Saturday 21 October 2017

By right, Shafie shouldn't worry

As everyone should know by now, Warisan president DS Shafie Apdal is currently under remand.

His brothers and several others who are close to him had also earlier been detained in the graft probe of RM1,5 billion meant for rural development in Sabah. Some of them are still Umno office bearers.

The case is definitely a blow to Pakatan's hope of penetrating Sabah, which in my opinion has replaced Johor as the tiang seri of Umno.

Pakatan people have of course denounced Shafie's arrest and accused the BN government of political prosecution.

I believe many others saw it the same.

They probably asked, if it's indeed true, why was it that Shafie and gang were not stopped from stealing the money when he was still a minister and vice-president of Umno.

Well, tough question.

However, I think if Shafie did indeed steals the money, then he should face the consequences. Political prosecution or not is besides the point.

RM1,5 billion is a lot of money, okay. And it's meant for the poor rural folks in Sabah some more.

After all, even Umno people in high office were prosecuted for allegedly stealing money from the rakyat. People such as TS Isa Samad and that Johor exco member Latif Bandi.

Okay, I know some of you will definitely jump and say how about DS Najib Razak whom you all believe had stolen billions of ringgit via 1MDB and other schemes.

I think for that one you all have to be patient and wait for things to fall into place.

If you all feel so strongly about it, you should continue your campaign against Najib so that he could be toppled and then prosecuted. You should also pray for God to give you success in that endeavour.

 I believe that if Najib is indeed guilty, God will give you all the satisfaction of seeing him fall and even thrown in jail.

Nonetheless, we still can't excuse the likes of Shafie if he is later on found to be stealing too.

You can use a thief to catch a thief, but not so if the thief is claiming that he should be the boss after that.

What's the point in toppling Najib just because we believe he's a thief only to replace him with another thief?

I believe MACC should be allowed to do its job.

If Shafie is not guilty, I'm confident the prosecutors will not find anything to be used against him.

But if they do....then, that's just too bad for Pakatan.

What ever it is, the case should remind others in power that they have to be extra careful not to fool around with what's not theirs, especially when it comes to things and money that belong to the rakyat.

I believe God will somehow punish them if they screwed up their responsibilities on it, one way or another.

This somehow reminds me of my friend who used to be a close aide of former Johor MB TS Abdul Ghani Othman.

He told me that he was so glad that his boss was always proper in doing things that he didn't have to do anything wrong while discharging his duties.

Despite losing his job after Ghani retires from politics, my friend said he was okay.

"If we do the right things, InsyaAllah there will be rezeki for us. What's even more important to me is that my conscience is clear and I can now sleep peacefully at night. There's nothing they can find to get my former boss and me," he said.

True enough, there were attempts to get some dirts against Ghani and his people right after he left office in 2013 but nothing was found.

An example was when a forensic audit team was sent to the office of Kumpulan Prasarana Rakyat Johor (KPRJ) around that time to get evidence implicating Ghani with allegation of stealing rakyat money.

The team found nothing.

Well, if they had found something, I'm quite sure Ghani and probably my friend too would be in jail now.

I even believe those people who wanted to get at Ghani would fabricate something if they felt that would have helped their cause, but for that they have to go through the MACC first.

Thankfully, MACC would not have allowed itself to be manipulated that way.

I'm quite convinced of that.

After all, those people who were after Ghani at that time were very very very powerful.

So, I think MACC is still quite okay.

At least, I don't think it will take up cases based on false evidence.

Even if it got orders from "up above", I believe it will investigate the case accordingly and will only act on real evidence.

Therefore, people like Shafie shouldn't worry if they had never stolen rakyat money.

Pakatan people should also not worry about things such as political prosecution if their leaders are indeed clean from corruption and such things.

Allah would be with them and give them victory over BN if they are on the right path and sincere in saving this country.

Really, I do believe that.

Hmmm....quite intense right.

Never mind.

