermore, I had seen this report a few days ago,


“Our divorce was done amicably. It is a personal matter and has nothing to do with Tan Sri Dzulkifli Ahmad as alleged by the video. We will not hesitate to sue those who continue to spread the controversy for their own personal gains,” wrote Shazreen on Facebook two days ago, which was also signed by her former husband Mohd. Hafiz Jehangir Shah.

I would be sceptical if the denial was just by the woman, but it looks like she was backed by her ex-husband on the matter.

If someone has to complain, then it should be the woman's ex-husband, but in this case, he is also denying the allegation against the guy who had allegedly enticed his wife away from him.

So, how?

Really, I can't see how I can say anything more about this matter.

The person who was supposed to be most aggrieved by whatever that had happened said he was not so.

Therefore, who am I to comment on it.

I'm not a religious person but I believe that all I can say is that this matter is now between those personalities said to be involved and Allah the almighty.

To go beyond that is to risk making false allegations against those people, which from what I know is a grave sin according to Islamic teachings.

Well, I believe other religions teach the same too.

Anyway, I read some of the blogs which mentioned this allegation against Dzulkifli and found the way it was discussed rather distasteful.

This is a comment at a posting on the matter which I picked  from one of those blogs,

Konkek bini najip laaa

Try la badak air

Sodap... air banyak

Bini najip tak selera ker

I was like...what the hell was that for?

Do they really need to write such comments?

Seriously, I don't think such comments will help win support for whatever cause the commentator was championing.

It's disgusting, okay.

I hope, you all who read this blog will not leave such comments here.

I had received complaints from those who felt that I was being too lenient in letting through comments at this blog but I told them that was for freedom of expression.

Well, I actually spiked off quite a lot of comments too, especially the vulgar ones which used words such as "melancap", "fucking melayu" etc.

I used to be very lenient before, but decided I need to control the comments a bit more after a 14-year-old girl said sometimes back that she reads my blog.


  1. Private life, OK lah.

    Corrupting our institutions?

    No thank you.

    This MACC puppet was put in place for the same reason Pandi was put in place.

    Same reason EC head was put in place.

    To prop up a stinking, thieving regime.

    1. I thought the couples divorce was after two month of the news that the woman went for Bali holidays with Dzul. If thats not khalwat then what is.
      Yes it is personal but do it after the divorce not before. The scandal leads to divorce or not its secondary. MACC Intergrity my foot.

  2. "1. Najib sedang meningkat usaha untuk menipu Pilihanraya.

    2. Kali ini Najib mengarah SPRM menangkap pemimpin-pemimpin Parti lawan (Warisan) di Sabah. Matlamatnya ialah untuk melumpuh Warisan dengan menangkap Datuk Seri Shafie Apdal dan menakutkan penyokongnya.

    3. Pegawai SPRM diugut untuk melaksana arahan Najib. Jika mereka tidak patuh kepada arahan Najib maka tindakan tertentu akan diambil terhadap mereka. Mereka mungkin diturun pangkat, ditukar ke jawatan lain yang lebih rendah, dimansuh hak pencen dan bermacam lagi.

    4. Pegawai Tinggi Polis, pegawai di Jabatan Pendakwa Raya, Pengarah Syarikat dalam Khazanah semua ditakutkan supaya menyokong perbuatan salah oleh Najib untuk menang PRU.

    5. Demikian juga pegawai-pegawai dari berbagai pejabat yang akan dilantik mengurus PRU. Mereka akan disuruh tipu untuk memberi kemenangan kepada Najib dalam PRU 14.

    6. Kami dalam Pakatan Harapan sedar kami akan menang jika tidak ada penipuan dalam PRU. 90% dari pengundi yang berdaftar sudah pun nyatakan mereka tolak Najib.

