Tuesday 17 October 2017

Please stop the Johor jokes

A friend told me that there seemed to be quite a lot of Johor jokes going around in cyberspace these past few days.

I'm not much into the social media, so I didn't know about it.

My friend said some people from other states are starting to jokingly call Johor a "negara jiran" (neighbouring country).

Others posted pictures of them at KLIA international departure hall saying that they were on their way to Johor.

There were also those who joked that they were preparing to go to Johor and making sure their passports were all okay.

My friend said that it all started with that ridiculous Muslim-only laundry nonsense in Muar.

I don't know how that stupid issue could become such a big deal and led to all the Johor jokes.

Honestly, I'm a bit distressed when my friend told me about it.

Come on la, Johor will always be part of Malaysia, okay.

Please stop all these nonsense about my home state breaking away from the federation, even if it's just for laugh.

Well, I'm a Johorean but I don't even subscribe to the Bangsa Johor thing.

You can read about it at this previous post of mine;

I think there are more Johoreans like me than those who are over parochial.

So, please stop making it as if you all want to kick out Johor out of Malaysia.

I know, some of you all non-Johoreans were probably annoyed by all those Bangsa Johor things being said to be so special.

There were even talks about the setting up of Bangsa Johor schools.

Please la, don't pay those any attention.

Most of us Johoreans are not into such things.

I believe Johor will regress to be a real third world autocratic country if it is to go on its own.

Or it will just be a pawn of a foreign power.

That's why I'm so against any suggestion, even jokingly, for Johor to be separated from Malaysia.

It's stupid anyway.

To the authorities, I hope you all will go after those who preach separatism, not only in relation to Johor but also other states.

Such people are traitors to Malaysia and should be dealt with accordingly.

Okay, that shouldn't include those who just joked about it. Yes, they are annoying but they are just jokers.

I'm talking about the real separatists here.

Anyway, talking about what supposed to be Bangsa Johor schools, it reminded me of this video;

I think it's amazing how they educate their young in Japan.

They don't even have cleaners and gardeners in schools over there as the students are trained to do the cleaning and gardening themselves.

And they don't even call their schools Bangsa Jepun schools.

They are just schools with no labels.

It's the substance and not labels that matter, I believe.

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  1. Annie,

    Both my parents are Johoreans, but I was born in Perak. They returned to Johore when my father retired. So, do I call myself a Johorean? My IC shows "08", code for Perak. Or should I call myself a KLite since I've been staying in KL close to 30 years, longer than my stay in Perak when I was growing up. I go back to Johore intermittently to visit my ageing parents. All my kids were born in KL.

    I am no fan of the royals, anyway.

    1. yup im no fan of the royals too. regardless of any issues.

    2. Good comment. Made a lot of sense.

  2. There should be more loving and less fighting.

    Happy Deepavali

  3. "I believe Johor will regress to be a real third world autocratic country if it is to go on its own."

    What, "third world autocratic country" - you mean like Malaysia currently : )

    "My friend said that it all started with that ridiculous Muslim-only laundry nonsense in Muar."

    Not at all.

    DYMM Sultan Johor & TMJ have been very steadfast in drawing the line on the Najis al-Songlap regime and extremism. They have been doing so for years already.

    Actually Johor would be VERY successful on its own.

    If Singapore did not regress or become a pawn (BTW, China owns the pinklips crooked backside due to 1MDB bailout via ERCL), then why not Johor with the wise leadership of the Sultan?

    Less racism, less corruption, more harmony.


    No problem at all.

    Develop links with Singapore and make JB a regional centre of excellence.

    An independent Johor would thrive.

    Safe from the hooves of the hippo thief.

    1. Speaking of 'real third world autocratic country'......the MAS ceo bellow is leaving suddenly.....because Jibbi went to jual bontot to trump by saying he ordering BOEING when all along the plan to buy AIRBUS......of course la this mat salleh pissed off......with 3rd world corruption mentality.......

    2. Khazanah Nasional Bhd, as the sole shareholder of Malaysia Airlines Bhd (MAB), should take the blame for the sudden exit of its chief executive officer Peter Bellew, sources said.

