Thursday 2 January 2014

Starting 2014

It's been quite a few days since my last posting.

I needed the rest.

Went to somewhere quiet and spend the days mostly sleeping and catching up on my readings.

But I did observe the happenings at the closing of 2013, the year which I think should be remembered as the most politically exhaustive for Malaysians.

Was tempted to write my thoughts on the new year eve protests, but decided not to as I want to start 2014 with a peace of mind.

I also saw the turn of events in Johor the past few days with sadness in my heart.

I wish I could write more about those things but then told myself not to waste my time as no good would come out of it.

Here is one of the Johor stories which made me sad,
Ex-Johor Sultanah files to annul divorce from late Ruler

I know her youngest daughter, a very nice and humble young lady.

I'm still in the auto-pilot mode and have no intention of going straight into heavy stuff with my postings.

Whatever it is I hope this new year will be good for all good Malaysians.

Less politics, I hope.

Yes, I know there is the recent price hike of essential items. But let's be positive. I don't think any Malaysian will suffer from starvation anytime soon because of these price hikes. Things are not going to be all that bad if we refuse to be overwhelmed by it.

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  1. Thank you Annie for not bashing the Chinese on 2014 new year day !!

    1. oooh we miss u annie lol

      so ur story sud make the pendatang sepet aware that this country is a tanah melayu as a sultan/king n its validated the fact that chinese are indeed pendatang bodoh

      tunku n sultans of tanah melayu made the biggest mistake ever by accepting the pigs as a citizen in negri melayu sigh

    2. anon 20:53, please don't insult the Sultans by saying they accepting pigs, nanti laporan polis di buat terhadap engkau baru tahu.

  2. About Conscience:

    re: "Whatever it is I hope this new year will be good for all good Malaysians."

    A man asked the Prophet Muhammad what was the mark whereby he might know the reality of his faith. The Prophet said, "If you derive pleasure from the good which you have done, and you are grieved about the evil which you have committed, you are a true believer." The man said, "What really constitutes a misdemeanour?" The Prophet said, "When an action pricks your conscience, forsake it."

    All actions are judged by the motives underlying them.

    1. the problem is the pendatang sepet worship a buncit shirtless god so they dunno wat ur preaching above

    2. That's not our problem brother. Allah instructed us in the Quran to pass on the Good Word of Islam - even just one ayat only - and leave the heart and mind of the hearer to Him, our Lord.

    3. memang bodohnya anon 20:55, pendatang sepet worship banyak gods tahu. Ada juga ramai pendatang sepet yg berugama Islam, christian, buddhist, hindus, buncit shirless god, dan sebagainya.
      Tolonglah sikit, kalau nak hina sesebuah bangsa pon kenalah tahu asal usul mereka baru hentam, kalau tidak nanti diri diketawakan oleh orang ramai.

    4. 22.06
      ur a moron idiotic lunatic bodoh the above guy is making a poke laa bodohhhh why so serious defending this cina celaka dap babi niii haiyooo lu ni keldai cina kot... brainless anjing baruah cina

    5. Setiap umat Islam diminta memelihara Islam dan mempertahankannya daripada dicemari oleh musuh-musuh yang jahil dan kufur. Diantara tuntutan Islam bagi memelihara agama ini ialah melarang umatnya menghina agama dan kepercayaan umat lain. Ini akan mendorong mereka melakukan tindak balas yang akan merugikan umat Islam. Islam adalah agama dakwah bukannya pencetus kepada permusuhan. Firman Allah dalam surah Al-An’am ayat 108:
      وَلاَ تَسُبُّوْا الَّذِيْنَ يَدْعُوْنَ مِنْ دُوْنِ اللهِ فَيَسُبُّوْا اللهَ عَدْوًا بِغَيْرِ عِلْمٍ

      Dan janganlah kamu cerca benda-benda Yang mereka sembah Yang lain dari Allah, kerana mereka kelak, akan mencerca Allah secara melampaui batas Dengan ketiadaan pengetahuan. Demikianlah Kami memperelokkan pada pandangan tiap-tiap umat akan amal perbuatan mereka, kemudian kepada Tuhan merekalah tempat kembali mereka, lalu ia menerangkan kepada mereka apa Yang mereka telah lakukan.

