Wednesday 22 January 2014

CNY mood and perdictions

Since I have been told that BN will soon be relying on a new tactic in waging the cyberwar against Pakatan and that the tactic will not rely much on independent pro-BN bloggers like myself, I am going to relax a bit and write more about less political stuff from now on.

My guess is that the media handlers of BN had decided to hire some sorts of consultants and an army of well trained cybertroopers to fight for them. If that's really the case, then I hope they will do a good job and not cost too much. Maybe it is a good thing for BN to hire professionals instead of relying on amateurs like myself to fight for them in cyberspace.

I'm okay with what ever the BN people want to do as long as their new cyberwar strategy is better than the one they employed for the 13th General Election where BN cyber-forces were outclassed and outsmarted. The independent bloggers on BN side did contributed a lot but they were also not good enough to battle the more disciplined Pakatan cybertroopers, particularly those hired by the DAP.

Well, that's about it then.

As for today, I actually just want to write about the current Chinese New Year mood.

I am going back with my mother to our kampung in Kluang, Johor to celebrate the occasion.

I had bought a dress and a pair of shoes for the celebrations.

I always buy a new pair of shoes for Chinese New Year.

My mother went back to Kluang during the last long weekend of the Thaipusam celebrations to help my grandmother clean up the family house.

This year, all my aunts and their families in Singapore will come back to Kluang to celebrate.

I do look forward to meet them, especially my favorite cousin KH.

This new year is my year - The Year of the Horse.

Hopefully, it's going to be better than last year, which is not really a tall order since last year was quite a bad year for me.

I think the Chinese community will have a good time too over the next 12 months.

For one thing, they should be celebrating the fact that the evil BN government which most of them spat upon at the GE13 last year had decided to be less vengeful than expected.

Whatever was promised to the Chinese community by BN during the election campaign were actually being fulfilled despite more than 90 per cent of them voted for Pakatan in what had since been known as the Chinese tsunami.

You can read an example of the fulfilled promises at this Johor-edition of NST report by Chuah Bee Kim at her blog -

Janji Ditepati

As it is, this Malay-led BN government is not as bad as being portrayed by DAP.

Malays are after all an easy going bunch of people.

Violence, vengeance and vendetta were not really part of their culture. They normally would only react out of their gentle character if subjected to extreme provocation and being pushed to a corner where they have no choice but to defend themselves.

Just look at that call to boycott Chinese business interests after the Chinese tsunami of GE13. As predicted by even the Chinese commentators in this blog at that time, the whole thing was just a "hangat-hangat tahi ayam sahaja" thing. The Malays do not have the capacity to collectively punish others. It is just not in their character to do such things. It's as simple as that.

So, as far as I am concerned, the coming Year of the Horse will be a good year for the Malaysian Chinese....the same as it has always been good years ever since their forefathers came to this blessed country and turned it into their home.


  1. Maybe the "Chinese New Year" bring Truth closer to all of us, and blessings for the doers of good.

    Surah Al-Adiyat

    1. Yes















    2. YAWN....... MR/MS TARA AGAIN.

    3. this dog (anon 15:12) also come to annie blogs to insanely barking, can someone throw him a bone to chew ar ?

    4. Anon 15:12 is a descendent of an Indian and a Chinese, a real cross-breed who has forgotten his roots! Cannot give him a bone... he got no teeth , just bark no bite one mah..but stark rabid all the same!

    5. i agree 15.12
      we shall tongkang back only chinese males the amoi should stay here we need them hehee good services lol

    6. The amoi can be our maids. FYI, we used to have an amoi as our housekeeper!

  2. Year of the horse? So you gonna be 36 this year? That still young lah annie. No need to rush cari jodoh until sapa2 datang pun you terima. Take your time.

    1. I think Annie is just 24 la looking at her the shoes

  3. Hi Annie, that's a pair of sexy-looking shoes and loved that red above-ankle length sheer-sucker pants! Cheer up Annie and celebrate with your loved ones.

    Looking forward to your non-political postings.

  4. annie..
    i bet ur a pretty lady i can tell from ur legs.. heyy ur legs look so nice hahaaaa fetish

    1. don't be so gatal-lah please !

    2. i strongly suspect she's really goody-two-shoes in reality!

    3. Happy Chinese New Year to Annie, her Mum and Family, everyone,

      Btw, do they have halal bak kwah these days like they have vegetarian mooncakes?

    4. I am going back with my mother to our kampung in Kluang, Johor to celebrate the occasion.This year, all my aunts and their families in Singapore will come back to Kluang to celebrate.

      A gentle reminder folks since filial piety seems out of fashion these days

  5. Thanks for the mention, Annie. May you have a joyous celebration in Kluang.

    1. May you have a joyous reunion in Kluang.


  6. Annie I Love You..

    1. sorry anon 15:54, Annie for this moment only loves the cinabeng with double chin.

  7. sesungguhnya Annie seorang muslimin, adalah HARAM merayakan tahun baru cina.