You all relax and enjoy this clip from a heartbreaking movie and the song which goes with it.

Be cool.


  1. "However, I think if Shafie did indeed steals the money, then he should face the consequences. Political prosecution or not is besides the point.

    RM1.5 billion is a lot of money, okay. And it's meant for the poor rural folks in Sabah some more."


    The conservative estimate for the total sum stolen by Hippo, Bibirpink, Jho & Riza is 7 billion USD.

    That's over RM24 billion.

    RM24 billion is a lot of money, okay. And it's meant largely for the civil service pensioners of KWAP some more.

    (That's not including the Pinklips theft from MOD via Scorpene and many, many others.)

    Actually the issue is not quantum, but the breakdown in rule of law.

    When the Bugis pirate was caught, he sabotaged the A-G, MACC and SB, replacing them with hand-picked barua.

    The new MACC barua was sitting next to Pandi at the disastrous press conference where Pandi learned about zoom lenses.

    When our institutions are corrupted to protect one super-klepet couple, then all Malaysians should worry.

    The only way left is down.

    1. So, are you telling me, Tony Puaka and his barua didn't do anything in PAC? I lol'd.

    2. Let us LOL together with Tony Puaka.Hahahhaa

      Prof Kangkung

    3. Pros Kantoi,

      You probably would LOL as that is what your MCA paymasters pay you to do.

      In your case "LOL" stands for "Letarded, Often Lazy".

      Prof Sawi

    4. Actually, for those with bad memory plus on Bn dedak.......the hasan "cari makan" refused to allow any foreign forensic evidence........what you are too dedaked to understand.......the crimes took place in US, Swiss and S'pore banking systems. That's where Fei Low laundered the money for his hippo mama.......

      .......cari makan also deleted the PAC report part that proved Goodstar was under Few Low control......yes, he's a good barua!

      You Bn dedaktroopers come up with better defense la.......too easy

    5. That’s how subtle and bias Annie is
      Sane people would compare the magnitude of embezzlement this and in this case najib is thousand times worse

      For neutral like Annie, it’s favourable for UMNO to songlap than opposition
      It’s about siapa yang songlap which is quite twisted

  2. Syabas dan tahniah kepada SPRM, ketika bossnya sendiri terpalit dengan isu skandal peribadi yang belum disucikan tetapi mereka telah pun menggerakan usaha menangkap mereman seorang Presiden sebuah parti politik yang cergas.

    Ketua Umum PKR dan juga PH, berada dalam penjara.

    Setiausaha DAP dalam kes pendakwaan.

    Azmin juga sedang dalam perhatian, segera jadi "katak" kalau mahu selamat..

    Tun sedang di"RCI"kan..

    Tidak terkejut jika Mukhriz dan Muhyiddin, next, tiba-tiba ada kes..

    Tidak semudah itu mengghanikan umno ketika puak najiban sedang berkuasa.

    1. Saya tidak akan terkejut
      Orang melayu memang jahat
      Kluangman boleh bontot saya lagi

      Jho low

  3. KD...
    Dah la merepek itu..
    Tak habisx 1 MDB...dah basi dah
    Apa,tunggul ke wakil DAP terutama Tony Puaka,Dr Tan dan Dato Takyuddin jadi ahli PAC..Polis,SPRM dah buat siasatan,kata tak ada kes..apa naj bising..
    Bila Tan Sri Isa,ADUN Johor kena tibai SPRM ,bukan main,macam berok menunggeng suka..
    Memang pun tak terkejut jika U Tun,TSMY akan kena sebab masingx ada kes..
    Apa ingat Najib tu bodoh ke?
    Salah satu strateginya telah berjaya. ingat apa tujuan utama RCI FOREX..untuk menjahanamkan kreditibiliti U Tun dan jelas U Tun didapati menipu.Takkan masa jadi PM duit BNM sejumlah 31bil k hilang tak tahu...
    Percaya lah sebelum PRU 14 akan terbongkar lah satu persatu kes di pihak Oppo
    Png dah banyak bocor
    Sikit hari Sgor pula..
    BN now no more in a passive mode,aggressive stage had started
    The best defence is to attack.
    Now the perceptions,presumption which the Oppo used before had been adopted by BN
    Right or wrong,true or false are secondary,the aim is demonised Oppo leaders to the eyes of the rakyat..