      Bellew is the second MAB CEO to prematurely quit after running the airline for a short time. His predecessor, Christoph Mueller, resigned less than a year into his three-year contract.

      A source told New Straits Times that the reason for both Bellew and Mueller leaving was apparently due to alleged interference by Khazanah in the running of the national carrier.

      “Khazanah, in actual fact, was micro-managing Malaysia Airlines. There were cases where Khazanah bypassed the MAB board,” the source said.

      Mueller’s sudden exit in April last year, which shocked the aviation industry, was apparently due to irreconcilable differences between Khazanah and the German aviation turnaround expert, the source added.

      Here's the thing:

      The two konco of Jibby al-Songlap - Serigatal and Halfbubur - both crooked Indians - are planted in MAS board.

      Where Serigatal goes, money will disappear.

      Bellew is a smart man.

      He got out just in time.

    3. Bypassing the board is a norm in Malaysian GLCs. The board there is just a dummy. Someone else who make a decision for them. Most of the time, the board don’t know what’s going on.

      They only learn what’s going on when all of a sudden there’s no luch buffet after board meeting because the company running out of money!..

    4. Quite predictable......

      They will put some local crony in as CEO.

      Then the good old days of useless Umno cronyputras in MAS will be back.

      The big problem now, to kiss Trump's ass Pokjib has committed to Boeing a huge deal that MAS cannot honour.

      So.....where to steal the money from?

      Khazanah lah.

      Note that Felda hotels money was parked in BVI, not London.

      Pokjib's henchmen like Isa Samad, Annuar MARA and Ismail Sabun are almost as corrupt as he is.

  4. I consider myself as a Johorian even though I have not lived in Johor since 1981.
    Yes,we Johorians are very proud people.However, the Bangsa Johor concept is something new to me.When I was growing up in Johor in the '70s we never called ourselves as Bangsa Johor.We are Malays,Chinese,Indians etc.

    Prof Kangkung

    1. Prof Kantoi,

      I consider you a Cinabang cybertrooper using a fake identity.

      No doubt you are trying to follow in Jho Low's fat footsteps, but you have failed to be worth even your daily dedak fee.

      Time to have some pork noodles and watch pilate DVD.

      Prof Sawi

    2. i prefer being Malaysian rather than "state-base-ian". Seganlah nak sebut anak mana2 negeri :-)


    3. prof sawi,

      don't blame this MCA cybertrooper lah.

      even RPK is prostituting his own daughter as a 'youtube spokesman' for BN.

      bad idea, she is fat, ugly and has a horrible grating voice.

      yet somebody in PMO is paying her pimp (daddy) for this "extra service".

      PMO are real stupid.

    4. Prof Kangkong,

      It's true, those days in 1970's or 1980's. I never heard of Bangsa Johor in JB.

      However, Racism is not like these times.

      Those times, there was no muslim shop only launderette. Malay folks goes to Chinese coffee shop.

      I am a Malay.

      I remember when I was 6 years old, I follow my great grandfather to Hua Mui coffee shop in JB town. It is a chinese coffee shop.

      I remember he stirred the coffee in the cup. I look up and there was the white fan on the ceiling.

      Those days, Taliban were non-existence in JB saying this and that haram.

      Now, Johorean still goes to Hua Mui in JB town. There is plenty of Malays folks goes there eating as well..

      Now, when I go there, the fan on the ceiling is painted chocolate.

      There is no need for Bangsa Johor then, I think it is good to have.

    5. Anon 951
      It was good old days.come to think about it we are currently divided not along racial lines but more on political lines.Lets take an example of Tian Chua and Rafizi.They don't quarrel because they are in the same party.
      Similarly my Chinese friends from MCA and Gerakan are my buddies but others who support the other side are my enemies,politically speaking.
      Even though I am a Malay I view my Malay brothers from PKR and Pas are my enemies.Of course when we are in the mosque we are brothers.