    Ostaz Gostan

    1. Belajar kat mana tu Haram?

      Tahun Baru Cina itu hanya perayaan tahun baru bagi masyarakat Cina bukan perayaan keagamaan. Walau bagaimana pun ada batasnya sebagai seorang Cina Muslim.

      " KUALA LIPIS - Mualaf Tionghua dan Cina Muslim tidak harus berasa ragu-ragu untuk menyambut Tahun Baru Cina dan malam Chap Goh Mei kerana acara itu wajar difokuskan untuk mengeratkan hubungan kekeluargaan.

      Kadi Daerah Lipis, Abu Bakar Ismail berkata, bangsa Melayu juga boleh menghadiri acara tersebut dengan tujuan meningkatkan perpaduan yang menjadi elemen penting dalam berdakwah.

      “Mualaf atau saudara baru boleh merayakan bersama keluarga masing-masing yang masih belum memeluk Islam dalam satu majlis yang dianjurkan oleh Persatuan Cina Muslim, di sini, agar dapat mengeratkan hubungan kekeluargaan dan perpaduan dalam kalangan bangsa lain,” katanya.

      Manfaatkan Tahun Baru Cina

      Oleh Mohd Ridhuan Tee

      TAHUN Baru Cina menjelang tiba. Malah, bahangnya begitu dirasai apabila limau mandarin diagih-agihkan ketika kempen Pilihan Raya Kecil Dewan Undangan Negeri Tenang sehinggalah hari pengundian pada hari ini.

      Ramai yang bertanya bolehkah umat Islam bersama-sama orang Cina menyambut Tahun Baru Cina? Saya ingin menegaskan di sini, boleh. Tidak timbul masalah selagi kita pandai menjaga batas-batas sebagai seorang Islam.

      Tahun Baru Cina adalah perayaan budaya, tidak ada kena-mengena dengan agama. Malah digalakkan jika mahu menyambutnya demi dakwah, terutama saudara muslim Cina yang telah memeluk Islam.

      Artikel Penuh:
      © Utusan Melayu (M) Bhd

      Nota: Article Dr Ridhuan Tee terlalu panjang tak bolah cut & paste, jadi sila klik link untuk memahami hal ini dengan lebih lanjut.

    2. Additional Info.

      Cuma Annie kena berhati agar tidak bersandarkan nasib pada Tahun Kuda, itu dikira syirik dan berdosa besar.

    3. Tahun ni Annie akan naik 'Kuda' berkaki dua.... syiok-nya !!


    4. Ostaz Gostan, bolehkah Annie naik kuda ? Halal atau Haram ?

    5. Anon 13:41

      Please have some self respect and respect others boundary.

      Maybe saying is true after all "you are what you eat" and in your case "kalau banyak makan Ba Alif Ba Ya, perangai pun macam, Ba Alif Ba Ya.

    6. Anon 13:51

      It is ok to sound funny and cute, but that doesn't mean one have to be RUDE and a RETARD just like what you did. Your parents must have some serious parenting issue raising you and they should have not been allowed to BREED.

  8. You quote the Nst and say the chinese should be grateful? What about rest of the country? Or are there only malay and chinese? Get a grip on fucking reality. And grow up.

    1. For Annie, the rakyat, particularly the Chinese community in the country must always be forever grateful to the evil UMNO ! That's why people are calling her Annie mangkok ayun for a reason.

    2. Re. the Chinese community in the country must always be forever grateful to the evil UMNO !

      You got that RIGHT and NO QUESTION about it. Without the Malay Sultans' consent, the Chinese would not have got Jus Soli with a stroke of pen. PLease read about the plight of the Stateless Brunei Chinese.


      Even the Singaporean Chinese are not happy with Malaysian Chinese PR there now. Have you ever wondered why is that so?

      Re. That's why people are calling her Annie mangkok ayun for a reason.

      Only a seriously RETARDED REDBEANIES will do that, please don't just simply generalize by quoting "PEOPLE", as most people are not retarded like you and your lackey.

    3. anon 08:50, please go drink a glass of orange jus soli before commenting and stop reading Utusan Malaysia. Also, without the 'participants' of the Chinese and Indian community do you think the British will grant Malaya independent ?

      No need to care so much about whether Singaporean is happy or not, it's non of our business anyway. The most important thing right now is to get rid of UMNO before it is too late. UMNO is taking the country to 'Holland' economically and socially !!

    4. Anon 13:50

      Re. without the 'participants' of the Chinese and Indian community do you think the British will grant Malaya independent ?

      ROTFL, you guys must so damn PRECIOUS right? The fact is the British didn't want to be responsible for bringing your forefather as indenture coolies here to Tanah Melayu. They detest your people and they still do now, here is one recent example:

      Malaysians left 'stateless' in UK after passport gamble backfires
      Nearly 1,000 Malaysians are living in the UK in "stateless" limbo after tearing up their passports in expectation of winning British citizenship.

      Re. No need to care so much about whether Singaporean is happy or not, it's non of our business anyway.

