Friday 17 January 2014

Johor's Sepuluh Budak Hitam

I was reliably informed yesterday that the people at the Umno headquarters had approached a party veteran to be part of their team.

This Umno veteran is a good man and one of the key members of the small team assisting former Johor Menteri Besar Datuk Abdul Ghani Othman in the defense of the state in the 13th General Election.

I know him and had seen him in action on the electoral frontline. The guy is really good.

Despite losing five out of 26 parliament seats and 18 out of 56 state seats, Johor Umno did relatively well especially in maintaining up to 85 per cent support of the Malay voters in the state. Four out of the seven MCA's parliament seats were also won in Johor.

Unfortunately, I was told that the guy had declined the offer.

I think he would had done a lot of good if he had accepted it. He is one of those genuine Umno man of integrity, incorruptible and devoted to the good cause. He is also an excellent administrator and a thinker.

But then, I was told that this guy had declined to be in the team at the Putera World Trade Centre because he felt that he can't work with some of the individuals there.

He was said to have disagreed with the way these individuals manage the affairs of Umno. Being an incorruptible person, he was said to find it hard to work with these people whose real aim is to further their own vested interests and accumulate monetary gains via their position in the Umno headquarters.

How I wish DS Najib could clean up the place.

The Umno veteran had decided to retire from politics, a decision he made after GE13 and is now spending time tending to his goat farm in his kampung.

He was said to be now disinterested with the goings on in Umno, as well as in Johor where things are turning really bad and showed no signs of improving any time soon.

This is how Umno is losing its good people.

I really hope that Najib will realize this and do something immediately to stop the slide. He simply need to get rid of the crooks and get back the good people.

Otherwise, things will get really ugly.

In Johor at the moment, a new group of young crooks are emerging from Kota Iskandar, replacing people like that good Umno veteran.

This group is known as the "Sepuluh Budak Hitam".

They went about demanding all sorts of things for themselves from the government agencies by brandishing the name of Menteri Besar Datuk Mohd Khaled Nordin.

Those in IRDA, JCorp, and other such institutions in Johor should know who are these Sepuluh Budak Hitam and what they had demanded from them. The people of Johor Civil Service (JCS) should know them too.

Their catchphrase as they go on their rampage is "nak bersihkan tahi Ghani" (cleaning up Ghani's shit). The fact of the matter is, they are the ones crapping all over the place to the detriment of Umno and the State government.

It's now nine months since their boss Khaled took over at Kota Iskandar and I have not yet see anything substantive being done in Johor.

Except of course for a bit of populist moves which aim at keeping the Malay electorates happy.

At the same time, the pillaging of Johor by the Sepuluh Budak Hitam and others continues.

These are among things that Najib needs to put to an immediate stop if Barisan Nasional is to have any hope of winning GE14.


  1. How I wish DS Najib could clean up the place.

    How ma? He can't even clean his own backside!

    1. ya la coz u sapu all toilet papers...everything u mau sapu abeng

  2. KUALA LUMPUR : PRIME Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak has directed the Domestic Trade, Cooperatives and Consumerism Ministry to take stern action against any business operator who raise food prices at their premises.

    He said this will include charging them with the current laws and acts.

    “If they are found increasing their prices, the government will not hesitate to take action,” he said.

    Najib added that this was to ensure the people feel comfortable and at ease, especially with the current goods price hikes.

    Mari kita lihat, Mat Kangkung ni ada telur lagi atau tidak!

  3. Annie, if you know this guy why not approach him and get him to lead a new alternative party to UMNO. If your description of his character is true, this is the kind of leadership rakyat is yearning for. I am an UMNO member who would be very glad to join the new party. PR no way. Please Annie get all the bloggers with the same aspirations and meet this guy and persuade him into helping the rakyat.