      So in conclusion we are divided not on racial line but more on political and to a certain extent along class lines.
      Prof Kangkung

    6. "Similarly my Chinese friends from MCA and Gerakan are my buddies"

      Pros Kantoi,

      They are not your "buddies", they are your paymasters.

      And you are as Melayu as Peter Bellew, the omputih who ran away from your pink-lipped overlord's corruption.

      Be a good coolie, Kantoi.

      Prof Sawi

    7. Prof Kangkung 18:29
      of course, how could there be kangkung melayu, kangkung cina or kangkung india. Kangkungs are all kangkungs of the same type.

    8. waukahkahkah..

      pros kantoi nak berlagak..
      Identity exposed...
      u betul MCB laaaa...

      MCB...? mai ci ....(Mandarin vulgarity I picked up in school with my Chinese Malay Indian frenzzz ... good old days..

  5. Annie,

    If the jokes are related to the Sultan of Johor's edict on that Muslim-only launderette, then we know the sentiments of those who are making those jokes.

    Simply put, those people feel that Malaysia should be clearly divided into Muslims and non-Muslims.

    Therefore, it is NOT the Sultan of Johor who is the separatist but those who are making those jokes who are the separatists.

    It only shows that the Sultan of Johor is right - JAKIM has created a Malaysia which is now headed towards religious apartheid.

    I have no doubt that there will be readers here who feel that Malaysia should be divided into a Muslim Malaysia and a non-Muslim Malaysia.

    Parti Anak Syaitan will be rubbing its hands in glee, knowing that they have plenty of support for their hudud Bill.

    Will we continue on this path towards religious apartheid?

    I dunno.


    1. "It only shows that the Sultan of Johor is right - JAKIM has created a Malaysia which is now headed towards religious apartheid."

      Yes I agree.

      The Sultans of both Johor and Selangor are right in this issue.

      Funny, why no "Selangor jokes"?

      Because the Sultan is right.



    2. Just google ' church and state in medieval Europe '
      During 15th century Europe, the clergy grew in strength and power
      Both King and Pope was jostling for power
      History repeating itself?


    3. Its about football la.. very little to do with the dobi.


  6. Annie,

    I think conceptual wise, Bangsa Malaysia is better than 1Malaysia.

    1Malaysia means that in this world of ours, there is one country which is Malaysia. You cannot find a country name Malaysia in Africa, middle east, the Scandanavia etc.

    Same thing as Thailand, there is only one Thailand. There is not Thailand in Africa or in North America.

    Bangsa Malaysia is better. Bangsa Malaysia means that all the races lives in harmony respect each other. Muslim or Non-Muslim. So it is definitely much better.

    I am a Muslim and I support that concept. We should support and respect each other.

    I am no fan of the Taliban.

    One good thing about Johorean is that, shallow minded Islamic approach and thinking never make in roads to us Johorean. Taliban or PAS never been popular in Johor.

    If they want to make jokes about Johor, or Bangsa Johor, who cares.

    I would rather they make jokes about Bangsa Johor, than those arrogant Talibans running around in my home state.

    If they want to make a passport to Johor. Go ahead, make my day.

    1. Annie,


      //I think conceptual wise, Bangsa Malaysia is better than 1Malaysia.//

      Bangsa Johor is better than 1Malaysia not Bangsa Malaysia.

      Come to think about it, Bangsa Malaysia (from Wawasan 2020) is also better than 1Malaysia.

      I think conceptual wise, Bangsa Malaysia is better than 1Malaysia.

    2. in america there is no american ethnic. but all of them proud to claim tht they are americans.

      we should all be proud malaysian, theres no need for bangsa malaysia. lets be proud tht we are multi racial.

      i dont think wht u r suggesting is not necessary.

  7. Malaysians in general should be grateful that there’s federation of Malaysia. That includes Sabah and Sarawak. Without the federation, the majority of people would remain poor. The would be no upward mobility. If you’re born poor, you will remain poor for the rest of your life. There would be no middle class. There would be a huge divide between the rich and the poor.

