Sunday 5 January 2014

What to do in face of hardship

It is Saturday night again, but as usual, I'm at home minding my own self.

I went out earlier in the day though.

Went to the cinema at Citta Mall in Subang and watched 47 Ronins.

It's an awful movie.

The star of the movie is Keanu Reeves, the most successful "wooden" actor ever.

The guy can't act to save his life, but I always try to catch his movies.

No, it's not because of his good look.

It's actually because Keanu is a good man. He does a lot of charity works and I like him for that.

I think some of the proceeds of those movie tickets I bought to watch his movies must had gone to charity via him.

He is also my mother's favorite actor...for I don't know what reason.

Well, I choose my favorite men not solely based on meritocracy. I don't like assholes no matter how good they are at what they are doing.

Whatever it is, Keanu's movies mostly have nice action stuff. So, they are still watchable.

Anyway, before the movie, I went to the Tomaz shoe shop at the mall and bought myself a pair.

It's a local brand but of relatively high quality. The leather is so soft.

The price is quite cheap considering the good quality and nice designs of the shoes. It's almost half the price of those imported of the same quality.

I was told by the salesgirl that the shoes were made at Seri Kembangan.

I think the people who are bitching about price hikes while hanging out at places like Bangsar Village or Bangsar Shopping Complex should consider switching to such good quality local items from the over priced designer imports.

I always find it disturbing when people wearing imported branded items and eating at posh eateries complaining of hardship.

Someone driving an over RM100k imported car claiming hardship because of 20 sen petrol price hike should be kicked in the butt.

The same way a guy who is being chauffeured around in a RM300k car bought using taxpayers money, shouldn't be going around claiming himself to be a second, third, fourth, fifth class citizen.

Then claim hardship some more....

You got the drift or not MR LIM GUAN BENZ?


  1. re: "Well, I choose my favorite men not solely based on meritocracy. I don't like assholes no matter how good they are at what they are doing."

    Suatu tinjauan dari Tuan Director, 'Center for the Advanced Study of Islam, Science and Civilization' (CASIS-UTM):

    Pembinaan "budaya ilmu" dalam diri dan masyarakt berkait rapat dengan tugas sebenar seorang insan di muka bumi ini, dan itu akan di persoalankan atasnya nanti di akhirat. Proses perjuangan ini disebut Allah Ta'ala sebagai peng-islah-an, iaitu pembangunan yang sebenar. Sebaliknya, perjuangan yang tidak berpunca dari kesedaran ini, iaitu yang berasas dari kefahaman ilmu yang terkeliru dan akhlak yang lemah, maka betapa giat dan gigih sekalipun, ia akan menghasilkan kerosakan atau ke-fasad-an. Tentang ini Allah Ta'ala berfirman dalam surah al-Baqarah: 11-12, bahawa:

    "Jika di katakan kepada mereka: "Janganlah melakukan kerosakan (fasad) di atas Bumi," mereka akan menjawab, "Tidak! kami hanya mahu membuat pembangunan sebenarnya (islah). Sesungguhnya! mereka telah mendatangkan kerosakan, tetapi mereka tidak sedar diri."

  2. Save money, waste money:



    2. stupid anon 06:44, nobody believe tokong lim is a god, only you !! pls go and get some education.hahahahaa

    3. Anon 12:41

      I think you are the one who is oxymoron for failing to understand what SARCARSM is..

    4. 12.41
      ur a product of sjkc a typical moron idiotic who failed to understand sarcasm

      thats why i always suggest the govt to close all these chinese schools they produced bigot racist idiot sepet only

    5. Anon 02;07

      SJKC = Sarang Menternak Cucu Cicit Komunis

    6. This Cina master the otak Komunis cannot understand .. ...... bcos it got no ideology lah stupid Penang Tokong!

    7. Yet the chinkies often claim that they have undergone 5000 years of civilization but their behaviors don't justify they have that many years of civilization. I wonder how they would be if they did not have 5000 years of 5000 years of civilization. My guess is they would be worst than animals as even animals abide by their own laws ie laws of the jungle.

