Saturday 18 January 2014

Chinese choices for Najib's replacement

So, everyone seems to want DS Najib Razak to step down as Prime Minister.

His crimes : marrying DS Rosmah Mansor, appointing expensive but stupid consultants, surrounded by self-serving advisors, assisted by incompetent ministers, failed to stand-up to crooks ruining states such as Johor, unable to stop price hikes of essential items, eat too much kangkung etc etc.....okay, too many lah.

You all Chinese also want to shove kangkung into Najib's mouth, aren't you?

Fine, let's get rid of him.

Now, who do you want to replace him?

Let's be honest, you all Chinese want this guy as PM, right?

But, sorry to say la, this spoiled brat will never be PM.

Firstly, you all Chinese are less than 30 per cent of the population.

Secondly, can you all choose someone more handsome as your supreme leader? This one too nerdy lah. Obnoxious some more.

Okay, you all Chinese and the rest of the Pakatan gang, I want to ask you...are you all really sure you want this next guy to replace Najib?

You sure or not?

I know some of you all are too young to remember, but this guy almost screwed up this country during the economic crisis of the late 1990s when he was the deputy prime minister and finance minister. Ya, this guy used to be part of the hated Umno too, and he is one of the really bad ones.

If you all Chinese think Najib wants to shove kangkung down your throat, let me tell you that this other guy had been video taped as enjoying shoving other type of vegetable down the throat (and other orifices) of Chinese. Think again, okay.

Well, the next in line on the Pakatan side must be this guy then,

You all Chinese really can accept this guy and his Taliban-like followers, or not?

I know some of you voted for Pas to help DAP and all but come on la, you think this guy will be good for you all as PM?

In Kelantan or Terengganu maybe can la, but letting him runs the whole country?

You all, really think he likes you all and your Chinese ways? Now ya lah, but after he got power, how?

Okay, as for the candidates on the BN side, these are the ones who are eligible to take over from Najib. They are Umno vice-president level and above,

I don't think you want the above guy as PM. You all said he is a Malay ultra, what.

I don't recommend this one either. He talks only. Before Umno elections, made all sorts of noises, now quiet only.

This to become PM like that.

This one Sabah quota only. You ever know of him doing or even saying anything significant?

Yup, this one also eligible. Wanita chief is of vice presidential status. You want her as PM? I don't want...for obvious reasons.

Ha, this one maybe can la. Handsome and got sexy eyes. Got Chinese taste some more. His wife look like Chinese, and his press secretary is actually a really pretty Chinese lady. This guy smart some more.

Okay lah, KJ as PM. Not bad, what.

Sorry ya, MCA and Gerakan guys are not eligible because you all Chinese are too busy making money and have no time for making babies, thus you are less than 30 per cent of the population.

No Chinese PM for you. The Malays, who are the majority will never let you have one. The closest you can get is Ah Jib Gor. By the way, that name sounds horrid to me.







    1. I am a Malay guy in my 50s. I don't hate Chinese. In fact when I was in my secondary school all my teachers were Chinese except for BM and my ustaz. Let us live together as Malaysians. No more quarrel. Peace :)

    2. Anon 11:06, I share your view and predicament:

      "History is written by learned men and women. They are historians. Nature is written by learned people who try to theorize and write about the reality of natural evolution."

      The date was May the 13 in the year 1969. It was an unforgettable and regrettable day for all Malaysian, that bloody riots. It was an historical actuality because the riots really happen on the said date. Historically it was an affirmation and it was a moonier days for us. The clash involved with a small fraction between memorably the ethnic Malays and Chinese. How tenseness and sensitively could it be protected in against disharmony and disorder in multi-ethnic Malaysia will be our priority?

      Is this tragic happening is the statement of historical fact or is it just a construction of an illusion? How the event of past was erupted that man could learn from it? Were there contractors behind this riot to happen? How the events of the riots be documented for our official knowledge?

      Frankly, the above questions are not for us to answer, let those who ever asked that questions are for them to answer themselves in relation to May the 13 riots. But we do know that the bloody riot actually ignited. It is an historical fact. Who, how and what the interpretation of the events would be written depend on the historical faculty of the writers. It be just be as good as for discussions and debates and hope would not to happen again.

