Tuesday 3 October 2017

Can Shahrir contain Dr Mahathir in JB?

With this news, I think it's almost certain now that TS Shahrir Samad will defend his JB seat in the next general election,

Shahrir puts gloves on to face opposition heavyweights

Shahrir was quoted as saying;


“Initially, I predicted the GE14 to be plain sailing. But then I hear these things about people coming to Johor including Khalid Abd Samad (Shah Alam MP), so I thought, since everyone is interested in Johor, I too want to be in the game and face them in any situation.”

Plain sailing?


Okay, whatever.

I wrote this in August when Shahrir first made it known that he may defend his seat;


I wish they could just be frank about it and said - there's no one else to replace Shahrir to contest the JB seat because Shahrir never trained anyone to replace him there.

Instead, Shahrir said he's going to discuss about it and such. What to discuss lah? It's a done deal. Don't be malu kuching and pretend, can or not?

Also, next time don't be gatal and say don't want to contest anymore while in actual fact you knew that there's no one else to replace you because you designed it that way.

And yes, I thought it would be exciting if Dr Mahathir will be the one to contest against Shahrir.

It's logical as the handsome old man said he wanted to kill off Umno and what better way than doing it by wresting JB ,which is the Umno's birth place, from Shahrir who made his political career by criticising him all these years.

Definitely not in Langkawi or Putrajaya, right?

After all, Pakatan Harapan had made it known that they are making Johor their front line state in the coming election.

I think they feel that even if they can't win the next general election, it would be good enough if they can capture Johor, which is the third richest state after Selangor and Penang which were already in their hands and not likely to revert back to BN.

Whatever it is, Shahrir has now put himself in the spotlight by challenging Pakatan to throw a heavyweight candidate to go against him.

With that bravado, I think JB will be the focus in Johor this coming general election, the same way Gelang Patah was in 2013.

At that time Lim Kit Siang went to the Chinese-majority constituency fully confident of thrashing any MCA candidate put up against him.

It was Chinese tsunami time.

He was instead met by then Menteri Besar TS Abdul Ghani Othman, the first ever Umno leader to contest in a Chinese majority area.

Ghani, who initially wanted to retire after leading Johor BN for the last time into that general election, was asked by  DS Najib Razak to do so.

The PM had been advised by his better advisers that Kit Siang needed to be contained in Gelang Patah and the only way of doing that was by placing Ghani there.

The strategy worked. Despite losing there, Ghani managed to force Kit Siang to focus his campaigning in Gelang Patah instead of roaming around and doing more damage in other parts of Johor and elsewhere.

This time, it's Shahrir's turn, I think.

But unlike Ghani, he is the one now challenging the Pakatan people to put a heavyweight candidate against him.

And also unlike Ghani, who had to contest in the Chinese majority Gelang Patah instead of his stronghold in Ledang, Shahrir is waiting for his challenger in JB where he still has over 10,000 majority and had won in donkey's number of elections.

So by right, Shahrir shouldn't be too worried about losing his seat. Plain sailing....those are his words.

Well, good luck to him then.

I still hope it will be Dr Mahathir against him in JB.

Maybe Shahrir can do a Ghani by containing Dr Mahathir there.

And winning too.

Then Shahrir can be the hero some of my friends thought he is.

Still, if his opponent is really going to be Dr Mahathir.... hmmmm.....okay,I'm waiting for him to say it in his own words that he is challenging Dr Mahathir to go against him in JB.

That would really make my day.

By the way, I did once write that Kit Siang should contest against Shahrir.

I wrote this just two months before the last general election in 2013;

Ahhhh....those days.


  1. I hope it wil be brudder lwn brudder ie Sharir vs Khalid It will be one heck of a fight. Who will win? Annie pls look into yr crystal ball.

    1. If it's against his brother, I'm certain Shahrir will win. Thank you.

  2. JB is like one of the seats in a dozen and half of all Johor parliamentary seats. I'd rather PH lose JB but win the whole state of Johor but win JB but lose the state. Pakatan should focus on the bigger picture. Do not sweat too much on JB. The focus is to win Johor. Not mere JB.

  3. Ten Thousands MAJORITY, itu dulu in PRU13.
    Now, with the Freehold forest city and Garden City,
    I don't know whether voters in all the KAMPONGS in
    Jb are still thinking to vote Shahrir.
    Most of us are awake from the deep slumber, Annie.
    What has Shahrer done for us all these years....???

  4. Shahrir sudah low market price, umno ketandusan calon to replace, so recycle..surat khabar lama.

    Calon terkini yang lebih sesuai, pernah makan dedak vs tolak dedak 5j

    Tiada harapan langsung shahrir boleh menang malah membantu momentum PH tawan Johor.

    1. Annie. I agree with Kluangman. S versus S. Emerging David versus tired Goliath. A well known precedent not too long ago. A little lady versus an established matron.

      There's hope for sure. Inshaa Allah.