    8. Anon 20:52

      Re. Yet the chinkies often claim that they have undergone 5000 years of civilization

      The 5000 civilization was only confined within the palace of various the dynasties, the Cinabeng in Malaysia are decedent of coolies, turk, pros etc.

      "Waves of Chinese emigration (also known as the Chinese Diaspora) have happened throughout history. The mass emigration known as the Chinese Diaspora, which occurred from the 19th century to 1949, was mainly caused by wars and starvation in mainland China, as well as the problems resulting from political corruption.[citation needed] Most immigrants were illiterate, or poorly educated peasants and manual labourers, historically called coolies (Chinese: 苦力, translated as "hard labour"), who emigrated to work in countries such as the Americas, Australia, South Africa, Southeast Asia, and Malaya.[citation needed]

      According to Lynn Pan's book Sons of the Yellow Emperor, the Chinese coolie emigration began after slavery was abolished throughout the British possessions.[citation needed] Facing a desperate shortage of manpower, European merchants looked to replace African slaves with indentured labourers from China and India.[citation needed] A British Guiana planter found what he was looking for in the Chinese labourers "their strong physique, their eagerness to make money, their history of toil from infancy".[citation needed]

      Labour recruiters sold the services of large numbers of unskilled Chinese in the coolie trade to planters in colonies overseas in exchange for money to feed their families; this type of trading was known as mai zhu zai (Chinese: 賣豬仔, "selling piglets") by the Chinese. The labourers' lives were very harsh. Some labor recruiters promised good pay and good working conditions to get men signed onto three-year labor contracts. It was recorded on one pepper estate, 50 coolies hired, only 2 survived in half a year.[citation needed] Most coolies were treated badly, and many died en route to South America and South Africa because of bad transport conditions. Usually, they were cheated of their wages and were unable to return to China after their contracts expired "

  3. I had cafe latte and cake at a coffee shop at Empire. Cost me RM23,90. What? Teh tarik and roti canai would cost only RM3 or so at mamak stall, but it would not be good for my health. Did Najib knew and care about this hardship that we urban middle class are going through ?

    1. Gone are the days where I supported Chinese and Chinese related business. For instance, if I want to lavish myself for breakfast, I will go to Le Cucur at KL Sentral, the Loaf (owned by Tun Dr M) at Pavillion, or Royal Chulan Hotel. Asalkan Business Melayu......

      Otherwise, I will support the Malay Makcik and Pakcik stall by the roadside around my area. For less than RM5, I can have my favorite Mee Siam with "sambal paru", Karipap and other Kuih as I wishes.

    2. anon 10:11, so happy for you, so keep your 'malay only' mentality with you okay. Hidup Melayu !

    3. Anon 12:42, why aaaa to some species its okay to have cina this, cina that and chinese only mentality. Its all about chinese and this is human right. Now the species is turning into parasites and its fine. If even task about Malay, the species will shout rasict. For the species, its okay to be hypocrite and practise double standard.

      So, let you live to this mentality and I'm also happy for you. Keep it that way. See where it will lead you to. Long live chauvinistic ultra kiasu!

    4. Anon 12:42

      I hope you and the rest of the Bumiputera. Malay, Muslims community will do the same too. The Cinabeng doesn't need our support and business, why should we support them...

      It is still early at this stage, in few years to come, we hope to see their essential business crumbling down the rain.

    5. Anon 12;42

      Lagi satu, always look for Malay/ or Indian sales girl and guy whenever you go shopping. Just give the Cinabeng the cold shoulder..

    6. Orang Melayu dan Islam nak pahala senang aje. Bila pergi kedai Melayu dan Islam, niatkan atas "Jihad Ekonomi Islam". Orang Islam berniaga akan bayar zakat serta income tax, jadi dari segi zakat itu baik untuk kemakmuran Ummah.

      Orang cina pula sangat percaya pada Feng Shui dan "latuk" (referring to bomoh) dalam perniagaan mereka. Mereka sangat takut kalau Feng Shui lari atau lesap. Kita orang Islam percaya pada Al Quran. Dalam Al Quran ada banyak doa-doa untuk meminta pertolongan dan rahmat Allah swt.