      The historical events would be interpret in different perspectives and may be resulted in ambiguity. And to answer the question why, why it happens is the podiums for mental masturbation. Historians write and interpret about the tragedy historically. Politicians write and interpret it politically. Economists write and interpret it economically, the bigots write bigotedly and so on. And who will write it rightly, only heaven knows.

      To me all the questions are uninspiring and irrelevant in relation to the reality of 13 May riots. What really matter to us as Malaysian, the riot has thought us not to be an egocentric and not being branded under an illusionist Malay or Chinese as called for, the headlines term it as the 'clash of cultures'.

      Ignorance to our fellow Malays and non Malays cultural well being should be an absolute taboo. We must also learn to trust our both families and not be ignorant of each other cultures either.

      I was told by an Indian friend of mine the importance of learning of each other cultures. We must learn how to appreciate other habits and behaviors. We must avoid to be egocentric. Continue....

    3. Continue.......
      For instance, "Hey look at these village Malay folks they use their hands to eat, don't they know it is unhygienic. Their left hands used to wash their bottoms and the right hands for eating." In turn, the Malay folks would say, "We have been given the hands and you replaced them with chop sticks." These are statements of comparison derived from our ignorances and insensitivity.

      We must urge ourselves not to see only from our point of view. Let us learn from their point of views. There are many of significance that we could learn from eating by using our hands. The hands are given tools. Before eating the golden rule is to wash their hands. The right hand is used to eat while the left is used to handle the dishes and relishes. Adversely, in using chop sticks for eating. We will learn a long history about and using of chop sticks as well as to learn the cultural values in eating with our hands. The nobility of this wisdom should be put to practice rather than caught in the transaction of conflict and egocentrism.

      Progressively, the beauty of being Malaysian, we could strive to continue our determination to learn more of our each other cultures and well being for the sake of Peace, Harmony and for the betterment in our place of birth. Along the wobbling paths we will learn and not being trapped in by our ignorance, prejudices, mischievous ideologies and the emergence of tailored ideologies from the 'dubious intelligentsia'. In doing so we are out from our 'malaise syndrome' and hopefully we be more human with our consciousness. This is our Malaysian dreams, and hope the voice of a moderate makes some sense.

    4. I don't hate or love people based on their skin color and beliefs. I am a Malay. To those who have similar mentality as our friend here....please just ignore. We know better that what matters is beyond skin deep.

    5. pity melayu liberal moron

      they dont know the chinese game bermuka muka depan melayu wen infact chinese is a real evil anywher they go

      even in america they are hated n called YELLOW NIGGER PIGS SO ON

      so my advise no need to be liberal wen its a fact chinese simply hate that malay liberal bodoh

    6. They-Us, You-I, ..... Who please?

      "Say I am YOU":

      I am dust particles in sunlight.
      I am the round sun.

      To the bits of dust I say ... Stay.
      To the sun ... Keep moving.

      I am morning mist,
      and the breathing of evening.

      I am wind in the top of a grove,
      and surf upon the rock-cliff.

      Mast, rudder, helmsman, and keel,
      I am also the coral reef they founder on.

      I am a tree with a trained parrot in its branches.
      Silence, thought, and voice.

      The musical air coming through a flute,
      a spark of a stone, a flickering in metal.

      Both candle, and the moth whirling around it.
      Rose, and the nightingale lost in the fragrance.

      I am all orders of being, the circling galaxy,
      the evolutionary intelligence, the rise,
      and the falling away. What is, and what isn’t.

      You who know Jelaluddin,
      You the One in all, says who
      I am. Say I am You.

    7. Anon 11:06 + Anon 14:55,

      It's nice to hear voices of reason and rationality in a cacophony of racist remarks by some people here.

      I, myself, have always struggled with racial issues all my life - I just didn't understand why I had to dislike someone just because their skin colour was different from mine.

      I have had Chinese girlfriends, I have had Malay girlfriends, I have had Indian girlfriends, I have had European girlfriends and to me, they were all beautiful and so much fun to be with.

      Maybe it was because I didn't try to have all of the girlfriends together at the same time :)






      UMNO@ U Must Not Object
      BCL@ Buy Condo Lembu

    9. Anon 20:15,

      Your comment goes to show that you are a chinkie and a biaDAP supporter. DAP/PKR/PAS no corruption and abuse of power? Wake up from your self induced slumber and face reality. The fact is MALAYSIA IS A MALAY COUNTRY AND WE THE MELAYU WILL DETERMINE WHO WILL BE THE PM AND NOT YOU, CHINKIE PIG!