    Without the federation, wealth is concentrated in the hands of ruling elite in each state. It won’t trickle down to the masses. It will not be evenly distributed. If there’s wealth created in the state, it would remain in the hands of selected few. The distribution of wealth is heavily skewed towards them leaving the rest of the people living in destitude. The rakyat jostle among themselves for crumbs while the ruling elite enjoy the lion shares.

    The wealth and opportunity are not there for them to improve their life. That’s why in the old days, only the selected few got the opportunity to go to school and study abroad. The rest, if you’re nobody, you will remain a nobody no matter how smart you are. If you are born rich you are rich forever, if you are born poor, you are poor forever.

    Through federation, policies can be formulated at the central level so that there’s something for everyone living under the Malaysian sky. If wealth are found and created, it will be evenly distributed throughout. There’s an opportunity for everyone to get fabulously rich and wealthy regardless of their background. They will no longer condemned to the life of destitude if they are coming from a humble background.

    Under the federation, there will be ample opportunity for people who want to improve their lives. To those who are willing to work hard. Those who do exceptionally well at school would be handsomely rewarded via scholarships, study assistance and places at top univesities. Getting a well paid job after graduating.

    The standard of living of the people then would improved and pave the way to the creation of middle class society which become the backbone of a country with highly developed economy. In modern day Malaysia, it is not your fault if you’re born poor but it is absolutely f**king your fault if you die poor!..

    1. Yes its absolutely, true, Sabah and Sarawak included.

      See what happened to Singapore....

      When Singapore left the federation, their economy plummeted very badly.

      Now Singapore money is more than three times lower than ours.

      Thousand of desperate Singaporean have to cross over to Johor Bahru for jobs.

      Sometimes, things are so bad in Singapore that they have to go buy food in JB, with their Mercedes Benz and BMW.

      Even Singapore Airline is not able to compete with our MAS.

      What else......Their education is so far behind from ours.

      If anyone do not believe, can go to Singapore. Now is holiday.

      Things are so bad in Singapore, there so many people are poor.

    2. Singapore is already rich city-state before joining the federation. Please compare apple to apple.

    3. I dont know wether you are joking or really believe in what you wrote .If you really believe in what you wrote,you are living in lala land but if you are joking its a good one.

  8. I read your posting 2 times. How does it relate to the title blog?

    1. It relates. A lot. You’re just too lazy to use your brain to think ; )

    2. I think you just copied and pasted the post from some place else.

    3. Nope. I took my time to write it. Reread it over and over, paragraph it properly before posted here. It’s a holiday. I have a lot of time to kill. After all, I’m in academic world. It is a unforgiveable crime to plagiarize ; )

  9. Fadzireen,

    //Both King and Pope was jostling for power
    History repeating itself?//

    Hm, now that you put it like that, there are similarities, aren't there?

    But this is Malaysia.

    There is a good chance that JAKIM can win this battle.

    JAKIM only needs to tell the sultans that their positions as Heads of Islam in their respective states are beyond question, and that JAKIM will always defend the privileged status of the sultans.

    You will note that JAKIM has really already won the war - they have created the right conditions for themselves to hold indisputable power as far as Islam is concerned.

    This small matter with the Sultan of Johor and the Sultan of Selangor is merely a skirmish which will be quickly resolved by JAKIM and the sultans will be made to be happy again.

    You see, JAKIM holds the trump card here - Islam.

    You will note that JAKIM does not need to influence the sultans - instead JAKIM will influence the advisers to the sultans and the advisers to the advisers, and the advisers to the advisers to the advisers etc,

    Once it is all kaw tim,, it will be back to business as usual for JAKIM.

    There is no way any of the sultans can hold off JAKIM for very long - just you watch.

    OK, maybe Johor might take a bit longer because I suspect that TMJ holds exactly the same views as his dad but JAKIM is a very patient organisation, if you know what I mean.

    If I had to put money on it, I would bet on JAKIM :)


  10. Anonymous @ 18 October 2017 at 11:07,

    //There would be a huge divide between the rich and the poor.//

    Yes, there is a middle class now but do you know that there is a huge divide between the middle class and the ruling elite?

