Saturday 25 January 2014

Farewell to a good Pas guy

This is a sombre Saturday morning.

I went for dinner with the double-chin Chinese guy last night at Souled Out, Sri Hartamas, and it didn't turn up well.

I don't think the guy really care for me.

Reached home almost at midnight.

Just before I was about to knock-off, received news that Pas Dewan Ulama chief Datuk Harun Taib, 70 had passed away.

He was suffering from diabetes.


I was particularly sad about Harun's passing because he was a good man and despite being a politician would say the right things with sincerity and honesty.

He was among the several senior Pas leaders who were against allowing non-Muslims in the Peninsular to use the word Allah to described their gods. He was also uncomfortable with the Pas' cooperation with DAP.

Harun was severely criticized by the Pas' liberal non-ulama faction in the run-up to the party's Muktamar in November last year. Some of the criticisms against Harun and others like him were personal in nature which lead to heated debates between the ulama supporters and members of the Pas' liberal faction during the Muktamar.

Meanwhile, Pas deputy Mursydul Am Datuk Haron Din is also currently warded in serious condition at the National Heart Institute (IJN). Haron is another senior Pas leader who believes that the party must return to its original struggle of uncompromisingly upholding Islam.

My prayers for him to recover from his ailment.

You can read further about the deceased and seriously ill Pas leaders here,


  1. Inalillah. Alfatihah

  2. According to Annie, "Harun Taib is a good man because he is against allowing non-Muslims in the Peninsular to use the word Allah to described their gods." SPEECHLESS !

    1. The actual sentence in this posting where I described the late Harun Taib as a good man is : "I was particularly sad about Harun's passing because he was a good man and despite being a politician would say the right things with sincerity and honesty".

    2. dumb and dumbing others .... SENSATIONAL!

  3. Annie, engkau ni memang seorang yg jijik, janganlah guna nama orang yg dah meninggal dunia untuk dipolitikkan.

    1. Bahagian mana yg dipolitikkan? Mangkuk ayun betul kamu ni.

    2. Annie's blog is a SOPO blog, mestilah semua dipolitikkan. Orang yg meninggal dunia pon takade bezanya, yg penting matlamatnya tercapai, paham !!!!!

    3. Re. yg penting matlamatnya tercapai,

      Sekurang-kurangnya orang ada MATLAMAT dan WAWASAN.

      Engko Ade?

  4. Something for Muslims to think about......

    Diriwayatkan daripada Abdullah bin Amr bin al-Ash r.a: Aku pernah mendengar Rasulullah SAW bersabda: Allah tidak akan mengambil kembali ilmu (agama) dengan mengambilnya dari (dalam hati) manusia, tetapi mengambilnya kembali dengan kematian para ulama hingga tidak bersisa, lalu orang ramai akan mengambil orang-orang bodoh sebagai pemimpinnya yang apabila orang-orang itu bertanya kepada mereka, mereka akan memberikan jawapan-jawapan yang tidak didasarkan kepada ilmu. Maka mereka akan berada dalam kesesatan dan menyesatkan orang lain.

    عَنْ أَنَسٍ رَضِيَ اللَّهُ عَنْهُ ، قَالَ : قَالَ رَسُولُ اللَّهِ صَلَّى اللَّهُ عَلَيْهِ وَسَلَّمَ : " يَكُونُ فِي آخِرِ الزَّمَانِ عُبَّادٌ جُهَّالٌ ، وَعُلَمَاءُ فُسَّاقٌ " . ابن حبان

    Maksudnya, daripada Anas r.a dia berkata, Sabda Rasulullah: “Akan berlaku pada akhir zaman ahli ibadah yang jahil dan ahli ilmu yang fasik.” (Riwayat ibnu Hibban)

    Ciri-ciri Ulama Fasik

    Secara umumnya ulama ini akan selalu menyanggah pandangan dengan apa yang dibawa oleh ulama amilin, apatah lagi suara mereka disokong oleh golongan ramai. Walaupun secara zahirnya, kita tidak dapat membezakan antara dua golongan ulama ini di sudut pakaian dan percakapan, namun kita dapat menilai mereka melalui tindakan dan kesan daripada tindakannya. Antara ciri-ciri ulama fasik ialah:

    Takut untuk menyampaikan kebenaran
    Menyembunyikan ajaran sebenar
    Perjuangan kerana dunia yang ditawarkan
    Cakap berbolak balik dalam sesuatu isu atau tidak berani berterus terang
    Hasad dengki dengan yang lain
    Bercakap agama atas kepentingan orang lain

    Rujukan sumber dari &

    1. Ostat LOL, don't make us LOL okay !

    2. Don't we need a road map to personal excellence as Mukmin?

    3. Anon 15:47

      Obviously you are not a Muslim. Please read at the bottom of the comment. It wasn't written by me, I am just sharing it with my Muslim Brothers and Sisters.

      To be exact it was posted in Detik Islam Blog.

      Kesiankan kau, dah lah CETEK ILMU dan JUMUD, ada hati nak pulak gelakkan orang. Pathetic is the word actually.

    4. BTW Anon 15:47,

      Kalau tanya jangan marah ya. Awak ni ada masalah MENTAL ke? sebab tergelak tak kena pada tempatnya.

    5. Anon 25 January 2014 15:47,
      Lagi contoh orang yang fasik dan dungu, apabila tidak dapat membalas hujah dengan hujah yang bernas bersama dalili dalilnya, dia bercakap merapu rapu!

    6. Anon 15:47,

      Contoh terbaik RBA di bawah DAPig. Tiada otak macam CM Penang!

  5. Re. This love hate relationship of yours is really confusing.

    It is nice actually, when one is in that "He/She loves Me, He/She Loves Me Not" stage.