    10. Anon 21:35,

      Your comment goes to show that you are a dUMNO and a kangkung supporter. UMNO/BN no corruption and abuse of power? Wake up from your self induced slumber and face reality. The fact is MALAYSIA IS A MULTI-RACIAL COUNTRY AND WE THE PEOPLE WILL DETERMINE WHO WILL BE THE PM AND NOT YOU, PENCACAI UMNO!

    11. Anonymous18 January 2014 22:10 aka The Chinkie Pig aka the Pendatang,

      Bila lu mahu balik tongsan, cHINA bukit? This MALAYsia is Tanah Melayu and not cHINAbabisial! Understand?

    12. 00.35,
      When are you planning to fuck off?

    13. Anonymous19 January 2014 00:35 aka The dUMBO aka the Pencacai UMNO,

      Bila lu mahu balik ke pangkal jalan? This MALAYSIA is a multiracial country and not belong to UMNO! Understand?

  2. Dear Annie Malik...u are so clever, clever and also hilarious too! I like u too but only all the good things and bad ones too that u have posted in ur blog. Btw have u read my own blog MasAgungKL? Aiya Annie why beat the gun about Najib's replacement? Not yet lah Najib is still our choice PM as of now. Maybe after PRU14, not even after the UMNO party election. However, I agree that KJ is the right choice to lead this nation as he is in the process of changing his image from his early years. Handsome, yes, screwd, yes, articulate, yes, sarcastic, yes and all the right trends of prime minister material. The rest can keep on waiting lah if PR doesn't spring a take over, like what they are being tortured in their dreams, or Angan-Angan Mat Jenin. Since these people who really and truly hates Najib, I have personally advise Najib not Makaysian style but Thai or Siam. How about it..setuju k?

    1. MasAgungKl, You may have read Annie's piece wrongly.

      The Chinese voters have to make their choice, to vote with their hearts or with their feet for the sake of peace, harmony and progress by leadership.

      Like a man of peace who says, "don't listen to your mind but listen to your heart and your soul. The mind is polluted by the 'intelligentsia nevertheless be of the pop prophets."  

      It is a brilliant and enlightened piece by Annie. The choice is yours.

    2. It is a brilliant and enlightened piece ..... the Chinese voters have to make their choice, to vote with their hearts or with their feet for the sake of peace, harmony and progress by leadership. The choice is yours.

    3. China is the largest and most ancient of Asiatic countries, but it is not for us boastfully to talk of her right to a position of 'leadership' among those countries . . . For many centuries Chinese society has been free of class distinctions such as are found even in advanced democracies . . . The idea of universal brotherhood is innate in the catholic nature of Chinese thought; it was the dominant concept of Dr. Sun Yat-sen, whom events have proved time and again to be not a visionary but one of the world's greatest realists."
      (General Chiang Kai Shek: anti-communist, anti-imperialist, President of Taiwan R.O.C. 1950-1975. President Chiang wrote of his mother as the embodiment of "Confucian virtues")

    4. Indeed Dr Sun Yat-Sen was one who was assumed to profess the ideology of universal brotherhood but in contradiction. Catholic brotherhood definitely was not Dr Sun's innate quality of Confucianism. It is because Confucius believed man was born nothing good and nothing evil. It is man's potentiality to learn to be good or bad in each of being a person.

      Despite the three principles of Nationalism, democracy and people well being, Dr Sun favored an authoritarian Government. On the other side of coin, General Chiang Kai Shek held on to social conservative underlining traditional Chinese culture. Both of these great men did not have the innate of Confucian virtues.

    5. Anon 22:28,
      "Catholic brotherhood definitely was not Dr Sun's innate quality of Confucianism."

      How do you understand the term "catholic" in your statement? The quotation from Chiang Kai Shek above uses "catholic" to mean "universal or all-encompassing" hence the sentence above means: "The idea of universal brotherhood is innate in the "all-encompassing" nature of Chinese thought." Did you mistakenly take "catholic" to refer to "Roman Catholic Christianity"?