    1. "the aim is demonised Oppo leaders to the eyes of the rakyat"

      Ko ingat rakyat semua bodoh kerbau ke?

      Kih kih kih........



    2. Anon 20:23.

      1MDB dah basi? Jangan nak merapu la. Kalau ya pun nak kata basi, tunggu la DoJ. Dulu civil. Sekarang dah criminal.
      Sudah lebih 15 tahun berlalu... bahana orang-tengah kelabu-asap Najib dalam pembelian Kapalselam... Razak Baginda pun, belum basi lagi. Kali ini, dari Ostolia dalam bentuk persoalan... siapa arah bunuh Altantuya.

      Deepak Carpet pun boleh jadi bahan kempen memburukan UMNO-Najib, setiap lima tahun, menjelang piliharaya.

    3. Anon 20.23
      In 2015, Malaysian adult literacy rate read as 94.6%
      Meaning they can write their own statment
      Using 'perception' to win war sudah lama basi
      Please give some respect to the rakyat and the advancement on social media


    4. Splendid stupidity from anon 20:23

  4. Annie,

    Let us not be naive, OK?

    As long as one is a loyal UMNO stalwart, there will be no action taken as long as UMNO is in power - no matter what the crime, even murder is OK.

    1MDB, Altantuya, Scorpene, Lembugate and the RM40million-in-a-suitcase come readily to mind.

    There are also many suspicious displays of wealth by other UMNO politicians and their children but there is really nothing we, the rakyat, can do about it - for the time being.

    The minute a person leaves the protection of UMNO, that person is fair game.

    And Shafie Apdal is a classic example of that fair game policy.

    //The case is definitely a blow to Pakatan's hope of penetrating Sabah//

    Well, I think it all depends on how the arrest is spun out, isn't it?

    If Shafie Apdal is made to look like a martyr, then the arrest could be the best thing which could happen for Warisan.

    //After all, those people who were after Ghani at that time were very very very powerful.//

    I don't know why, but for some reason, I have a feeling that the forensic audit team was not sent from Putrajaya.

    But with the greatest of respect to Ghani (because I know how much you admire him), he is a rock-solid UMNO stalwart and he is not without connections himself.

    Also from what little I know of him, thru your good self, there should be absolutely no question about his integrity.

    So, with that double-layer of protection, it is no wonder why your friend is not too worried about anything.

    //Pakatan people should also not worry about things such as political prosecution if their leaders are indeed clean from corruption and such things.//

    I guess the other side to that statement is that UMNO people should not worry about MACC persecution because their leaders are indeed free from corruption and such things :)


    1. Gladiator, Ghani's position was the same as Khir Toyo. A former MB still loyal to Umno. Yet they caught Khir Toyo and threw him in jail. The only way to be safe is to be really clean, I think. Thank you.

  5. "I believe MACC should be allowed to do its job."

    Now, Dear Annie... are you sure the current MACC should be allowed to do its job, when its head can't even steer his own di*k away from someone's wife?

    "After all, those people who were after Ghani at that time were very very very powerful.
    So, I think MACC is still quite okay."

    MACC then was under Abu Kassim. Now is totally different altogether. Abu's replacement was a complete outsider and the MACC had a make-over of its lieutenants too. And mind you, even the Attorney General during the time of your Ghani was not Apandi Ali who was once an UMNO-Chief from Kelantan. This guy was also caught on camera, in UMNO-Najib's uniform, jogetting joyfully in a victory celebration of Sarawak's Election.
    Even the replacement of IGP Khalid was made, out of the norm. And, as Khazanah's Chairman now, he should be happy to mind his own affairs. Gopi's not withstanding.