      Of course we do, because the Malaysian Chinese Singapore have given this country a bad name. SHAMELESS creature, Alvivi is one recent example.

      Re. The most important thing right now is to get rid of UMNO before it is too late. UMNO is taking the country to 'Holland' economically and socially !!

      Please use your brain before commenting. In the current world economy scenario which other countries have done exceptionally well.

      Kalau Cina DAP pandai sangat kenapa FDI merosoit dengan teruk sekali selepas mengambil alih kerajaan negeri dari BN?

  9. Celebrate the joy of meeting with families and friends okay Annie. :):):) TAke care dearest ;P


  10. I think its good news. The PM's team is really on the ball and the new bloggers are really smart and very popular. I think it will be better if your just an independent blogger - I don't really think our social media strategy will be enhanced through independent bloggers trying to associate with BN. BN bloggers are appointment through the appropriate channels and those who are not are just private citizens who are sharing their own rants.


    1. Khairy Wenger,

      One private citizen sharing his/her rant is worth 1,000,000 government bloggers who simply regurgitate an official government line.

      Do you seriously think that Malaysians are so stupid as to blindly accept the tainted and biased and sugar-coated views of your official bloggers?

      We do not need a government sanctioned blogger to tell us whether the government is doing it's job.

      We only need to look at the longkangs, at the rubbish piling up outside our house, at the crumbling education system, at the laughable health system, at the racism, at the religious fanaticism, at the rising prices of our teh tarik ... need I go on?

      Will your bloggers talk about the destruction of the wetlands in Johor?

      Will your bloggers talk about the lack of effort in flood mitigation measures?

      Will your bloggers talk about the corruption and cronyism which we see every day?

      Here is a dirty little secret I will share with you, Khairy Wenger.

      The strength of the mythical Pakatan cybertroopers is in the fact that many of them are just simple private citizens who are sharing their rants. Nobody pays them.

      Me? I am no cybertrooper, my dear Khairy - I am a simple private citizen having a rant on the private blog of another private citizen. Is that why my views are being ignored by your government?

      Did you think that we Malaysians do not know that you will try to hide comments like mine which criticise you for doing stupid things like spending money on stupid projects, for example, paying for official BN bloggers?

      Wake up to yourself, Khairy Wenger, and get your hand off it before you go blind.

      Stop this blatant waste of public monies in self-aggrandisement of half-baked policies and projects of suspect value to the rakyat.

      Fix the problems that we, the rakyat, face every day of our lives. Don't just talk about how you are going to fix it.

      If you do a good job, we, the rakyat, will know without you having to pay some official blogger big bucks to tell us.

      If you do a bad job, we, the rakyat, will also know but not from you because we know you will not admit to your mistakes.

      Go on, guess how we will know? Do the words "private citizens" and "rants" give you any clues?

      Finally, in conclusion, I would like to disclose that I voted for Pakatan in PRU13, simply because of what I see as gross mismanagement of the wealth of the country by BN.

      With hare-brained schemes like officially sanctioned bloggers for BN, it looks like I will be voting for Pakatan again in PRU14!!


      P/S BTW, my dear Khairy, I will have more chance of this comment posted on the private blog of a private citizen sharing her rants then I would on your officially sanctioned blogger's site.

    2. Hurray Gladiator, you voted for Pekatan Rakyat, so what? Your party lost. Do you think we give a shit Man, we don't give a damn! Petty you, now you are suffering from  self-defeating personality disorder. You can't take defeat. Barking from the top of your lungs, kau ingat kita kesah. Who cares? You can keep on barking till next general election. You said, you are going to vote for PR again. We are going to tell you, you gonna lose. Then, you should be honored and pleased by my farting on your face with your mouth-wide open while you are asleep.  Am I a demagogue is ranting you?

    3. Agree Wenger..
      Look at the Ridiculous Language touted by the Independent Bloggers..How can these Emotionally Unstable Characters represent BN in the Blogosphere. They are just counterproductive.

    4. Anon 03:36,

      You miss the point.

      I don't really care who runs the country.

      I am only interested in a well-runned country free of corruption, cronyism and the abuse of power. I have seen none of that over the last 30 years.

      It is easy to see you are a die-hard BN supporter regardless of whether BN does right or wrong. Don't worry, I know of Pakatan drones just like you.

      Just don't expect everybody to be like you.

      I am just a simple private citizen who has no reason to be loyal to any political party - BN or Pakatan.

      I just happen to support Pakatan at the moment for my very own political pleasure and not because someone is telling me or forcing me :)

      I know what politicians are like in Malaysia. My family has been involved in Malaysian politics since about 1945.

      In case you think we have profited financially from politics after such a long time, my father lives in a small simple terrace house surrounded by our Malay, Chinese and indian friends who are just orang biasa.

      I don't own a car because I use public transport to get everywhere - even from my kampung to KL. My father's main mode of transport is an extremely old bicycle he bought for my late mother. He seldom leaves my kampung.

      When I am not working my normal job, I also work on my father's piddling small kebun and use a cangkul when I need to. My friend, Arif, helps me with things which I don't know how to do.