      Confucius was famous for his methodology of seeking knowledge about which he said: "I am not one who was born in the possession of knowledge; I am one who is fond of antiquity (ancient wisdom), and earnest in seeking knowledge there."

      That "Confucian insight" sounds socially conservative to me and I'll venture to say that it probably influenced Chiang Kai Shek's social conservatism as he encountered the political challenges of modern statecraft which encircled the collapsing Manchu Ching Dynasty government.

    6. Anon 3:19, I know the meaning of 'Catholic'.  You said, the idea of  universal brotherhood is innate........." I don't agree. The rest of my comment speaks for itself. However, it is great to learn more about Confucian's teachings in relation to peace and well being.              

    7. Anon 9:13, I did not originate the statement. I merely quoted the famous words of President Chiang Kai Shek. Sir, you may disagree that Confucius teachings are innately universal in character, but know that you are disagreeing not with me but actually going against the substance of the Master's teachings which are of great significance to Chinese culture. Confucius said: "All men are born nearly alike, but by their habits they are set far apart."

      [A Modern Day Illustration]

      Douglas Muhlestein of Harvard University won first place in the advanced category of the 3rd Annual University Chinese Bridge Speech Contest sponsored by the Confucius Institute at UMass Boston. He competed with 17 other finalists on March 23, 2013 with his speech:
      "No Matter What Culture We're From, Between the Four Seas, all Men are Brothers."
      Douglas also reads Chinese poetry in this video presentation.
      {the translation of his speech is placed below the YouTube screen}

  3. Next in line is rightful to be Mahyudin , what wrong if he was seen as ultra Malay anyway ?. Tun Mahathir was labelled as Ultra Malay by the ultra Chinese and ultra Indian ,does any of this group being left out ,though they claim they are ,they are never be satisfied lads till they have the power in their own hands ,even as minority they can push the majority 'Tuan Tanah ' arround .

    Malaysia don't need a handsome Prime Minister ,not a with a sexy eyes ether, but what Malaysia needs a PM who are sensitive to the aspiration of the Tuan Tanah ,not the other way around ,never minds if the kangkong is expensive too, and no tongkat is available but when the Malay race are being mocks around and their religion are being subject to insult ,that is awfully unacceptable .

    Malaysia could ends up like South Africa used to be if the Malay leadership and administration are not sensitive to Tuan Tanah, that place him to be in that position, ( nothing impossible ) and it's a common knowledge that thing's are working towards it's.

    1. I fully agree with you. In physics there is a law (Unfortunately, I can't remember the name of the principle). For every action, there is a reaction. So, we have to keep that in mind. If they dare to slap us, they can expect a harder slap from us

    2. tebing tinggi please go eat your kangkung and stop giving your rubbish comment here.

    3. tebeng tinggi,

      Tuan Tanah?

      Good grief!!! You're an absolute tosser!!! Git your hand orf it!!


    4. tebing tinggi dah kutip cukai tanah ke belum ? kaya betul tuan tanah punya tebing tinggi.

    5. Morally and politically, I am as much skeptical as Anon 13:44 about Tebing Tinggi's massages. The falsehood is in  perception creating a statement of an ultra Malay (Tuan Tanah) by definition. A connotation meant to weaken the Malay psychic further. It brings a situation if Muhyiddin is to take on Najib as PM, thus creating further divisions and weaken the Malay mindsets. This is his point of immorally with politically insinuation.

      Having Muhyiddin as the new PM, the Tuan Tanah is assumed supportive. The power he holds as an ultra Malay leader to lead and govern echoing toward an establishment of an Apartheid rule. This is what Terbing Tinggi is trying to bring his message across. An absurd proposition at his best to confused the Malay psychic. In other words, he is calling the tuan tanah as racist.

    6. We need an ultra-Malay like Muhyiddin as the PM. Now we see so many kurang ajar and biaDAP Chinese and born-again Christians. It's high time we put them back where they rightly belong. If they cannot stomach it, well, be free to migrate elsewhere. We, the Malays will be very very happy without having you ingrates living amongst us.

    7. There are applicable plans to keep the pigs away in isolation democratically. But Najib is insisting that he is still the Prime Minister of all Malaysian for democratic reasons.