    7. Kami berjanji jika kakitangan Kerajaan yang akan mengurus PRU diugut dan didera oleh Najib dan kehilangan gaji, atau pangkat atau jawatan kami akan pulih balik mereka dan pendapatan mereka. Mereka akan kembali pegang jawatan yang telah dilucut dari mereka. Demikian juga mereka yang memberi maklumat kepada kami akan salah cara dan penipuan Najib. Kami akan selamatkan mereka.

    8. Ini janji kami. Walaupun penipuan dilakukan oleh Najib kami tetap menang. Dan kami akan tunaikan janji kami.

    9. Jangan takut untuk menolak arahan salah dari Najib dan konco-konconya."

    Well said Tun.

    The truth.


    I agree with Shabudin posting on the subject matter.

    What say you, Annie?

    1. Please read this post again. That's what I have to say about the subject matter. Thank you.

  4. I have to say you’re so brave la Annie. Uploading that garbage comment on your blog. I would rather totally skip it and pretend it doesn’t exist. There’s a lot of good comments posted in that blog but it is not easy going through it.

    Each blog post running to hundreds of comments. They are not even moderated. Every single is published no matter how bad and vulgar.

  5. Don't try to divert the attention from the issue of corruption.If the person is corrupt why should we defend him.
    The use of vulgar words shows lack of culture.How can we expect people to support use if we don't put forward our arguments in a civilized manner

    Prof Kangkung

    1. Sebenarnya saya tak bersalah
      Najib mana ada corrupt
      Betul tak prof kangkung?

      Jho low

    2. Opposition have gone too far
      They are scum and vulgar kind of human being
      Be a gentlemen, at all times
      Gentle when teaching your student about UMNO
      Especially gentle at embezzlement

      Jho low

    3. Jho,

      You are the si fu of embezzlement.

      How much you plan to steal for the First Klepet in next 5 years?

    4. There’s no embezzlement, there’s no plan

      Just be a gentleman, protect your pride, protect your children’s future, make a wise decision, empty your bank accounts and vote for UMNO with golden gentlemanly glitter and awe

      And don’t forget to eat superinflated vegetable
      Jho low

  6. "Disgusting"?

    To be fair, that's EXACTLY what I thought when international investigations exposed the fact that the badak air had wasted literally hundreds of millions of our money on her own trivial need & greed.

    Not to mention the Wolf Of Wall Street - a "disgusting" movie that was financed by stealing money from the pockets of the Malaysian rakyat.

    "Disgusting" seems to be a fitting word indeed.

  7. just an infightings between the corrupted. like the games of thrones.

    but wht happen to the boss, it is a scandal. unless the lady is his wife. di negara org kafir kalau terpalit scandal mereka akan resign.

    tp kita org melayu islam mmg hebat. gah ! kulit mmg tebal ! mo1 pn kulit tebal semua org kulit tebal ! boleh buat karipap.

    its just tht if the guy has secrets then how can we aspects him to to do his job properly ? but ive had my reservation when he take over sprm. its just another puppet.

    conclusion. dont really give a damn about these people. hes there or not, our justice system will only see for the ikan bilis. mo1 will still walks free. holding our nation at ransom.

    btw when are they gonna do something about the 9 nagas ? do they need uprising then only will they do something ?

  8. What I like about your blog Annie is that you’re championing free speech and freedom of expression. You’re allowing both sides to express their views. Agree to disagree. The rule of the game. Kudos to you.

    Don’t be like that one overzealous religious officer who recently got caught in contraversy. He took rather extreme position and uncompromising interpretation of Islam. His thought is the only thought in Islam. His version of Islam is the only version of Islam. Everything else is a deviation.

    His interpretation of what is permissable, what is not, what is lawful and what is unlawful is the only interpretation of Islam; according to him. If you dare to agree with him, you will branded as ‘wahhabi’, ‘syiah’, ‘stupid’ and ‘anjing’. If respected religious scholars or muftis disagree with him, that muftis are either ‘wahhabi’, ‘syiah’, ‘stupid mufti’ or ‘mufti anjing’.