    "Even if it got orders from 'up above', I believe it will investigate the case accordingly and will only act on real evidence."

    I doubt it. First off, lets see whats the outcome of Forex's RCI after Nor Mohamed Yakcop's admitted full responsibility over the losses.

    "Therefore, people like Shafie shouldn't worry if they had never stolen rakyat money."

    Of-course Shafie himself should not worry if he had not stolen Rakyat's money but his supporter in Sabah's Warisan should, when the environment...i.e, legislative and judiciary... seems to be in the executive's pocket now.

    1. "Even if it got orders from 'up above', I believe it will investigate the case accordingly and will only act on real evidence."

      I also doubt it.

      Very much.

      I can bet you Annuar Musa case already closed.

      And never forget that the fat cowmama who stole 250 mil from NFC was "cleared" because the 9.5 million mamak lawyer wrote a letter to the handpicked barua Pandy.

      Case closed.

      Malaysians kena liwat again.

      Still want to claim there is justice?

      Ha ha.

  6. "By right, Shafie shouldn't worry?"


    By right, Shafie SHOULD worry.

    Everything is stacked crookedly in favour of the corrupt regime.

    Give you example:

    The Pandy-AG fella cleared Jibbi ----- that is WHY Jibbi macai quickly threatened Gani Patail with death and put Pandy in power, all in 24 hours.

    The A-G of Switzerland has told Pandy, "I have forensic evidence that 800 mil USD was stolen from your KWAP fund and laundered in Swiss banks".

    Pandy suddenly pretended he's deaf.

    You think Pandy gives a f*** about Malaysians?

    You think those judges tenure were recently extended (illegally) because:

    a) They are good

    b) They will do the bidding of Najis al-Songlap?

    Oh yes, Hhafie should worry.

    Umngok wants to hold on to power, because power = songlap.

  7. Cause ghani is a bersih so offended lots of songlap dumnos...

  8. Annie,

    //Ghani's position was the same as Khir Toyo.//

    Hm, I don't know if we can really compare Ghani to Khir Toyo.

    Ghani comes across as a quiet humble person, while Khir Toyo seems arrogant and abrasive..

    I am just guessing here but I suspect that Khir Toyo pissed off somebody who was higher up the UMNO food chain and got stomped on.

    Khir Toyo was done in for a relatively paltry sum of RM3million or so, if my memory serves me right.

    Look, we all know that RM3+million is nothing to these guys, OK? Chump change, petty cash.

    So, why screw Khir Toyo for a measly RM3million of corrupt behaviour?

    Answer - he had to have pissed someone off and was taught a lesson in power politics.

    I suspect that things could have been a lot worse for Khir Toyo if he did not behave himself and re-affirm his loyalty to UMNO.

    That could explain Khir Toyo's continued loyalty to UMNO.

    //The only way to be safe is to be really clean, I think//

    Yupe, that's the only way, but how many of our politicians would be really clean?

    Perhaps we need an anti-corruption body to be formed with bipartisan support and given some teeth.

    Or an independent anti-corruption force answerable to a bipartisan parliamentary committee which is always chaired by an Opposition member?

    I just realised that last suggestion of a bipartisan anti-corruption committee chaired by an Opposition member was an idea mooted by Azmin Ali for Selangor.

    The chairman's position was offered to the Opposition leader in Selangor - an UMNO guy (forgotten his name now).

    But strangely, that position was refused!!!

    Go figure.


    1. Gladiator,

      The Cantonese says, there's only shit in a pig's intestines, and the same goes for every pig.

      Before one takes on a job, he should be ready for all the challenges that he may face in that job.

      Therefore Annie knows very well that Shafie does not worry at all about the corruption accusations, because Shafie was in UMNO before.

      In UMNO, corruption is their scope of work.