      Actually, the attack on Najib is going to practically fortifying and a blessing in disguise. Isn't it ironic? The more they attack Najib the better the situation is. Sooner or later Najib has to draw himself to reach out his political senses. It is a matter of time before the pigs have to hit the road.

  4. Annie, you forgot about Mukhriz being the next candidate for PM post. Nampaknya Annie dah betoi-betoi kecewa dengan Najib, memang kekecewaan ni satu perkembangan yg mantap !

  5. Annie, what is the good for the people to vote a highly corrupt and incompetent UMNO to govern the country ?

    1. Annie kangkung : Tetap Sokong UMNO !!!!

  6. 1. Contrary to what his propoganda machine is hyping up that kj is the last UMNO hope, in reality Kj messed up UMNO during the Pak Lah sleepy head era when kj was defacto need to give him another chance, after Pemuda he can just retire. UMNO really needed new blood, i mean really new untainted blood.

    2. PM Najib has lost it the moment he supported the likes of Sharizat, kj and Hisham for the key UMNO posts he even supported his wife publicly in PAU in using the PM's jet.

    3.TPM can takeover anytime now...he has the necessary experience, attitude and aptitude to be a Good PM for all. If he fails he can retire too and at 67 he does not hv much to lose.

    1. TPM is as incompetent as PM, look what he has done to the standard of Malaysia Education ? The best education system in the world, kononnya !
      The best persons to takes over the PM-ship is non other than Annie and her double chin cinabeng boyfriend.

  7. Annie, you are barking up the wrong tree. You should ask the UMNO Malays who they want to replace Najib. The Chinese have no say in the matter. If you read the pro UMNO blogs you will see that many of them and their supporters are aggitating for the change inluding folks like Warrior 321, Sued, Big Dog, Voicey etc. This article is so off tangent as to be funny and you seem to just want to blame the Cina for everything? Be intelligent. If you read between the lines you may be surprised that much of the opposition rather have Najib cos he is weak.

    1. 'Intelligent' never in Annie vocabulary.

    2. Anon15:15. I presume "intelligent" is not in your vocabulary too. Otherwise, you wouldn't be posting one line nonsense. Please use some of that grey matter in your upper, to think.

    3. Ours is a nation guided by Islamic principles. But what is the place of "rational intelligence" in a faith based on revelation? How important are "right values" and "goodwill" as the true supports for our society in our clamour for "change"?

      Prof. Robert George & Sheikh Hamza Yusuf

  8. KJ? He was rejected even by becoming the SIL of the PM, now you want him to become the PM?

    1. KJ rejected by who ? He was voted as an MP for Rembau and also UMNO Youth Chief. At any time he is more intelligent than Mukhriz.

  9. I have to quote Apanama again since it's not apparent to Annie that many UMNO (Malay) supporters are against the PM as well:

    "As captain and leader vested with enough powers to command, control and manage your team, you are not doing good. I'm saying it again, you are heading to a point of no return.

    You are proving your critics right again and again, as days pass by. People are giving up hope. Your knee-jerk peace efforts (with your political opponents) are sending the wrong signals.

    LISTEN! YOU are your greatest enemy, not the Opposition and certainly not the people who tell you, the Emperor, that you are indeed naked.

    How could you continue to lead when you can't seem to be able to handle the truth? Think about it.

    The antics of your running dogs barking at the messengers is bloody sickening. Personal attacks against messengers who tell you the fact of the matter is cowardice of the highest degree.

    Personal attacks against journalists/writers who relate people's concerns and grouses to the powers that be, is shameful.

    Cage your running dogs or teach them a trick or two about obedience before they turn around and bite you.

    But then again, you may continue to listen to the jokes and soothing tunes played by your court jesters, advisors and running dogs because you are the Emperor.

    The Emperor, I STILL HOPE, wakes up before its too late, puts on his clothes and cracks the whip. Start cracking the whip in your own office where the dog poop smell is overwhelming."

    And pleeze read OutSyedTheBox - Najib Fumbles Again : "The Kangkung Strike Back. Mr PM Please Read This Blog Post. You Dont Understand Things Well." to get a better perspective. for full article.

    Annie, please grow up and stop writing nonsense.

    1. Annie mangkuk is nonsense, so don't have to take her seriously.

  10. Chinese want someone like Khalid Ibrahim whom they can "cucuk and tarik hidung" and follow their orders like a true servant. Khalid is doing a good job in following his master's instruction.