    6. 23.30
      another stupid moron
      dont u know chinabeng every second minute hour insulting malay n islam in fb blog etc

      u dun hav to defend these kafir harbi but u sud channel ur energy to attack them back

      in islam also teaches us to perangi these kafir harbi pls check chinabeng fb n blogs kasi cerdik sikit ape permainan cina ni ye

    7. Anon 00:21

      I don't see any of them insulting Islam in this entry? Who started it in here?

      Re. u dun hav to defend these kafir harbi but u sud channel ur energy to attack them back

      Why should I waste my time defending them when they have done nothing wrong in this blog to offend me as Muslim. But I will surely retaliate should they do so and definitely I have done so on other issues.
      Re.pls check chinabeng fb n blogs kasi cerdik sikit ape permainan cina ni ye

      Why don't you go and perangi mereka di FB dan Blogs tersebut. This is not the place, ibarat ada Perang kat Johor tapi pergi Serang kat Kedah.... jadi siapa yang bodoh.

      Baca dan fahami Al Quran, guna Akal bukan Emosii.

      In this blog and entry in particular, we have differences in political opinions, thus we need to argue along the line. Kalau debat isu A, lawan balik dengan hujah berkaitan isu A bukan dengan hujah isu B. Kalau buat sebaliknya itu TAK CERDEK MINDA namanya.

    8. Anon 23:12

      Re. why so serious defending this cina celaka dap babi niii haiyooo lu ni keldai cina kot

      Which Chinese are you referring too?

      Annie's mom is Chinese Muslim, my late uncle is Chinese Muslim (hampir setiap waktu solat berjemaah di Masjid dan meninggal terjatuh semasa ambil wudhu dalam bilik mandi untuk solat subuh), Dr. Ridhuan Tee is Chinese....

      Helen Ang is Chinese but she is pro BN based on her writing, the Comedian Jason Lim, Afdlin Shauki's Buddy is Chinise and he is pro BN, there are around though no many.

    9. Anon 00:21

      Ada baiknya awak gunakan bahasa kebangsaan iatu Bahasa Melayu. I am amazed at this I hour that I can actually decipher your atrocious "Bahasa Rojak".

    10. The Door of Mercy is Always Open to Anyone Who Repents:

    11. to all the commentators here
      its a shame on u when ur trying to act liberal by indirectly defending chinabeng daPIG

      ur socalled liberal brain making these sepet continue to bash malays as u know cina is cina nothing straight about them except their hairs

      thats why cina makin kurang ajar nowadays coz so many stupids baruah melayu like u

    12. 03.13
      ur a clown u urself write bahasa rojak lol

    13. Anon 17:45

      Sekolah di SJKC ke? Bahasa Rojak pun tak taju nak bezakan. Bahasa Rojak itu merujuk kepada satu ayat yang becampur-campur dengan perkataan satu bahsa dengan bahasa yang lain, contohnya:

      "in islam also teaches us to perangi these kafir harbi pls check chinabeng fb n blogs kasi cerdik sikit ape permainan cina ni ye"

      btw, WTF is "SUD"?

    14. Anon 17:44

      Isunya disini bukan nak pertahankan cinabeng, tapi sekadar memberi peringatan, kalau orang tak hina Tuhan dan Agama kita dalam blog ni, kita jangan mulakan menghina Tuhan dan Agama mereka.

      Memang betul kat blog dan FB lain ramai yang menghina Islam, kalau nak serang pergilah kat FB dan Blog tu, bukan kat sini. Pengikut Kak Annie disini tak ada lagi yang hina Islam setakat ini, sekurang-kurang bukan dalam entri ini.

  3. Price hikes !!! , yesterday evening I had a drink , kopo O is just RM 1 and the mak chik was very kind as well, gave three pieces of karipap for free ( I don't know why ) but I believe Malay are very generous lads .