    2. Shajril n Mahathir siapa lebih tua ????

  5. It is unthinkable for Johor to fall to Pakatan.Similarly it is unthinkable for Kelantan to fall to UMNO/BN.
    The dynamics of the politics have changed so much since GE13 but I will bet that BN will do much better than in GE13.
    In PH only DAP looks stable enough.PKR is now divided between pro Rafizi faction and Pro Azmin faction.Amanah is a non starter from the very beginning.PBBM is facing infightings among its leaders.
    BN including Shahrir will win with bigger margin

    Prof Kangkung

  6. Well my prediction if you put a pig against any umno BN candidate, people will choose the pig..

    1. you need to put a human being to contest in an election.

      only pigs like you will choose a fellow pig.

  7. KD..
    Duduk diam diblog anda
    Jangan buat lawak bodoh la..
    Sad dick bolih menang di JB..LOL
    Setahun jagong dah pandai menipu..
    Tunggu Habibul Rahman,Kak Midah dan Aini saman...baru tahu.langit tu tinggi
    Dah jadi macam budak sekor tu ...nama pun lupa sebab dia pun dah hilang dlm.peta Opo..sapa eh..asyik berdemo,belajar kat u pun tak habis..ada PKR tolong...

    1. Ye ke bohong?

      30 juta rakyat Malaysia sedang menunggu dengan penuh sabar Habibur Rahman, Anina dan Datuk Hamidah untuk saman Saddiq pasal buat cerita palsu terhadap mereka.

      Kalau mereka ni tak saman-saman jugak kau tu sebenarnya yang bodoh!!..Berlagak pandai. Acah-acah baik...

    2. Anon 2232
      Sad dick.haha

      Prof kangkung

  8. RM1 million Receiver versus RM5 million Rejector. Ingredient for very interesting contest, indeed.

    1. Ya man very true

      Tapi budak ni kena seasoned sikit dulu. Sekarang belum seasoned lagi. Akal budak budak dia jenggel.

      Nonetheless and without a doubt he would be appealing to young voters compared to this old dinosaur.

      We all want new politics, don't we ?

      Now dia claim tolak biasiswa..
      Dan tolak 5M...
      I cannot help thinking that he may think he is worth a lot more but...maybe not

  9. Annie,

    No doubt about you.

    You've done it again!

    Another prediction has come about.

    And to think that, once upon a time, I was told that you were banished in exile to Johor, never ever allowed to discuss UMNO politics :)

    Now, as to who is going to go up against Shahrir Samad, I would not be surprised if another of your prediction come true - Mahatir himself.

    Mahatir is running hot at the moment and being the supreme politician himself, I am sure he is calculating his chances.

    A 10,000 vote majority, though, is a tall order for anybody to take on, even someone of the stature of Mahatir.

    But it could be exactly the type of challenge Mahatir will take on.

    As for Lim Kit Siang going to JB, I doubt it.

    It the Cina-Melayu thing, OK?

    Might as well ask Najib to go stand in Seputeh.


  10. Annie,

    JB is PKR seat.

    So, Khalid and Tun M is not in the equation.

    Tun M, has, what 40 years of experience? He is not going to focus on JB, he will definitely focus on the big picture.

    It is unlikely that this two will be facing shahrir.

    1. Well, if I'm Dr Mahathir, defeating Umno at its birth place is part of the big picture. JB is PKR seat - I think that's the small picture. Thank you.

    2. Annie,

      Defeating JB is just symbolic.

      In reality, JB is just one of the 222 parliamentary seat.

      In PRU13, all but Kangar and JB of the states capital fall to Pakatan.

      However, JB is an urban area, Pakatan do not need to field Tun M to fight Shahrir. They can sent their gladiator to fight Shahrir and they got plenty.

      Meanwhile, Tun M will lead the cavalry nation wide.

      That is my prediction.

      It is highly unlikely that Tun M will fight in JB.

      The challange for Pakatan is not places like JB but at non urban areas, the kampong and so forth.

  11. Anonymous @ 4 October 2017 at 10:11,

    //Defeating JB is just symbolic//

    Symbolism mean everything to some people.

    Big House, big car, trophy wife, nice clothes, nice shoes, etc are all symbols.

    //In PRU13, all but Kangar and JB of the states capital fall to Pakatan.//

    All the more reason for JB to be an important symbol, ain't it?

    //They can sent their gladiator to fight Shahrir and they got plenty.//

    Not THIS Gladiator - I am no scumbag wannabe politician :)

    If not for the fact that I consider UMNO to be doing a lousy job, I would be pissing all over Pakatan now.

    But, don't worry, Pakatan's turn will come when they win Putrajaya :)

    Everybody gets a turn, OK?

    //The challange for Pakatan is not places like JB but at non urban areas, the kampong and so forth.//

    And THAT could be the strongest reason why Mahatir may not contest in JB.

    But the name Mahatir alone could carry enough weight in JB for him to go and campaign elsewhere. He is no ordinary politician, OK?

