Sunday 15 October 2017

Pribumi not there yet

I was alerted of the less than successful "Love Malaysia, Eradicate Kleptocracy" rally in PJ yesterday by commentator Cik Minah

I say Annie, Himpunan Kleptokrasi di PJ pun Kosong!!!!
Blog-blog umno macam Hussien Lempoyang and Cucu Tok
Selampit, bukan main bertepok tangan!!!!!!
KAHKAHKAH..........memang patut Najib adakan PRU14
dengna segera. Sepatutnya bulan depan,

Thanks Cik Minah

I checked those Umno blogs and other sites and it's true that the rally was rather poorly attended.

Its attendance was definitely less than the 100,000 touted by the organisers.

It was reported that the organisers estimated that 25,000 people were there but police said there were just about 4,000.

The rally at 9pm

I think it's a case of poor planning and an overestimate of support.

If I'm not mistaken, the rally was mainly spearheaded by Pribumi.

The day's official colour was Pribumi's red.

It clearly shows the party's lack of experience.

Since it was held in PJ, they should have let DAP be the main organiser of that one.

Even PKR and Amanah would had done better.

It's something they should learn from.

A poor turn out such as at yesterday's event reflects badly on the opposition coalition.

It's actually better not to have a rally at all rather than having a poorly attended one like that.

I think even the theme of the rally was a bit off.

It's too elaborate, if you asked me.

I always believe that the 1MDB issue is not really a good sell as most Malaysians don't really understand it.

Those who said they understand it are also mostly saying so because they wanted to appear as if they understand it while in actual fact they don't.

The issue may add to the body of accusations against PM DS Najib Razak and his government, but it's not actually something they could use as the main selling point to the general Malaysian public.

Pakatan people, especially those with Pribumi seemed to think too highly of issues against Najib and BN that they highlighted, while in actual fact the people are more concerned about more basic things such as costs of living, education and health care. 

I noticed something about many Pribumi people - they think they are smarter and know better than others, especially their former Umno comrades.

I don't think they actually are.

I think this mistaken belief of theirs is the main problem of Pribumi, which led to blunders such as yesterday's poorly attended rally.

Now that it's clear that they don't have what it takes yet to organise such events, they should learn from their seniors in the opposition coalition.

That, or they better stick to what they were supposed to be good at - winning the rural Malay votes for Pakatan.

I know, Pakatan readers of this blog are likely unhappy with what I wrote here, but it's the reality of things for them.

This is my honest opinion of how things are at the moment.

If BN was said to be in bad shape, based on what happened yesterday, I think Pakatan is not doing so good either.


  1. They were talking about the Malay tsunami whereas nig names like Tun M failed miserably tp atttact the crowd.

    Prof Kangkung

    1. Pros Kangkang,

      If you type while high on the ketum you bought with your RM15 a day cybertrooper dedak, then you are bound "tp" make "nig" mistakes.

      However it may just be your sad lack of education rather than ketum.

      Or both.

      Prof Sawi

    2. You are absolutely right, Prof Kangkong. Yesterday's rally even with big shot Mahathir's attendance failed to be an attraction. It goes to show Mahathir is no more popular. OTH PAS' recent rally with TGH Hadi as the main attraction had managed to attract 200000 people. PH with 4 parties' rally was a big failure!

  2. Annie. Saya hadir. Dari jauh. This from says it well.

    "Tetapi, sebab paling utama mengapa kehadiran tidak begitu memberangsangkan ialah kerana rata-rata rakyat sudah ada pilihan untuk tidak mengundi BN dalam pilihanraya umum datang ini."

    Also intimation from the police about venue issue and heros setting up targets to kacau the assembly have effects on attendance. PH people are peaceful creatures. Tak suka gaduh-gaduh. Buat kerja. No provocation. Kena tangkap lagi susah. When the election is so near.

    Tukang gelak no problem. Gelak cemas tu.