    1. please lah tebing tinggi, now is 2014, tak boleh ke hang buang tabiat buruk anda yg suka cakap bohong !!
      Adakah kemungkinan besar makcik tu makcik Annie ?

      tebing yg tak berapa tinggi

    2. Yupe.. non of the regular Malay Food Stalls that I frequent has increased their food and prices in my area.

    3. Anon 20:24

      We only buy from Malay Muslims and Indians only. No more from Cina DAP.

  4. A toast to a brand new start. I wish you all the best Annie dear. Happy New Year!

    1. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    2. Anon 20:57
      Don't go around insulting my friend in my blog. It's stupid okay.

    3. Annie, you too don't go around insulting my chinese friends in your blog, it's not only the very stupid of you but also disgusting okay !!!

    4. This one not typical DAPster Komunis ChinPeng punyalah. This woman Annie's blogger friend oi. Tapi Tok Kong Penang boleh balik kampung lah

      For Auntie Annie and Uncle:

    5. annie be careful chinese likes to bermuka muka so beware if shes a typical chinese bermuka muka or shes a truly good malaysian




    1. kah..kah..kah....masih ada lagi kah..kah..kah...




    wahai sikedana binti sipapa
    hari ini engkau ditentukan
    dengar sini baik-baik


    Jika kenaikan..

    ..harga minyak itu benar
    ..tol itu benar
    ..tariff letrik itu benar
    ..GST itu benar
    ..cukai pintu itu benar
    ..tambang lrt itu benar
    ..tambang bas itu benar
    ..yuran astro itu benar

    Maka ingatlah, jika ditanya apa kamu nak buat...
    jawablah dengan tenang..

    ..kami akan tenang
    ..kami akan syukur
    ..kami akan redha
    ..kami akan ikat perut
    ..kami akan pilih2 makan
    ..kami akan tambah jam kerja
    ..kami akan hindar lebuh raya
    ..kami akan kayuh basikal
    ..kami akan cari pelita ayam
    ..kami akan tanam ubi kayu
    ..kami akan tolak minuman tin

    Dan berkatalah..

    ..kami tak kacau sapa-sapa
    ..kami redha tanda syukur
    ..kami tak resah
    ..kami tenang
    ..kami tak risau

    ..kami akan cari alternatif

    ....kerajaan alternatif !!!

    1. Macam bodohhhh je mamat atas ni
      yes bn is suck but pakatan is the kibg if suck.. sucker than bn

      so u wanna vote suck or sucker

    2. What a bunch of hypocrites....

      Gaji naik tiap-tiap tahun tak bising dan merungut pulak, tapi selalu curi tulang serve FB, Internet, long lunch hour break, tea break, pergi tandas sampai entah berapa kali...

    3. Bagus talkin tu. Jangan biarkan UMNO terus bermaharaja lela di bumi ini.

      Di akhir zaman ini, jelas yang kaya terus bertambah kaya dan kekal rakus mengaut kekayaan. Yang miskin semakin melarat.

    4. Kekayaan di nsebuah negara adalah mencukupi untuk manampung semua keperluan rakyatnya tetapi mustahil untuk memuaskan kerakusan nafsu pemimpinya.

      Najib and Rosmah just had to go.

    5. Anon 07:37.
      Jangan jadi banggang dengan berfikiran bahawa ahli politik PR suci bagai malaikat. Jangan juga ingat Al-Juburi tidak gemar meliwat. Sila tanya Al-Juburi dan Azmin dari mana datang kekayaan mereka, kalau bukan bersama BN, seketika dulu. Mengapa mereka tidak berbuat apa-apa membenteras penyelewengan masa didalam UMNO?

      Dengan majority 2/3, ahli politik di Selangor, menaikan gaji mereka sendiri, hampir 400%. Guan Eng pun melaram dengan kereta merc selepas 2 bulan guna camry. Bukankah mereka juga sudah kaya-raya?
      Orang kata, kalau nak kenal perangai sesaorang, beri mereka kuasa. Bukan kah mereka juga bermaharaja-lela, di Pulau Pinang dan Selangor?