      Fyi, dalam Al Quran juga ada doa yang boleh Bangkrap Kedai Cina (dan yang lain lain) supaya orang ramai yang lalu lalang tak nampak atau tak perasan kewujudan kedai mereka, but that is another story...

    7. Surah Yasiin, ayat 9

      "Wa-ja ‘alna min baini aidiihim saddan wa min khalfihim saddan fa aghsyainaahum fahum la yubshirrun"

      Dan Kami adakan di hadapan mereka dinding dan di belakang dinding (pula), dan Kami tutup (mata) mereka sehingga mereka tidak dapat melihat.

      For Muslims, please google for the benefits of this doa

    8. 10.11

      we had practised it since 2013 already

      20million malays hav the power to bancrupt 5million chinese

    9. Pada cina ada dua jenis gelaran; 'datuk'ship dan 'latuk'ship. Dua-dua digunakan untuk mencapai dunia dan keduniaan dengan segala keuntungan.

      Dapat datukship daripada pemerintah Melayu tapi lepas tu biadap balik kat sultan / yang dipertua. Beli pangkat pun sanggup.

      Sanggup sembah latukship Melayu (walaupun pandang rendah kat Melayu) semata untuk keuntungan dunia. [Cina Sembah Melayu?]. Banyak lagi pahlawan dan pembesar Melayu sanggup disembah untuk mendapatkan dunia. Memang takde pendirian.

    10. Annie pun patut turut serta jayakan untuk Jihad Ekonomi Islam. Contohnya:

      1. Foot Massage 2 Kali seminggu (ke sebulan) RM90 per session. She can now either go to Brickfields or Bukit Bintang Plaza for "Blind Massage", it will cost RM40 or RM50. Look for Malay Masseurs only. FYI, Datuk Michael Chong of MCA community service also always support and look for the Malay Masseur in Bintang Plaza, he is trained professional. The one in Brickfied is by the name of Roslan, has been trained in China and was sponsored by a Tan Sri long ago for the training.

      2. Car Wash RM250 - in my area, some residents have engaged an Indian Uncle to wash their car twice a week where he comes real early in the morning. I think the cost is RM15 per wash . We need to support the poor Indian as well.

    11. Aiyoh, don't make noise about the price hike or the over priced coffee or cake or whatever at those expensive outlets. You have your choice. Best one will be stay at home-brew your own coffee , bake your own cakes , If you had a spouse and kids, do these together, cheaper and can foster family ties. If you can't finish eating them, send some to Annie. But make sure it is Halal yah! If you don't like this idea, then just continue to pay graciously!

    12. just continue to pay graciously! to the Malay Muslim Businesses only.

  4. Tulisan TDM untuk renungan orang melayu dan orang melayu yang masih ada jiwa melayu. Yang lain shut up!

    Tanpa merampas hak orang lain, pemerintahan yang bertunggak kepada Melayu berjaya membangunkan negara dan memberi kepada bangsa Melayu dan bumiputera lain pelajaran, latihan dan peluang yang tidak pernah dinikmati oleh mereka semasa dijajah.

    Berkat semua ini maka terpulihlah maruah bangsa Melayu. Alhamdulillah.

    Ramalan bahawa pemerintahan yang dipimpin Melayu ini akan merampas hak dan harta kaum lain tidak menjadi kenyataan. Sebaliknya pimpinan yang diterajui Melayu berjaya memajukan negara sehingga dikagumi dunia.

    Semua ini terang dan nyata. Dunia akui kebolehan orang Melayu yang memimpin Malaysia. Tetapi mereka belum sampai ke tahap bersaing dengan kaum lain terutama dalam bidang perniagaan dan perusahaan.

    Malangnya kejayaan yang sedikit ini telah menjadikan mereka bongkak dan tamak. Rebutan kuasa antara mereka terus berlaku dan rebutan yang berpunca kepada ketamakan individu tertentu menyebabkan perpecahan dan serpihan daripada parti utama mereka.