      I consider myself a normal everyday average run-of-the-mill Malaysian.

      So, pls allow me to decide who I would like to support and when I would like to support them.

      Kalau you nak diam diam when BN is doing wrong, fine, go ahead. Your political mentality is quite obvious.

      To me, because BN is in power, they have the greater responsibility in making sure that they act in a fitting manner.

      As an opposition, Pakatan has the luxury of making mistakes and saying silly things - BN does not have the same luxury.

      If you want to hentam me some more, go right ahead. Whether your comments get published will depend on a private citizen having her own rants on her own blog. I am comfortable with that.


    5. Gladiator sir, your simple background sounds almost incredible, given your sound and well-expressed convictions.

      Dr. Mahathir is reported to have once said:
      “I not only think but also look and study things carefully. When I travel around, I look at things carefully, make comparisons of what I see. I don't accept things at face value, you cannot trust what you hear or see. Don't jump to conclusions without thinking.”

    6. Anon 15:40,

      Pls do not call me "Sir" - I do work for a living, you know :)

      My background is nothing impressive and there is nothing incredible about it.

      There are many normal every day average run-of-the-mill Malaysians like me all over Malaysia.

      I grant that my circumstances are slightly unusual and it goes without saying that I have deliberately left out big chunks of my life to hide my identity. I am not in this for glory like others.

      I am in this for a better Malaysia.


    7. Gladiator,
      You may have miss my point too. However, my apology of being nasty and sometime citizen gets over emotional reacted in contradiction, displeased by gloating over the basic discipline of democracy. 

      I arrantly jumped on you because of these two principles. These particular consideration refer to the secret ballot and political privacy which is voter's choice. To keep our votes secret and anonymous are fundamental to rational voters.

      Our votes are secret. It is to ensure our political views and who we voted for is not known to anyone than ourselves. It also demand our sincere choice which is considered a basic right of citizenship. To prevent intimidation or bribery reduce the costs of buying an election are the goals.  In a modern democracy, the secret vote is universal and a key practice in a voting system.

      This is why I got acutely irritated with much democratically concerned. An obtuse discipline of mental masturbation where rights of others are not respected in ending up to the very last of the secret vote for privacy is due to often encroached. "I would like to disclose that I voted for Pakatan in PRU looks like I will be voting for Pakatan again in PRU 14!!" We should carry our secret votes to the gravies.

    8. Anon 04:15,

      Yeah, some people like keeping their vote secret. Nothing wrong with that - there are many other reasons beyond those you mentioned.

      It's like people who don't disclose their age, IMHO :)

      To me, it is not only telling the politicans WHO I am going to vote for but WHY I am going to vote for any particular party.

      A politician is MY SERVANT, not my boss - I AM THE BOSS.

      I hire and I fire :)

      The time has come for us, Malaysians, to seize back power from the politicians.

      Armed revolutions violent street protests are all wonderful, blah, blah, blah, comrade, blah, blah, blah BUT the VERY BEST WAY to hurt a politician is at the ballot box. :)

      Politicians talk tough and act tough during wars and violence BUT they cry when they lose at the ballot box.


      P/S I have heard the name a couple of times elsewhere but never bothered to look it up but I have just realised who Sir Wenger J Khairy is :)

      You know, Rembau, engineer, macam pun dia ada connection dalam PMO, etc etc :)

      Well, my comments still stand :) My mistake for thinking you were just an average drone, Sir Wenger :)

  11. NUS president to chair prestigious university group at the World Economic Forum

    HUMAN CAPITAL DEVELOPMENT - an example of how Singapore has contributed to the human capital of Malaysians

    In a boost for Asian universities, National University of Singapore (NUS) president Tan Chorh Chuan has been appointed by the World Economic Forum (WEF) as chair of a prestigious forum of university leaders. From this year, he will head the Global University Leaders Forum (Gulf) for a two-year term, taking over from Professor Richard Levin, the former head of the renowned Yale University, NUS said in a press release on Wednesday.

    The group, which comprises the heads of 25 top universities, was created by the WEF in 2006 as a platform for academic leaders to engage their peers from other sectors in high-level dialogues. It also debates and discusses major trends in higher education and research, such as the impact of online learning on universities.

    Members of the “invitation only” group include top universities such as Cambridge, Oxford, Harvard, as well as leading Asian institutions such as Peking University and the University of Tokyo. NUS is one of six Asian universities in the group, and the only one from Singapore.

    1. Still foreign Multinational Companies prefer graduate from third world country including Malaysian graduates, to the irk of the Singaporeans. Singapore is no longer the Darling of Asia, Please reads more foreign news and local Singaporean blogs about the current affairs of the said country, don't just read news from what the PAP controlled media.

    2. anon 12:40, before you putting in further your foot in your mouth, please go and check the exchange rate of Ringgit Malaysia Vs Singapore Dollar, will you !