  11. Still can't see a more capable replacement to Ah Jib Gor emerging base on the currently system/method of succession, be it from BN or PR, agreed with Annies's take on those candidates that failed her, but don't agree with her on KJ. Since we aspire for a PM for the rakyat of Malaysia, maybe all politicians and political parties should re-think the possibility of choosing a future PM among the component parties rather than from one single party with condition the survival of the PM is entirely up to the coalition that elected him/her in consultation with the Agong.
    Btw, Annie, please continue to write no matter how loudly some of the visitors her claimed that you write a lot of "nonsense".

  12. It isn't the fact that Muhy is ultra-Melayu that's a problem. The problem is he isn't intelligent, period. He has bungled the school system with his PBS rubbish, so much so that the students sitting for the Form exam this year still don't know what they are sitting for. Muhy, Zahid, Hisham, Apdal, Mukhriz etc boleh balik kampong tanam....KANGKUNG....

    1. Shouldn't we be aiming for one national mainstream school instead, and give our Chinese and Tamil fellowmen their special integrated curriculums in such schools, and let their principals take charge there with assistance from the Ministry of Education? We'll never solve our racial divisiveness otherwise, not in a 100 years!

  13. The quality of leaders can be evaluated as follows:

    a) Effectiveness as a Public Communicator
    b) Organizational Capacity
    c) Political Skill
    d) Vision
    e) Cognitive Style

    Let us evaluate Najib and his potential successor!

  14. Annie,

    It's is NOT the Chinese who will determine the next PM of Malaysia and the Chinese have known this well before PRU13, maybe even before PRU12.

    I am quite shocked that you can be so easily tricked by UMNO propaganda in believing this especially when you can follow up by saying " all Chinese are less than 30 per cent of the population...".

    Didn't that statement make you realise how silly your original contention was?

    As for who will be the PM when Pakatan takes Putrajaya, that is easy - Anwar Ibrahim.

    Say what you like about his extracurricular activities with other men and women, there is simply no evidence with which to prosecute Anwar Ibrahim.

    If UMNO had even the slightest evidence, Anwar Ibrahim would have had been in jail a long time ago.

    As to Najib's incumbency of the PM position, there is really nobody right now who can replace him - nobody.

    Except for one - Mukhriz Mahatir. He has kept his powder dry all this while and is continuing to build up his political capital quietly in Kedah.

    Unfortunately for UMNO, Muhkriz is poorly positioned. He is not a UMNO vice president and he has Kedah to look after.

    I don't think there is anything in the UMNO constitution which forbids Muhkriz from stepping straight in Najib's shoes as UMNO president but such a move might be too radical for the rank and file to accept.

    Nupe, I see Najib leading UMNO into PRU14 unless there is an absolutely bloodbath amongst UMNO members, which is not going to happen any time soon.


    1. Annie has developed a penchant to "taruk" the cina wherever she can, and she sometimes can be really out of control in accusing the cina this and cina that to the extend of creating fitnah to frame the cina. That's the reason lots of her readers call her Annie Mangkuk.

  15. kalau Najib tak berdaya nak memimpin, baik serahkan jawatan PM kepada Ibrahim Ali !

  16. Pucuknya angkuh memanjat bukit,
    tak sedar akar terendam air parit,
    Annie kangkung hari- hari dengki cina,
    Kisah tak lama lagi akan kahwin cina.....

    Pucuknya angkuh memanjat bukit,
    Tak sedar akar diair parit,
    Suka melepas benci pada cina,
    Mungkin suatu hari nanti Annie akan naik giler....

    1. kalo annie ni bencikan cina yang ngko terase apehal?!... kalo dia kahwin dgn cina sekalipon ..ape masalah ngko?? kalo dia jadi giler pon.. bukannye ngko yang tanggong!!!poyo!!

  17. Doesn't matter who the next PM is la... sure they will kick him out also. they already kick one out, now wanna kick another. the pakatan dun hv to do anything also. just wait for UMNO to kick until nobody left to kick.

    You know why those UMNO supporters keep whacking the Chinese? Because they actually want the Chinese on their side la... like the Chinese saying, whacking is loving :)

    If Ah Jib Gor is kicked out, the Chinese will sorely miss him.