    Mereka yang kecewa kerana gagal merebut tempat menghasut ahli-ahli dan pemimpin kerdil untuk menyertai mereka, untuk menjayakan hasrat sempit mereka merebut kuasa, terutama untuk menjadi Perdana Menteri. Untuk ini mereka membohong, menyalahtafsir agama, menyokong orang lain yang tidak suka melihat orang Melayu meraih walaupun sedikit kekayaan, kedudukan dan nikmat yang terdapat di negara ini.

    Hasilnya ialah perpaduan Melayu diganti dengan perpecahan. Orang Melayu yang dahulu digeruni oleh British kerana kukuhnya perpaduan mereka, sekarang berpecah kepada tiga kumpulan kecil yang terpaksa mengemis untuk mendapat sokongan orang lain termasuk mereka yang menentang segala usaha untuk mengimbangkan kedudukan orang Melayu dengan kaum-kaum lain.

    Sokongan orang lain ini tidak diberi secara percuma. Jika mana-mana daripada parti Melayu ini memenangi pilihan raya dan mendirikan Kerajaan, tak dapat tidak Kerajaan ini akan terpaksa mengikuti telunjuk orang lain. Melayu tidak lagi akan menjadi tunggak kepada pemerintahan negara yang mereka rela berkongsi dengan orang lain. Mereka akan jadi puak minoriti dalam pakatan yang mereka sertai. Inilah yang akan terjadi hasil perpecahan orang Melayu.

    Siapakah yang membawa malapetaka ini. Tak lain tak bukan malapetaka ini dibawa oleh orang Melayu sendiri - orang Melayu yang tamak, orang Melayu yang kurang pintar, orang Melayu yang mudah dipengaruhi nafsu, yang mudah dikuasai oleh perasaan benci apabila dihasut.

    Orang Melayu sudah lupa akan betapa hinanya mereka semasa dijajah dahulu. Mereka tidak pun mengakui akan nikmat yang banyak yang dinikmati oleh mereka setelah merdeka dan mereka menerajui Kerajaan - Kerajaan Malaysia merdeka.

    Oleh kerana lupa dan tidak bersyukur, mereka rela supaya perpaduan yang memberi kekuatan kepada mereka dimusnahkan. Mereka sanggup dipecah dan dipisah daripada kuasa yang sedikit yang ada pada mereka.

    Sebab inilah yang saya sedih. Bangsa saya jelas tidak dapat menangani kejayaan. Bangsa saya mudah lupa. Bangsa saya tidak tahu bersyukur. Bangsa saya tidak tahu mengambil iktibar daripada nasib yang menimpa kaum sebangsa yang hari ini tinggal di wilayah yang dikuasai orang lain.

    Jangan bersedih dan bersimpati dengan saya. Bersimpatilah dan bersedihlah dengan dyiri sendiri, dengan anak cucu yang akan alami masa depan yang gelap kerana kita tamak dan begitu benci kepada bangsa dan pemerintahan oleh kita sendiri.

    1. melayu got 2 types insaf malay like u
      2.a baruah macai cina like those in fuckatan

      salute to ur post my bro

    2. Anon 06:50

      Ada lagi lagi...

      The likes of KJ and Nazri Aziz...

    3. Habib sheikh bersharah: "Bagaimana kamu memandang diri kamu?"

    4. In any gathering of UMNO leaders at all level, if throw a guli you'll surely hit a "melayu lupa diri". There are so many of them, not just KJ and Nazri!

    heheee i like ur post annie

    btw the chinabeng argument is tokong lim is a good thief coz he stole ppls money only around 300k if compared to trengganu mb who stole 600k ppls money

    wat a moron chinese dap yeah.. a thief is a thief even he only steals 5 cents ppls money

    1. Re. wat a moron chinese dap yeah

      Couldn't agree more... To the Malays and Gomen they call rasuah, but among them, it is entertainment expenses.

    2. hehehehe you called Terengganu MB Ahmad Said a thief, nanti anon06:47 kena baling kasut Ahmad baru tahu.