    3. It is fortunate that bright Malaysians who couldn't enter local unis often find Singapore welcoming, in many instances with full scholarships, and jobs in world class cos to absorb them after graduation.

    4. Anon 13:39

      If you don't understand about how exchange rate works, please refrain from commenting, you are making a FOOL of yourself.

      1. MYR works on managed float, this is to ensure that our currency is protected from currency speculation just like in 1997-1998 crisis. The second reason is to make our export products and country more attractive to FDI. That is why MYR at times, is even cheaper than Thai Bath.

      China has adopted the same policy by fictitiously curb their currency low for the same reason to the irk of the US and the rest of the world. Please read here:

      If Currency Manipulation Is So Great for Exports, Why Don’t We Do It?

      2. SGD is traded on open market, they can't afford to do it as foreign Exchange is part of their source of income, plus their western allies the likes of the US and EU will not be happy if they do it. That is why their Central Bank keep losing money:

      "Singapore central bank loses billions as currency soars

      Singapore's central bank posted a S$10.61 billion ($8.39 billion) net loss in its last fiscal year as the local dollar's gains against the yen and euro diminished the value of its foreign currency holdings.

      The Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) also said the city-state's economy will "comfortably" meet the official growth forecast of 1-3 percent for 2013, while inflation for the full year is expected to come in at 2-3 percent, lower than the earlier estimate of 3-4 percent.

      MAS's loss for the financial year ended March 2013, its second in three years, was just slightly below the record S$10.9 billion deficit incurred in financial year 2010/11 when the Singapore dollar also soared."

      Not only that their Investment arm i.e. Temasek is equally STUPID as it too has incurred big losses.

      Published on Jun 13, 2013

      Temasek Holdings makes $4.6Bil loss one of the worst investments - Faber Report

      Please google how Bank Negara Malaysia and Khazanah performance for the past few years despite world economy slowdown. It is considered a sterling performance.



    5. Anon 13:39

      Next time before you comment, please at least understand the reasons/factors/criteria behind certain issue or topic. Here is one for Word University Ranking Criteria:

      5 & 6. International faculty ratio (5%) & international student ratio (5%)

      Finally, the last two indicators focus on assessing how international a university is, by measuring the proportion of international students and faculty members in relation to overall numbers. Each of these contributes 5% to the overall ranking results.

      While a highly international student or faculty body is not in itself a measure of quality, there is a clear correlation between international intake and success in other areas such as academic reputation and research citations. Universities that combine high scores in the round with an international outlook tend to be those that have successfully turned themselves into international centers of excellence.

      Fyi, Malaysia Public Universities don't open it doors to foreign students (if any there are very few of them) as there is not enough seats for them, thus years after years we are losing in term of that based on that ranking. This has been acknowledged long ago when they started to study about the ranking system.

    6. Anon 14;49

      Re. It is fortunate that bright Malaysians who couldn't enter local unis often find Singapore welcoming

      There is no different on the other side as well, where the Malays have been systematically discriminated in all areas.

    7. you mean the weaker the ringgit the better for the country ? LOL stop talking kangkung will ya !

      Professor kangkung

    8. Anon 15;36

      Please use your brain, where in my comment that I said, the weaker the ringgit the better for the country. It is a managed float, meaning the currency will remain stable and relatively competitive to attract FDI and our export products become attractive.

      Let me ask you this question, why do foreign multinationals prefer to higher foreign talents as compared to local Singaporean?

      Because they are cheaper but that doesn't mean that they are of lower quality if not equal.

      or why to more and more Malaysian PR in Singapore plus Singaporeans are moving to JB while working in Singapore?

      Again because it is cheaper in JB with better value compare to Singapore.

      BTW, aren't you sick of the Kangkong Meme already? It is So Yesterday.

    9. Stupid LOL, "Singapore's central bank posted a S$10.61 billion ($8.39 billion) net loss in its last fiscal year" ....... no big deal wat, it is part of the parcel of business, some time you win and some time you loss.

      In Malaysia, a different story all together, Mr. Stupid LOL, can you please let us know how many hundred billion of ringgit has been illegally siphoned out from our country either by UMNO geng or their cronies ?

    10. LOL please use your brain lah,
      GDP per capital (USD)
      Malaysia : 16,000.00
      Singapore : 60,000.00
      Kalau ikut logic LOL, Malaysia lebih berjaya dan kaya, Singapore miskin. Nampaknya LOL ni dah di hassan malek-kan oleh UMNO !

    11. Anon 21:19

      Let me ask you this question, while it is true that GDP per capita is higher for Singapore, but can average Singaporean afford to buy a Car and a house as compared to average Malaysian?

      BTW, where in my comment that I stated that Singapore is MISKIN?
      Are you stupid or retard or something? Did yiou study in SJKC before?

    12. Anon 18:41

      Re. no big deal wat, it is part of the parcel of business, some time you win and some time you loss.

      It is a big deal. They have incurred losses and a big one that is. As central bank they should efficient, smart and prudent. It is a measure of success.

      Re. can you please let us know how many hundred billion of ringgit has been illegally siphoned out from our country either by UMNO geng or their cronies ?