  4. Hmm.....Interesting...

  5. Nothing will change in UMNO ,unless the president is changed , there no other ways around . All UMNO members and supporters must remember that UNMO should be save not the the president who had failed them all this years.
    Malay survival as it is now, does defend on UMNO on the whole , not weak and undecisive president who could destroy the party that touch many Malay heart.

    Is saving Najib far greater then the survival Malay on the whole ?.

    1. tebing tinggi, jangan korang ajar dan biadap !

    2. party 'veteran' to be part of the team ? a team for what ? unseat Najib ? pleaselah Ani, you ni sokong Najib ke atau anti Najib ? jangan jadi seperti kangkung lengang sini lengang sana okay.

    3. Najib masih tidah sedar bahawa kepimpinan dan polisi yang beliau perkenalkan tidak berkesan untuk kebaikan mahu pun melayu atau seluruh rakyat Malaysia. Hatinya sudah tertutup untuk menerima keadaan negara sekarang. Sikap elitis dan memberi muka kepada segolongan kecil amat merugikan. Mungkin Anon 14:25 salagh seorang dari golongan eliti yang meneriba habuan dari kepimpinan Najib.

  6. Najib hits back at kangkung critics

    KUALA LUMPUR: Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak said he used kangkung (water spinach) to explain the principle of supply and demand because it was a popular vegetable.

    "I like to eat kangkung, you all like to eat kangkung. As such, I gave an example which everybody eats. If I use quail as an example, only certain people eat it," he said.

    "The example should not be ridiculed by anybody because I gave the example on the principle of supply and demand which decide the prices of some of the food commodities which are not subject to price controls," he said.

    ps. This guy is still in dreamland. Wake up lah!

  7. Your Sepuluh Budak Hitam Happens to be Najib's Trusted Aides!

    Apa la You Ni Annie...Nak buat Kacau PM Saja...Leave those boys alone OK?

  8. hhmmh... who is good enough to replace DSN?, by party tradition, it should be TPM, but again can TPM do something to the worsening situation in JB since that is his home state?, at least by doing so to prove he is worthy as a capable replacement.

  9. The DPM gotta go too.

  10. Apa "Sepuluh Budak Hitam" sudah buat? Sack all Ghani's appointed personnel? Lantikan baru semua saudara mara mereka? Duit suapan dari towkay cina dan kongsi gelap semua mereka ambil? Perumahan yang diwarkan untuk awan semua mereka sapu? Semua kontrak kerajaan dibolot oleh syarikat mereka? Semua sekretari yang cun-cun sudah jadi gf dan mistree mereka?

    Sila perincikan, semoga kami semua boleh beri pertolongan dimana terboleh!

  11. Konspirasi menjatukan PM secara tersembunyi. Mana ISA? Menteri KDN tidur ke?

    1. Bukan lagi konspirasi, tetapi panggilan secara terbuka.

  12. "If you think you are rich, there are many who are richer than you. If you think you are clever, there are more people cleverer than you. But if you think you are honest, then you are among the few and in this instance, it is best to be among the few."
    ~ (Tunku Abdul Rahman Putra, First Prime Minister of Malaysia)

  13. Annie,

    You should have realised that something like the "Sepuluh Budak Hitam" is quite normal in Malaysian politics.

    Every new administration will bring along a new set of cronies looking to shove their snouts into the feeding trough.

    Whilst BN-administered states will invariably have such cliques, I have no doubt that the Pakatan states will also have something similar.

    I suspect the Pakatan states have a tighter grip on controlling corrupt behaviour amongst the upper echelons in their states. They know that they are being watched not only by BN but the rakyat as well.

    BN states, like Johor, though, may tend to act with impunity - simply because they can.

    I mean, exactly what can anybody do about it? :)

    Still, it is admirable that you are being pro-active in trying to do something to clean up UMNO from within and I must commend you for your bravery in exposing these "Sepuluh Budak Hitam".

    Be careful though.

    Politics in Malaysia is played in a rather rough and ungentlemanly manner and while you may have powerful friends, you can still get badly hurt.