    3. Everyone should read this article:


      Dear The Real Singapore,

      I came across this news article from Shinmin Daily News, print edition (5th Jan 2014) and I would like to do a simple translation for your readers.

      A survey by the Malaysian press revealed that 87% of the Malaysian respondents who have worked or currently working in Singapore do not have plans to get SGP citizenship. Their objective of working in Singapore is to earn the strong Singapore dollar and then go back to Malaysia and enjoy life.

      Some respondents cited their love for Malaysia, the cost of living in Singapore, and strict Housing policies as some of the reasons for not getting SGP citizenship. While some expressed interest to get SPR to remain in Singapore for further development.

      I'm unsure what are your thoughts on this. I am also sure some bros here are M'sians with SPR. But I am just sharing my personal observations. I know M'sian colleagues holding SPR for at least a decade but they are not converting, thanks to PAP gahment policies of not having clear distinctive benefits between SGP citizens and SPR holders. It was probably only after GE, and the 2 By-Elections, the gahment finally recognises this ground unhappiness and began drawing up the divide between SGP citizens and non-citizens. There's also a sore point of the first gen SPR who were not required to serve NS..

      What puzzles me is that some of these Malaysian colleagues are actively volunteering in local grassroots (I'm avoiding the word politics as it is a strong word) and their town councils but I always wondered to myself why? (clue: not whites) They can't even vote.

      Are there time-limits for conversion of SPR holders - let's say - if you did not convert to SGP citizenship within X number of years, your SPR gets revoked?

      I wonder how will the survey results be, if it was conducted in Singapore by the Singapore press.

      It seems like Malaysians living in JB or KL will get to enjoy a better standard of living than Singaporeans who are stuck in SG their whole life without any place to go for retirement.

      (P.S, I heard that the morally-corrupted former district judge Tey Shun Hang & NUS law lecturer is a Malaysian, holding SPR. Do we need a Malaysian to be our judge? Singapore Legal Service better re-think. )

      Note: the article was written by Singaporean and SPR stands Singapore Permanent Resident

      Source: The Real Singapore

    4. Aiseyman, all these SPR (I presume 99% are chinese) should renounce their malaysian citizenship and die there. They can't have all the best of this world all the time.

  6. Re. I was told by the salesgirl that the shoes were made at Seri Kembangan.

    I rather buy foreign products than supporting the local Chinese businesses. I can get a decent design with decent price from Zara, Uniqlo, H&M, and I-Setan. In I-Setan for instance, they have very good selection of men shoes whenever the sales. is on. same goes with Zara and Uniqlo.

    BCL has been the motto ever since PRU13. We, the Malays. need to be united to kill the Cinabeng Businesses. they don't our business and support, so why bother...

    1. kaya-nya anon 09:33 ! teruskan usaha murni anda to buy foreign products, cukup bijak !

    2. Anon 19:42

      Bukan soal kaya atau tidak. If you are a smart shopper, you will understand.

      For instance, Seed and Padini (they are under the same company), are Malaysian Brand shirt/attire, if you compare the price with Zara and Uniqlo, you can get a better quality of equal price products there.

      I am not talking about Armani X-Change, Calvin Klein, D&G, etc here. The BOTTOM LINE is Buy Chinese Last.

    3. I hope the Malay ladies will stop buying shoes from VINCI...

    4. Anon 19:42

      Itu antara contohnya. Dari segi lain, kalau nak beli kain atau langsi pergi Jackel bukan Nagoya atau Macy. Beli emas kat Habib Jewel bukan Poh kong etc.

    5. Aiyoh , sure arh? Mana you beli condom arh? Caring Pharmacy, 7-11? Cina punya mah! Oh saya tau , you tak pakai, pastu buat anak banyak banyak, pastu antar belajo kat UiTM , dia orang tak pakai condom sbb tak der 7-11 kat sane. Lagi pun buat per pakai? Banyak main dari belakang.