      I am sure it is a lot, but not as much as the BLACK MONEY which has been siphoned out by Cina DAP for so many years through tax evasion etc. That is why now the UMNO GOMEN will introduce GST to teach the Conniving, Selfish and Ungrateful CIna DAP a lesson.

      Deputy Minister of Finance Datuk Ahmad Maslan says the goods and services tax (GST) to be enforced on April 1, 2015 can contribute an additional 0.3% to the gross domestic product (GDP) and 0.5% to exports in 2015 and 2016.

      He said the higher exports are derived from exports of goods that are not imposed GST, "rendering the price of our exports to be more competitive and are sellable in foreign countries."

      "The transparent and fair implementation of the GST will also help curb "black economy" activities" to a certain percentage," he told a press conference today.

    13. Anon 21:19

      Since you brought up the idea of GDP per capita, which is not a really good measure since Singapore population is smaller than Malaysia's i.e 5 Million vs 29 Million. Why don't we look at country Government Debt To GDP. Malaysia is much better in this case.

      Government Debt To GDP - Countries - List

      Malaysia = 53.10 % (Lower - Government Debt is slightly higher than GDP)

      Singapore = 97.90 % (Higher - Government Debt almost equal to GDP)

    14. Anon 21:19

      Singapore is so rich, because after their people "BERAK" and flush the toilet, their Gomen will process the water and turn it into Newater and charge the people some more.... ROTFL

      Maybe you should migrate there since your comment is not so "CERDEK" and sounds like "SHIT".

  12. Happy Chinese New Year to you and your love ones, Annie.

    1. Wei mamak RD, jangan nak buat kecoh di sini ! Balik ke Penang buat kecoh dah.

    2. Anon 12:26

      Awak ni ada masaalah mental ke? Tang mana tu yang RD buat kecoh kat statement dia tu?

    3. Haramjadah Anon 12:26 must be a racist.

      Many Mamaks is Penang are rich and wealthy restoran owner and they almost always buat kecoh in Penang against DAP's discriminating them the Malays' businesses. Most of the Mamaks support UMNO too. No wonders DAP and their supporters hates Mamaks.

      I have written before that I'm a Kedahan Malay.

      Thank you Anon 15:47 for defending me.

    4. memang betul cakap mamak RD, mamak always buat kecoh in Penang.
      Oh mamak, mamak RD dah bersuara, dah confirm mamak selalu buat kecoh di Penang !

    5. Orang Mamak Pulau Pinang buat demo kerana mereka dianiaya oleh DAP. Ingat lagi tak, Ng Kwai Aik bawa lari tong gas peniaga restoran di sana. Macamana Mamak nak masak, kalau tong gas mereka di kebas oleh DAP.

      Mamak tak puas hati kerana peniaga Cina yang berniaga tanpa lesen tidak pula dikenakan tindakan. Jadi mereka buat demo atau kecoh. BERSIH dan Himpunan Hijau pun boleh buat kecoh.
      Mengapa Mamak tak boleh.

      1Malaysia Boleh, Buat kecoh.
      Mamak tak Boleh?

      Saya bukan Mamak.
      Saya hanya sokong Mamak macam OutSyed The Box.

  13. Gladiator's comments are good except when he states that Malaysia has a laughable health system. He obviously is ignorant of other health systems in the world. Malaysia, according to World Health Organisation has one of the best health systems in the planet. Our health services are both affordable and accessible to the rakyat. You pay just one ringgit at any govt health clinic and get everything from consultation to medication to laboratory tests to xrays, where in the world would you get that?

    Why don't you go to US or Australia and see how long you have to wait to see a doctor, let alone a specialist. In fact in QLD you are given a limited no of times to see a specialist in a year!! In US no insurance no talk. Over there it's a case of over investigations and over medications and over treatment. Many poor people just cannot access proper treatment, ask Obama. That's why Obama is coming up with Obamacare to address this terrible gap between the rich and the poor in US. We have no such problem here, our health system is people-friendly, in fact, over friendly that RM 1 should be increased to RM2/visit to help govt to improve the health service.

    Comments must be based on facts and not on raw emotion and give credit where credit is due.

    1. Re. Why don't you go to US or Australia and see how long you have to wait to see a doctor, let alone a specialist.

      In Singapore they charged everything at the Government hospital.

    2. Even in the 70's, when Singapore was far backwards from the economic powerhouse it is today, people used to pay a flat fee of $10 to see the government doctor, and I frankly don't remember any of our neighbors and friends complaining about the system. That's how their medical system delivery improved quickly over the years; it was too bad though the government later decided to capitalize public health care.
      Here in Malaysia, couldn't services be drastically improved for the ordinary and poorer citizens if everyone forked out RM10. A Cadbury choc bar already costs RM3.50, and a pack of cigarettes RM10? How many times a year does someone visit the doctor? As things stand, those who are well-off are being unequitably subsidized, while the poorer sections of society have no other recourse but to suffer the long queues at the outpatient service and extended response times for specialist medical procedures.
      A diabetic friend a few years back had his leg amputated near his groin, because, as he told me, the long delay for the operation at the public hospital had given time for the disease to spread up his leg.