    If ISA is still around, this is the type of guy who will be among its inmates. This guy is quite dangerous to be honest. His words laced with religious fanaticism and full of hatred of anything regards as moderation.

    Put him in front of a sympathetic audience, he could turn every single one of them into religious bigots.

  9. The filipinos are laughing, the dreaded marcoses (mr & mrs MO1) are resurrecting here!!! Let hope there is imminent people power revolution (here pakatan rakyat) to topple these marcoses & their barua nasional...

    1. Filipino marcos tu apa? Aku belek punya belek buku sejarah Philippines tak ada pun orang nama marcos
      Engkau jangan nak temberang aku... naik kaki nanti kang...

      Jho low

    2. Dah tutup kes oleh komedi, sikalang cina jho low boleh mali balik dan HIDUP Buntut Nasional dengan berbilion dedak...hahaha

  10. A public figure is subjected to public scrutiny.

    He/she must uphold his integrity in his work and his personal life.

    I disagree with you when you wrote that this affair is his personal affair.

    Heck, Anwar was kicked out BN govt and UMNO because of his personal affairs; he played both sides of the crevice!



    “The Deputy Prime Minister’s Office strongly refuted social media reports which have manipulated the answer given by Deputy Prime Minister Ahmad Zahid Hamidi that the police are seeking Interpol’s assistance to locate businessman Jho Low.

    “The Deputy Prime Minister in his reply to Gombak MP’s supplementary question at the Parliament sitting today clearly stated that there was no case to be convicted.

    “Good relation between PDRM and Interpol was well established in the investigation of this case.

    “As at today, police have closed the case file and there were no other requests made by Interpol concerning the case.

    “However, the social media reports implied that new efforts were being done to locate Jho Low. That is so untrue.”

    I think hippo mama can use this Chinese boy to steal money from us for another 20 years.

    What happened to Michael Chia, the Chinaman caught with RM40 million in a suitcase for Musa Aman?


    What happened to Mat Maslan & Shahrir after happily admitting taking kickback from MO1?


    After 60 years, Malaysia is morally bankrupt.

    1. Tak baik cakap macamtu... nauuzubillah min zalik
      Saya songlap wang 30juta rakyat tak bersalah pun

      Jho low

  12. That 14 year old girl needs to pay gst for the mess caused by UMNO najib

    Get your priorities straight

    1. That 14 year old girl's future education might have been well funded from the many billions stolen by Umno crooks.

      The Malays are going to spiral down and down under this regime.

    2. Otak tu jangan bangang sangat

      That perempuan 14 tahun suci tu when entering the workforce, she is going to pay taxes for najib UMNO embezzlement
      Bukan dia sorang sahaja, semua unborn baby terlibat untuk menjadi Pak sanggup penyonglap bangsat ini

  13. It may be a personal affair but when such an affair can be used to blackmail, it naturally compromises on the incorruptibility of the person. Even though its a personal matter, it can still be used to blackmail the individual. Should not the person in charge of weeding out corruption be absolutely above all forms of blackmail?

    1. I think it's going to be a bit difficult for us to quit our job every time someone accuses us of this and that. Anyway, in this case the ex-husband already denied the allegations. Doesn't that counts for something?

    2. nawaitu nekerja tu perlu betul sejak dari awal...boleh tak macam tu? Atau, you dah nampak lubang-lubang peluang buat duit! :-)


    3. Orang Malaysia terutamanya orang Melayu ni senang je...setiap kali ada video berunsur seks melibatkan orang kenamaan atau punlic figure, samada deny, kata ini permainan politik kotor ataupun buat bodoh je. Lama2 semua orang lupa. Life goes on

    4. I think Annie the right thing not to do is 'jangan bawa bini orang berdua duaan sebelum dia cerai. Takanlah Dzul ni kepala je besar tapi tak ada otak. Ini lebih kepada I cannot tahan anymore.'
      Selepas holiday couple cerai. Takanlah suaminya nak kata saya cerai isteri saya selepas saya dapati dia berprojek dengan Abang Dzul. Mestilah suaminya yang berotak cuba mematikan isu yang memalukan ini. Tabik pada suami nya.