      Therefore it's not true that any UMNO guy would be worry about corruption allegations. The ones that would feel worry whenever there's corruption charges are their wives and children. They are worry because they are the ones enjoying the unholy proceeds of crime, and more often than not on them the investigators will find condemning proof of corruption.

      So mama is the one that is worrying. Mama worries for boy boy. And daddy cannot sleep well.

      And although the title of this posting referred to Shafie, Annie in actual fact is asking the UMNO president to step down and to not being worry for the consequences.

      At least not for any action from the disciplinary council, one supposes..

  9. 20.42
    Because rakyat are not stupid la skrg mereka telah berfikir dan tahu di mana yg baik dan buruk,kelentong,persepsi dan fitnah.
    LOL...You think when comnents which sided the govt,automatically we are dedak eaters..
    As for myself and some friends we are apolitical,but we used our brain to assess the situation..
    In the case of FOREX how the hell we want to believe TDM admission that he did not know what happened
    1MDB...Nearly 3 yrs nothing happened till and there.1MDB said they did not lose any money and so far cases broughtby foreign courts which had connection with 1MDB not a single rep fm.1MDB being called to testified.I just wonder if really there were case to answer,how long the court will take to prove indeed 1 MDB lost money and whom they want to convict
    Now the rest,lets esure more perception game will be conducted esp when TDM created lots of U turn and more senile in is speech
    To the rural folks seeing TDM embrassing DAP,may or will surely diminished the old man support...

    1. Pros Kantoi,

      There you go again.

      After the hit of Chinese heroin, your spelling and typing haywire again, yet very clearly same person.

      I think you're "more senile in is speech"

      Cut back on drugs.

      Prof Sawi

  10. Anonymous @ 22 October 2017 at 08:09,

    //because Shafie was in UMNO before.//

    The keyword there is "before".

    Shafie is no longer protected by UMNO so I think he would worry just like any opposition politician would worry about being arrested and charged for anything.


    1. Gladiator,

      The keyword here is WORRY.

      The people newly crowned TIANG SERI UMNO is worry. There's massive landslide and storms striking fear into the hearts.

      TIANG SERI UMNO regardless.

  11. Anonymous @ 22 October 2017 at 07:47,

    //To the rural folks seeing TDM embrassing DAP,may or will surely diminished the old man support...//

    How is Mahatir embarassing DAP?


    1. I think the illiterate cybertrooper is trying to say "embracing".

      But can't spell it.

      If they had an education, they would not be here posting comments for RM15 a day.

      Prof Sawi

    2. Dna matters. Its umno brain.
      No eye has ear has mind has conceived.
      A beautiful trapped-in value of blue mind.

  12. When were Isa Samad and Latif Bandi been prosecuted??. What were their sentences??

  13. Don't forget FELDA!

    Najib’s own personal involvement in such dealings has been most evident in the forcing through of a massive purchase by FELDA of a controversial oil palm plantation in Indonesia, Eagle High Planations, at way above market price from a known business crony of his, Peter Sondakh.

    After subsidiary Felda Global Ventures had pulled out of an original $700 million investment into the loss-making concern, following a wave of negative publicity, the new Chairman of FELDA, Najib’s political crony and cousin Shahrir Abdul Samad, went ahead with a half billion dollar purchase of 39% of the company earlier this year.

    The result of this astonishing profligacy and mis-management is spelt out through the plummeting value of FELDA’s shares, which have dived to one fifth since the stock market launch in 2012, which released the enormous sum of money that has thus been squandered and apparently lost. This was how Shahrir Abdul Samad himself summed up the situation when he first took over the fund in May:

    “Felda received RM6 billion from the listing of FGVH which is Felda’s business asset. From that amount, we have spent RM1.7 billion as windfall,” Shahrir was quoted saying…Shahrir said Felda awarded settlers and their families RM15,000 for each household, leaving behind a balance of RM4.3 billion.
“So where did this RM4.3 billion go?