  3. Pribumi? Except for Dr.Mahathir making his presence felt, the top leaders esp. the 2 former ex Umno men should wake up. There is a feeling as if they are in hibernation, sort of waiting to be crowned after GE14 or maybe waiting to rejoin their former gravy train?
    And there is that debater allegedly spearheading an online petition against Octoberfest or something of that sort,if that be the case, PH would be better off with PAS as a partner than Pribumi, at least with PAS is you get what you see, but Pribumi? With such a debater, who need enemies?
    Come GE14, my feeling is maybe, PH may self implode or at worst,DAP and PKR may be big losers. Come seat allocation time,I think Pribumi may want the lions share of seats, and will it be too far fetch to conclude they may want to have some safe seats presently held by DAP or PKR? Then how about Ammanah? And how about PKR? Are they the wild card? It seem they are not that enthusiastic on PH but on PR?
    Question is can Pribumi, PKR and Amanah able to take on Umno/Bn and possibly PAS as an BN ally?
    If PH hope to make inroads, their leadership should wake up from their hibernation i think.


    1. Asal pelik sangat komen ko?

      Tiba-tiba ada gap kat hujung sebelum ada tanda soal. Bazir ruang. Menyusahkan orang nak baca komen.

  4. Annie,

    The visibility of the surrounding buildings in the picture that you have posted did not conform to your claim that it was taken at 9 pm. Nevertheless, the visual effect of the picture did conform to your choice of negative words such as:

    "poor planning"

    "overestimate of support"

    "lack of experience"

    "poor turnout"

    "reflects badly"

    "theme of the rally was a bit off"

    "too elaborate"

    "not a good sell"; etc..

    Those negative words must be read together with your recently posted "pakatan's HAMMER" "Ong ATTACKING", those are very scary descriptions, together they are referred as 'propaganda'.

    Not sure how many of your readers would give a 'flying fuck' to those propaganda, except perhaps Prof Kangkung (and M Zin of Alor Gajah DPH, if he's still alive), but BN's "Islamisation of the Nation" approach as an attempt to win support was indeed dying due to 'poor planning' and 'over-estimation of support'.

    If I'm not mistaken, the ISLAMISATION thing was spearheaded by Hadi.

    The official war-cry was Hadi's 'RUU355'.

    It clearly shows the total lacking of coherence in UMNO's current leadership regime. Najib's flirting with Hadi for sure is causing irreparable rift amongst UMNO members.

    Like AMANAH and PAS, UMNO too will split into too.

    But the arrest of the tin-kosong AHLUS-SUNNAH WAL JAMAAH NGO President did reflect badly on UMNO's attempted justification to reunite with PAS based on the doctrine of 'Melayu Islam tergolong dalam Mazhab AHLUS-SUNNAH WAL JAMAAH'.

    Even the mentioning of AHLUS-SUNNAH WAL-JAMAAH now must be done carefully and with sufficient thought. This is something orang UMNO should learn from before sokong penuh presiden next time. PRU belum lagi menang, agama pula sudah digadai.

    However, there is this one thing that you said which is the UNIVERSAL TRUTH:

    "Those who said they understand it are also mostly saying so because they wanted to appear as if they understand it while in actual fact they don't."

    I believe those words were targeted by you at Najib's inner advisory circle, were they not? Or were they referring to those Melayu Islam who claimed that they are AHLUS SUNNAH WAL JAMAAH?

    1. PAS can scrape maybe 10 seats.

      East Malaysia has 57 seats.

      The Pink Lips Bugis and his corrupt pet ustaz are fooling nobody.

      After RU355 and Memali, what does PAS have to talk about?

      See how backward - morally & physically - Kelantan is and you will see the proof.

    2. What does PAS have to talk about?

      Or rather, what does Melayu Islam have to talk about concerning their religion?

      The 'Muslim-Only Launderette' issue is a small matter, yet it has now been taken to a new height by an ex judge, who claimed that there's no law to stop the shop owner to choose his customers, and suggested that perhaps that was for the purpose of increasing business.

      The use, or rather misuse of religion for personal gains was exactly the very evil that His Majesty Sultan had wanted to prevent, don't you see that, your honour?