    I am pretty sure Maahtir can find a lot of kaki to run around for him in JB while he is elsewhere.

    Lim Kit Siang contested Gelang Patah but he was still campaigning elsewhere in GE13, eg at my kampung.


  12. No matter in GE14 who contest who, people wont vote BN alright!!! Cause GE13 BN manifesto vision 2020 was NOT achieved (in fact derailed by MO1 & its bloody Bastard Nasional)...
    Annie, please write more responsibly & righteously on how BN deceived & failed the people of this nation OK...

    1. Dear Anon 1452,

      I fully agree with your take.It is not about personalities.It is about correcting the wrongs and improving the weaknesses.

      BN has outlived its usefulness.They have accelerated their demise.They have done nothing good for the rakyaat since the retirement of TDM.

      Let's recall an instance that resonated with everyone concerned.During TDM's time, all Malaysians will eagerly look forward to Budget Day.He would announce various reductions,eliminations,incentives,cuts,
      allowances, emoluments and other feel good factors.These windfalls would leave most of us happy and proud.Even the little red dot folks used to be envious of our annual showering.
      Not only that,his budget would also create numerous job opportunities,job creation,business incentives,
      new employment entities as well as magnetise and attract foreign investors.
      These visionary goodies made BN a favourite time and time again with most of us,save a few die hard opposition enclaves.

      Now, what have we got for the past 8 years or so ? Sekarang most of us shudder in silence as Budget day approaches...heartbeat increases, pulse rate is unreadable and red faces abound. Everyone is worried what would be withdrawn, what would be cut, what would be increased, what would be imposed and what would be taken away.Of course some leeway is given if it is election year otherwise we are sodomised year in year out.Never did they make a concerted effort to keep prices at tolerable levels.They even find some easy way out to blame the so called middlemen for the havoc caused by the poorly planned and generally unwanted GST !

      But opposition held states Selangor and Penang never seem to blame anyone.Generous bonus is given away to the civil servants, various incentives like free bus rides, free books,free water,partial funeral expenses,one off payments for senior citizens, festive windfalls, creation of numerous job opportunities and many other goodies are given to their poor and middle income citizenry whenever and wherever necessary.
      It boils down to good governance and handling the purse strings well.
      What Azmin and LGE currently doing is not to gain personal popularity but to keep the promises and endeavour to help their population live a decent and dignified life.

      So again,I agree with you that the forthcoming elections is not about personalities but which between the two (PH & BN) is a better darling.

      As a citizen who has lived since Tunku Abdul Rahman's premiership,I have never experienced a government as rotten as the present one.They are overheating and must be shown the door.

      Time to find relief via Coolin' I by Rockamovya.

      Rasta Rules

  13. To Gladiator,

    I think what anon said earlier is gladiator like Russel Crowe, that kind of material.

    Some called themselves Pahlawan, Pendekar, Bentara and anak jantan to fight for the glory of "Dedak". That kind is a waste of time.

    Pakatan won nearly all the capital of Malaysia. I do not think adding JB in the list would mean anything.

    Let say that Mahathir won JB, Shahrir lost.

    One significant would that be?

    UMNO political muscle no longer reside in JB. Even Hishamuddin is not figthing for JB. It would be foolish for him to do so.

  14. Pakatan do not need a heavyweight figure to challenge Sharir. The man has inflicted harm upon himself that a popular figure would suffice to unseat him. Someone like Siti Norhaliza is one
    tantalising option, no?

  15. Gladiator,

    "If not for the fact that I consider UMNO to be doing a lousy job, I would be pissing all over Pakatan now."

    You should piss all over Pakatan, nothing should stop you.

    Contrary to popular belief, UMNO is doing a great job.

    We had steady growth, our currency is getting stronger by the day, people are happy, jobs are plenty, corruption is going down, our education system is the best in the world, heck, what else could go wrong.

    Najib is doing wonderful job. Our economy is so good that we even what to make economy of America stronger. Make America great again, they say.

    Look at Selangor and Penang, UMNO and Gerakan did a much-much better job earlier......

    So, yea, you should continue piss at Pakatan....

    1. HAHAHA........How sarcastic can U be Anon 23.38.....?????
      I tot, U glorify UmnoBN.
      Rupa-rupanya U nak piss off PAKATAN!!!!
      Horray!! ...HORRAY....THE DAY WILL COME.
      There is light at the end of the tunnel after all.
      Me tot, it is just darkness, due to dedak covering
      the sky. Rupa-rupanya masih ada chaya di horizon.
      Semoga Allah melindungi kita.

  16. Anonymous @ 4 October 2017 at 23:38,

    //You should piss all over Pakatan//

    Like I said earlier, patience, little one, patience, everybody gets their turn.

    I have but one dick and Pakatan is not yet in Putrajaya :)

    And yes, I do happily admit that Pakatan is doing a sterling job in Selangor and Penang.


  17. Latest news.

    Dr M said he might contest in Putrajaya!


    How do I change my voting location to Putrajaya?