      Sila tunjuk bukti yang miskin semakin melarat.
      Dan, dari mana kamu dapat firasat bahawa dunia di akhir zaman? Orang Agama?

    6. Re. Sila tunjuk bukti yang miskin semakin melarat.

      Kat Malaysia ni Peminta Sedekah pun dapat belasan ribu sebulan kalau rajin.

      "The earnings of some beggars can reach up to RM1,000 (S$410) a day.

      This was the figure the Federal Territory Welfare Department got in the course of its investigations.

      "We have caught beggars carrying as much as RM1,000," said department director Normah Abdul Rauf, appealing to the public to stop giving them money and instead use the proper channels to donate.

      "It's easy money for them and they simply refuse to kick the habit as it has become lucrative. Each beggar could collect an average of RM300 a day."

      The department, which conducts six operations a month, is at its wit's end on how to stop the menace as those "rescued" usually go back to their old habits once they are released.

      "The immigrants caught are usually handed over to the Immigration Department. But after a while, you will see these familiar faces on the streets again. They are the ones armed with letters from the UNHCR (United Nations Refugee Agency)".

      Normah said when a group is taken off the streets, another group would take their place in no time, taking advantage of public generosity.

      She said those between the ages of 18 and 59 are sent to welfare homes to be rehabilitated and undergo vocational training.

      The older ones are sent to old folk's homes under the Destitute Persons Act 1977.

      In Kuala Lumpur yesterday, seven beggars, including two Cambodian women and their two toddlers, were picked up by the department during an operation to round up beggars in the city.

      The raid, the 33rd by the department this year, was conducted following the report by the New Sunday Times last week on the tactics of these beggars.

      Department deputy director Rosman Khan Zainul Abidin Khan said most of the beggars were foreigners and many were repeat offenders.

      To date, the department has detained 431 beggars, of whom 85 were children."

      Source: Lowyat.Net

    7. Mangkuk-hayun, betoi hang ni, Anon 23:21.

      Aku bukan suruh hang ambil contoh orang miskin yang tak bermaruah, minta sedekah untuk jadi kaya. Kalau boleh dapat RM300/day, dia bukan orang miskin, lagi dah.

  7. Great to have you back Happy 2014 be happy

  8. I don't recall seeing the ex-Sultanah during the Sultan funeral and many told me that she was in London during that time.

    Can some verify this?

  9. Annie you are a confused semi-chinese. Yes, I think you sometimes identify more with your chinese half than your Malay half.

    From ,

    Another halfling.

  10. I’m back from a month of self-banishment, angered and frustrated with UMNO and Malays’ disarrayed delusion on how to shepherd a multi-racial/ faith/culture country and at the same time, to preserve its divine homeland as it is. When UMNO’s doctrine, seems to resemble PAS in its early establishment, its youth wing seems somewhat liberalized, ball polishing and back-bending, as if to gain favors in the event that PR gets to rule, GE14. What seems to be due to worldly creed, PAS is ‘transforming’ into UMNO in the 60s, minus, just the booze.
    I’m disgusted too, at the nepotistic creed, belligerent, racist, anti-Malay/Muslim attitude of DAP leaders and some of its politicians. It seems, once they have tasted power, they are bolder and become more greedy, to the extend of inciting and sowing religious hatred in garnering electoral votes. I can adamantly assure those with good faith and conscience, this venture is disastrous to the nation. It would surely lead to bloodshed. That’s what religion do, all over the world.
    Money is the root of all evil, they say. Since time immemorial, the dishonest nature of aristocrats and politicians are as good as legend.. As lawmakers, their own academic credentials are vague. Yet they formulated laws that governed rakyat’s remuneration and age or retirement, but theirs, literally until death do they part. Yes, politician on both the divide. What a selfish lot! Their obviously tangible credentials:-
    - get connected…then fights in the name of the rakyat, getting rich doing it.
    - bodek to the hilt.
    - with the ability to command a crowd. Of-course, one must have good linguistic skill. That’s why many politician are lawyers. No?
    Unfortunately in UMNO, there are many bad talker, giving the impression, they are purposely planted, in the interest of its leaders. These people literally fart through their mouth, so it seems.

