Thursday, 5 October 2017

Dr Mahathir will be helping Umno if he goes to Putrajaya

This is a comment just now from my last post;

Latest news.

Dr M said he might contest in Putrajaya!

How do I change my voting location to Putrajaya?

So, I searched for the story and here it is from NST,

PETALING JAYA: Parti Pribumi Bersatu Malaysia (PPBM) chairman Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad said it is a possibility that he may contest in Putrajaya in the coming general election.
Dr Mahathir said, “Yes, maybe I will stand in Putrajaya. You can tell them that I may contest.”
He was reponding to reporters today when asked on reports of him contesting in Putrajaya, at the PPBM headquarters.
Since last year, there have been calls for him to contest in the election, including from Parti Amanah Negara which had proposed that he stand in Putrajaya.
Dr Mahathir, who is also Pakatan Harapan chairman, had said recently that Langkawi or Putrajaya would be his preferred choice.
While both Langkawi and Putrajaya hold special significance for Dr Mahathir, both the constituencies are currently held by Barisan Nasional.
Putrajaya member of parliament is Datuk Seri Tengku Adnan Tengku Mansor, who is also Federal Territories Minister.

Suddenly, for the first time, and I thought it would never happen, I felt pity for Ku Nan.

The guy surely can't sleep well after this.

Well, if Dr Mahathir really contest Putrajaya, then I think he will win.

Actually, in a way, I think he will be helping Umno by doing that.

My opinion is that, Ku Nan is bad for Umno's image and Dr Mahathir is going to help the party get rid of him.

I still hope Dr Mahathir can contest against TS Shahrir Samad in JB but if he chooses to contest against Ku Nan in Putrajaya, then it's his choice.

Contests JB, he will capture the birthplace of Umno, contests Putrajaya and he will capture the constituency where the seat of government is located.

Okay la, both have merits.

Only that it would be more exciting if he contests JB as it would be a tough fight against Shahrir.

Against Ku Nan, I think it it will be a walkover.

Here is the Putrajaya details for the last general election in 2013;
Tengku Adnan Tengku Mansor (BN/Umno) - 9,943 votes (69 per cent)
Husam Musa (Pas) - 4,402 (30.5 per cent)
Majority - 5,541
Eligible voters - 15,791 (Malays 94 per cent, Chinese 0 per cent, Indians 3 per cent, Others 2 per cent)
Voters turnout - 14,418 (91.3 per cent)
Spoilt votes - 73 (0.5 per cent)

And yes, there's no Chinese voter in Putrajaya in 2013.


  1. Annie! You bagi gempar saya je. When you said Tun will be helping UMNO if he contest in Putrajaya. I salute your style :)

  2. Your suggestion for Mahathir to contest in JB is somewhat bizzare and out of place. Why would he contest there?

    It is understandable if he is rumoured to contest in Langkawi and Putrajaya because he was instrumental in developing both places into what they are now. If Kubang Pasu too should make sense since it was his former seat but JB? I mean like seriously??

  3. Ku Nan is already panicking Annie. A couple of day ago he's trying to make school going children and teachers in Putrajaya to embrace Umno and made them singing Umno anthem during assembly.

    Guan Eng was barred from visiting schools in Penang but this guy could roam freely in any school he likes with KSN blessing and openly preaching Umno ideology on primary school compound!

    1. I thought only Communist countries do that, getting school children to sing their Party's song and waving their Party's flag and sticking their Party's logo all over. Only Communist countries indoctrinate school children in this manner.

      But Umno has always shouted out for more than 5 decades that DAP is a Communist party but recently, we see Umno leaders giving red carpet treatment to China. Who is the Communist here in our beloved country ?

  4. "Well, if Dr Mahathir really contest Putrajaya, then I think he will win."

    -Of course he will. Hands down. Government officers and civil servants who live there are highly indebted to him. They owe their good lives living there to him. They're loving it. The place is like a living paradise to them.

  5. No Chinese voter in Putrajaya...seriously? So much for multiculturalism and diversity.

    1. In Singapore, I think the gomen there allow this type of "enclave", albeit a very high-end type here in Putrajaya, even the street lamps cost 8,000 ringgit a pop.

  6. Annie,

    You should refer to the video footage of the interview.

    Those journalists were fishing for news so they throw this question to him.

    People behind him were laughing.

    The manner that he respond to the journalists is somewhat joking and sarcastic, his usual self.

    He did said much earlier a few weeks back that it is a possibility in Langkawi or Putrajaya. That is why they ask him again.

    It is a possibility, but I do not think he is serious when he responded about Putrajaya.