  14. I am just bored outta my mind for the whole bloddy politic in Malaysia rite now. I am just waiting for PRU14. Untung sabut, kita timbul. Untung batu, kita semua tenggelam.

  15. Annie,

    A public figure is supposed to be a role model for others to follow.

    Hence as Anonymous @ 23 October 2017 at 23:05 said,

    //A public figure is subjected to public scrutiny.//

    A public figure who struts around half naked, snorts cocaine and participates in sex orgies, might be perfectly acceptable to some people if that public figure is a supermodel or a rock star.

    But it may not so acceptable if that same public figure is the PM of a country or the head of an anti-corruption authority.

    As for this particular case, I guess it does somewhat help Dzulkifli that the woman and her husband have denied Dulkifli's involvement in their marriage breakup.

    BUT it does not answer some questions.

    a/ Was it Dzulkifli and her in Bali?
    b/ If so, was she still married then?
    c/ Is Dzulkifli looking for another wife?
    d/ Does Dzulkifli's current wife/wives approve of him taking another wife?

    Dzulkifli is a public figure as the head of an important public authority where standards and personal integrity are crucial.

    After all, MACC prosecutes people because they lack personal integrity, doesn't it?

    So, why should Dzulkifli not be held accountable for HIS OWN personal integrity?


    1. Gladiator, this case is something like when Lim Guan Eng was accused of having an affair with a girl called Rainbow a few years back. He denies it and Betty who was supposed to be the most aggrieved person backed him on it. I think that should be good enough.I think it's a bit unfair to continue asking him whether he had took the girl for a holiday in Japan and such. Thank you.

    2. A public figure who struts around half naked, ".....snorts cocaine and participates in sex orgies, might be perfectly acceptable to some people if that public figure is a supermodel or a rock star."

      You just perfectly described the character in Wolf of Wall Street, made by Riza Aziz with money stolen from Malaysian public funds.

      Oh, yes, and the holier-than-thou, very, very Islamic Umno and PAS both know this.

      Can you say "hypocrites"?

  16. on bro. Heard that the trip to Bali was in July and the lady in question was still married. On another note where is JAKIM in all this? They are so quick to act even in matters not concerning Islam but are so silent now. Something stinks and it is definitely not my farth.

    1. Jakim directly under PMO.

      Hence are as independent as the MACC, EC and the courts.

      Hee hee.

      We are all so Islamic in Malaysia, and that's why our country is so clean & non-corrupted.

      Hee hee.

  17. Welcome to Darul Penyangak..?



    1. Baru sekarang tahu??
      Sudah 30 taun la, dah jadi land of the Penyangak

  18. Klu semua sudah telibat dgn rasuah...siapa yg berkuasa...undang2 mustahil...yg berkuasa CASH IS KING...itu lah kata2 Pak Pemimpin kita...betul juga xmustahil kannn...betul..betul..betullll...

    Orang-orang lembik Macam annie dan millennial neutral Menjadikan Negara ini lawless dan cash is king is the new law

  19. Annie,

    //this case is something like when Lim Guan Eng was accused of having an affair with a girl called Rainbow a few years back//

    I am sure that LGE's political enemies would have had gone all out to prove that the affair did in fact happen.

    Yet, despite all their best efforts, where has been proven? Nothing.

    To me that suggests the accusations against LGE have no merit whatsoever.

    Will we have the same diligence and dedication put into any investigative efforts for Dzulkifli's case?

    I doubt it.

    Dzulkifli is a political appointee and as long as he is steadfast in his loyalty to his political masters, he will be protected.