    I recall reading somewhere that wealth in Malaysia is concentrated in about 5% of the ruling elite.

    The middle class are just that - middle class.

    Yes, the middle class is doing well but they are not as well off as they think they are :)

    I will try and find the article and link it here.

    Do you also know that there is a huge divide between the middle-class and the poor?

    Have you ever heard the term "Bottom 40"?

    There are many in my kampung who are at the bottom of the "Bottom 40".

    Our stats are all nonsensical.

    I think it provides for a per capita income of about USD$12500.

    I know of MANY people who do not make USD$12,500 per annum - so who has their share of the money?

    //If wealth are found and created, it will be evenly distributed throughout.//

    I just love the idealistic view you are providing.


    //Those who do exceptionally well at school would be handsomely rewarded via scholarships, study assistance and places at top univesities//

    OK, now I know you are just kidding :)

    *Phew* Fro a moment there I thought you were being serious :)

    //In modern day Malaysia, it is not your fault if you’re born poor but it is absolutely f**king your fault if you die poor!//

    This sounds like something from one of those motivational talks from some multi-level marketing scam ... ooopppsss... sorry, I meant .. scheme.

    Don't forget to remind us of how Syed Mokhtar Albukhary came from nothing.

    Or even Robert Kuok.

    Whatever you do, don't mention that folks like them are as rare as rocking-horse shit!! :)


    1. At least there’s a sizeable number of middles class created for the past 30 years or so. Whatever the problem happening as you mentioned not because of the past policies or programmes but due too poor leadership at the central government. They are terribly weak and can easily be taken advantage of by the state.

      Those guys, they are more interested to get-rich-quick themselves by stripping and sacking the country’s wealth bare. Then hoarding them in offshores accounts. They’re least interested to create a more just society to live in. When everything is on auto-pilot mode, things revert back to as what they were before.

  11. I always believe that humour brings people closer together

    if people can laugh together at their racist or religious jokes it'll show maturity and mutual respect and sincerities

    why should we let sensitivity ruin our lives

    1. u r right. we malaysian are too sensitive. but understandably so. cause maybe because sometimes some people like to play with fire. but we all should wise up to the provocations.

      same things are being done in stand up comedy. they make jokes of things that are considered "sensitive"

      harith iskandar can do this.

  12. Unhappy johor dumnos (incl annie) can migrate to pekan or bagan dato muakakaka

  13. Anonymous @ 18 October 2017 at 14:59,

    //if people can laugh together at their racist or religious jokes it'll show maturity and mutual respect and sincerities//

    JAKIM, the Islamic State and the Taliban don't really give a shit about your maturity, your mutual respect or your sincerity.

    You make jokes about them at your peril.

    If their legal system allows them to cut your balls off (assuming you are male, of cos) and stuff them in your mouth, rest assured they will.

    //why should we let sensitivity ruin our lives//

    Some people have a very narrow view of life.

    For example, the very fact that I mentioned "balls" in the above, have probably got some readers here uncomfortable - aurat and all that, you see.

    Hm, maybe I should have said testicles? Gonads? Googlies?

    Or whatever the medical term is?


  14. Anonymous @ 18 October 2017 at 18:10,

    //At least there’s a sizeable number of middles class created for the past 30 years or so.//

    So, what is middle class?

    Does a person who spends RM1500 a week on nothing significant considered middle class?

    How much does one have to make before they can say they are middle class?

    The middle class in Malaysia are simply nowhere near the top 20%, I think.

    I think the middle class in Malaysia just happen to be doing a bit better than the bottom 40% - not very much more.

    Some middle class, eh?


  15. An Indon immigrant insulting Dr M's Indian heritage - OK.

    Dr M pointing out Najis Tong Rosak's Bugis heritage - Not OK.

    Happy (?) Deepavali.......

  16. My daughter wished to study abroad. She got her wish. She's now in UTM Skudai. Ooopppss!!

  17. No problem with the term Bangsa Johorwhich is now synonymous with the Republic of Johor.