      In the Al Quran, Surah Anbiya and surah al buruj taught the Muslims to menegakkan agama even if they were to be thrown into fire. There are so many orang alim amongst the Melayu, and the launderette issue is but a very simple matter, yet non came out to tell what exactly ALLAH AND HIS MESSENGER would have wanted them to do about it.

      The non Muslims will be benefitted if the Melayu can say for a certainty what is the position of their religion on this simple matter, yet a simple matter such as this the Melayu can be so lost? And they want to implement syariah laws?

      Zam zam alaka zam...

    3. Bersatu was trying to woo Pas too.So did PKR.unfortunately both were rejected.

      Prof kangkung

  5. like i said annie, we dont need any gatherings. lets see the votes results.

    what can i say if u claim that those who understand 1mbd prob dont really understand the issue.

    i think maybe u underestimate the rakyat a bit. maybe ur the arrogant one. if im not saying it the way u like it, then i must have been not well informed. in the end its either ur side or the other side. isnt that wht u r againts with ?

    whats so difficult about 1mbd case ? people are even making it an effort to make it easier with the diagrams and all. all the infos comes from investigative bodies and respected publications. except of course not from malaysia. but digg out sprm infos, u may see wht u dont like.

    people are also not illiterate. we know we cant get infos against the crooks so easily within the country well guess wht, its a world with informations without borders now.

    of course its related to the higher cost of living. and its even more than tht.

    in the end its either ur interpretation or others. but claiming that we dont understands it ?

    do u understands the problem with 1mbd annie ?

    how about u enlighten us all then ?

  6. Heh heh heh......

    "PAS yang mengusulakan undang-undang persendirian berkaitan usaha menaik taraf bidang kuasa Mahkamah Syariah mahu membawa rang undang-undang berkaitan ke Parlimen hanya selepas Pilihan Raya Umum ke-14 (PRU14).
    Ketua Dewan Ulama PAS, Datuk Dr Mahfodz Mohamed berkata, partinya perlu mengambil kira beberapa aspek dalam isu Rang Undang-undang Mahkamah Syariah (Bidang Kuasa Jenayah) (Pindaan) 2016 (RUU 355) memandangkan PRU14 juga semakin dekat.

    “Kalau boleh kita bentang mahu menang. Kita kena buat perkiraan, sekarang ini beberapa orang Umno bahkan penganut agama Islam lain tidak sokong, lebih baik kita tangguhkan dahulu."

    PAS o PAS.

    Lebai2 malang.

    Nothing to offer, and your Hardly Bawang blindly supporting MO1, just like a good Muslim should not.

    Heh heh heh......

    Kelakar betui you all, o lebai2 malang.

  7. Annie,

    If you want to compare with PAS Fastaqim gathering, those people, their cognitive thinking are different.

    They don't think but only to follow orders, Wala' , they say like sheeps.

    I do not think that we can conclude that the gathering is an absolute failure. They did their best.

    For Pakatan, they need to improvise better.

    Pakatan need to understand that, they are playing a game, where the opponent rule.

    It do not appear that their logo will ever be approved.

    If so, bring this matter to court and bring this matter to the people/rakyat during the campaign.

  8. saya tak berminat pun nak datang perhimpunan2 sebegini tapi kami sekeluarga akan tetap pangkah PH pru nanti..low profile...lagi nampak tak gah,lagi cepat chief klepto bubar parlimen...ada berani?


  9. Honestly annie did you ask people around you who they will vote in the upcoming election? I did and none will vote bn, most will vote harapan, some spoil vote and a lot of us - in my circle - voted bn before this. See that is intel kindergarten style for you.