    6. Anon 11:08

      Panas badan nampak? Demam ke? ROTFL ....itu Condom ar.r...manyak laku li Selangor... sebab manyak itu reban ayam, cina mali punya ayam ala lamai oo...

      Cinabeng business is dead slowly but surely....

    7. Aiyoh Anon 11:08,

      Lu mana sikolah? SJKC eh? itu kondom arr... Tesco ala jual, Mydin ala jual, Petlonas petlol station ala jual.... apa mau susah hati?

    8. Anon 11:08

      Re. pastu antar belajo kat UiTM

      a. Mara allocates RM2 bln to sponsor students this year

      Posted on January 4, 2014, Saturday

      KOTA BAHARU: Majlis Amanah Rakyat (Mara) has allocated RM2 billion for about 25,000 students who want to further their studies in various fields at the degree, masters and doctorate levels this year.

      Its chairman, Tan Sri Annuar Musa, said the allocation was an increase of between 10 and 15 per cent from last year’s, taking into consideration the increased cost of sponsorship and course fees.

      “This is a special allocation by the federal government and is separate from the RM1-billion education budget which was announced by the prime minister in Budget 2014,” he told reporters here today.

      Read more:

      b. 45 MRSM seluruh negara tawar IGCSE menjelang 2016

      PUTRAJAYA 6 Ogos - Kesemua 45 Maktab Rendah Sains Mara (MRSM) di seluruh negara akan menawarkan peperiksaan peringkat antarabangsa, International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) menjelang 2016.

      Artikel Penuh:
      © Utusan Melayu (M) Bhd

      Cinabeng dan SJKC apa ada dapat? Cukai juga bayar tiap-tiap tahun. Itu SJKC punya sijil mana ada laku kat US, UK, Autralia, New Zealand, France, German etc.


  7. Annie : What to do in face of hardship ?
    ...become an UMNO member

    1. Anon 12:45

      Save more and buy none from Cinabeng...

  8. Tokong Lim is just a fraud period. He is moving around in the dark with Chinese tycoons especially the housing developers. His DAP boys knew about it. He is just a cakap tak serupa bikin like the "belakang kira". The DAPsters are just blinded by the power and they thought that they can take power and change the political landscape with the like of Lim Guan Benz. They can just carry on dreaming.

    1. anon 13:40, show proof, otherwise you only cakap syiok sendiri !

    2. are u blind 18.15
      i bet u also worship bontot tokong lim

  9. If the chinese believed enough and more importantly bribed the malays hard enough, they will rule this tanah melayu!

    New expensive handbag for Rosmah, anyone??

    1. Sejarah membuktikan kuasa dan harta pribumi mudah dirampas dengan memberi rasuah yang murah seperti rokok dan dadah. Tak mustahil kuasa melayu akan dirampas dengan rasuah tas tangan.

    2. Tak mustahil kuasa melayu juga akan dirampas dengan rasuah bontot.

  10. PUTRAJAYA: The year 2014 will be the year to implement what has been decided the year before, Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak said today.

    He urged the civil servants to continue on doing their jobs in ensuring the nation's transformation agenda remained on track and turning Malaysia into a developed nation.

    "If we are not willing to change structurally and strategically, Malaysia's economy will grow slowly," he said at the Prime Minister's Office morning assembly.

    Najib also gave his assurance that the subsidy rationalisation would not burden the people and the government would consider other options to ease their burden provided that the country's economy grew stronger.

    "I believe should our economy is stronger and so is our reserve, more social projects can be implemented and considered."

    ps. Bila dia nak chaloo!!

  11. What's up with hatred posts regarding Guan Eng new ride? It is not a big deal. I mean really. He is the Chief Minister of Penang and fully entitled to it. He is not purchasing Roll Royce Phantom or Porsche Carerra . After all, the car belongs to the state government meant to be used by the head of government for official function.
    Do you want him to drive around in Penang in beaten up truck? By the time he opens to get in, the door falls off.

    1. Definitely no, just ride in the existing Camry!

      Kalau mahu rasa naik Merc, beli sendiri lah. Boleh beli S500L V12 terus.