    I think this has frustrated settlers who are very close to Felda … who admire the role of Felda … I think they have been disappointed,” Shahrir said.

    The point being that the value of the shares which FELDA settlers received in return for handing over their lands to the government controlled fund has adjusted from RM5.4  each at the time of the sale to a present RM1.5.  

    Meanwhile, the RM4.3 billion raised from the world’s second biggest ever share sale has, according to the Chairman, disappeared.

    Najib again...

    ...curse of the nation.

  14. The macai are eating each other.....

    “I am seriously going to sue and am consulting my lawyer friends in the United Kingdom. This is nothing but fake news done with an evil intention,” Apandi reportedly said.

    He said this in response to an article by Raja Petra titled “Strong Rumours Surrounding the AG: Part 1” published in his Malaysia Today blog. Raja Petra is known to reside in the UK.

    In the article on Friday, he had claimed that there was a meeting in 2015 between senior judges – comprising the then chief justice Arifin Zakaria, current chief justice Raus Shariff and current Court of Appeal president Zulkefli Ahmad Makinudin – with Prime Minister Najib Razak.

    He claimed that the meeting was about an alleged plot by then attorney-general Abdul Gani Patail with some others to bring down the government over investigations on 1Malaysia Development Bhd (1MDB) and its former subsidiary SRC International.

    Raja Petra also alleged that Apandi had demanded RM4 million from a Chinese businessman, identified as a “business partner” of the Sultan of Johor, on a case he had won.

    Apandi denied the allegations of corruption contained in the article.

    The former Federal Court judge was appointed as attorney-general on July 28, 2015 following the abrupt removal of Gani midway through investigations into 1MDB and SRC by a special task force.

    On January 26 last year, Apandi cleared Najib of any criminal wrongdoing related to the two companies."

    Those who take money from hippos will wallow in their own dirt eventually.

    Padan muka.

    1. Interesting fight........he he he.....between two corrupt prostitutes of umno-no.......

      Who will win?

      The Pandi or Raja Putar Kelentong?

      Get the popcorn!!!

    2. Orang melayu jangan bertarung sesama sendiri
      Kita Manusia biasa saja

      Jho low

    3. I just don't understand the opposition.When RPK writes in favour of the government you guys say he is a dedak eater and never to believe him.
      When he writes someting that favour you,you accept it as the gospel truth.
      So what do you make of RPK?
      Prof Kangkung

  15. Yes, the macai are eating each other....

    "Several Barisan Nasional (BN) parties were irked that a national briefing for coalition leaders for the upcoming 14th general election (GE14) yesterday was dominated by Umno, the Borneo Post reported today.

    It said that there were complaints that the event at the BN headquarters in Kuala Lumpur turned out to be more of an Umno function instead of a gathering of leaders of the various component parties.’

    It cited Parti Rakyat Sarawak (PRS) president James Masing as saying that the other parties were unhappy with the way the briefing was conducted.

    They had been made to feel sidelined as the agenda was slanted heavily towards Umno, which is the leading party in the ruling BN, he said.

    “It was a briefing by Umno officers on machinery for the 14th general election… The whole programme was tilted towards Umno.

    The Borneo Post also reported that the banner used as background on the stage only featured photographs of Umno leaders, although with the logos of the various parties.

    “Even the backdrop showed only Umno top guns and none of other component parties’ presidents, as if the rest are just wallpapers for mere decoration… So we were not too happy,” Masing was quoted as saying."

    If Masing had any balls he would pull Sarawak out from Bolehland. balls.

    1. Dunno why these parties wanna be in BN any more?

      Dedak must be good la.........

  16. Annie,

    The Quran stated that if Allah is to punish mankind,there will no one left on this earth.So He gives you a lifetime to reform yourself and if you still fails you will pay for it.So its possible to get away from you crimesbon this earth.

  17. Prof Sawi,

    //I think the illiterate cybertrooper is trying to say "embracing".//

    Ah, that makes sense. :)