  10. Haku...
    Lagi lebih kurang 10 bln lagi..
    Masih bolih tengok Komp PH bercakaran lagi..
    Harapkan U Tun nak kuatkan PH..malah kredibiliti di kalangan para urbanite yg kuat anti establishment pun dah pudar.Tidak masuk akal sebagai PM tak tahu 32 bil wang kjaan lesap tak kira la di atas urusan apa pun.Budak sekolah thn 6 pun tak percaya...
    Bagi rakyat luar bandar melihat U Tun berpelokkan dgn DAP..dah cukup dah..
    Akan masih banyak lagi cerita PH ini yg aneh akan keluar..Semalam mana pergi org kuatx PKR pada demo..
    Demo ni dulu ok kerana berikut
    DAP...incharge kewangan
    PKR...logistic dan tukang karut
    PAS...Pengdemo/batu api..
    Skrg ni PAS tak join...suamx kuku je la..apatah lagi penceramah asyik ulangtayang topik itu saja,tak ada pun beri cadangan memperbaiki keadaan..
    Kalau ada pun hanya berjanji nak beri bulan dan bintang,tapi beri perintah dulu...itu sebab Najib tak ambil pot pun,dia yerus tugas dia jadi PM..tiba masa sessuai dia bubarkan Parlimen...sabar aja la

    1. takpe kalau di dunia ni yg salah dapat kemenangan, kami telah cuba buat sebaik mungkin untuk meletakkan kembali Malaysia di landasan yg betul..kamu hebat dengan kemungkaran yg kamu berjaya elakkan dari didakwa, tengok la sampai bila, yg Kuasa masih beri kita peluang untuk tebus kesalahan..jangan sampai kita di-aibkan seteruk2 nanti olehNya..Dan satu lagi, di Selangor ni tak payah PH nak usaha kuat sangat, mmg selain BN yg akan kekal..sekarang PH perlu kerja keras utk golongan di luar bandar shj..TQ


    2. Itu yg dipanggil selective memories.Tun M chooses what he wants to remember and what he wants to forget.
      Prof Kangkung

    3. But najis is a compulsive liar

  11. Tajuk perhimpunan tak catchy la Annie. ‘Sayangi Malaysia, hapuskan kleptokrasi’. Ramai yang tak faham binatang ‘kleptokrasi’ tu. Lain kali buat tajuk gempak sikit contohnya ‘Himpunan rakyat menentang cukai GST’ atau ‘Harga barang naik, rakyat naik darah’. Baru semangat orang nak berhimpun.

    Ingat tak perhimpunan dulu-dulu. Masa harga minyak naik. Hapuskan ISA. Kan berpuluh-puluh ribu crowd dia masa tu. Ni pilih tajuk yang entah apa-apa. Terlalu akademik. Orang-orang kampung tak faham. Siapalah pilih tajuk yang syok sendiri macam tu. Tak faham sentimen dan denyut nadi rakyat.

    1. Bodoh sgt rakyat kita kalau now pn masih x faham kleptokrasi. Even org x berpendidikan pn boleh belajar satu perkataan.

      Kalau lah betul maksudnya rakyat malaysia x kisah tentang negara. Sbb org yg kisah mesti pernah dgr kleptokrasi. Kalau mcm tu mmg patut la kita semua dilanda musibah

  12. Itu gambar rally at 7pm la Annie masa some of the people there tengah solat Maghrib atas padang. Janganlah termakan dakyah sendiri cipta.

  13. Annie,

    Rally is just not a 'thing' for malaysians larr..
    Even at the height of reformasi movement, rally/demonstrations were held at weekends!!..
    You tengok the Pinoys, Thais or Indons..bila diorang ber'demonstrans' diorang buat time weekend saja ka??

    Rally/demonstration just not our thing since majority of us were blue collar peoples.
    Even Umno cannot gather their own f**king members (say 100k) without any 'trick or treats'.


  14. "Pakatan people, especially those with Pribumi seemed to think too highly of issues against Najib and BN that they highlighted, while in actual fact the people are more concerned about more basic things such as costs of living, education and health care."

    The confirmed songlap of Jibby / Hippo / Jho / Riza is well over 4.5 billion USD.

    Where does that money come from?

    When IPIC want to be repaid, where does that money come from? 

    From us.

    Hence, less to spend on education and health care, and cost of living goes up.

    (Not including Annuar Musa massive songlap from MARA, theft from FELDA etc etc - every Umno warlord is corrupt to the bone.)