  14. re; for one thing they should celebrating , the fact that evil BN government that most of them spat upon at GE 13 last year have decided to be less vengeful .

    Annie ,
    UMNO has been a Malay base party that lead the government since Merdeka never known to be vengeful ,unlike the Chinese base party grabing at any opportunity to be vengeance ,to the extend that they forget where they stands .

    1. another cerita kangkung from tebing tinggi.....UMNO never known to be vengeful ??? ya rite !

    2. bodoh betoi tebing tinggi, UMNO not vengeful ? Minister Kamalnathan kena pukul geng UMNO, pegawai daerah di penang pon kena pukul geng UMNO dan wang rakyat jugak kena digasak oleh geng UMNO, lagi mahu sokong UMNO kah ?

    3. Tebing Tinggi is right.

      UMNO has never been vengeful on any other race. Not like DAP in Penang. It seems the DAP in Penang is discriminating the Malays there. They demolish Malay business premises on state land while closing an eyes on their kin who also commit the same offence. Or they have already kowtim and bribe their way through. For all we know, bribery is their traits.

    4. Woi mamak RD, bukan setakat you kuat reka cerita bohong malah fitnah pon pandai, kaki onar ni !
      Kalau jumpa ular dan Mamak RD, kasi ketuk kepala mamak RD dulu.

    5. I sokong pandangan Tebing Tinggi 100%! Cina memang keturunan biaDAP. Sekarang Lim Kit sial dan his dumb & dumber son are scared of another racial riot. They want to offer an olive branch to BN (read UMNO). Read Malaysia

      'Penang calls end to violence, promises not to provoke enemies' - LGE

      'Lim to BN: Meet us for the sake of M’sia' - LKS.

      Hmm... tahu pun takut. But it's too late already. Melayu sudah berkerat rotan dengan Cina biaDAP. Just a matter of time these chinkies will be annihilated. Bangsa mana menganggotai PDRM? Bangsa mana menganggotai the armed forces?

    6. Tak pelik DAP mendikriminasi melayu. Mereka bukan ada ugama, dalam dada mereka hanya ada syaitan. Segala tindak tanduk mereka adalah dari ilham dan dorongan syaitan. Yang pelik, ramai orang Islam yang belajar ugama tingi-0tinggi tetapi sanggup bersekongkol dengan syaitan mata sepet hanya kerana kebencian kepada UMNO.

    7. Anak malaysia says next racial strife will be between malays and malays. High expectation indeed or just plain scared. If the chinese continue to be kurang ajar, they will inevitably hit the stroke that broke the camel back. With the declining standard of living due to the tirade this kangkung government, the malays might reach a level where they have nothing to lose but their maruah!

      We will see who hit who? It is easier to identify your opponent if they wear different colored jersey, true?

    8. Anon 23:18,

      Setuju. Nak tambah sedikit. PAS juga telah disogok dengan wang ringgit oleh si Cina biaDAP! Pakai serban dan jubah panjang mana pun tak berkat kalau sudi menerima rasuah. PAS menghalalkan yang haram dan mengharamkan yang halal. Nicky Ajis sanggup mengeluarkan fatwa bahawa UMNO kafir tapi tidur sekatil dengan orang kafir DAP. Hmm... mentality orang PAS rata-rata hamPAS!

    9. Suka tengok penyembah penyembah Cina kat dalam ni. Cina cina ni semua memang hebat.... hebatla lu orang semua ... sampai masa kita test k.

  15. Tengku Adnan: Sale of subsidised RON 95 fuel to be limited to the poor

    PETALING JAYA: In a bid to tighten government spending and ensure all subsidies are taken advantage by only deserving Malaysians, the subsidised price of RON 95 fuel is expected to be only available for the poor.

    Federal Territories minister Datuk Seri Tengku Adnan Tengku Mansor made this revelation on Thursday adding that the new pricing policy may take effect in May or June this year.

    "We want to impose the increase to only those who can afford it. Someone may drive a (Toyota) Alphard or even a Mercedes (Benz) but they still use RON95 petrol.

    ps. After the kangkung episod I thought Najib and his ministers had agreed not to be stupid anymore. Next they will say only the poor can take a ride on a bus or only the poor can eat at mamak corner, the rich will have to eat at Dome or Secret Recipe. Sigh! I am lost for word.


    The Malaysian ringgit has tumbled to its lowest level against the Singapore dollar in recent history, triggering a surge in customers at money changers yesterday.

    The exchange rate stands at RM2.60 to S$1, compared with RM2.45 back in 1998 and last year's 15-year low of RM2.55.

    Some money changers have already run out of ringgit, as customers stock up on the currency just in time for some Chinese New Year shopping across the Causeway.