  7. Annie,

    Sultan Johor will have his 'OPEN DAYS', every Wednesday.

    According to news reporting, on Wednesdays JCS will meet and brief Tuanku from now on, at MADOS office in Pasir Pelangi.

    Traditionally, State Exco meetings also are held on Wednesdays.

    So I think from now on JCS will have to run around a lot, good exercise. But that's for JCS, government officials they are.

    Malaysiainsight said that that's a sign of week leadership, but not sure if they mean PM or MB. Whoever that is, I think UMNO leadership is in deep shit now.

    But that Najib has already lost control and no longer hold power, is a given. Tell-tale signs are many.

    And there are many stories came out from Putrajaya about Najib losing control, too. Annie must have heard them.

    Professor Kangkung will be happy, because for sure BN will win big in next PRU.

  8. Annie,

    Mahatir in Putrajaya?

    Hm... now that would be quite something.

    Winning Putrajaya would make a bigger statement than winning JB, methinks.

    But I think that like JB, winning Putrajaya will not be the walkover you suggest.

    The GE13 result of 70% UMNO vs 30% PAS makes for a 40% majority in favour of UMNO - a huge number.

    Can Mahatir take enough voters off both PAS and UMNO?

    I must confess I don't know enough about the voter base in Putrajaya to make the call.

    // (Malays 94 per cent, Chinese 0 per cent, Indians 3 per cent, Others 2 per cent)//

    I am not really surprise there are no Chinese voters in Putrajaya.

    And those 3% Indians and 2% lain2 - I would be willing to bet money that they won't be Christians, Buddhists or Hindus either :)


  9. Eligible voters - 15,791

    15,791 pengundi X special brim RM1000 = RM15.7 JUTA.

    Tun akan kalah.

  10. Too presumptous Annie

  11. Aku percaya orang tua Mahathir ni tak mau bertanding. The Harapan folks should first know this. And reporters just want him say something. became news. In papers without news and in elctronic media.

    BN folks are now seeing Mahathir as a pengkianat. Those BN folks may be ramai yang dah dibutakan dedak.
    You percaya Mahathir nak khianat negara dia. Bangsa dia. Setelah berusaha since 1946 and before to bring the Malays to improved standard of living.

    Bila berpolitik kita kena ada alliance and support baru boleh menang. Parti-parti opposition ni faham. They started forming kerjasama politik. Macam parti Perikatan (Alliance) buat and they kept winning elections every time since 1955. We want Parti Negara of Dato' Onn. Nasib Presiden umno yang Pertama dan yang Ke-empat.

    So Mahathir needed a legitimate platform. PPBM. He needed alliance too. So Pakatan Harapan. BN were weaker than before since 2008 elction. Mahathir vampaigned for BN in PRU13. This time he is on the opposite side and campaigning. And the people have been sickend of the way BN run the country and thay want ro ubah. Macam hijrah la lebih kurang.

    Penang and Selangor are already Pakatan states. They may be able in PRU14 to win Kedah and more states. Mahathir is doing what Anwar couldn't do. But to run for election he will avoid.

    So Annie jual cerita. Hari tu JB.

    1. Mana ada jual. Baca kat sini free je. Thank you.

    2. Love your come-back Annie :) Yes...baca kat sini free je, hehehe

  12. Tun M can choose any seat but it is going to be his Waterloo (as in Napoleon Bonaparte Waterloo).
    As Tun has repeatedly mentioned 'Melayu Mudah Lupa', the younger generation of voters have no emotional attachemnt with Tun M.
    The demographics of Putrajaya voters are probably younger generation of civil servants.
    They might have heard of read the good deeds of Tun M but they have also heard that during Tun's era we lost around RM30 billion in forex trading
    I think Tun M will face a hard time trying to convince these young voters to vote for him

    Prof Kangkung

    1. u miss d trend sir. i mean…d way u take young people as likely as ur political optimism…not cool at all. i know older generations who tolerate discredited democracy … n to stay their life time on it. but, young generations r too rebellious for tat. we r a new wave of democracy. it real. incomplete democracy, continuing weakness n failure…all those bloody games n rules n d bad politic, we r observing them.

      in our circumstance, don’t say young generation is good preference for winning feel like. it hurts our pride. in dis era of rapid medias we ve broader base of thinking than u expected. so, bring down d bad omens of d past is rather dead than an active points of reference. wat we r thinking now is d current view to where we r going to from here.

    2. The younger generation of voters have no emotional attachemnt with Tun M?

      More than half of Bersatu member below 35 years of age. Where do you get your fact from Prof. Kangkung? Picking it up from your nostril hair? Ni mesti beli dapat title Prof. ni..