    If Malaysians can't see that, then they are damn stupid.

    Give them 5 more years of Fat Greedy Hippo and the Bugis Jelly!

  15. Annie,

    //It was reported that the organisers estimated that 25,000 people were there but police said there were just about 4,000.//

    I didn't go - busy lah.

    But I did speak to some from my kampung who went, eg my cousin, a local DAP wannabe powerbroker, my regular "chauffeur" (OK, the pirate taxi guy).

    Apparently, several car loads (7 or 8?) from my kampung went - so maybe about 25-30 people(?).

    As I have previously gone for similar rallies with them in the past, I know that most of them would have paid for themselves.

    They don't really go for the rally, they just goto make up the numbers and as soon as the rally is over, the real business starts - they go find somewhere to makan.

    They sent me photos and gave me an estimate - about 20,000.

    And the photos I received did look like 20,000, so I don't know what time that photo above was taken.

    As many would say, without PAS, none of these rallies would draw the big crowds.

    I guess PAS people must like attending rallies while PPBM, DAP, Amanah, PKR people prefer staying home :)

    Again, I remind you that there are probably current UMNO and PAS people who are not showing their true colours yet.

    Insurance lah - if UMNO/PAS do well in GE14, they will say that they have always been good loyal UMNO and PAS members all along.

    //while in actual fact the people are more concerned about more basic things such as costs of living, education and health care//

    I think you are quite right there or as the om putih would say the "bread and butter" issues.

    Apparently, Tony Pua has simplified 1MDB considerably so it is getting some traction amongst rural folks.

    Having said that, I still don't think that rural folks can really grasp the full extent of 1MDB.

    I mean, they know it is big, but "big" could also mean a new car or a new house to someone, who is poorly educated and living a hand-to-mouth existence.

    Yes, a new car or a new house is big but in the scheme of things, it could probably also mean someone's hair-dressing bill for the year or the price of a couple of days of accommodation in some lovely European city.

    Well, who knows, maybe Pakatan is holding off on the "bread and butter" issues to avoid over-using them - there is only that much mileage one can get out of "bread and butter" issues.

    Bear in mind that like BN, Pakatan has also got good survey data of what concerns voters.

    //I know, Pakatan readers of this blog are likely unhappy with what I wrote here, but it's the reality of things for them//


    Well, having read your blog for a bit, I happen to know this is your writing style - straight up, no bullshit and as you see it.

    I think you are quite fair in your treatment of your subject matter, regardless of whether it is BN or Pakatan issues.

    Actually, I think you probably complain more about UMNO issues than Pakatan issues.

    But then you do it in a manner which reminds me of a nagging old grandmother who means well :)

    On that note, I think I'd better go hide somewhere for a while :)


  16. Annie,

    Why don’t you put up a poll “Which party will you vote in the next GE14? A) BN B) PH.

    Just to gauge the sentiments of your readers. I think you have an equal number of pro BN and pro PH amongst your readers.

    Would you dare to put up the poll?

    1. The last time I put up a poll it was hacked and I had to take it down. Thank you.

    2. Hai Annie,

      I promise I will not skew or alter your poll. So, please do feel free to conduct another one. How would know it was me? Well, your surges happened in the wee hours of the morning. They came in between 70-100 votes in couple of hours everyday.

      You ran your poll at the same time or maybe just after or before outsyedthebox’s if my memory serves me well. His was tampered as well and so were the polls of other bloggers.

      I just wanted to give a false sense of security to the present rulling village idiots by influencing the polls in their favour.

      I am up to my eyeballs with other projects, hence no time to alter polls. Feel free to indulge yourself to another poll.


  17. Himpunan kleptokrasi (Pakatan Harapan) : 8,000

    Fastaqim (Pas) : 200,000

    One thing is certain here Annie. The absent of, or rather lack of of grassroot machinery to work the ground and hit the ground running. Pakatan Harapan simply don’t have that kind of people; to rally support the needed to support their programmes.