    A check by MyPaper yesterday found that money changers were offering a rate of RM2.57 for every S$1. This is better than the usual rate of RM2.52 that public-relations executive Hazel Joanne gets when she changes money to give to her parents, who live in Johor Baru.

    "If this good rate continues, I'll be able to keep them comfortable without as much of a dent to my pocket," she said.

    Ms Sarah Lim, a senior retail-management lecturer at Singapore Polytechnic, said the favourable exchange rates would entice more Singapore residents to do their New Year shopping in Malaysia.

    She explained: "The prices of services and merchandise are going to be much lower, making them more attractive and worthwhile."

    1. 5 kuih RM1, teh O 30 sen

      Kuala Terengganu: Ketika ramai peniaga makanan lain mengeluh dan menaikkan harga, Sinah Sulaiman, pengusaha kedai makan di Kampung Losong Atap Zin, di sini, masih menjual air minuman serendah 30 sen secawan.

      Malah, lebih 50 jenis hidangan yang dijual di kedai Sinah, termasuk nasi minyak, nasi lemak, nasi berlauk dijual pada harga serendah RM2, manakala pelbagai jenis kuih dijual serendah RM1 untuk lima biji.

      Sinah, 64, berkata, sejak membuka kedai makan itu bersama arwah suaminya, Yusof Salleh, 20 tahun lalu, dia tidak pernah menaikkan harga makanan seperti peniaga lain, walaupun berdepan isu kenaikan harga pelbagai barangan.

      Biarpun harga makanan dan minuman di kedainya murah, aspek mutu tidak pernah dipinggirkan dan disebabkan itu, kedai Sinah tidak putus-putus menerima pelanggan walaupun terletak di pinggir bandar.

      “Alhamdulillah, walaupun tidak banyak untung, tetapi saya bersyukur kerana rezeki berniaga kedai makan ini cukup untuk membesarkan lima anak dan menampung kehidupan.

      Kedai jadi tumpuan

      “Walaupun kedai saya jauh dari bandar, ramai kakitangan awam dan swasta yang bekerja di bandar datang ke sini terutama ketika sarapan pagi. Bagi saya, tidak mengapa jika memperoleh untung sedikit, asalkan rezeki yang diterima berkat,” kata ibu tunggal itu.
      Kedai makan Sinah yang dibuka setiap hari dari jam 6 pagi hingga 7 malam, hanya menjual secawan teh O dengan harga 30 sen, manakala milo ais yang dianggap mahal dan boleh mencecah RM2, hanya dijual dengan harga RM1.

      Selain itu, kuih pula dijual dengan harga rendah iaitu karipap empat biji (RM1), apam lima biji (RM1), nasi lemak RM1, nasi berlauk RM2 dan bihun goreng (70 sen).

    2. for the sake of lifting this ibu tunggal and her family out from poverty, shouldn't people with a conscience INSIST on paying at least 50 sen for a glass of teh-o and more for the kuih also? Takkan dalam 10 tahun ke depan keluarganya terpaksa duduk dalam rumah kayu papan yang dah reput?

    3. Anon 20:02

      Itulah masaalahnya dengan mentality penduduk disitu, janji murah keringat dan susah payah Makcik tu belakang kira. Di Subang Jaya dekat SJMC ada seorang Makcik jual nasi lemas kukus dengan ayam rempah, pun macam tu juga, kalau tak silap dulu dia jual Rm2.50 dengan ayam rempah ( besar potiongannya). Gerai dia memang selalu penuh orang beratur, sampai boleh hantar anak dia belajar di luar negeri ceritanya. Saya tak tahu dimana lokasi sebenarnya gerai tu, sebab yang selalu belikan adalah kakak saya.

  17. More Singaporeans opting for reunion dinners in JB

    JOHOR BARU - More Singaporeans are taking advantage of the attractive exchange rates and celebrating with their loved ones at Chinese restaurants here this year.

    Checks by The Star revealed that an average Chinese New Year eight-course meal for 10 in Singapore was more than twice the price of a similar meal in Johor Baru.

    An average eight-course meal for a table of 10 at Chinese restaurants in Singapore costs between $530 and $2,988 while in Johor Baru it was between RM789 (S$300) and RM2,088.

    M Suite Hotel general manager Dev Singh said the hotel's Ming Court Chinese restaurant was almost fully booked.

    "We can see a 15 per cent increase in bookings from Singaporeans this year compared to last year," he said.

    Mutiara Hotel's Meisan Szechuan restaurant assistant supervisor Joanne Chan said the restaurant had to split into two sessions to meet demands for Chinese New Year eve. Both sessions were also almost fully booked.

    The Wan Li restaurant at Renaissance Hotel here had also been receiving similar response.

    The restaurant's manager Ng Shen-ynn said the restaurant had to split into two sessions to accommodate the crowd.

  18. University education is important. Any education is important. But if you are a Non, look for qualifications that are 'portable' i.e. recognised in the first world. I got a UK degree and now I live in a RM7.5 million house in a beautiful first world city. I earn 10 times what I could get in KL. Be brave...look outside and see how good it is.