    (To be continued)

  11. (Continue)

    I have secluded myself alone, away from civilization, without internet excess too. I went off, 'menebas semak-samun' in my ancestral orchard, surrounded by crystal clear streams, converging into a river. I have no fear of 'hantu jembalang' or do believe in them, either. Never heard of anyone died, strangled by any species of them, anyway. Nonetheless, I dread the gruesome thought of being gored by wild boars or bitten by centipede or even rats, as big as juvenile cats, while asleep. Lucky, tigers are unheard of in those areas. If not for the mosquitoes and leeches, I would have a great time, indeed.
    Without the usage of brush-cutter machine too. Since last I did in December 2012, the time spend to repair it, took about as much time I spend on 'menebas' and once, the repairing even reduce my sleeping time. Anyway, I think I need the 'workout' and the brisk walkabout through bushes and its terrain in search of durians, daily at sunrise and near dark.
    This season, we are unlucky, though. Out of only 6 trees that bears fruits, 3 with only 6pcs hanging in the trees, not knowing when it will drop. When they do, most were eaten by wild boars when I was sleeping. If lucky, I could eat one a day. In a generous season, my cousin usually fetch about 2~3 wheelbarrows, each morning. That’s was the time when I had the opportunity to meet distant relatives and their immediate families who came for a feast and picnic.
    This time around, I’m all alone since, Cempedak trees is doing bad and not yet ripe too, while mangosteen, dokong langsat, rambutan and rambai are totally absent.

    The stint or workout made me more energetic and relaxed. Every time I think of Najib, his wife, his advisors/consultants or his cabinet, I would sweat it out by angrily swinging my ‘parang menebas’ towards those undergrowth bushes, hoping they would, somehow change or be changed. I think its best, Najib resign before its too late to ‘TUKAR’.

    Now, I need much reading on the hard facts of how and where my homeland is herded to, politically. I hope we are not going the direction of the unworthy Arab of today or even Thailand. Why Thailand? Because, if not for the once mighty and successful Arab seafarers (who first converted the ancestors of natives’ Malay rulers.), Malaysians today, might be in common, as the Thais. The evangelist seems to forget, that throughout what was called, 500 years of western colonization, the Malays’ adopted faith and its adherence was kept intact since it’s inception, due to their Rulers’s influence as Religious Head. During that time the Europeans, and even later under the Japanese, (including the states up north of Peninsular, under King of Siam), foreign powers are known to have respected this land as belonging to its definitive people, hence accepted the fact that other faith must not be propagated among the Muslim Malays. Without their ‘Rulers’, Malay(s..ia) today, would be just like Acheh, Southern Thailand or Philippines. Therefore, the insinuation that Malaysia turns Republic is disastrous too. Unless of-course, the Rulers themselves have lost their sense of usefulness, in their selfish quest for worldly wealth.

  12. Hahaahaha

    Why don't you just stay in that garden? Lotsof fruits to eat and stay sane and healthy.

  13. I guess it not to late to say Happy New Year Annie. Just be who you are and you will be fine. Been busy a couple of days and mis this post. Sorry about that and enjoy your 2014.


  14. Dear Annie,

    If I'm not mistaken, Tengku Zanariah's sister also married a prince/king. Can't remember which royalty though. The east coast, I think.
    Oh, and Happy New Year!

    Paan M.

    1. Tunku Nora the ex-Sultanah of Johor as well married to Sultan Ismail

      "Tunku Puan Zanariah Iskandar[3] (born Tengku Zanariah binti Tengku Panglima Raja Ahmad on 5 July 1940)[4] is the second wife of Sultan Iskandar of Johor from their marriage in 1961 until his death in 2010. She served as Raja Permaisuri Agong between 1984 and 1989.

      Her sister, Tengku Nora, was married to her father-in-law, Sultan Ismail.[5]"