    The ground swell wasn’t felt hard enough for the people to throw their support by turning up in massive numbers. Pas and BN have plenty of that stuff. Not only they dwarf PH in terms of numbers, their machineries too are very well-oiled and well organized.

    Pakatan people have a lot of hard work to do.

    1. Turning up in massive numbers and voting is different matter.

      Pakatan should forget about PAS because it is a lost cause. 200,000 attended Fastaqim but they will not win.

      Why should people turn out so much in Kleptocracy Rally? They don't have to. There are quite a significant people who are not Pakatan members but they will vote for Pakatan.

      What Pakatan needs to do is focus on what really matters.

      Focus on the Economy and offer something better. Manage the cost of living, better housing, healthcare, education.

      Reduction of corruption.

      People will vote for Pakatan.

      If the government do not allow new logo, then put all four logo in one flag.

      I think Pakatan will garner a sizable vote.

    2. BN will win GE14.

      Don't forget one thing as Pak Lah said - M'sia is a country with 1st World infrastructure and 3rd world mentality.

      There is no Muslim-majority country in the world that is not a failure - most are already doomed by war, extremism and poverty, the richer ones are doomed by corruption and the greed of their leaders.

      Malaysia once had a chance but under Jibby al-Songlap no more chance.

      The losers will be the Malays, taken for a ride yet again - and again.

  18. Anon 108
    You are probably a green horn in politics.
    If you remember before GE12 in 2008 whenever the opposition organized talks there were massive crowds all over Malaysia.
    The body language of the opposition supporters have changed a lot.From very optimistic to defeatists.
    On the other hand BN now controls almost everything.In cyber space and in real life the opposition are no longer so gung ho.
    Prof Kangkung

    1. Pros Kangkang,

      As you are a RM15 a day Pros, I would also not be so gung ho about your "BN control", as every time you type you make a complete fool of yourself.

      There is a saying about remaining silent or removing all doubt, but your tiny mind would not comprehend it.

      Prof Sawi

    2. "BN now controls almost everything, In Cyberspace and in real life."


      Says who, that botak RPK?

      Why he stays in UK, come back here.

      Still no proof about the RM1 billion donation Mahathir made to Lim Kit Siang.

      Prof Kangkong, Cyberspace and out of space are different thing.

      Cyberspace are blogs, facebooks, youtube, whatsapp and so forth.

      Out of Space are Planet Mars, the Sun, the moon, the galaxy and so forth.

      I think you are confuse

  19. Too many warlords amongst PH leaders.
    PKR and grassroots supporters..
    Previously all the dirty job even campaigning for votes.were done by PAS hardcore members esp in Sgor..
    If I am one of the Malay parties leade r in PH esp in Sgor I should be really worried come GE 14.The recent demo last Sat proved certain points in the absent of PAS members..
    It will be worst if PAS decides to be BN friendly..
    Political Observers predicted that DAP is also facing the decline of Chinese support.The Chinese are very practical in the voting trend.Their main concern is the economy situation of the country...with current upward and favourable situation now ,there is reason that DAP should ponder and worry.In additional to that the current situation of the Party itself is haywire.Creditbilities of some of thei leaders are tarnished involved with corruption cases.notto mention the outstanding CEC Election
    Lets us wait and see the situation of PH before Parliament dissolved esp the distribution of Pariament and DUN seats...

    1. Ha ha, you are very obviously the same Chinese BN-licking cybertrooper who also uses the name "Prof Kangkung".

      The spacing (no space after full stop), paragraphing and bad spelling are identical. Hence the 7.44 Kangkung and the 8:02 Cinabeng are the same person.

      However, I don't think Chinese take ketum - not sure what your tribe prefers?

      Maybe you just roll up the dedak in a cigarette paper and smoke it, right "Prof Kangkung" - or "Prof Kantoi" I should say?

      Prof Sawi

    2. Is the economy on the upward trend.?

      I think not, everyone even the BN supporters know that.

      Price of food and cost of living are on the rise while incomes are stagnant.

      People got to eat, wear clothes and housing.

      Currently the hospitals are not giving the best services, medicines are expensive, scholarships grants are much-much less now.

