Sunday, 20 March 2022

Old sickness of Umno cybertroopers

 I don't really like Raja Petra and disagree a lot with what he used to say.

However, I have to admit that I agree with most of what he said in this video;

One of the main reasons for Umno/BN's defeat in 2018 was because of the poor quality of its cybertroopers and their highly paid bosses.

I actually wrote about it several times in the run up to GE14.

This is one of those posts;

Between showing support and winning support

I wrote that on Nov 1, 2016, which was almost one and a half years before GE14.

Umno/BN people never fix that problem until the whole thing came crashing down on them in 2018.

And despite the humiliation that came with the defeat that year, they continued being stupid when it comes to the media war.

I wrote about it in this post on May 18, 2018,

Story of stupid BN comms

Things, however, began to improve later on, with Najib's team especially being quite successful with their Bossku branding.

Bear in mind that the new Bossku team is not the same as those who screwed up prior to 2018.

No more million dollar foreign adviser or media baron, I heard.

However, unfortunately for them, now that the people are warming up again to Umno/BN, I can sense the old sickness coming back.

I heard some of the previous so-called media experts are coming make money again, I guess.

They don't seemed to realise that people are returning to support Umno/BN again not because it is really getting better but more because of Pakatan making a mess of things.

And some of these BN/Umno cybertroopers are starting to make the same old mistakes again.

They tried to shut up people and argue their way like morons.

Just look at the way some of them handled the recent bullshit Johor menteri besar appointment.

Cybertroopers, don't la write stupid insulting comments like this;

Let it rest lah...If Hasni can accept and he himself agree to it why should people like u make noise. They need a younger man as MB when TMJ becomes the acting Regent when his Father becomes the King. Faham?

It only pisses off more people, okay. 

It may give you some kind of weird pleasure telling people off but it would not help your cause as people will think you represent an arrogant and ignorant Umno.

Onn, you better train your people better. Don't make the same mistakes that you did with the handling of Malaysian Digest.

People don't like an arrogant and ignorant Umno, just like how they did throughout the run up to the 2018 general election.


  1. Everyone knows that RPK is such a great narrator. He has got the talent and ability to capture and hook us in whatever comes out from his mind which more often than not leaves me chuckle inside even though sometime it doesn't make sense. But this time around, he has hit the nail right on UMNO's head. Spot on!

  2. raja penipu the cheap cybertrooper that brought pn to self destruction.

  3. They are just the paid keyboard pusher. In old days we used to called them pen pusher. Warrior or trooper are fighter with reasons or causes.Social scientist listed them as low capacity capabilities. Sorry to say this but to contradict without putting the reasons is dumb. Rpk is spot on on this.
    Btw cyber is derived from cybernetic. It is highly complex multidisciplinary of AI that was coined by a Professor from mit who had his phd in mathematics from harvard at age of 18 years old in 1940s.So it not approriate to called them cybertrooper.

  4. We should be proud that malaysian coined the word cybertrooper. Kudos. Some researchers mentioned that malaysian cybertrooper is of low capacity capabilities.