      The cost of business are now higher than before.

      The currency are not showing any sign that it is going back to time of Pak Lah.

      Economy on the rise? I think not.

  20. Annie. World over young and younger leaders emerging. Recent most is Austrian 31 y.o. Malaysia should be thinking along the same line. I am definitely not young. But I do not have any issue with young competent leader manager administrator.

  21. Anonymous @ 15 October 2017 at 23:05,

    //Fastaqim (Pas) : 200,000//

    Parti Anak Syaitan is good like that - organising and rallying the faithful.

    I think the term commonly used is "sheeple".

    Look at it this way.

    First, the Fastaqim was held on PAS's home ground, Kelantan.

    Second, the Fastaqim evoke a party atmosphere.

    Third, PAS supporters tend to do as they are told.

    In this case, bring your family and friends and have a good time

    So, bapak, mak, their 14 children and 32 grandchildren turn up.

    Just the grandchildren alone would beat the number of people from my kampung who went for the Himpunan Kleptokrasi in PJ, OK?

    Multiply that family by just 1,000 families and habis lah - that's the entire Himpunan Kleptokrasi plus a few more.

    Multiply that family by 10,000 and no need to talk lah - PAS wins hands down.

    Only UMNO can compete with PAS in drawing a crowd.

    But UMNO uses money.

    PAS uses credit in Paradise.


    Pay your own way and if you have time, turn up.

    And oh, if you turn up, you might get tear-gassed, beaten up and arrested, OK? But don't worry, that's all for free :)

    Now, which rally would an average person want to attend? :)


    1. “PAS uses credit in Paradise.”

      - PAS members especially men are more interested in 72 virgins waiting for them in paradise. 72 virgins who look 10 times more beautiful than Victoria Secret models are waiting for them in bed with no clothes on in heaven.

      There’s nothing that can drive their mind crazy other than that stuff. Even with a quota of 4 wives, it is still not enough.

    2. This story about 72 virgins is falsehood.

      It is more than 72 virgins.

      The virgins in heaven cannot be compared to Super Model or Miss Universe.

      Actually PAS members nowadays are not into virgins in heaven.

      Nowadays they are into Toyota Vellfire, and Audi A7. It has more horsepower than the human-ling on earth. It also has GPS navigation, android adapter, symmetrical all-wheel drive.

    3. Dear gladiator,
      Tear gas was during Tun M's era.Now he is on the other side no more tear gas
      Prof Kangkung

    4. Heaven? That reminds me of Peter Tosh.He sang...

      Everybody wants to go to heaven, but nobody wants to die!

      Rasta Rules.

  22. Anon 1554
    I agree with you 100%. The gathering was held in an urban area where the people are knowledgeable about the present corrupt gomen. Why the need to attend? The mind is already made's PH. Also it is the start of the long hols and not forgetting Deepavalli. PH needs to organise gatherings in the rural areas..the Malay heartland to actually gauge their standing.

  23. I was there from 8pm till about 10.00pm and here are some of the photos which I took, including from a distance to get in the whole field.

    You will have to click on the photos to enlarge and the crowd looks like it is between 20,000 and 30,000 thousand at this time, so the organiser's estimate of 25,000 is correct.

    However, despite that, Mat Sabu fells the turnout was low due to low youth interest.

    Despite some references to issues of economic concern to any vother by some speakers such as Mahathir, Guan Eng and Muhyiddin Yasin, however most of the rhetoric was heavy on 1MDB, allegations of kleptocracy by Najib and corruption in the BN government and the need to bring Najib down, whilst saying hardly anything about what the better policies the Pakatan had to address people's economic concerns such as rising cost of living, more affordable housing, employment, education, healthcare costs and so forth.

  24. Happy diwali to the 'correct correct corect' guy.where is he now?

    Prof Kangkung

    1. Wei Cinabeng, you dah kantoi sekali, nak cuba tipu lagi ke? "Prof Kangkung" ha ha ha, better get lessons on fake identity from your fellow Chinaman, Jho Low a.k.a "Eric Tan".

      Go back to your MCA & Gelakan boss and ask them for some char siu dedak.

      Good liddance.

      Prof Sawi

  25. the biggest mistake was to pronounce the turnout...juvenile grandstanding...what were they thinking

    but if the report about the turnout consisting mainly of chinese is correct, pribumi, hitherto an umno clone, can safely assume their acceptance and support

    a rally of 30k is nothing to laugh about considering there are numerous factors that can affect its turnout

  26. BN should conduct a himpunan MO1 to show its 'strength' & dare IGP to say its illegal too hahaha!!! And that jamal or jamban can promote DAP meh muakakaka!!!

  27. Rasta Rules,

    //Everybody wants to go to heaven, but nobody wants to die!//

    Aaaahhh, I think that explains why Parti Anak Syaitan is trying to create Hell on Earth.

    Then everybody will WANT to die to get to Heaven.


  28. Anonymous @ 16 October 2017 at 13:13,

    //PAS members especially men are more interested in 72 virgins waiting for them in paradise.//

    Personally, I find it amazing that there are ppl who can be conned into believing this.

    I am pretty sure t here is nothing in the Quran about this.


  29. Anonymous @ 16 October 2017 at 19:11,

    //Nowadays they are into Toyota
    Vellfire, and Audi A7.//


    Religion has always paid well.


  30. Anonymous @ 16 October 2017 at 20:01,

    //Now he is on the other side no more tear//

    Damn!! But are the beatings and water cannons are still free??


  31. Yes definitely the crowd is not at all pleasing to the eyes of the PH leaders, but then again air yang tenang jangan sangka tidak ada buaya.

  32. "UMNO is now in a sumbang mahram situation with PAS.  UMNO needs the PAS support as well. Since 'cash is king' they need to channel funds to the PAS retards at the grassroots. They need a channel of distribution.

    Religious programs are perfect - they will also require food catering for kursus agama, printing booklets, banners, sewa khemah, booking travel and hotel rooms.   Plenty money can be distributed this way.   

    Johore has the largest Muslim Malay population in Malaysia. 
    Parti Pribumi Bersatu is also gaining in popularity in Johor.   

    The Sultan's statement basically bans JAKIM from "operating" in Johor.
    This could seriously dent JAKIM's plans for that RM1 Billion that MO1 has given them.
    That is why Jamil Khir is trying to meet the Sultan.
    Much money is at stake.

    More importantly the Sultan's statements expose the fact that JAKIM has absolutely no authority. 
    JAKIM is part of the PM's Department.

    They have no enforcement power.  
    In Malaysia, agama is a State matter exclusively under the purview of the Sultans. 
    There is absolutely no such thing as a "Federal religous authority". 

    Even in the Wilayah Persekutuan of KL, Labuan and Putrajaya the authority in charge is JAWI.

    When the Sultan of Johor tells the Jabatan Agama Islman Negeri Johor or JAINJ not to have any more dealings with JAKIM it is the end of the story. There is nothing that JAKIM can do.

    And since MO1 needs to distribute money to his retard friends in PAS, it becomes painfully obvious that even his cash is not king  anymore. 

    If your retards  are shut out of Johore, how are they going to distribute the money?

    I am so glad that the Sultans of Johore and Selangor are standing up for the good things (amar ma'ruf) and speaking up against the bad things (nahi munkar).

    The people are really thankful that two of our Sultans are speaking up. Daulat Tuanku.

    This will be a major shock not only for JAKIM but also for the Chief Thief.

    Malam ini Geng Pencuri semua risau."

  33. ' pribumi not yet there '

    We have to lend credence to a one year old party against the might of a 60years plus titan

    The titan's might is their coffer and rent-a-crowd is a piece of cake

    Absentee of youths ,they are busy thinking how to feed themselve tomorrow than attending rally

    Today, we can see make-shift stalls sprouting along the walk-way where youth irk-out aliving

    Urging young unemployed youth to be boss themself

    Then the aged citizens will be the purchaser

    Reality or myth